30+ Take Care Of Yourself Paragraphs to Send Now!

When we love someone deeply, we wish all health and happiness for them. The life we all are in today doesn’t allow us to take care of ourselves, what with the busy schedule taking all our attention.

This is where each of us can make a little difference in the lives of the people we love.

Just sending them regularly, random messages to poke them to take care of themselves. Get inspired by the paragraphs we have framed for you below.

Take Care Of Yourself Paragraphs to Send Now!

~ It is only you whom I love most. It is you I wish to grow old with. It is you I want by my side now, in the future, and forever. You are the apple of my eye. So you should take responsibility to be around for me too.

I will know you love me if you begin taking care of yourself, my love. It is the only wish that I have deep within my heart. Your well-being is my satisfaction. So please do take care of yourself. I don’t know what I will do without you.

~ You have always been there for the whole family. You are always taking care of us. Your love, kindness, and responsibility are what keep the family going forward always. It is your discipline, your dedication, and your devotion that is the backbone of the family.

Your understanding, patience, and calm smile are what has kept us together and created a stronger bond within the family. I would be so lost without you, my sweetie pie. I would lose even myself if anything happens to you. That is my only worry. And your well-being is my only concern now. so please dear, please do take care of yourself. Please give yourself some time too. Love you always.

~ All through this time that we have been together darling, my love for you has been growing deeper and deeper. You are the most wonderful thing to have happened in my life, to our whole family. You are the one thing, the one person, that will never allow this family to fall apart, come what may.

We all know that. You are always busy taking care of us and our home, our lives. Now please begin taking care of yourself too, my lovely. You need to know that you mean everything in the universe to me. It is only if you take care of yourself that I will feel a little less worried, and much more relieved. Please do this one thing for me.

~ You are the most precious thing, the most precious human being, in my life. you are my happiness, my love, my purpose, my strength, and so much more. No number of words will suffice to express my feelings for you dear.

And no fewer words will suffice to express my concern about you not taking care of yourself. I rather have you by my side always, than see you wane away, my dearest. So do begin to take care of yourself, too, and let us all live without much concern, happily – ever after perhaps?

~ Nothing ever so good as you could come into my life if I hadn’t done something good too. But I fail to see what good I have done to deserve such a divine soul, so sweet an angel as you, my love. You are so busy all the time taking care of us all, keeping us happy, and reassuring us always.

My worry is now for you and your wellbeing, my darling, your health and happiness, my sweet. I am so concerned I don’t know how to say this in person. So I always keep messaging you to take care of yourself my dearest. You are the one force that will keep me together.

~ I just love you so much, words fail me. Having you in my life has always made me feel that I am the luckiest human being on this planet. Your presence, and knowing that you are here, have made me ever so happy always.

I bask in the knowledge that you are okay. Dearest, please do take care of yourself, whether I am physically present with you or not. It will mean a lot more to me that you are taking care of yourself. Believe me, you are the only thing I have ever loved so much.

~ My love, I do understand, value, and appreciate how hard you work to take care of us, and how busy you keep providing for the entire family. Even so, please understand that I am so worried about your health and wellbeing.

Please do take care of yourself. Please let me know how I can help you. If you don’t take care of yourself darling, I will always feel that I have been the ruthlessly selfish one here. Love you so, so much my knight in shining armor. Love and kisses for you always dear.

~ You are big, strong, and heroic, and you are my protector. You are my lover. You are my source for all happiness, love, and sustenance. But please remember that however strong you may be, you are still only a human being. And I am equally human, my love. You do need to take care of yourself. I cannot afford to see you fall ever.

You are always busy, I know, but even then giving yourself a little time to take care of yourself will only make you stronger, bolder, bigger, and more powerful dear. So please do take care of yourself. For me at least. Love you so much, even after so many years I just can’t seem to have enough of you.

