170+ Stress Relief Gift Ideas for Partner

Working in the present times can be stressful. One needs constant motivation and pampering in such times to carry on. Show some love to your partner by gifting them something that would take all their stress away.

Stress Relief Gift Ideas for Partner

Fidget spinner. Fidget spinners were made for people who have trouble or need to relieve stress or anxiety. You can definitely think of gifting a fidget spinner to your stressed partner to come out of it. 

Music CD. Gifting a music CD with all your partner’s favorite songs will be of great help when they are stressed. Select some slow melodies which will not be over the top in terms of loudness and will help your partner to relax. 

Video game. Playing video games for some time will help your partner distract their mind and relax. Video games also help in developing problem-solving skills and creativity. Therefore gifting a video game will not be a bad idea to help your partner relieve stress. 

A book. Studies say that reading a book for six minutes can slow down the heart rate and improve overall health by relaxing the body and helping to calm down your mind. Gift your partner a feel-good book to help them relax and reduce stress. 

Sponge balls. Sponge balls or stress balls fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, and repeatedly squeezing them will help you to release tension and stress. Stress balls are very convenient and can be carried everywhere as a stress releaser, so you can think of buying a sponge ball for your stressed partner. 

Movies. You can ask your partner to watch feel-good movies when they feel stressed. Buy a DVD of that movie or download it from the internet and watch it with your partner, surely you will make your partner feel a lot better that way. 

A day off. Everyone requires a day off after working really hard. Give your partner a day off by taking charge of everything they do. Promise them that you will care for everything by asking your partner to rest. Cook good food and make your partner happy. 

A vacation. Plan a short vacation to some nearby place that your partner will love. Select a place that will not be crowded, and your partner will be able to relax. Convince your partner to take a holiday; tell them they work very hard, and now it is time for a vacation.  

Sound sleep. Sound sleep helps lower depression and hypertension without popping a pill. Asking your partner to hit the gym and sleep soundly will help relieve stress and anxiety. It will also help them to gain energy to work more. 

Lights. Buy dim lights for your partner. Ask them to try light therapy. It not only helps in releasing stress but also helps in better sleeping. Red lights help in sleeping better.  Buy some red lights for your partner’s room and help them to relax.  

Headphones. Listening to songs and staying alone for some time makes someone stressed feel better. You can help your partner release stress and feel better by buying headphones with which they can listen to songs of their choice when feeling stressed. 

Sweater. Give your partner your sweater or any T-shirt to wear when they feel stressed. Your partner’s smell often helps you relax and helps you forget the tension. You can also buy a new sweater just to make them happy and divert their mind from the problems. 

Chocolates. Dark chocolates help with memory and reduce stress. If you want to help your partner relax and make them feel relieved, buy a box of dark chocolates and gift them. Write a beautiful letter along with that mentioning that you are there. 

Greeting card. Making a greeting card on your own and gifting it to your partner will make them feel really happy. Make a beautiful greeting card with lots of colors and write good things about your partner. Tell them how much you love them and make them feel good. 

Gift card. You can buy a gift card or voucher for your partner when they are stressed and want to make them feel good. Keep it a surprise and plan something really special for giving the gift. The arrangements will make her feel better and excited. 

Soft toy. Gift your partner a soft toy with a cute smile. Write a letter along with that to make your partner feel special. Soft toys are great for cuddling; people love talking to them when stressed. Help your partner feel better by buying them a soft toy. 

Pot plant. You can buy flowers and ornamental plants; they increase the level of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed. Keeping fresh flowers around you helps you feel good. Buy a flowering plant and gift it to your partner. 

Coffee set. Since coffee helps reduce stress, you can prepare a coffee set for your partner. Make a gift box containing coffee, flavored syrup, biscuits, chocolate, and a coffee mug; you can include other things if you want. Wrap it nicely and give it to your partner; they will appreciate both the gift and your efforts for the gift. 

Coffee mug.  A coffee mug for your stressed partner is absolutely not a bad idea. You can buy a mug with a smiley on it or a mug with a beautiful quote on it to make her happy. You can buy a customized coffee mug to make your gift special for them. 

Wine. You can plan a dinner date with your partner at your house and give them a bottle of wine. Be good company and try to comfort your partner at the dinner table and talk about their problems. Buy the wine which your partner likes to drink.

Dry fruits. Dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, and walnuts are high in antioxidants and are good sources of vitamin B, which helps the body to manage stress. Gift your partner a box of dry fruits to help them beat stress and feel better. 

Weighing machine.  If your partner is stressed with their weight, give them a weighing machine so that they can keep a record of their weight every day. Help them stop worrying about their weight or problem by talking to them about it.  

