101+ Amazing star wars gifts for men

Star Wars is a fictional story extended to series, novels, and films. There is no particular age group to get glued to the screen when Jedi and Falcon explore the galaxy. From 9 to 49, Star Wars is a favorite for all.

Star Wars-themed parks or museums have all evolved, and now it’s time for you to decorate your man’s apartment with his favorites.

There are never enough reasons to gift your close ones. Gift your man anytime you wish and proclaim your love. Don’t keep waiting; the perfect timing never comes; choose from below and surprise your man today itself.

Unique star wars gifts for men

1. Star Wars – The Complete Saga from Episodes I to VI– Gift your man the entire series in HD glory. All the favorite shows are now available under one pack. Give them something to watch forever.

2. UbiKORT 3D Millennium Falcon Night Light– A cool way to light up his bedroom. A perfect Star War gift for those fascinated by dim lights. Gift him an ambiance in the form of the light that might bring peaceful sleep.

3. Death Star Herb Grinder- Grinding and crushing herbs will no more be boring with the Death Star. If your man loves to prepare special dishes, choose this with no second thoughts.

4. BB-8 Droid- Is your man a geek? No matter what your answer is, delight them with this friend in a programmable robot. A little high on the budget but very special.

5. Darth Vader Oven Mitt Set– Make Cooking and grilling look evil now! Let your Star Wars dude handle all their kitchen activities from the dark side using these Darth Vader oven mitts.

6. Funny Pew Pew Mug– Mugs are common but not the Pew Pew ones. Gift your man this funny coffee mug and let him enjoy the coffee with some laughter.

7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order– Is your man also a gamer besides a star war nerd? If the answer is yes, nothing is better than this video game. He can now be Jedi and rule the galaxy. This gift must have been his long-time dream.

8. LEGO Millennium Falcon Building Kit and Minifigures– Building LEGO sets have always been fun, as a child or an adult. Buy the Kit and the Minifigures to expand his collection.

9. Microwave Silicone Popcorn Maker– No movie marathon is complete without popcorn. A unique gift to add a healthy dose of food to the marathon. Watch and enjoy movies together with bowlful now.

10. Darth Vader Pen Holder– Pen holders are a must on your desk. This is truly a unique holder. Gift this to your man and let the Dark Lord hold pens for him.

11. Star Wars Beer Tankard– An incredible gift for your man who is a beer lover beside a Star Wars freak. Gift them now and watch them beam in happiness.

12. LEGO Death Star- This is another LEGO set that would surprise any Star Wars lover. Add these detailed battle stations to their collection soon.

13. Light Saber Silver Tie Clip– An excellent Star Wars gift for men, helps them keep their work clean and neat. Professionally and personally, organizing papers will now be fun.

14. Star Wars Darth Vader Head Cufflinks Skilfully crafted cufflinks make the best gifts for Star Wars nerds. The perfect way to make your man look classy with a lace of nerd clubbed in. 

15. Lightsaber BBQ Tongs– You can now make Barbeque a game. These unique tongs will be a pleasant surprise to your man. Gift the tongs and relish the BBQ together.

16. Adidas Star Wars Sneakers- An excellent gift for your man. Comfortable to wear throughout the day’s work. 

17. BB-8 Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers– Perfect to complement Star Wars-themed kitchen décor. A unique addition to your dining table. Not only will this be a gift to your man, but reduce the daily fuss at a dinner table.

18.Engraved Millennium Falcon Clock- The Falcon Clock is a pretty stellar piece of wall décor. Beautiful and suitable for a gift to your man on any occasion.

19. Engraved ‘Star Wars Battle of the Hoth’ Ring– You may gift these flat polished rings to keep your man in style. Perfect for Star Wars fans who also have a fascination for rings.

20. Darth Vader Apron– If your man seldom visits the kitchen and destroys his tees, this is what you must gift. If he can’t be Darth Vader, he can at least have his style while he shows his skills on the stove.

21. Yoda Best Cook Ever Engraved Cutting Board– Another must addition to Star Wars-themed kitchen décor. Make cooking fun for him.

22. Star Destroyer Bluetooth Speaker– Listening to Star Wars theme music or any other refreshes your mind as well as the body. Let this speaker be a striking addition to his recreation schedule.

23. Darth Vader Elite 2-Slice Toaster– Making breakfast will be way easier and less frustrating than ever. A fantastic logo on the simple toast will surely be fun. Let him make a toast to Star Wars and start his day.

24. Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener- It is an excellent item for men who have a passion for unique collections. Handy items in daily life; gift them now and watch them smile.

