55+ Stunning Rose Day Gifts for Girl

Flowers have always been a sign of love and purity and when it comes to flowers, it does not get better than the Rose, the most romantic of them all. Make the rose day special by removing the thorns from her life and leaving her with just the petals.

Gift her something special this rose day, read on- 

Rose plant- A small rose plant would be the perfect gift on this day, especially because it would stay with her for a really long time as compared to a single rose or maybe even a bouquet of roses. She would have to take care of it every single day and it would remind her of you. 

Rose headband- Following the theme of the day, headbands look too cute on them and what better design to go with the band than a pretty little red rose, make sure it is the right size. 

Red dress- They could either look like an angel or the devil incarnate in this one, but either way one thing for certain is that it looks pretty darn hot. Find one that fits her well and you’ll have the perfect gift. 

Rose printed pillow cover- Roses, roses all the way, and why should the pillows be spared. Get her a set of rose-printed pillow covers and make your nights even more beautiful than they already are. 

Bouquet of roses- This is the easiest yet most effective gift on this day. A big bouquet of red roses, you could try mixing up a few other colors but the classic red is suggested. Simple and elegant, make sure to be on time. 

Rose scented perfume- You can never go wrong with the right kind of perfume and this rose day, what better scent than the rose to make the atmosphere romantic. 

Rose shaped chocolates- Chocolates are always a favorite and the simplest gifts that you could give your partner. Gifting her chocolates but with a touch of roses would surely surprise her and make her extremely happy. Get her a box and tell her how much you care.

Rose Show piece- A show piece that looks like a lively rose or maybe even a small bouquet of roses to complete the room would be the perfect way to change the vibe of the room. Put your interior designing skills to work. 

Customized bracelet- A bracelet customized just for her. Get her name written on it or maybe even a small portrait of just her or the two of you on the inside would be an extremely cute gift. Get her a rose-shaped bracelet and let her match it with all her red outfits this valentine’s week. 

Rose printed purse- A purse that looks and feels like roses whenever she carries it and matches all her outfits would be the ideal gift and is bound to impress her. As easy as it might sound, it is really difficult to get your hands on one of these things. 

Customized ring- A ring customized to her liking, try going for some red stones that bring fortune and even protect you from harm. Get the size right otherwise what is even the point of getting a ring. 

Red Sneakers- The best footwear for this day, get her a pair of crazy-looking red sneakers which will get her eyes rolling. High top over low top any day and make sure not to mess up the shoe size. Comfy and crazy, the perfect recipe for the perfect pair. 

Rose flavored condom- To spice up your love life in bed, experimenting with condoms is always a great idea. Rose might be the flavor to try out this rose day to get things going. One pack might not be enough so buy wisely. 

Rose printed mobile cover- Mobile covers are the extra bit of accessories that everyone needs. Something that matches your personality and sets you apart from everyone else in the room. Make sure to pick the right design of rose and you are good to go. 

Rose printed pajamas-Some comfy pajamas are all you need for a peaceful sleep after a long day. However, if you want to step it up a notch and take it to the next level, gifting her a pair of pajamas with roses all over on this rose day might be the perfect idea to help her with her daily dose of beauty sleep. 

Clutcher clip- She is always wither running out of hair clips or keeps losing them. Get her a box of clips this rose day with a twist of roses on the clips. She would not only deeply appreciate but it will save her a lot of time. 

Rose printed tee- A t-shirt with either a single rose in the middle or with micro roses covering it all over would be the perfect clothing and even the perfect gift for this rose day. Get those roses blooming on her t-shirt and she will feel as lively as ever. 

Red lipstick- Even if she is not a big fan of make-up, red lipstick is a must-have for every woman and this time, on this rose day, to help her step it up from the ordinary red lipstick, gift her a lipstick that not only makes her lip look like roses but also smells and tastes like one, after all, you are the one who’s going to be tasting it a lot. 

Red heels- Nothing spells class and elegance as much as a pair of perfect red heels. They not only give her the elevation that she wants but also go with any dress and completes it. 

Rose combo set- A complete set of all kinds of roses, from the classic red to white and yellow and everything else that you can get your hands on would be appreciated, form a nice little bouquet of all kinds of roses and she’ll love it. 

Ruby pendant- This one is for a lifetime, not only is it extremely attractive to look at but it also adds that extra layer of oomph to every outfit. The perfect pendant to go with the red heels or the red dress. 

Red color lingerie- Did we already mention spicing things up in the bedroom, well nothing gets spicier than this. Surprise her by buying her red lingerie this rose day and she would not be able to forget it. 

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Ruby gemstone- Stones are always a favorite when it comes to jewelry and if she happens to be into rubies, get her something made out of it. Gemstones like these not only bring in good luck and fortune but also shield you from any sort of negativity. 