De-stress gift box. You can prepare a de-stress box by including stress-relieving products like a fidget spinner, a stress ball, dim lights, coffee packets, books of their favorite author, and dark chocolates. Ask your partner to use these things to release stress. 

Skincare. Gift your partner some really good skincare products like face masks, a face roller, sunscreen, and face packs to take good care of their skin. When your partner has good skin, they will feel confident about themselves and help them release stress. 

A massage. Stress-relieving massage is an immediate relief that you can provide to your partner. Massage helps release stress, be gentle and massage their neck, shoulder, and head. Talk to your partner about the problems. 

Perfume. Gift your partner a nice-smelling perfume. Good fragrance often helps remove stress by creating a good ambiance around you. Buy some fresh flowers because it keeps positivity and makes you feel fresh. 

Boardgame. Play board games like carrom, business, and ludo with your partner to help them divert their mind from what has been bothering them. While playing with your partner, talk about the good things you have done together and what you want to do next. 

Candles.  Gift your partner with some beautifully scented candles to decorate their room. Lighting candles helps in light therapy; it creates a beautiful ambiance around you and helps you feel relaxed. You can ask your partner to meditate after lighting the candles.  

Bubble bath.  A hot water bubble bath improves blood circulation, calms the nervous system, and helps relax. Raising the body temperature is also a way of releasing stress; it helps in muscle relaxation and lifts your mood. You can provide a message to your partner after their bubble bath, and they will be completely stress-free. 

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Bean bag. Comfortable furniture is calming, and a bean bag can do that work really well. Bean bags are also fun. They hug the body and provide stimulation from the back of the head to the hands and the feet, helping the person sitting on it feel relaxed. 

Neck massager. A neck massager is a good stress-relieving product you can choose to gift. Massage increases the body temperature and helps in relaxation, and when the body feels relaxed, the heart rate reduces to a normal level. 

Cuddle pillow. Hugging a pillow helps improve mental and physical health by lowering anxiety and releasing stress. You can buy a cuddle pillow for your partner to hug whenever they feel stressed; it will make your partner feel much better. 

Tea. Tea helps to naturally increase serotonin and melatonin levels in your body, as a result of which you feel relaxed. It also relieves tension by soothing muscle aches and headaches, which often come with stress. You can make a good ginger tea for your partner to help them release stress. 

Acupuncture mat. An acupuncture mat helps regulate blood circulation in your body and releases stress. It also helps with body pain and headaches, which usually come with stress and tension. There are also pressure points that help in releasing stress. 

Exfoliating set. An exfoliating set contains products that can help your partner release stress; it releases toxins and decreases oxidative stress in the body to make the user feel better. It also has a plus point. It will help your partner take care of their skin. 

Body wash. Taking a long shower when you are stressed helps you in releasing it. Gift your partner a body wash with a beautiful smell to help them feel relaxed and get rid of the unwanted tension. Ask your partner to take a long nap after a relaxing shower; when they wake up, they will surely feel better.  

Toys. There are stress-relieving toys that can help your partner feel better. You can buy hand fidgets to relieve stress and anxiety, and they also help to focus. Any squishy or squeaky thing can help your partner release stress and calm themselves, making them feel better. 

Water bed. Water beds provide warmth to the body, which helps in releasing stress, soothe sore muscles, and relieving unwanted tension. A water bed helps in falling asleep faster and promotes longer sleep periods. 

A concert. Buy tickets to her favorite concert and surprise your partner by taking them there. Your partner will feel better when they start enjoying the concert and forget about their problems for some time. Let your partner do anything to make themselves feel better. 

Yoga mat. Yoga truly helps in releasing stress. Buy your partner a yoga mat and ask them to do it regularly in a fixed time. Your partner will feel better if you join in their yoga session, and they can stay motivated and equally enjoy it. A yoga mat will not be a bad idea.

Meditation classes. Meditation is the best and most effective way of releasing stress. It helps you to calm down and relaxes the mind and the body. Ask your partner to do meditation every day, it will help them to focus better.   

Mood spray. Mood spray works on aromatherapy, which helps reduce stress and the stress hormone level. The aroma of jasmine, sandalwood, basil, rose, bergamot, geranium lavender, rosemary, and peppermint helps in releasing stress and helps you feel fresh. 

Coloring book. Coloring can relax your brain and helps you feel better. Coloring brings the same effect as meditation by reducing restlessness. Coloring generates mindfulness and quietness, which allows our minds to get some rest. Therefore buying a coloring book for your partner to help get rid of stress is not a bad idea. 

