20+ Signs Of A Woman With Trust Issues: From Hurt To Healing

Trust forms the bedrock of every thriving relationship, yet trust issues can cast a shadow over their connections for some women, leaving them guarded and apprehensive.

This comprehensive article explores over 20 telltale signs that indicate a woman grappling with trust issues.

By shedding light on these nuanced behaviors and emotions, we aim to foster understanding and compassion, helping individuals and their loved ones navigate the intricate terrain of trust-related challenges.

Join us on this insightful journey as we uncover the complexities of trust and its impact on women’s lives.

Signs of A Woman with Trust Issues

She is always jealous.

Signs of A Woman with Trust Issues

A little jealousy is harmless, but if your girlfriend always creates a scene in public when another woman even casually talks to you, she is jealous.

She wants to show everyone how possessive she is and boasts of your relationship. She would never do so if she trusted you wholeheartedly.

She compares herself with other women.

She will show you a picture and constantly ask you if you would rather date that girl than her.

Her building insecurity always makes her fear that you would probably find someone better.

She is not capable of trusting you or this relationship. This comes from a lack of self-esteem.

She always has questions.

Signs of A Woman with Trust Issues

Your girlfriend keeps asking questions like ‘Do you love me?’ or ‘Do you think I am beautiful?’

She has trust issues; therefore, she wants you to constantly reassure her that you are still invested in her and this relationship.

She will always want to know more about your past relationships.

She tries to control you.

Your girlfriend has severe trust issues if she tries to control your life or be dominating in this relationship.

She always keeps an eye on your whereabouts- where you go and who you interact with. She doesn’t trust you and wants you to lead your life as she wants.

She is always checking on you.

Signs of A Woman with Trust Issues

Yes, it’s important for partners to stay in touch, but it’s a problem when your girlfriend overdoes it.

She is constantly checking on you or will show up unexpectedly at places you probably don’t want her to. This disrespect of your private space is mainly because of her trust issues.

You have to validate her all the time.

Mutual validation is very important in a relationship.

But it’s impossible to constantly express to someone that they are a priority in your life because doing so will divert your focus from other important aspects.

So, if your girlfriend is always seeking validation from you, she has severe trust issues.

She wants you to maintain distance from your loved ones.

Signs of A Woman with Trust Issues

A woman with trust issues would not even want you to get too close with your family and friends because she always wants you to herself.

Knowing that she is your only priority somewhat boosts her ego and confidence. She believes that you will always choose her over everything else.

She doesn’t hesitate to invade your private space.

Does your girlfriend have this bad habit of checking your phone or laptop without permission?

She does this because she doesn’t trust you enough and wants to know what you are up to. She is probably trying to find out if you are having an affair with someone.

She often bursts out in flames.

Signs of A Woman with Trust Issues

A person with trust issues never has any control over their emotions.

So, if your girlfriend is very short-tempered and gets furious over little things, this expresses her lack of self-confidence and lack of trust in you and this relationship.

A trusting girlfriend would never pick fights over trivial matters.

She gets defensive for no reason.

Does it feel like walking around on eggshells whenever you are with your girlfriend because you don’t know what might trigger her?

Defensive behavior can only be justified by severe trust issues. She never lets her guard down because she doesn’t want anyone to know that she is constantly insecure.

She always wants to make you feel guilty.

Signs of A Woman with Trust Issues

Rather than working together on an issue, she would play the blame game with you. This is pure gaslighting.

She is not being vengeful but tries to dump all her insecurities on you and, therefore, accuses you unnecessarily. People with trust issues generally love to express they are being victimized.

Her only focus is on you.

It is as if her entire life revolves around you.

Having a partner who considers you important is good, but you might sometimes feel overwhelmed.

It is unnatural for a woman to leave her job, family, or friends so that she can only focus on a relationship. 

She just pretends to be a confident woman.

Signs of A Woman with Trust Issues

A woman with trust issues will constantly try to establish the fact that she is a confident, self-dependent person in this relationship.

If you look deeply, you will find that she is trying too hard to cover up her trust issues, and this confidence is probably just to impress you.

She will judge you.

Know that if your girlfriend is constantly being critical of everything you do or say, this is just their coping mechanism to boost their ego.

By putting you down or deeming you as incapable or wrong about something, she wants to place herself in a higher emotional position than you.

She is annoyingly clingy.

