100+ Sweet Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

We all make mistakes. Intentionally or unintentionally we end up hurting our loved ones the most. Often, we regret their absence and feel sorry that we broke their heart. In such circumstances, sending the right message is extremely important to winning them over again.

A well-crafted personalized message never fails to do the trick. Here are a few such messages for asking for an apology from your female partner.

Here are Sweet, Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

-I was an idiot to treat you in the manner I did. Please forgive me. I just need another chance of being the person you truly deserve.

-I just need one more chance to set things right. I promise that I will treat you in the same amazing way in which you treat me.

-I am always amazed by how you always manage to put my needs and feelings above your own. I am sorry I don’t do the same.

-I am sorry that I was a terrible person in the past. I promise you that I will change that and make you happy.

-I have made stupid mistakes all my life. But breaking your heart is absolutely not acceptable even by my standards. I am extremely sorry.

-I am not apologizing because I want you to stop being mad at me but because I genuinely feel terrible about it. I will do everything to fix this.

-What I have done is absolutely unacceptable and you have every right to be mad at me. I just want you to know that I will do everything to get you to forgive me.

-You can refuse to forgive me as many times as you want but I promise you that I will never stop trying.

-I am sorry that I forget about all the important things. But I can definitely say that I will never forget my love for you.

-I have started to accept my mistakes as a part of my life. But I can never accept it when you get hurt because of them as you are the most important person in my life.

-I am sorry that my stupid mistake damaged the bond between us. Please forgive me as I have understood my mistake and cannot live without you in my life.

-The saying goes, “Everyone deserves a second chance.” I am asking for mine from you. What I did was absolutely wrong but it is no reason for us to get separated.

-In spite of being a horrible partner and always creating trouble for you, I cannot live without you. I promise to set things right between us. I am sorry and always need you by my side.

-Do you remember how we promised to stay beside each other through all the difficult times? I know that I have caused all the problems but let’s stick together keeping in mind this promise and I will emerge as a better person.

-Even though we promised to stick together till death did us part, I caused you to drift away. I apologize for all my mistakes and promise to never repeat them. I am sorry and I love you.

-I have been a fool to hurt someone as kind and pure-hearted as you. 

-I wish I could delete all the terrible things that I have done to you from your memory. Unfortunately, I can’t do that and all I can do now is to say how sorry I am at the terrible turn of events.

-Please forget all the things I have done to hurt your feelings and think about the wonderful time we have spent together.

-You have always been the mature one between the two of us and have always forgiven my stupid mistakes. I beg your forgiveness one last time and promise that I will never repeat these.

-Please grant me your forgiveness and get back to me because I cannot handle your absence in my life anymore.

-You are like the sun in my life and while you were gone, I started to be afraid of the dark. I never wanted to break your heart in this manner. Please forgive me.

-You are the light of my life. With you gone, it has fallen into complete darkness. Please come back to me and light up my life again.

-After hurting your feelings, I repented each and every day regretting my mistakes. Please give me one last chance and help me be a better man.

-This is not an act I am putting up to win you over. I am really sorry and have realized my mistakes. If you forgive me this one time, I will never let you go away again.

-Irrespective of how big or small it was, it was still a lie and I am ashamed to have lied to the most important person in my life. Please forgive me and I promise that I will never repeat these again.

-My sense of guilt and shame after having broken your heart and my love for you are both unlimited at the moment. Please come back to me and let us begin afresh.

-Staying without you in my life even for a single day is extremely painful. I am sorry for everything I have done. Please get back and take me out of this misery.

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-Seeing you sad is always heart-breaking for me. This time it is even worse because I am the one to blame for it. I promise to never let it be this bad ever again.

-Irrespective of the number of distractions I try to indulge myself in, I can never get over your memories. I am sure you can give me one last chance and we will come through once again.

-Everything I say, everything I do, and everything I think about is to make our lives better. I cannot believe that something that started out to make you happy hurt you in the worst way possible. Please find it in your heart to let this mistake of mine go and get back to me.

-I love silence as much as I like music. But I absolutely hate it when you go silent. Please stop giving me this cold treatment and come back into my arms.

-When we took our marriage vows, we promised each other that nothing will come in the way of our love. So, please don’t let a misunderstanding as small as this one to disrupt our well-being.

-You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know that someone as stupid and irresponsible as me does not deserve someone as amazing and beautiful as you. But today I want to be selfish and ask for your forgiveness to bring you back into my life.

-Since the time you left, I have not been able to live my life properly. I am sorry for everything. I always need you by my side to function properly.

-I know whenever I promised to never repeat my mistakes and keep you happy, I did exactly the opposite and have done nothing to deserve the love of an amazing person like you. Still, I ask for forgiveness one more time and want another shot to prove myself as a worthy partner.

-From today, I promise to be a whole new person. This will be the turning of a new leaf in my life and I promise to make you forget the miserable partner that I have been.

-After you left disgusted with my stupid mistakes I went through a lot of introspection and realized my faults. I promise that it will be a new chapter in the book of my life and I will leave no scope for complaint.

-I was absolutely stupid to throw away the precious relationship we shared for pennies. I am really for messing up so bad. I would give up anything in the world for having you back.

-I miss the beautiful moments we spent together, I miss your voice, your face, and everything about you. Please forgive my mistakes and take me back into your arms.

-I know that I cannot undo the past and undo the mistakes I have made. But I can definitely make our future bright and build a beautiful relationship. I just needed another chance.

Sorry Messages For Girlfriend

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