100+ Sweet Messages For Your Crush (Girl Or Boy)

Having a crush on someone is the first step toward falling in love. Your crush gives you the same butterflies, just like your lover. Sometimes, when you want to initiate a conversation with your crush, you are left with no words.

Messages for Your Crush (Her)

Messages For Your Crush

-Hey, please let me know when you have free time. Actually, my home needs a renovation, and I guess your smile will be the best for it. 

-You resemble a Princess. If in case any monster tried to hijack you, then I’m almost certain I’d trample his head and get you back. 

-I was simply contemplating that when I go out for a walk, would you mind holding my hand? Literally, my hand truly needs a companion. 

– It’s a humble request to you. Please give me my heart back, and what made you think that I can live without it? 

-It constantly feels like a celebration or birthday, when you are with me. Anyway, the actual point is to say that I want my gifts.

-I am taking the primary action with regards to messaging. Therefore, I am hoping that at the time of kissing, you will take the initiative first. 

-We need to do something because I can’t even recall the time when we talked last.

-I just wonder, Do you think when a girlfriend takes the initiative first, it looks attractive, or would I sit quietly to wait for your move.

-I planned not to send you a message for some days. However, I can hardly wait that long to talk with you.

-Today, I felt like I saw you in the shopping mall, and then I came to know that it is my mind that is looking for you everywhere.

-Wherever you go in the embrace of sleep every night holding your phone, I want to be the reason for this.

-You can securely expect that I am grinning whenever I am sending a message to you. The idea of you illuminates my standpoint and causes everything to appear to be such a lot more splendid. 

– The arrangement of alphabets failed to understand the situation, yet the console is correct. Investigate your PC, and you will see that “U” and “I” are put close to one another. Generally, it should be like this only.

-What the keyboard understands, alphabets can’t. Now see, ‘U’ and ‘I’ are together at the keyboard like it should be, but far away in the alphabets.

– After meeting you, coming back home is always terrible. But then, I explain to my heart by saying that, don’t be sad because I will meet you in my dreams. Being with you is the best, even beyond my imagination.

– I always feel on cloud nine whenever any text of yours comes, or you look at me with love or touch me. You mean more than the chocolates to me, my love.

-I want to live with you in reality. Because now I am tired of embracing and kissing you in my dreams only.

– I don’t want to look back in life because I am in love with you deeply and madly. I love you so much that I could never imagine my existence in this world without you.

-Your kisses and your adoration are the primary medications for the recovery of my heart. 

-I desire a total, exceptional, entire, and eternal love from you. Half love is not acceptable in my case.

-I always prefer your voice over music, your texts over novels, and your kisses over dessert.

-There is nothing in my life that I could not resist or turn down. But, you are the only one who is more dear to me than anyone else. I can’t let you go.

-You don’t need a mind of a genius to figure out what is between us.

-I want to hold your hand the entire life because the spaces between your fingers want to be loaded with mine. 

-How would I be able to stop loving you when it is like breathing for me? 

-I will be your eternity. You just need to disclose to me when to begin.

-You know how to bring a smile to my face even without your presence. A few minutes back, I just smile. I can feel you while opening this text, which says you were missing me.

-The whole world got somewhat more splendid, somewhat hotter, and loaded up with considerably more love. I am hoping this message is making you feel a similar way, what I feel reading your messages.

– My every morning’s first thought is ‘You,’ and before going into the embrace of sleep, the last thought is ‘You.’ You have filled my heart with immense pleasure.

-All my energy comes from you. The main reason for my happiness is because of whom I always smile. I love you deeply and madly.

-A day can’t be completed without a smile, and an embrace can improve a day. Therefore, I am sending you my smile and embraces, so that you can enjoy a fulfilled and better day. 

-Though, I bring no blossoms, no cakes, yet still wish to keep you fresh as a rose, requesting God to keep you robust, and love to keep you grinning. So, may I come into your life? 

-Today I have put 3 scoops of sugar in my espresso since I was badly missing your pleasantness. Moreover, it does not end here, I even have something more to tell. Therefore, hustle just a bit and come to me so I can taste the main pleasantness of your lips.

-Quit imparting me with blended signs and begin sending me adult jokes. 

-How could you be staying there for a long time without letting me know? You have annoyed me.

Messages for Your Crush (Him)

Messages For Your Crush

-I want to do sexting with you in reality, because of the same I was doing in my dream last night.

