81+ Sweet Valentine’s Day Quotes for You

Love is simply a heavenly feeling. And this feeling becomes more special when your special one describes how grateful he/she is to have you. And, what would be better than the day of love, i.e., valentine’s day, to express what you feel?

It might be difficult to tell the one you love how grateful you are for his/her existence in your life. But, to make him/her feel special, it is worth an attempt.

Therefore, following we have given the best collection of valentines quotes, which will help you to describe your feelings to your partner: –

Sweet Valentine’s Day Quotes for You

-We actually wake up when we have fallen in love with someone. –Leo Tolstoy

-There is no excellent beautifier than love. –Louisa May Alcott

-I don’t know from which and how our souls made up of, but your and my soul are identical. –Emily Brontë

-People consider love as an emotion only. But, in actuality, it is a matter of choices that we made. Therefore, I chose you, and I would like to choose you over and over. –Justin Wetch

-It is obvious that to love someone smartly is excellent. But, it is more excellent to love someone stupidly than never to love anyone. –William Makepeace Thackeray

-Love is not egoistic and arrogant. Love is not self-centered and harsh. Love doesn’t feel envious of others. Also, love doesn’t take revenge and never holds any kind of grudges. In fact, love makes you kind-hearted and teaches you patience. –Nicholas Sparks

-My days are about you, and I want my nights with you. In short, I am all about you. –Anonymous

-Give me your sorrows and borrow my happiness. That is how I wish to see you, happy and smiling in my arms and also in this life. –Anonymous

-Every person dreams of having a perfect partner who perfectly gets fit into your life and called that person a soulmate. But, in a true sense, a soulmate should be your mirror, who gets to meet you with your true self. The one who brings out the best from you and changes your life positively. –Elizabeth Gilbert

-I am in love with everything of yours, especially the way you sleep at a slow pace and then suddenly like a baby. –John Green

-You can’t lose anything when you love someone wholeheartedly. In fact, when you give love, you always get it back. –Reese Witherspoon

-When you are married, you feel limitless because there is someone constantly beside you. But, some people misunderstood it as a limitation. –Gloria Steinem

-The love and respect that you have for one another will get more enrich and strengthen if you successfully go through the storm of difficulties together. –Barack Obama

valentines day quotes

-There is no rule in the book of my life. I live and lead my life in my own way. My heart rules on my head. –Princess Diana

-The winged cupid painted blind indicates that a person’s outside look doesn’t matter in love; what matters the most is what is inside the person. Love should be seen with the heart, not with the eyes. –William Shakespeare

-You are my life, and I love you, deeply and madly. This whole universe has helped to send you into my life. –Paulo Coelho

-Love is a matter of constantly making new every day like bread. Love is not like a stone that just stays in one place all the time. –Ursula K. Le Guin

-Every day, I used to pray to God, and he sent you in my life and gave the answers to all my prayers in the form of you. –Nicholas Sparks

-A love song that one heart sings for another heart can’t be completed until the other heart doesn’t join to give the rhythm. –Plato

-It doesn’t matter to me if the entire world forgets me until you don’t forget me. –Haruki Murakami

-When you are in love, you should always be prepared to bear the harm, emotionally or physically. –C.S. Lewis

-If there is no craziness in love, it means there is not true love. –Pedro Calderon de la Barca

-Falling in love with someone is very natural. There is not any role of gravity in this. –Albert Einstein

-My life is with you. My heart beats for you. You are the only person who always remains in my thoughts. –Arthur Conan Doyle

-There is no kind of loss in love. But, you have to face a huge loss if you hold it back for so long. –Barbara De Angelis

-To look towards each other is not necessary when you are in love with someone. In fact, what’s more, important is to look together in the same direction. –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

-Whenever you love your partner, you should love wholeheartedly like it is yours forever. –Audre Lorde

-That day would never come in my life when you are not in it. In any case, if it comes then, it would definitely be the last day of my life. –Anonymous

-The two of the most beautiful things that happened in my life are you and your love. –Anonymous

-Every day, when I sit alone, I wonder how I am so fortunate to get you in my life as my partner. –Anonymous

-Just mere a smile of yours is enough to set a fire in my heart. –Anonymous

-Your smile is enough to make my day and my life too. –Anonymous

-You are that flower in my life that always stays fresh and fragrant. With you, my life is blooming and has become aromatic too. –Anonymous

-When you don’t meet me for a day, then that day seems like the sun has didn’t rise and my moon has stopped shining. –Anonymous

Cute Valentine’s Day Quotes

-Some people say not all dreams can come true. But, your being with me is proof that this assertion is totally unacceptable. –Anonymous