Signs of A Woman with Trust Issues

Your relationship has no balance because she is totally dependent on you emotionally.

She uses you to deal with her trust issues; without you, her self-esteem would simply cripple.

Nobody wants a clingy and overly-dependent partner who doesn’t want to stand their ground or believe in themselves.

Signs of A Woman with Trust Issues

How To Deal With A Woman with Trust Issues?

Now that you know about the sign of a woman with trust issues, how do you deal with someone like this?

Patience and understanding are crucial elements you must possess as a supportive partner. They might overcome these issues very soon if you can handle the situation smartly.

Be a good listener.

The best you can do is listen intently to her when she expresses concern about your relationship. Don’t disregard her opinion or feelings.

Half of your problems are solved when you can make her comfortable and help her realize that you are always there to hear her out.

Reassure her about your feelings.

You must constantly make her feel that you are as committed to this relationship as she is. So, even if you aren’t together right now, your feelings for her will not change.

It’s unhealthy to spend on someone to gain confidence, but you have to begin with patience and reassurance.

Don’t consider it a huge deal.

If you constantly focus on her trust issues, looking at her good qualities that improve your relationship would be impossible.

Talk about it but don’t pinpoint the negative matter until she wants you to. Always maintain an ambiance of fun and positivity in your interactions.

Rely on her.

You know she has trust issues. Yet, try being dependent on her for a while. Let her feel that you need her as much as she needs you in this relationship.

Knowing that her partner wants her will boost her confidence, and she might start trusting herself with more ease.

Appreciate her.

Give her the validation she needs to cope with her trust issues and gain confidence in herself.

Compliment her so that she knows that you appreciate her presence in your life and are grateful to be in this relationship with her. Make sure that your compliments are genuine and heartfelt.

Figure out what makes her feel important.

If your girlfriend has trust issues, you have to understand what you can do to make her feel better and let her know that you validate her wholeheartedly.

Find out what forms of affection or reassurance work for her. She will know that she is truly important in your life.

Always keep your line of communication open.

This is the most important thing to do while dealing with a woman with trust issues.

Let her know she can communicate with you about her problems and feelings whenever you want.

This will prevent her from bottling up emotions, and you will have clarity in your relationship.

Develop physical intimacy.

To improve physical intimacy, have more sex. Make her feel more comfortable with you physically because this will eventually make her emotionally comfortable as well.

Sex helps you bind with each other more intimately than anything else, and it would probably be easier for you to trust each other later.

Go on frequent dates.

Ask her out on dates when she least expects you to. Make a grand gesture that would make her feel special.

Since the best way to help someone deal with their trust issues is constant validation and appreciation, spending more time will definitely make her feel better and trust you.

Encourage public displays of affection.

It’s important to let your girlfriend know you are not ashamed to validate her publicly.

Honoring someone’s presence in your life and expressing your gratitude for the relationship you have in front of other people, especially family, and friends, works very well to boost their trust and confidence.

Always stay true to your word.

This has nothing to do with loyalty in your relationship, but sticking to your word and keeping your promises obviously makes it easier for your partner to trust you.

So, staying true to your word just improves your trustworthiness as a partner, especially if your girlfriend has severe trust issues.

Focus on the little things.

Give her a quick peck before you leave for work. Come home early from work and surprise her with a nice, romantic dinner.

It might seem that helping your girlfriend overcome her trust issues is a big deal, but all you need to do is focus on these little things.

Show genuine interest in her life.

A woman dealing with trust issues wants a partner to whom she can open up about her life, the good and bad times. So, it’s important for you to be genuinely interested in her life.

Show your commitment to her and this relationship by always staying up-to-date about her whereabouts.

Avoid the trigger points.

Gain experience from previous incidents when her severe trust issues force her to act or speak unwisely.

Remember the things that trigger her insecurity, and always try to avoid them in your conversations. Make a mental note of the things that upset her quickly and keep her away from them.

Let her know that you are always available for help.

A person dealing with trust issues needs a supportive partner who is always there to provide her with emotional support.

The best way to deal with her issues is to be straightforward about her problem and ask how you can help her become a more trusting person.

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If you truly love this woman, it’s good that you are trying to help her overcome these trust issues.

But if she is having extreme trouble coping with her insecurities, you should seek professional help. Not addressing the issue will eventually affect your relationship and, more importantly, her mental peace.

Trust Your Partner

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