50+ Spring Date Ideas to Amp Up His/Her Day

What is a date? Not the numbers on the calendar! But it is something that you mark on a calendar when you have a special meeting with someone with whom you are romantically πŸ₯° involved. And when on a date, you are happy. 

And you do things to make your person happy. But have you ever thought maybe your partner doesn’t want to keep doing the same things or going to the same places for a date? 

Then you need to step up a little, partner. You have to put in effort if you want your date to be extraordinary.

Have no clue how to πŸ€”? Well, that is why I am here for! I will help you in finding the perfect way to spend time with your partner. Shall we begin? Let’s go!

spring date ideas just for you!

Now that winter 🌬️ is finally over and we can get out of our houses without wearing sweaters, caps, or scrapes, it is time that we have a proper spring date! Yes, you heard me right! The weather is finally warming up, and you will now have to think differently. 

And just for that, I have a list of date ideas specifically for spring! So let’s dive into the date ideas and make your partner feel like they are on cloud ☁️ nine, shall we?

But before that, if you want more ideas on a budget, then I suggest you read the book, “100 Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget” by Arnold Chu!


Picnic Ideas On Spring Date

Pack some snacks and bring your blanket for a picnic! A cute picnic basket 🧺 that has all your fruits, snacks, and maybe even a drink. Enjoy your day in the park or anywhere else to feel refreshed and relaxed! 

Ice Cream Date!

After winter, aka a season when ice cream 🍨 isn’t a good idea. And now that it’s finally spring, you can enjoy an ice cream date! Your taste buds will thank you for this, and both of you will have so much fun together.

Just as the quote says, “Ice cream dates: where conversations melt hearts.” – Unknown

Spa Day!

A spa day counts as a date, too! A day where you just lie down and let the professionals do the job! What more do you need than a relaxing πŸ§– and refreshing date, right? So book a spa and enjoy your date!

Farmer’s Market

It’s time that you Visit local markets and support small-scale businesses! You should be bored of going to the same store and buying vegetables πŸ₯• and fruits. So, for a change, Visit the farmers market and buy everything that’s on your buy list!


BBQ Party On Spring Date

“Barbecue is the closest thing we have to a national cuisine. It’s like jazz music and baseball.” – Jim Shahin.

It is time to fire up your barbecue and enjoy a delicious dinner! A BBQ is definitely a fun date idea and even a yummy πŸ˜‹ treat! You can also have a glass of wine and just sit there talking about everything and anything.

Game Night

This is definitely not like boys’ game night, but this is fun as well! You could both have a drink and pull your board games 🎲 and start the night! It’s just fun with a drink, and you will vibe well with your partner, that’s for sure!

Nature Walk

You should have been cooped up at home snuggled with your partner and your blanket during the winter, and since now it is spring, you finally get to come out of your house and take a stroll in nature!

A walk always refreshes your mind, and you get to talk a lot more when you are walking together πŸ‘­. 


Go on a paddleboat 🚣 and you can have some private and romantic time with your partner! Paddle all your worries away and spend a day with your date having a good time! So go to a nearby lake, take a paddle boat, and paddle away, mate!


Volunteer in some fun activities that also help you contribute as much as you can to society! There are a lot of places you can volunteer, like planting πŸŽ‹, cleaning, and many more! This could be a good date idea as well! So volunteer in any of the activities together and have fun!

Make Cupcakes Together

Make Cupcakes Together On Spring Date

Have you been craving some cupcakes 🧁 lately? Because I have been! So, if you don’t feel like going out and eating cupcakes, which everyone does. You can be different and just make cupcakes all by yourselves!

Not only will it be fun to work together, but you might even actually have your own recipe by the end!

Rooftop Date

If you are looking for the most romantic way to take your partner on a date, then rooftop dinner it is! Yes, rooftop dinners work every time! You get to sit at your table while the cool breeze washes over your body, the starlight sky 🌠, all of it makes this date perfect!


If you tell me you have never gone stargazing, what have you been up to? Like, take your date and go stargazing πŸŒƒ!

How romantic is it to gaze at the sky as the stars beautifully fill it up? Yes, I know! And that is exactly why I am telling you to go and star gaze, mate! This will definitely be a lovely date and also memorable!

Watch Sunset

Watch Sunset On Spring Date

Live near a beach πŸŒ…? Then the sunset is worth dying for, mate! It’s so beautiful to watch the sunset where the sky and sea meet. Go watch the sunset together because it is nature’s way of being beautiful! And sunsets are so magical, your date will be special!

Visit a Museum

Visit a museum and get inspired. Because the museum is where I go for inspiration, you particularly don’t have to go to a museum for inspiration; you could go to have fun and appreciate the art πŸ–ΌοΈ together.

Take a stroll while holding hands, and you could also click a few pictures imitating the art!

