299+ Flirty Messages For Her To Spicing Up Your Relationship

Mastering the skill of flirtatious messaging can work wonders in kindling romance and forging a meaningful bond.

Whether you’re in the early stages of a relationship or trying to win over your crush, our handpicked compilation of 150+ flirty messages for her ? will be your ultimate tool to leave her heart allured.

From tenderly sweet to confidently daring, these messages are tailored to charm and enchantment.

Brace yourself to enhance your flirting finesse and make her heart skip a beat ? with these absolutely irresistible texts.

Short And Sweet Flirty Messages For Her

Short And Sweet Flirty Messages For Her

– Dear, you don’t get tired? Because you walk 24*7 in my mind.

-Our friendship is going right, but I want to take this friendship to the next level.

-I swear you made me fat. Because whenever I miss you, I start eating.

-I ate four packets of potato chips while remembering you. If it is continuous this way, I will become fat very soon.

– Your parents should stop worrying about their daughter’s marriage now because she has found a son-in-law for them.

– I must say your parents will be so happy to have such a charming and handsome son-in-law like me.

-You have tripped me in your love. Otherwise, I was such a good boy.

– You made me crazy, darling. I keep on smiling from the moment I meet you.

-I want to be your teddy bear so that you can sleep hugging me.

-I feel jealous of your teddy bear because you always sleep hugging him.

– I am not even trying to flirt. I usually become extra friendly with extra attractive people.

-Whenever your name flashes on my phone screen, my heart starts beating fast. 

-There are so many naughty thoughts coming into my mind whenever I see you.

-Just a smile from you makes me crazy to the next level.

– Are you free on Sunday? If yes, then come to my place to make it a fun day.

-Can you stop looking hot and cute at the same time? I feel distracted.

– Can you tell me how a boy can impress you?

Flirty Messages For Her To Smile

Flirty Messages For Her To Smile

-You are a surprise package of mischief. I wonder what more I get to see in the future.

-Can you give me some tips, to make you fall in love with me?

-Tell me honestly, do you feel butterflies, when I flirt with you?

-Does my name bring a smile to your face when it’s pop-up on your screen?

– Hey sweetie, stop thinking about me because my hiccups are not stopping.

-Please be my savior. I am getting bored here at work.

-Let’s have a deal. If you meet me in my dream, then I will meet you in your dream.

-Hello, my name is Mr. Right. Will you be my Mrs. Right?

-I heard someone is looking for her, Mr. Right. Is that you who is looking for him?

– I wish you are here with me right now So that I could cuddle with you.

-You know what, I think God has made you in your free time with so much love.

-I feel calm in your embrace. A mere hug from you makes me feel like a home.

-I can bet you are looking damn hot right now. Though I am not seeing you.

-I want to be your mirror. So that every morning I could look at you.

-It is said that the mirror doesn’t lie. So, ever your mirror told you how hot you are.

-You are so beautiful that even pimple suits on your cheeks.

-Hey, I am not able to sleep. Can you please stop running in my mind?

-After meeting you, now I came to know what I want from Santa this Christmas.

-No matter if we are miles away from each other, you are beating like a heart in me. 

-Do you listen to what your heart is saying? It is saying that you are crazy for me.

Flirty Texts Message To Make Her Laugh

Flirty Texts Message To Make Her Laugh

-You have successfully made your space in the room of my heart.

-Please be careful because you are a thief who has stolen my heart.

-It’s good you have not become a cardiologist because heart patients will skip their heartbeat after seeing you and become more serious.

-It’s good you have not become a doctor because patients will become more severe after seeing your beauty.

-Hello, my love, so what dream my dream girl had last night? 

-Hello, my girl, so what are you doing except missing me?

-I wish your day will be as bright as your smile, my love.

-I wish very soon that the day will come when I wake up in the morning and find you in my embrace.

-I will continue hating nights till then that night comes when you will be with me in my arms.

-This texting thing seems boring now. I want you here with me.

-My cheeks have started aching after smiling so much while thinking about you.

-I was a sleepyhead, but you made me an insomniac.

-What? Do you feel very cold? I wish I could come actually to make you feel cozy.

-Your kisses are works like fuel refills whenever I feel drained.

-Every curve of your body is sexy, but your eyes are the sexiest and very appealing.

-Listening to your voice every day has become my habit. You would not understand how difficult it is to be away from you.

-I don’t need any picture of you because it is already printed in my heart.

-The moment you hold my hand in your hand, I understand you are only made for me.