-I thought I should start by sending you a message before taking you out.

-If we have the opportunity to like each other’s pictures on social media, then we can also find the chance to message each other.

-I am confused because I can’t be able to decide what I appreciate more, thinking of you or messaging you. After taking so much time, I conclude that thinking about you is what I love the most.

-Your voice forces my heart to avoid a beat. I always find a way to see your face without any obstacles. You are the reason behind this pause in my life. All the very best emotions and impressions that I have ever felt is because of you.

-My life was not actually great, yet it has come nearest to greatest during the time I am with you. It always surprises me how just by being together, two imperfect souls make something beautiful and perfect. You are my beginning and end. 

-I have met various individuals in my life, and I have been to many places and done everything. But unexpectedly, this time, I have met somebody who really made me this crazy that I used to draw hearts on papers thinking about him/her.

-If you can sort out why you are attracted to somebody, it is an indication that you have a crush. But, if you can’t find out why just by looking at an individual, your heart starts beating fast, it is a sign that you got clean bowled in the field of love.

-I always dream about you when I am sleeping. Also, I want you throughout the day when I am not sleeping.

-You don’t need to recall me, but just need not fail to remember me. 

-I can’t envision my existence without you. Your lips are my craziness.

-Neither do I have a clue about how my life will be with you, nor I have a clue what my life will be if you will not be with me.

-I might want to be that individual that is consistently at the forefront of your thoughts, the one you answer rapidly, the one that makes you laugh. 

-It’s stunning how insane I feel whenever my cell phone vibrates, and I silently wish it to be you. 

-Even after it was over between us, I still talk about you till the present. You made me crazy in your love. 

-If thinking about you helps me earn money for every minute, then I would be the wealthiest person.

-Do you ever experience that feeling when your heart says ‘yes’, but your mind says ‘no’? Something wrong can feel, right? I really need you here at this moment.

-Since the time I met you, everything has changed. I am not in my senses and whatever is happening to me is entirely out of my control.

-I didn’t believe in genuine romance until the day when you have come into my life. I have started to acknowledge how beautiful it feels to connect with an honest heart. 

-You always do so much for the sake of my happiness. Indeed, you are a spouse material.

-You are the most beautiful angel that I have ever looked upon. Just your existence here is everything to make my heart racing with your beauty. You are so stunning, and I am very grateful to you for being there with me.

-You are the most decent boy in the evaluation, and you are truly adorable. I love you with my heart, lungs, and kidneys.

-Even the dictionary doesn’t have the word which best describes my feeling for you. I love you so much; you are consistently at the forefront of my thoughts and put a grin all over the face. 

-There are countless ways for me to communicate my feelings, and I plan on indicating to you exactly how much love I have for you for the remainder of my life. I left it on my actions to let you know the degree of my warmth, reverence, and obligation to you.

-Just thought that you are with me makes my life a blessing from Heaven. When I recollect our first kiss, my heart still starts racing fast. 

-I wish I could hold your hand, and you embrace me that you will never give up. I want you to disclose how you feel, and I could find the courage and let you know about my feelings. I realize you see it; everybody can. Still, why can’t it be going as per the plan? 

– Please tell me honestly, placing your hand on your heart that did it skips a beat? Whenever the notification of my name comes on your screen.

– Do let me know if you are hungry? Because I’m starving, however, nobody agrees to have a pizza with me. 

-I generally have nothing to discuss, yet I actually need to converse with you.

-You pick because I can’t sort out in the event that I should begin this discussion with a commendation, a ghastly conversation, or a straightforward “hi.”

-The only thing I want in life is to see you happy, and the reason behind your happiness would be me. Every single time, I want to be the reason behind your satisfactory level. Whenever you enter from the doorway, my face automatically starts shining, looking at you.

– Raise your toast for the embarrassing second when a beautiful face entered the room and after that caught you staring at him/her.

-Since we both have decided to be with each other, I am pretty sure that forever is intended to be.

-Until I met you, there was nothing remarkable in my life. But now, having you with me makes every second of life flawless, and it is the only reason behind my existence.

– I just want to let you know how much I like you a lot. Essentially, that’s like enjoying you a bit, aside from a lot.

-I like you more than sleeping.

-It is your issue that you have all that I love about. So, try not to accuse me.

 Sweet Messages For Your Crush

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