Visit the Zoo

Do you live near a zoo? Then, mate, it is perfect for a date! You can have a lot of fun while watching animals 🦍 just live their day.

Also, click a few pictures to add them to your photo diary if you maintain one! But visiting a zoo will also refresh you, and you will enjoy your time together!

Rent a Bike

You could rent a bike 🚴 and ride around your city! This could be a date where you burn a few calories and have fun as well!

A package date, if you ask me. You could also rent a couple of bikes where there are two seats and just ride around the city and stop for an ice cream if you have to.

Watch a Movie Together

Watch A Movie Together On Spring Date

After binge-watching an entire series at home during winter, you would want to go and watch a movie in the theater, right? Well then, surprise your date with the movies that I’ve been playing and enjoy it! Also, with popcorn 🍿 and the air conditioning, you will finally feel the movie vibe!

Go to Target Together

Going to Target 🎯 is normal, at least, that is what you think. But nope! You could count this as a date! Since you could decide on what you want and argue over little things, which can be fun as well!

A little shopping doesn’t hurt your bank if you don’t buy more than you want ( which is not possible).

Plan a Road Trip Together

Fuel your car up and go where your heart takes you, literally! Pack all the essentials and drive away to the hills ⛰️, beach, or wherever you want to go.

Spending some time away from the city and not worrying about your work is something you should do very often. So go ahead and drive off!

Go Go Karting

Go-karting 🏎️ is a fun sport that gets your adrenaline rush and excitement rise! You will enjoy this unless and until you know how to drive. But go-karting is harmless until you have control! You could have a little race and maybe even a small bet!

Amusement Park!

Amusement Park Visit In Spring Date

Go and visit an amusement park if you want your day to be full of activities! Go on different rides 🎒 together and have the maximum fun, and don’t forget to click a few pictures! But always remember to have fun and make the most of the amusement park!

Skateboard Together

Skateboarding πŸ›Ή is fun as well! If one of you knows how to skateboard, then you could help the other one too. Though you may not become the best after practicing for a day, both of you will have fun nonetheless. Also, wear all the necessary safety elements.

Fly Kites Together

Fly Kites Together In Spring

Spring is the perfect season for you to fly kites πŸͺ! Yes, because the main thing to be considered when flying kites is the wind. And you will have plenty of wind if it is spring! So buy or make your own kites and fly them! 

Spin the Bottle or Truth and Dare

There are a few games that could get a little hot. Like Spin the bottle 🍾 or truth and dare. You could do this by staying at home itself.

Have fun with a glass of wine, and you both will lead the game. This will be a lot more fun if you get a little drunk.

Make Ice Cream at Home

Are you tired of eating ice cream 🍨 outside? Then, this is a sign for you to make your own ice cream! Yes!

Search for the recipe, shop for all the ingredients required, and start making an ice cream together! Not only will it be fun but also you get to eat an ice cream!

Binge Watch

After a tiring week, all you want to do is stay in bed πŸ›οΈ. But you even want to go on a date with your partner.

Why don’t you make it all happen? With some popcorn and your favorite series, you have it all! So start to binge-watch your series and order some food takeout.


Hiking Ideas On Spring Date

Go on a hike, buddies! After winter, I don’t think you would have been hiking, right? Then, it is time for a hike.

Wear your most comfortable shoes πŸ‘Ÿ and go on a hike! Hiking is all fun and games until you have no more water left. So carry two bottles of water. And always remember that the view will always be worth it all!

Plant a Tree!

Plant A Tree On Spring Date

You can both decide on sampling and plant ☘️ one each. This is an amazing idea which also helps our nature. So take your time and buy a sampling or a seed and plant it.

Planting is fun, but that’s not the end. You need to water it as well! 

Spring Festival

I am sure since it is spring, there are going to be spring festivals, too! So dress pretty and make your way to the spring festival. There’s going to be many activities for both of you, so you can have fun πŸ₯³ as well. Don’t forget to click a few pictures to make it a memorable one!

As the quote goes, “Spring breathes new life into the world around us, and festivals are the heartbeats of its celebration.” – Unknown

Attend a Concert

Is your favorite singer πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ€ or your favorite band playing in your area? Then buy the tickets and go to the concert!

Dress the part and vibe! You both will enjoy dancing and singing along if you both like the same singer or band! It is going to be a fun night even though you will return home exhausted.

Go Antique Shopping

Antique shopping: not everyone goes to an antique shop and buys stuff. But it is fun to go and check out a few items.

You might find a lot of unique objects, and there’s definitely going to be at least one item that catches your eye πŸ‘€. Looking around at these objects is a fun activity, too!