-I hope you don’t find me desperate if I ask you for a coffee date with me.

-I hope you find my texts interesting and soon become ready to be mine. 

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Flirty Messages For Girlfriend

Flirty Messages For Girlfriend

-Let me tell you I don’t like to wait. Therefore, I am hoping you wouldn’t make me wait long for text replies. Otherwise, I know where your home is.

-I know it is not necessary, but I want you to know that you are the epitome of beauty. 

-Maybe it is not required to tell, but I want to let you know your beauty is a wonder to behold.

-There is so much to admire in this world, but my eyes stop at you.

-There are so many attention-seeking things in this world, but you have become the center of attention for me.

-I am trying, but I can’t stop myself from gawking at you shamelessly.

-Hey honey, I always felt there is nothing that can excite me, but when a beautiful figure came across me, I jumped with excitement.

-Want to know a secret? You are the queen of my heart, and your slayer smile attracts me towards you.

-I want to tell you a secret. You rule my heart, and No one can ever take your place in my life. 

-You know, you blush a lot whenever I message you. You don’t believe it? Go and look in the mirror.

-Why are you so attractive? I can’t be able to focus on my work at all because of you, darling.

-I want to ask a question. If you answer it correctly, I will kiss you, and if your answer will be wrong, you have to kiss me.

-Are you getting bored at home? Let’s go for a long romantic drive and have some fun.

-Hey listen, I am starving. I am going out; do you want to come with me? I promise I won’t bother you.

-I think I am an excellent kisser. If you allow me, I can prove it.

-I am not very good at kissing. Please can you teach me?

-I can initiate the first move, but I hesitate because I don’t want to look desperate.

-It is said that emoji can express our emotions better. So, which emoji you will choose to show your feelings to me?

Cute Flirty Text Messages For Her

Cute Flirty Text Messages For Her

-Please don’t look at me with so much love. I am getting dirty thoughts in my mind.

-How can someone look so hot in traditional clothes too?

-You know that I am not very good at initiating conversation with anyone. But your mesmerizing beauty attracted me to you automatically.

-Each and everything forces me to think about you. Why are you always in my mind sweetheart?

-My eyes can’t get tired of looking at you. You are so freaking pretty and attractive.

-When the first time I saw you, my heart said oh, congratulations, you found your dream girl.

-Did I tell you that you were looking very sexy and gorgeous last night at dinner? Of course, in my dream.

-Every time I see you, an inner voice comes that yes, she is the right one for you.

-It would mean so much to me if you join me at dinner tonight, and we can spend the whole night together if you don’t mind.

-I promise I will be a good boy and don’t do any naughty things if you will agree to come with me for a night out.

-Life would become boring without romance. And, I promise I won’t let you feel bored.

-I know you want a romantic partner. And, I promise I won’t disappoint you.

-In the journey of life, I will make every day of your life super romantic and exciting.

-Do you want to know a secret? Not just me, you also always give me butterflies when you kiss me.

-Not only your smile, but your voice also is too damn sexy to attract me towards you.

Flirty Messages For Her

Flirty Messages For Her

If I had the power to rearrange the entire English alphabet, I would certainly put U and I together.

I just ordered a new mattress today, and it would be very kind of you to help me test it. 

Hey, are you aware of the fact that God has lost one of his angels and that she is currently residing in my heart? 

I was never into photography, but you know what? I can certainly picture us together in a bright and lively future. 

You can pay your monthly rent for residing in my mind, either in kisses or in cuddles. I wouldn’t mind both as well. 

I don’t flirt that often, but when I do, I make sure to take you by storm, honey. 

I know for a fact that when the almighty made you, he was busy showing off his skills. Man, just look at yourself. 

Even now that COVID is over, your staying away from me makes my heart reside in complete lockdown. 

Do you mind me whispering my fantasies in your ear, or do you prefer me doing all that to you, baby? 

I want you like I want my burgers. Thick, meaty, and, most importantly, juicy. 

I’m done cherishing all the memories with you. It’s time we made some more, either at your place or at mine!

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to hug you tightly and forget the world for a moment, but it’s so disheartening to let go of you. 

Had kisses been drops of rain, I would have sent you floods, maybe a tsunami.

Staring at others can seem to be rude, so in that case, I wanted to take your permission. Can I stare at you until you fall for me as well? 

Naughty Flirty Text Messages For Her

Naughty Flirty Text Messages For Her

Ever since the day we crossed paths, no one seems to be worthy enough to run through my mind, other than you, of course. 