25.Stormtrooper Ceramic Mug– Gift your man this amazing ceramic mug and let their morning coffee taste more refreshing.

26. Yoda Metal Bookend– Jedi will help keep the texts upright now. A cool gift for your Star Wars freak partner.

27. R2-D2 Metal Can Cooler– It’s already summer; gift them the metal can cooler and let their drinks and hence temper be cool longer.

28. Replica Finn’s Leather Jacket- While staying all comfortable and fashionable, gift your man the Leather Jacket to look classy as his favorite character. Let him showcase his inner geek without compromising on style.

29. Star Wars Finn’s Bath Robe– The bathrobes come in various forms. Finn’s jacket is way too cool as a bathrobe.  Your man would love to while away some time playing Finn’s role.

30. Jedi Fleece Bathrobe- An excellent idea for a present to a Star Wars fan. Useful and cozy and shall give him more time to play around.

31. Lightsabre Umbrella- Protect your man from the storm and the scorching heat with this lightsabre umbrella.

32. Darth Vader Bobble Head Figure– A fun toy to fidget with in-between working hours. Gift them and add this to their collection now.

33. Death Star Waffle/Pancake Maker– Now breakfasts prepared will be Star Wars themed. Let your man enjoy Death Star imprinted pancakes easily made with this Waffle/Pancake maker.

34. Death Star Fire Pit- This is an excellent addition to the backyard. Winters can be made cozier and yards brighter. Perfect for gifting your man when you are already living together.

35. R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set– A wise gift for your man who often puts more salt than sugar while following the recipe. Gift them these cute R2-D2 and watch them cook the perfect dinner.

36. Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built A Galaxy Far, Far Away- This book by Ken Napzok will take him back to the first time he watches Star Wars. It is a nostalgic gift for any diehard fan. 

37. Custom Star Wars Sign– These are generally customized gifts. Perfect for bedroom decors. Put it up in your man’s room and watch him live in his fantasies.

38. Chewbacca Hoodie- Even if he can’t be Chewie, he can at least wear his hoodie. Offbeat wear, sure to draw attention when he confidently walks down the streets.

39.Star Wars Inspired Money Clip– His favorite superheroes shall hold money and cards for him. A fancy and useful gift for your man.

40. Personalized Ice Cream Spoon- Star War-themed Ice-cream spoons are now available in different online markets. Watch him indulge in a bowlful of ice-cream with this great gift.

41. Star Wars Music Box– This is a beautiful gift for anyone who is a true lover of music. It is refreshing at the same time. Watch him smile as the box plays his favorite themes in the background.

42. Boba Fett Laptop Backpack- This is a readily available gift and truly useful. Perfect for one-day trips and facilitates carrying the laptop. He can now move around different cities showing off his love for Star Wars.

43. Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Code– This must be the present for a passionate Star Wars lover. The book shall give him the codes and all the skills he needs to be the Hunter. 

44. Men’s Ugly Sweater– The name sounds weird, but this a perfect Christmas gift. It is patterned with the characters and called ugly for a reason. It is a lovely outfit for any diehard fan.

45. Lightsaber Couples Keychain– An iconic present for your man. It is cute at the same time and silently promises never to separate.

46. Baby Yoda Vinyl Figure- A cute tiny “aww” making gift. Add this to your man’s collection now.

47. The Mandalorian Action Figure- A very detailed action figure, sure to mesmerize any Star Wars fan. 

48. Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet- This is a hyper-realistic gift for your man. He will look and sound both like Stormtrooper. 

49. Porg Graphic Tee- The most adorable gift one can present her man. Perfect for summer use; he can work all day comfortably featuring this cute creature.

50. Death Star Perpetual Calendar- A wonderful piece for his desk. It shall work as a decoration as well as will keep him up to date. 

51. Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Helmet– Another electronic simulation helmet that shall give your man a thrilling experience. He can switch between the scenes using the button. As it is equipped with both light and sound settings, you can expect dimensional sensations.

52. Stormtrooper Decanter Set- This set makes a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys liquor and has a fascination with collecting glasses. This Stormtrooper helmet-designed glass set is perfect for him.

53. Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Box with Lights and Sounds– Even if this sounds kiddish, it is the best gift to show that you care for his health. Even your man is not shy to show what he loves; let him carry the delicacies hot and tasty.

54. Star Wars Silk Ties– Silk Ties have always been in fashion for formal purposes. Add this Star Wars Silk Ties to his wardrobe collection to stand out in the style statement.

55. Star Wars Tin Yoda/Darter Kaleidoscope- These Kaleidoscopes are available online now, and they are not for kids. Gift your man this handy Kaleidoscope featuring his favorites and see how he relives his childhood.