Movie in Your Garage

Set up a cute date in your garage! Place a projector πŸ“½οΈ and a little couch for you to sit on and enjoy the movie while you cuddle with each other! Order some food and enjoy your date night sipping some wine. Click pictures to revisit the day again!

If this is your first date, then I have a few get-to-know questions so both of you can connect and really get to know each other. Shall we begin? Let’s go!

  • What’s the prettiest place you have traveled? If so, where?
  • Are you more of an outdoor or an indoor person?
  • Do you have any favorite cuisines or restaurants around here?
  • Do you have any goals that you want to establish?
  • What do you look for in a relationship?
  • If there’s any place you want to go right now, where would it be?
  • Do you like to travel the world or save up for the future?
  • Are you looking for a serious relationship?

Well, that is all the questions I have for you! Ask all these questions and get to know about your date! 

Visit an Animal Shelter

Are you both animal lovers? That is very good! So go and visit the nearest animal shelter and increase your happy hormones! Snuggle with furry animals πŸ• or play with them together! To be with animals together unlocks a new level in your relationship for sure!

Take a Stroll in The Park

Take A Stroll Park In Spring Date

A stroll in the park is the most romantic date you could ever go on. Not only is it budget friendly but also you get to spend more alone time with each other where you get to talk about a lot of things! You can also hold hands πŸ‘« and maybe even stop to buy an ice cream!

A Short Trip to The Lake

A Short Lake Trip On Spring Date

Do you live near a lake? That’s awesome! Then pack your lunch πŸ₯—, take your blanket, and head to the lake. Set it all up and relax! While you get to do a lot of things like reading, listening to music or even talking to each other, you will have a good time!


Birdwatching is another fun activity! Go to the nearest sanctuary or book a guide who knows all about birds and explains to you. Or you can even look up as to what kind of birds πŸ•ŠοΈ you can spot! This is a fun activity, and you can totally count this as a date idea!

“Birds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer, simpler state of being that we may strive to attain.” – Douglas Coupland

Make Your Own Bouquet

To arrange flowers so they can come out beautiful is also an art! So take your time and make your own bouquets πŸ’!

You will have a fun time picking out the flowers and arranging them. Once you have finished making your bouquet, you can exchange it and take it home!

Dance in The Rain Together

Dancing in the rain β˜” is fun as long as you don’t care about what people might think. I mean, come on, life is too short to think about what people think, so do what the hell you want! So once it starts to rain, run and just have fun together! You will remember this for a long time!

Enjoy Some Beer

Enjoy Some Beer On Spring Date

Having a chilled beer 🍺 after a long day is so refreshing! And to have one with a company makes it even better.

So have a cute little set-up and watch a movie while having some beer! You can be drinking buddies and vibe with each other!

Go to The Nearby Cafe

Having a coffee β˜• is close to heaven! So take your date to an aesthetic cafe and drink some coffee together.

Not only will you save money, but you get time to talk to each other and connect! Go on coffee dates more often, where you prioritize yourselves and just enjoy each other’s company!

A Candlelit Dinner in Your Backyard

Candlelight πŸ•―οΈ dinner? Sounds so romantic, doesn’t it? Then why are you still here? Go and decorate your backyard with lights and candles, obviously!

Surprise your date with her favorite food and some wine! Your night will go perfectly fine!

Catch a Sunrise

Sky orange and the cool breeze, all of it sounds so good, right? Well then, hurry up before you miss the sunrise πŸŒ„! Always remember to catch more sunsets than any flight!

Sunrises are way too beautiful to miss. You will also get amazing pictures!

Horse Rides

Horse Rides On Spring Date

Horse rides πŸ‡? Yes, it sounds so exciting, right? Well, then go for a horse ride! You will have so much fun, and doing it with your partner is even more fun. Take your date and ride some horses! If you don’t know how to ride, you can always get help!

Visit a Winery or A Vineyard

Visit a vineyard, mate! It is one of the most romantic dates you can take your partner on. While you sip some different kinds of wine 🍷, you will have so much fun laughing.

You will have so much fun, and don’t forget to click a few pictures!

A Weekend Getaway

Book a resort or fly πŸ›« to a new, different place for the weekend. You need to spend some time together and away from reality! Spend some time and relax with each other. Try all the amenities the resort has to offer and make memories!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon ride? Yes, totally. This will be a great date idea unless you are afraid of heights! But to spend time with each other in the sky, even if it is for a little while, sounds so romantic πŸ₯°! So go and book one for the both of you and have fun!


Well, how did that go? I mean, were you able to pick one idea? Because if I were you, I would want to try everything that is on the list 🀷! 

Don’t worry if you feel the same, and you have a lot more days, months, and forever with you! You can use each one of these ideas for your partner!

So, if this helped and you would like to let me know, please drop in a few comments and let me know; I will totally appreciate that! Also, I hope your date goes exactly the way you want it to go!

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