The sexiest place on earth for me has to be your arms. I would never want to unwrap myself. 

If I was ever given a chance to do it all over again, I would once again choose to do everything with you and only you. 

I just want to pretend we are both sick and spend the entire day on the bed, snuggled together. 

I wanna thank you for making me realize every freakin’ time what butterflies feel like. 

I just heard that there’s a party in your mouth tonight. Can I come over? 

I am so happy to be friends with you, especially when we make out and forget that we are just friends. 

You are so hot that I can’t help but get a tan every time I come near you or even think about you. 

To be very honest with you, you are the most beautiful woman in any room at any given point in a period. 

I believe in marking my territories, and giving you a hickey would be the best way to execute that. 

You can kiss me if I’m wrong, but chickens are mammals, right? And dolphins walk on land? 

I am so lucky to be your man. Your hug is where I want to stay forever, and your lap is my safest place most of the time. 

Can we both be each other’s partners in crime? Like I’ll steal your heart while you steal mine. 

I’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse. Just stay loyal, and I’ll be responsible for keeping this relationship intact, babe. 

Flirty Messages For Her At Night

Flirty Messages For Her At Night

If we kiss, are you sure I won’t be diabetic? You seem extremely sweet for my taking. 

Bruh, even my GPS goes nuts every time I’m with you. We all seem to get lost in your eyes. 

-I love how your fingers fit perfectly between mine. I hope to have you on my life’s journey forever and always. 

I wish you could feel being in my clothes for a while so that you could feel me hugging you the tightest. 

Could you ever stop being so beautiful? You drive me crazy every time I think of you. 

Are you a time traveler? Coz I see you in my future and my future with you. Glad to have met you in my present. 

There has to be someone who will win over you someday or the other, so why don’t you let me try, and let’s see where it gets the both of us. 

Everyone said that my heart was like a stone and that I had no emotions or feelings. How brave of you to melt this stone heart and mold it the way you want. 

It doesn’t matter even if you leave my side someday. You’re like the south pole of a magnet, and I’m the north pole of a metal. 

I hope you visit me in my dreams and make every little bit more colorful and vibrant. I’ll miss you even in my sleep. 

I wish I was your pillow so that you could hug me and fill me with your warmth every night. I was I could be wrapped in your arms while we both fall asleep peacefully. 

The very first and the last thoughts of my day have you in them. It’s difficult to imagine a life without you in it anymore. 

Hey girl, are you Google? Coz I seem to find all my answers in your eyes. 

Dirty Flirty Text Messages For Her Long Distance

Dirty Flirty Text Messages For Her Long Distance

Out of all the beautiful curves on your body, baby, your smile is my favorite. Never stop smiling, and never stop being gorgeous. 

-If I got a dollar for every time you seemed drop-dead gorgeous to me, I would be a millionaire by now. 

You know what makes me grin like an idiot? Every time your name pops up on my screen. You are my favorite notification. 

How is a gorgeous lady on this planet doing this morning? 

I wish you were here so that I could hold you tight instead of just having to wish you good night. 

I genuinely feel you don’t get how badly I need to be able to hear your voice every day and every night. 

Every time I lose words to remind you how important you have been to me, I just wanna go out to you and kiss you. 

With you by my side, there’s a certain sense of comfort in me being myself. I am my real self when you’re with me. 

Sweet Flirty Messages For Her

Sweet Flirty Messages For Her

If I took you out on a dinner date, would it be your place or mine after we are done? 

Wanna go on an adventure, babe? I feel so bored in my room, and that too without you. 

Let us stop sending mixed signals and start sending naughty text messages and memes to each other. 

I hope that my willingness to text you first all the time portrays me as an attractive person to you. 

I’m feeling a connection with you. So much so that even my dog wants to say that I miss you.

Good night and sweet dreams, bub. Also, I hope to be a part of your sweet dreams to make them sweeter.

Are you an ardent believer in love at first sight, or do I need to walk by you once again?

I’m sincerely trying my best to fall asleep, but all I’m able to do is fall in love with you more and more each day.

Had kisses been drops of rain, I’d certainly send you floods and maybe a tsunami.

If I dared to let you know how badly I want you, you’d have been in my arms by now. 

Look who’s the prettiest and the most adorable tonight. Of Course, it’s you, babe. 

You were so amazing last night. The only regret I have is that it was only in my dreams and not in reality.

Sweet And Fun Flirty Messages For Girlfriend

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