Painting set. If your partner loves painting, buy her a painting set. Doing what your partner loves and enjoys will help them eliminate the unwanted stress and tension. Help them in painting to give them good company and make them feel that they are not alone. 

Standup comedy show. Take your partners to a standup comedy show and let them laugh their hearts out. Laughing helps a lot in relieving stress and forgetting the bad things for some time. Take your partner to their favorite stand-up comedian’s show. 

Oil diffuser. Oil diffusers stimulate the smell receptors in your nose and help your nervous system to become active. Aromatherapy naturally helps in releasing stress and anxiety. Lavender oil, jasmine oil, and almond oil may help release stress. 

Face masks. Stress often results in unwanted dark patches under the eyes, eye bags, and acne, leading to more stress. Help your partner get rid of all of them by giving them face masks. Ask them to take care of their skin and not let it get damaged due to stress. 

Audiobooks. Audiobooks can boost your mood and make you think positively. For people prone to anxiety and depression, listening to someone else read to them can help replace the negative thoughts. Listening is more effective than reading for some people. You can help your partner by buying them an audiobook.   

Blanket. You can buy your partner a comfortable woolen blanket to feel relaxed and comfortable while they are sleeping. Sleeping helps release stress and makes us feel a lot better when we get up; a blanket can help your partner sleep more comfortably. 

A journal. Writing a journal is comforting. Certain people do not really like to talk about things but like writing them down somewhere. If your partner is one of them, a journal would be a perfect gift. Ask them to write down how they feel. 

Bath bombs. Bath bombs are a great way to relieve stress. Nothing makes us feel light and free more than a good bath, and what better way to have a great bath than using bath bombs? 

Their favorite meal. Prepare your partner’s favorite meal and serve it to them. Good food helps light up the mood and makes us feel better. Ask them before you cook and make the food according to their preference. 

Speakers. Everyone needs a good set of speakers that can make your heart thump and make the whole house boom. Music will help you relax, and you naturally feel a lot lighter when you dance your heart out. 

Dolls. Some people find it very relaxing to just play with dolls or spend some time with them. It takes them down memory lane and makes them feel like a kid when they are stress-free. 

A swing. Placing a swing in the house could be the ultimate way for them to relieve stress. They could just go back to their childhood by enjoying the swing and feeling like they were floating in the air.

Embroidery kit. Doing and focusing on something intrinsic and difficult is shown to bring concentration. Moreover, embroidery is a kind of art, and the outcomes of your creative episodes will help you show off and flaunt your newfound hobby. 

Baking set. Talking about productivity, what’s more productive than learning something new and something that everyone will love? Baking is a skillful art that takes a lot of time to master. This will be great stress-busting activity and bring out the amazing chef in you. 

Gifts to relieve stress for your partner

Loose-leaf herbal tea relaxer blend: One of the sole purposes of this gift is to relax your partner’s mind. It will help them in their journey by minimizing their stress to a certain extent. It will stimulate their brain and also improve their digestion. It can become their healthy morning partner.

Calming oil blend: If your partner is suffering from depression or anxiety, then let them cure themself through this gift. If your partner can’t get a night of good sleep, then this gift can help them. By giving this gift, you will give them an option of self-care for which they will become healthier and more cheerful.

Sleep and stress care package: The entire package will please your partner by fulfilling its purpose. They will be getting four different things to solve their problem, like a dream balm. It will definitely arouse some positivity inside them, and overall they can take better care of themself.

Anxiety pets: These small little stress balls have the potential to absorb all the stress and anger of your partner for a while. When they feel pissed off or stressed, instead of holding and breeding anger or rage inside them, they can just simply release it into these balls. It will make them feel refreshed and fresh.

Shower steamers: Shower steamers function like a bath bomb for a shower. It will soothe your partner’s mind with its amazing aroma while taking a shower. It has the essential oils which will contribute to reducing your partner’s stress. Help your partner relish their best shower experience through this gift.

Yoga mat: Yoga has numerous health benefits, out of which relieving stress is an eminent one. This gift will intrigue your partner to practice yoga and witness its magical benefits. It will help them attain a more peaceful sleep and also be a relief for back pain. After seeing several improvements in their life due to yoga, they may conclude to make it a part of their everyday life.

Lavender eyeball: Lavender eye pillows are known for reducing anxiety, tension, and headaches. It will be bliss for their eyes as it can remove all the strain from it and also reduce the dark circles beneath their eyes. Their eyes will look more pleasant than ever before, and after the relaxation, they will feel invigorating.

Breathing necklace: Apart from making your partner look compelling, this gift will reduce their stress and anxiety. It will help them breathe more efficiently and accurately for calming their brain cells. This small and adorable artistic piece of art is capable of doing astounding wonders.

