25+ Stay Happy Paragraphs for Your Love Partner

Everyone wants their partner to be happy always, irrespective of where they are and what they decide to do in life. To encourage them, you can always send them cute paragraphs to make their day. Here are some amazing paragraphs that you can send out to your loved ones.

Stay Happy Paragraphs for Her

Happiness is the most important thing in the world. It is completely fine to consider your happiness before anything else in the world but if you naturally think about the happiness of someone special before you think about your happiness, it might be as well be love. Make sure that she is happy at all times even when you are not with her. Let her know how much you care about her by bringing a smile to her face. Try going through the lines below.

-I hope that you are in the best of spirits and are having the time of your life. I hope that you find success in whatever you choose to do and may happiness find you in every corner of the world. I have known you for enough time to know about the things that make you happy and I am glad I am one of them. I assure you that you would never have to worry about me for I am always here for you, no matter what the time, what the situation. Your happiness is of paramount importance in my life.

-From the smell of a new book to the last scoop of ice cream, from the first few drops of rain to the last slice of pizza, from the innocence of kids to the unnecessary anger of people around you, from singing till your head hurts to dancing till your feet give away and from smiling about the silliest things to breaking into a laugh in the most of grim of situations, you never fail to find happiness anywhere, everywhere and anytime, every time. You are the liveliest and most emotionally alive people I know and I hope nothing ever changes that. Sending you lots of love and hugs and take care.

-You are the sliver of hope in my life. You are the ray of happiness in my life. You are that light in my life that lights up my day. You make me happy, you make me want to be happy and you bring unmeasurable happiness to my life. Your smile gives me the strength to fight every obstacle headed my way and I am glad you entered my life at the right moment when I needed you the most. I pray that you always keep smiling and that happiness never leaves your door. I hope that you continue to be the light of my day.

-Being in love with you has not only taught me how to truly love someone but it has taught me that it is not just about saying I love you or making a million promises. It is about loving that person each moment of the day without any exception, sacrificing everything in your power just to bring a smile on your face, and never let go no matter how hard the road or how problematic the situation. You are irreplaceable in my life and your happiness always tops my priority list. May you always be happy.

-Whenever I see you in a sad mood, my heart starts churning. When I see a tear roll down your eyes, I feel powerless. When I can’t bring a smile to your face, I feel as if I have failed in fulfilling the one responsibility I had. I always want to see you smiling and I would protect that smile with everything that I have. You are the love of my life and I promise to always keep you happy, even when we have fought and ever when we are not on talking terms, I would still try to make you happy. I love you, I always have.

-You look the prettiest when you smile. You shine the brightest when you laugh. You glow the most when you are happy and you look the best with me when I am able to make you happy. I have always tried to make you happy since day one and I promise I will continue to do so for as long as I live. You are the most important person in my life and your happiness matters the most to me. I have only you to call mine in the entire world and I can never let you go. I love you, I really do.

-I have known very deeply what it means to be unhappy and I have known that feeling for far too long to let anyone go through it. Before you, I had nothing and with you, there is nothing else that I want. You have taught me what love is, you have taught me what it means to be happy, you have taught me what it really means to be alive, and with you, I feel nothing but happiness. You make me want to go out, travel, see the world and make memories, happy memories. I hope that all your memories are happy.

-You find happiness in places where I see nothing but remorse and sadness, you manage to squeeze a smile out of the tensest of situations and there has never been a dull moment with you around. You never let go of the childlike innocence which most of us could not hold on to while growing up. I know there are hardly any people like you left in the world and you and your happiness should be protected at all cost. I promise to never let that big, bright smile fade from your face but to always keep it glowing

-I look at you and I wonder to myself, what did I ever do deserve a person like you. A person so bright, so hopeful, so innocent and so full of life unlike I have ever seen. You are one of a kind and your smile is one in a million. Your happiness makes me happy and gives me hope. I never really knew what it means to truly be happy until you walked into my life. I hope you always stay happy as ever and nothing could ever touch your smile. I want you forever and I want you to be happy even beyond that.

Stay Happy Paragraphs for Him

Your man always puts everyone’s happiness before his. He is always the one to sacrifice everything and never considers what he wants to do. He finds happiness out of the happiness of others around him and never complains. It is high time you paid credit where credit is due and told him that his happiness is just as important and reminded him that he deserves and should be happy at all times. Let him know that you care about his happiness just as much as he cares about yours. Start with the lines below. 

-I know for a fact that you are the best life partner one could ever have. I have always dreamt of a man like you and now that I have you, I could not be happier. Everything is perfect when you are around and having you with me is a sigh of relief. Even after all that you do and all that you have done, we forget that you never really did anything to make you happy personally. I hope you don’t lose yourself in the process of making everyone else happy. You deserve to happy as much as any other person and I pray for your happiness. I love you and I hope you are always happy.

-You are allowed to take a day off when you want to, it is okay to slack off for some time when you don’t feel like doing anything, it is completely fine to let others take care of you once in a while, it is okay to delegate some of your responsibilities once in a while and it is more than okay for you to be selfish once in a blue moon. You should care about your happiness more than anything, seeing you happy is all I want and it is enough for me to be happy. Don’t be too hard on yourself and take a break sometimes. 

-I hope that you find all the success in the world. I hope that you are blessed with all the luck and fortune in the world. I pray for your health and well-being. I pray that no obstacle be too big for you and you find the courage to get up every time you are down. I hope that the Gods always be in your favor and keep you away from any sort of peril and bring you immense happiness. You are always on my mind and your happiness is all I can think about. I love you more than you know and I hope to see you soon. 

-When I see you smile, I feel like my day has been complete. When I see the happiness on your face, I find purpose in life. When I see you have a good time, I feel like pausing and capturing the moment in my heart. I want nothing but happiness for you and I want to always see you smiling. I love to see you smile and all my efforts, all my actions, and consciously towards making you smile. I want nothing but the best for you as you deserve the best. I hope I get to be by your side to see you smile every single day.

-I feel like dancing when I am with you. I want to scream at the top of my lungs and tell you how much I love you when you are around. I don’t think I care about anything else in the world more than you and your happiness. All those stupid and silly things that I do are conscious efforts to bring a smile to your face and I hope that I succeed every time I try one of those tricks. I have spent the happiest moments of my life with you and I hope you have too. Be happy always.

-You have never let me feel alone or lonely ever since I have known you. You have never let me be sad about anything since we got together. You have never allowed a single drop of tear to roll down my eyes and you have done all of it without letting me feel that you have made any effort. I don’t know how you magically manage to do all of it but I promise you that I am trying. I am trying to make you as happy as you have made me. I will always keep trying to bring a smile to your face just like you do. I love you and I will do everything to make you happy.

-I find happiness out of your happiness. I smile when you smile and I feel delighted just with your presence. I know everything that you have been through, I know about all that you have done in the past and I am even aware of the sacrifices you had to make. I respect you all the more after knowing you closely and I just want to see you happy because of it. You are one of the best human beings that I know and someone like you deserves to be happy, above anything else. I hope you find that happiness in me.

-If gifts could make you happy, I would gift you the world. If surprises made you happy, I would do plan the most unseen shocking surprise for you. If chocolates made you happy, I would drench you in a house of chocolates without even thinking twice. Although I am far away from knowing what is it that really touches your heart and soul and makes you happy, I will always walk the extra mile to see a smile on your face. You are the love of my life, the man of my dreams and I promise a lifetime of love and happiness and I will settle for nothing less. 

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