68+ Silly Love Quotes for Your One and Only

Life cannot be the same if you don’t add some humor to it. When expressing your love to a particular person, don’t be severe but instead, try to add some humor to it.

So, here you will find some of the silliest love quotes that will impress your partner and make them laugh too.

Silly Love Quotes for Your One and Only 

  • Love just likes to share your popcorn. –Charles Schultz 
  • Are you aware of that feeling that comes when you start liking someone? That feeling actually indicates that all your common senses are leaving your body.
  • I just want to have someone who will just look at me just like I look at the chocolate cakes. Anonymous
  • I swear that I am really not good when I am left alone with you. Anonymous
  • You wanted to know who the love of my life is. I would just tell you to read the first word again. Anonymous
  • I love you with all of my stomach. It could have been my heart but my stomach is bigger than my heart. Anonymous
  • Love can make the world go round and round. But it actually makes the entire ride meaningful. Anonymous
  • It is said that love is blind but my love for you could see you and also choose you as the love of my life. –Anonymous 
  • I love you so much that I am ready to fight a bear but the bear should not be a scary one. Anonymous
silly love quotes

Love without Humor Is Just a Flowering Pot without Soil and Plants. Here Are Some Amusing Quotes of Love That Will Definitely Make You Laugh. Check Out Funny Love Quotes to Win Your Love Partner’s Heart

  • Can you send me a kiss darling? I promise that I will send it back to you. –Anonymous
  • Make sure to follow your heart every time but do not forget to bring your brain along with you. Anonymous
  • I just the teddy bear with whom I used to sleep. Would you mind if I sleep with you? –Anonymous
  • I don’t care about the butterflies because I feel the whole zoo in my stomach whenever I see you. –Anonymous
  • It was good that I brought my library card because I’m going to check you out totally. Anonymous
  • In a room that is full of only art, I would not stop staring at you. Anonymous
  • Do you believe that love happens at first sight, or should I come to your sight again? Anonymous 
  • Love is all about being stupid together. Paul Valery
  • Love is just temporary insanity that can be cured by marriage. Ambrose Bierce
  • You love flowers and so you cut them. You love animals, but still, you eat them. I know that you love me, and that scares me. Anonymous
  • I love you more than I love coffee, but I don’t want to prove it to you. Anonymous
  • I think that you are suffering from a vitamin deficiency that is me. Anonymous
  • You are just the cutest thing whom I have ever loved, after my pet. Anonymous
  • Each and everyday I just fall in love with you even more. Except yesterday because you were quite annoying. Anonymous
  • Love can make people do some silly things. I can prove it because that made me send you this silly message! Anonymous
  • I will love you no matter what but you don’t have to do so much of it. Anonymous
  • You are the cheese to my pizza. Anonymous
  • Besides chocolate, you are the most favorite thing for me. Anonymous
  • Do you know magic? Because when I look at you, the rest of the world just disappears! Anonymous
  • I just want to be the reason for you to look down at your phone and then smile when you see this silly message and then just walk into a pole. Please don’t scold me. Anonymous
  • Together with you is the best place to be on this earth. Anonymous
  • Let us be wonderful and weird at the same time together. Anonymous
  • It is just amazing how one day you walked into my life, and then the next day I wonder how I lived without you all these years. Anonymous
  • You are just like a dictionary because you have added meaning to my life. Anonymous
  • Most of the women just desire someone who can make them laugh and feel safe. So, they basically expect a clown ninja. Anonymous
  • A man knows he is in love when he loses all interest in his car for a few days. Tim Allen
silly love quotes
  • As a person who is in a relationship, you can have a choice: You can be either right or you can be glad. Ralphie May
  • You are just like a bacon, chocolate, and beer because you can make everything better in a second. Anonymous
  • Let us flip a coin. If it is heads, then I am yours. If it is tails, then you are mine. Anonymous
  • I love you more than I love beer, because I really love beer the most. Anonymous
  • I love you even when I am dying out of hunger. Anonymous
  • I love you right from the head tomatoes. I mean to my toes. Anonymous
  • You never leave a moment to add meaning to my life but you never leave a chance to subtract some cash from my wallet. Anonymous
  • Your idea of a romantic setting is the one with a diamond in it. Anonymous
  • You stole my heart and I am planning to take revenge and would be to take his last name. Anonymous
  • Sometimes I just look at you and think that Damn, I am one lucky guy. Anonymous
  • I think that the men with a pierced ear are always better prepared for marriage. It is because they have experienced pain and also bought jewelry. Rita Rudner
  • Just promise to yourself that you will never be a woman who needs a man to live, but try to be a woman that a man needs. Anonymous
  • Just stop waiting for your prince charming on a white horse. You have to just go and find him. The poor man might be stuck or lost somewhere. Anonymous
  • Is there a better way to have your husband remember your anniversary? There is one way which is to get married on his birthday. Cindy Garner
  • Forever is a really long time and you have to try and make sure that you spend it with someone who can make you laugh and keep you happy. Anonymous
  • An archaeologist can be the best husband for any woman because the older she gets, he will be more interested in her. Agatha Christie
  • Nomatter how you look like, always marry a man your own age because as your beauty will start to fade, his eyesight will fade away too. Phyllis Diller
  • Every woman deserves a man who will be able to make her smile even when she does not want to. Anonymous
  • If a man says that he will fix it then he will definitely do so. There won’t be any need for you to remind him to do so every six months. Anonymous 
  • If I get a good wife I know that I will be happy but a bad one will turn me into a philosopher. Socrates
  • The happiest marriage would take place between a blind woman and a deaf man. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Love is just like a fire. It can either keep your heart warm or it may burn your house down. Joan Crawford
Silly Love Quotes For Your One And Only

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