Fruit red wine handmade soap: Replace your partner’s ordinary soap with something which will also help them reduce their tension. Their bodies will feel better, and so will their mind. They will be able to get a gentle effect on their body.

Anti-anxiety pressure point bracelet: This bracelet will not only add some grace to your partner’s wrist but also aid them with some better quality sleep. By its name, it can heal your partner from anxiety. They will be getting a more peaceful and easier life.

Spa gift box: De-stress your partner by giving them an experience of a spa for which they might have craved for long. This will be a relief for their body, and they can release their stress and pain through this gift by giving themself a spa-like experience. It can add a lot of value to their life.

Herbal bath soak: Moisturize your partner’s skin naturally through this gift. It will cleanse their body gently and effectively through the natural and pure herbs present in it. This gift will add some everyday value to your partner’s life as they come without any harmful chemicals which are capable of severe skin damage.

Aromatherapy massage oil wax melts: If your partner has an electric burner, then this can be a pre-eminent gift. It can give out a strong fragrance which can provide therapy to them for their stress. It can be the easiest and an effective cure for your partner’s tension.

Nature-themed gift box: Let the essence of nature heal everything. Nature has its own mystical powers, which can successfully relieve your partner’s stress through its gentleness. The cute little mesmerizing things packet in this gift box can do big wonders in your partner’s life.

Worry dolls: A worry doll is known to help a person in getting away from their worries and stress so that they can enjoy a peaceful sleep. It can be considered a symbolic gift to make your partner look lively. It may work for your partner.

Neck and back massager: Massage can also be a good way to relax the body and mind. With this neck and back massager, your partner can relish their time while massaging their muscles, and they can do it simply in their alone time without the need of someone being around. It can add a lot of value to their life.

Desktop boxing: If your partner loves boxing, then this can be a superlative gift idea. They can take out all their stress and rage on the boxing bag with two tiny boxing gloves packed with it. It also includes a mini guidebook that has basic boxing tips and trivia. They will feel more calm and fresh after unleashing all their stress.

52 stress relief and self-care cards: These cards will help your partner understand different emotions and feelings. It will be great for your partner as it will make them master the techniques of managing stress. They can learn and implement those things in their life to make it exhilarating,

Dual foot massager roller: Get your partner an unrivaled foot massage experience. If your partner is suffering from foot pain, then this is the gift to go for. Massaging their feet will also affect their brain and thus reduce stress. It is also quite portable, which makes it suitable for travel journeys.

Buddha board art set: If your partner is creative and likes artistic things, then this may be the perfect gift. It includes a canvas, waterproof stand, and a thick bamboo paintbrush. While drawing, they will eventually forget about stress as they will be lost in the ocean of creativity, which will relax them.

Fidget toys: Fidget toys can leave a lot of benefits into your partner’s account, like improving dexterity. It can also reduce stress and anxiety. These cool little toys have been famous across all ages and also pretty fun to use; your partner can have a great time while using them.

Ashwagandha powder: Ashwagandha is an ancient herb with mind-blowing benefits. It will not only make your partner healthy but may also lead to reducing their stress, anxiety, and also depression to a certain extent. If your partner is also suffering from sugar, then this can also help them in reducing it.

Relaxation tabletop fountain: This gift will undoubtedly be an astounding decor item for your partner, but it will also bring some calmness with it. The gentle flow of water and its soothing sounds will develop a sense of relaxation in their mind. It will also help them practice yoga and attain a melodious sleep.

Scented candle: Fill your partner’s room with the aroma of positive energy, which will flow through their system and clear all the stress and anxiety in it. Environment plays a significant role in a person’s mood, and it will make their place feel better.

3D squishy notebook: Notebooks are useful in noting important things or doing some creative stuff in your free time. This squishy notebook is bundled with a squishy leather pen at which your partner can release their stress. Its extremely soft components will give relaxation to their hands.

Eye massager: Help your partner attain an ecstatic mood through this gift. It will massage their eyes to reduce the dark circles beneath them and eradicate all the strain from their pleasant eyes. It will also make the muscles near their eyes more flexible. Due to its compact form factor, it will also not be a burden to carry.

Natural hemp gummies: Natural hemp gummies may turn out to be useful in reducing stress and anxiety. In addition to all that, it also promotes better sleep. It can also be effective at pain relief. This gift will lead your partner’s way to a healthier lifestyle.

Satin pillowcase: As compared to a normal pillowcase, a satin pillowcase, due to its soft fabric, minimizes the friction they would get when their hair rubs against the pillow. It will also lead your partner to get a night of better quality sleep.