Red flannel shirt- Gift her a pretty little flannel skirt this rose day and watch her explode with joy when she walks down the memory lane. Every girl has had many memories with skirts and gifting her one would be an amazing idea this rose day.  

Red skirt- A skirt that is neither too long nor too short but is just at the sweet spot and fist just right would not be easy to find but it is for her after all, you need to make the effort. A few roses on it would not hurt but only add to its beauty. 

Rose printed bedsheet- The nighttime is the most peaceful time of the day and what better way to make it romantic than getting a bed sheet that smells and feels like roses. Something to make things cozier and get the romance going. 

Rose printed china plates- She is always excited about plates and crockery and what better way to improve on that than getting her chinaware with roses all over. Get her an entire set and make her day. 

Red handbag- She is always collecting handbags and is always on the lookout for exciting deals. She might be happy only on the day when she has one to go with all her outfits but even that is questionable. 

Rose printed socks- Rose printed socks on rose day, you couldn’t go wrong with it even if you tried to. Get her a bunch of these and make sure she doesn’t lose them too soon. 

Rose printed mug- What better way to make her tea or coffee better early in the morning than gifting her a cup to go with the day. Customize it to match the theme of the day, maybe get a couple photo printed on it to add the extra touch and you’d be good to go. 

Red scarf- Scarves always look classy and elegant no matter what you pair them with. Not only does it help her on those relatively colder days but adds to her overall outfit. Red is the way to go this rose day.

Rose printed curtains- It is time to get rid of those boring curtains and get a romantic change this valentine’s week. Draw out the old ones and bring in the rose printed ones to surprise her.

Red color earphones- Earphones are already a savior in every situation and if they come customized to match the day or your liking, it is the best combination ever. Customize a pair to look like roses and she’ll be in love. 

Red-colored slipper- Some cozy little slippers with roses on top would win her heart this rose day. A rose is okay but rose-themed slippers, who would have thought?

Rose printed hoodie- A hoodie with a rose printed all over would not only add a special touch to her outfit but make her feel extra special this rose day. 

Red color towel- Towels are the first thing that you look for first thing in the morning, and what better way to start the day than having a towel with roses. Will give her the right feeling to start her day well and is enough to make her feel happy.

Red carpet- A red carpet for her to walk on and make her feel like a celebrity would blow her away. Spread it right and surprise her with a few roses on the way. 

Red wine- Red wine is an excellent gift for the rose day. Not only is it the best possible alcohol to set the mood right but you just cannot go wrong with anything red on this day. Don’t forget to add the ribbon on its neck and it better come with roses. 

Red jewelry box- A jewelry box with red stones or maybe a box that is covered in red velvet would match the day perfectly. Don’t forget to get her name written on it for the finishing touches. 

Red shawl- A flowy and warm red shawl for this valentine’s week and especially to make her feel cozy on this rose day would be the ideal gift. Maybe if it comes with a few roses embroidered on it, it would even get better, start looking. 

Rose printed apron- She spends a majority of time in the kitchen and to make her kitchen experience better and a bit more glamorous. Get a rose printed apron for her and surprise her this red day and don’t forget to add her name on the back. 

Red flower brooch- A shiny brooch to go with her outfits but this time in the shape of an elegant red rose, should come in a compact and classy box, and do not forget to wrap it well to keep the excitement up. 

Red laptop skin- To add some color to her workstation, get her a laptop skin with roses all over it, this one might be a double-edged sword but it is worth a try. Do not mess up on the laptop model and size. 

Rose-shaped earrings- Ear rings are something that she can never have enough for, the more the better. Some rose shaped ear rings hanging from her ears would steal your heart away but will also impress her for your choice. 

Rose scented candles- Candles have something really romantic about them and rose-scented candles would be the perfect aphrodisiac this rose day. Make things romantic this rose day with some scented candles, light them up before she comes and dim the lights.  

Rose flavored bubble bath- A bubble bath after a tiring and exhausting day would be the perfect way to feel fresh and rejuvenated. You could spend some romantic time in the bath and play around with the rose petals. 

Red sweater- A red sweater with a few roses here and there would not only make her feel cozy and warm but would be the ideal gift this rose day. Make sure you nail the size and do not go overboard with it. 

Rose key chain- Small gifts like these have a big impact on your partner. Every time she would look at the key chain, it would remind her of you and make her blush. Finding a rose shaped key chain might get a bit tricky this time around so better start looking now. 

Red color wind chime- Wind chimes complete the interior of a room and make you feel independent in a way. You can experiment with the design but make sure it is red and if you can manage to get a few roses going, you have got the best gift in your hands. 

Red rice lights- These have been in trend a lot recently. Get her a set this rose day along with a few lovely roses and the room will automatically have a romantic vibe going on. 

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