56. Light Saber Water Bottle- A compact, trendy bottle is a must these days. You can gift your man this unique water bottle, perfect to fit in his small backpack.

57. Star Wars Men’s T-Shirt– If your man is a bit picky and does not prefer much graphics on his tees, this is what you should get for him. Solid-colored tees with little words connecting him to his favorite series.

58. Star Wars 3D Death Star Lamp- A very pretty gift that brings in all the seven colors in life. Perfect to be kept in the bedroom or hallway and he can switch between the colors as per his mood.

59. The Jedi Path and Book of Sith Box Set- Even if he is not a reader, he cannot keep himself from reading these books. He will be more than happy to read about the most inspiring characters from the series.

60. Star Wars Rebel Wallet- Rebel wallets are a must-have. They are sturdy and obviously trending. It’s useful as well as showcases his genuine love for the show.

61. R2-D2 USB Car Charger- This is a fabulous gift, and the device shall accompany him by its presence through blinking nights. This is a must in the cars when he drives for long. Gift them now and see how he praises you for this brilliant choice.

62. Star Wars Chess Set- This is a rare to find chess set. An excellent makeover of the classic black and white chessboard. There should be no second thoughts if he is already a pro player; otherwise, he will gift him this and watch how he transforms into one.

63. Star Wars Coffee Mugs Set– You both must have had enough coffee on regular mugs. It is time to change the mugs and enjoy the morning coffee with your man and his favorites.

64. Star Wars Yoda Doormat- It shall make the entrance of your room or your apartment much appealing. Visitors shall be amazed at the choice of décor. Gift your man The Yoda Doormat today and let all know that he is a crazy fan.

65. Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Socks– Though these come in pairs, any fan can confidently wear his two favorite characters together. Socks are always useful and a basic need these days. Gift your man the socks and serve a dual purpose.

66. Star Wars Face Towel- Face Towels are required for gym, office, or travel. Be it after the morning jog in the park or a thorough workout, to wipe off the sweat of his dead, Star Wars Face towels are the best for a fan.

67. Star Wars Coasters- Another useful and innovative product available in the market. These coasters come with a modern twist and sure to delight your man.

68. Star Wars Lightsaber Hand Blender– Make him feel like a mighty warrior when he makes his smoothies and juices every day. Gift this now and make the daily works exciting.

69. Star Wars Shot Glasses- Add spark to your parties with these wonderfully crafted shot glasses. They are budget-friendly and you can now enjoy your parties with his favorite character.

70. Star Wars Cell Phone Cases– Though mobile cases are an ordinary gift now, how often can you see guys with a sober phone cover and be specific with Star Wars. This gift will surely make your man happy.

71. Star Wars Playing Card Decks– Another mode of recreation and entertainment has been recreated. Enjoy your time together playing cards with Star Wars.

72. Star Wars BB8 Golf Balls– Having a golf court is still a dream for many, but if he has access to one and loves playing this is a sure bye. He can now swing the balls to the galaxies.

73. Star Wars Jedi Wooden Beer Mug– Wooden Beer Mugs are personal favorites to many. It looks sophisticated and wonderful creation. Having the mug customized with logos from his favorite series and Jedi will get his mind blown.

74. Star Wars Rebels Ships Peel and Stick Wall Decals- Few men fascinate stickers even after they grow up. Their rooms are their personal space of fantasies. Fill it up with these stickers and let him enjoy the ambiance.

75. Star Wars Ice Tray Sets- A literally cool gift. Buy this now and enjoy the ices in your drink or juice and of course if you prepare chocolates featuring R2-D2, Death Vader, X-Wing, Falcon, and many more.

76. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Exclusive Multi-Tool Kit- Screwdrivers, wrenches are a must in every house. Men prefer doing the small bits of work on their own. This is going to be one unexpected useful gift for your man.

77. LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Flashlight– This is a small gift yet useful. It is portable and can be attached to the backpack or key chains.

78. Star Wars Rebel Baseball Cap- It makes a beautiful gift for your man. The logo imprinted adds a classy attitude to his long strides. Gift them the cap, and you can keep their heads cool!

79. Rebel Alliance Headphones- Headphones are pure love to anybody. They are mandatory travel companions. When this comes with the Rebel logo, your man is sure to go crazy about it. Watch them as they carry it around their neck all day.

80. Star Wars BB-8 Bowl Set- The bowl set will be a spectacular addition to the kitchen. You can both enjoy your favorite cereals in breakfast while traveling through the galaxies.

Star Wars Gifts For Your Man

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