-It doesn’t matter what the celebration is, and the reason to celebrate. Because every celebration of mine is incomplete without you. In this entire world, you are the only one with whom I like to share my happiness. –Anonymous

-I feel so fortunate to get a soulmate with the same mental disorder. I am so grateful to you for joining me in my madness. I love to see you with messy hair. I love to see your chocolate-coated lips. I love to listen to your stupid jokes. I love all of you and everything about you. –Anonymous

-You are the most precious gem that I have got in this lifetime. Therefore, I feel that I am the most fortunate girl in this universe. Thank you for giving this happiness to me. –Anonymous

-There is no doubt that you will remain my valentine forever. You are not just beautiful by looks; your heart is also as pretty as you are. –Anonymous

-The first time when we kissed each other, I felt as if thousands of butterflies started dancing in my stomach. I felt the adventure of a roller coaster ride. I felt the whole sky has illuminated with fireworks. I am so grateful to you for making my life a beautiful journey. –Anonymous

-It is valentine’s day today, and I feel it is a perfect day to take a pause and realize what beautiful changes you have brought to my life. No matter how busy our lives will get, we will remain forever sweetheart to each other. –Anonymous

-I love when you are looking at me, and I catch you. I love it when you lightly smile because you know I am looking at you. I love when I am getting ready in front of the mirror, and you look at me with intense but loving eyes. All these little gestures are proof of your wholehearted love for me. –Anonymous

-A different kind of sensation started running in my body when the first time you touched me. Till now, I feel the same kind of feeling, excitement, and butterflies, whenever you try to come close to me. My love for you is increasing with each passing moment. –Anonymous

-You are the biggest blessing of God to me in my life. Whatever my mood, you always stay near me until I feel better. There is nothing that can’t be better in this life than you. –Anonymous

-My good day starts from the moment when you come to wake me up and embrace me in your arms softly like a baby. I know no matter how old I get, you will always pamper me in the same way. –Anonymous

-There is no boundary and any kind of limits in our love. Because we know love is limitless, and it has no restrictions except those limits that we impose on our partner. –Anonymous

-Loving one person wholeheartedly seems like choosing one star from the galaxy, and this one star will become so special to you that the other stars of the universe will disappear for you. –Anonymous

-No matter if infinity number of persons will come and go from your life, but no one can love you the way I love you. I can give my life for you, but I won’t do it because I want to live this whole life with you. –Anonymous

-In this fast-pacing life, I want to take out some free time to let you know how precious you are to me. I might not tell you this every day, but you are the only one whom I care for and love a lot. –Anonymous

-You are a safe place for my heart and my soul. Because of you, I wake up smiling every day. You are the reason behind this full of pleasure life of mine. –Anonymous

-You look hotter than the sun and fresher than the flower. You look prettier than the moon and precious than the diamond. Moreover, you are the best blessing of God to me. My valentines are joyous because of you. –Anonymous

-You rules on my heart. You are wondrous, breathtaking, amazing, precious, and inspiring too. You are the best gift that God has given me on this valentine. –Anonymous

-I sat to write the best and my favorite things about you. You won’t believe I could not write a word because I couldn’t figure out where to start. There is nothing in you that I don’t like. You are my favorite from head to toe. –Anonymous

sweet valentines day quotes

-All the other relationships of mine and the love that I have for you is one side. Nobody can compare with the feeling that I have for you. I have become addicted to your soft touch and delightful romance. –Anonymous

-You complete me in every way. Without you, my life would be incomplete. I can’t even take a single breath without you. My heartbeat will stop without you. –Anonymous

-When you entered my life, it felt like the sun has come out through the dark clouds. The darkness of my life vanished away, and my life has become illuminated. Now, life seems like an exciting roller-coaster ride. It becomes worth enjoying and living. I am so grateful to you for entering my life and making me a part of your life. –Anonymous

-Smoke was puffing, loud music, many lights were flashing together, and then you entered. It was all seems like dreamy. But, my heart instantly looking at you said, he is the one for you. –Anonymous

-All your efforts that you do to make me feel happy, your soft touch, and your encouraging little smile, all these things are the reason for my existence on this earth. –Anonymous

-Last night, I was standing at the terrace and looking at the stars. I wondered the reason why I love you. Then, I started counting the stars for every reason for loving you. And, suddenly, I felt that the stars are fewer, but the reasons are more. I love you, eternally. –Anonymous

-When a fire starts burning in the friendship, it gives birth to love. –Ann Landers

-When you are in love, a single angelic soul resides in the two bodies. –Aristotle

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