Aromatherapy diffuser: If your partner doesn’t have this must-have accessory, then give them as a gift. It can diffuse all the essential oils, which can give a diverting experience to your partner after a stressful and anxious day. It can regenerate your partner’s energy and arouse a spirit of enthusiasm.

Scalp massager: Massaging hair and scalp are essential; they will boost hair growth and stimulate the brain. It can give them a sense of satisfaction after long and tiring workdays. A good and effective massage will minimize your partner’s stress and tension and also make their mood finer.

Body cream: Gift your partner a comforting body cream to make their skin feel better than ever before. Its aromatic textures soothe and relax the body; it will enhance their skin and make their mood refreshing and invigorating. It may also contribute to their stress reduction.

Therapy dough: The scent-infused therapy dough will do its best to relax your partner with its soothing effects. Their stress and tension may get minimized through it. This gift is worth giving a try, and it packs a momentous and memorable experience inside it.

Dammit dolls: Your partner can literally do anything with these dolls to release their stress, like by shouting upon it or throwing it away. They may become happier by hitting this doll with all the negative energy inside them and then fill the empty space with positivity.

Music box: Music is surely one of the best remedies for stress, anxiety, and depression. Your partner will be mesmerized with its audio and feel the love behind this gift. It will serene their pain and boost their mood, and music has a lot of benefits that your partner shall not afford to miss.

Yoga meditation pillow: This pillow will help your partner perform meditation and yoga. Meditation helps in generating some calmness inside the body and also reduces stress. It can also bring your partner to their most productive form. They may also develop skills through which they can handle stress better.

Wireless Headphones: Help your partner to enjoy music anytime and anywhere so that they can take its benefits to overcome stress. Since there are no wires, your partner will have a really convenient experience. They will be getting to enjoy some pronounced audio and get lost in it.

Tumble stones: Your partner can store them as a collectible, and these may bring some good luck in your partner’s path. It will be a sign of your love and care towards them. It can mean a lot of things; your partner will feel the warmth of your love which will, in the end, leave no room for tension.

Himalayan salt lamp: This salt lamp will improve the quality of the air they inhale, and it may also boost their mood. It will help them enjoy a peaceful sleep. This will enhance the quality of their life by giving out some positivity and also help them to reduce their stress and anxiety.

Wreck this journal: Activate your partner’s creative side with the aid of this gift. They will be getting to do some creative tasks which will enhance their skills and make them a better version of themself. In the process, they may also end up thinking about things that worry them.

Paper art: If your partner has an artistic spark inside them and they like to make great art pieces with paper. Then intrigue them to pursue their desire by gifting a rainbow scrapbook through which they can get endless possibilities of creation.

Embroidery kit: This embroidery kit includes one bamboo hoop, color thread, needles instructions, and one reserve Aida. Your partner can make amazing embroideries with this gift. They will probably get to try something new and become engrossed in it.

Buddha 7 chakra bracelet: The seven chakra Buddha bracelet will absorb your partner’s anxiety and relieve their stress. It may make them feel more balanced, and it may also intrigue them to do prayer and meditation, which will help your partner get rid of stress.

Japanese Zen garden: Japanese rock garden is also known as the Zen garden. It is considered the epitome of peace and calmness. It will mesmerize your partner and give them a soothing effect. These were used in Japan for meditation purposes for over 500 years. It will increase the value of the desk they put it on.

Movie subscription: If your partner has some interest in movies, then this gift idea can be the one to go for. They can enjoy a wide range of movies and explore different genres; movies can make your partner get absorbed into it and enjoy every single bit of it. It may persuade them to forget their stress.

Mini massage gun: Your partner can target their different muscle group where they are enduring pain and then use this gun to kill it. Its mini size and compact form factor make it suitable for travel journeys. It can also provide your partner with a good massage in their journey.

Silk eye mask: To have a calm mood, it is essential to have a good sleep. This gift will nourish your partner’s eyes and make them sleep with its smooth silk material. An eye mask will help them attain sleep early in the night. If your partner struggles to sleep earlier, then help them with this gift.

Dream light nightcap: This gift may make your partner calmer than ever before. It will support their mind and body to fight stress and also help them sleep early and more peacefully. Your partner’s condition may improve after taking this gift in their use.

Mini massage ball: A massage ball is a simple and inexpensive way to massage different body muscles. This can be a useful thing upon which your partner can put out their daily stress. Its mini size makes it mobile, and they can take it with them on their travel journey and enjoy its service.

Potted succulent trio: The set of three potted succulents will please and satisfy your partner with its looks. In addition to that, it will also improve the quality of the air around them. It will make your partner feel closer and connected to nature. It will add some everyday value to their life.

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