~ Oh, I wish you are here for a very, long, long time my koochie-woochie. I just cannot imagine a life without you by my side. I love you so much that it has begun to worry me to see you drown yourself in so much work all the time. If you really want to make the family happy, if you wish to keep me, happy love, please begin to take care of yourself, too.

Give yourself some time too. Let me be part of it all and let me also take care of you darling. Let us sail through life together without much concern or worries, knowing that we are both well and safe, in good health and mind, dearest.

~ I really am proud of you that you have begun taking care of yourself. And I am so happy that you are taking care of your health and wellness as well. I want you to know that I love you, whatever the situation is.

At any given point in time, you will find me not only love you but also concerned for your wellbeing, my darling. Words cannot express how happy I am to see you beginning to take care of yourself, love. I am here always whenever you may need me to help you out, dear. Keep going. Keep achieving. And be happy always dear. Love you so very much.

~ You have been doing so much for everyone. You have been busy all the time. You have been driving yourself relentlessly. You have been trying to take care of everyone. Now you need to know that there is someone you have been neglecting.

That someone is you, my dear. When you are neglected, I am so hurt that I fall in my eyes. I feel so selfish. So why not turn around and see what I am going through too. Seeing you well cared for and happy will only make me so happy. So please do take care of yourself and make me happy too dear. Love you so much. A grand bear hug for you.

~ You have been going on without rest for quite a while now, my dear. I am so worried for you. Don’t mind my poking you and reminding you with my messages to take care of yourself. It is my deepest concern for you that has made me goad you on with my messages dear.

You do owe me this one little thing – taking care of yourself. Without you ai am nothing. I will be lost, and you wouldn’t want me to be lost would you? If not for anything else, at least take care of yourself for me dear. Love and kisses always my love.

~ There is no one I would rather spend my life with but only you, my love. So why not take some time off to take care of yourself? Why not try to make me happy by keeping yourself well taken care of? You do so much already. But it is time you looked into my heart too and see the way I feel for you, and what would actually make me happy.

You will see that I am so worried for you all the time. So please do begin taking care of yourself, and please make me less worried for you. I just cannot imagine living without you.

~ You are intelligent. You are ravishing. You are beautiful. And I am in love with you. I am so fond of you. I just cannot imagine a moment without you, my love. You are the one I love. And you are my biggest worry too because you hardly ever give yourself any time at all.

Why be so busy that you lose yourself? I rather have you take care of yourself and do a little less. Doing a little less won’t make you any lesser at all. Rather, taking care of yourself will only deepen our love, and do away with so much worry and concern dearest. I love you beyond everything else.

~ You have made me happier than you will ever imagine. You are the one I want to be with for eternity. You are a paradise for me. So I cannot have you not take care of yourself.

Dearest, if you don’t take care of yourself, I will be the guilty one and I will look ever so selfish. You love me so much. So do begin taking care of yourself, and let us truly have some time together where I can take care of you too.

~ You are my soul. You are my love. You are everything that I have always wanted. Seeing you so busy always has made me concerned for you and your health dear. You must give yourself time to take care of yourself too, you know.

That is the only way we won’t worry at all, and we can pass through time in a far smoother way than ever. I love you the most and I just have to keep goading you with my messages to make sure that you begin taking care of yourself, dear.

~ Without you I am nothing. With you I am everything. I am whole and happy. You always do so much for me and you work ever so hard all the time trying to get me everything one could ever ask for. But my dear, it is only you and your time that will make me happy.

It is only if I see that you are taking care of yourself too, that I will remain in peace too. So do take care of yourself and let us live happily, away from all the worry and concern dear. I love you so much that I may go mad if I lose you. Do be there all the while with my cupcake.

~ You have been doing so much for such a long time that my concern for you is growing. I am worried for you and your health most of the time. I just cannot afford to lose you. With you, I am nothing. All these years I have had you let things happen your way. Now it must stop dear.

You have done so much more than anyone could ever ask for. Now it is time that you begin to take some time off from your schedule, and begin taking care of yourself. I am here, I will help take care of you as well, anyway as I always do, but you must my love. 

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