100+ Amazing Taken for Granted Quotes for Someone You Love

It is natural to feel disappointed when someone you love takes you for granted. When they stop appreciating you and instead take you for granted, you can feel sad and empty from inside.

Here you will find some of the best quotes that are most appropriate, and you can relate to when someone you love takes you for granted.

Taken for Granted Quotes for Someone You Love

-You do not have to be too nice to someone; you will be taken for granted anyway. -Anonymous 

-We are often taken for granted for the things that deserve our appreciation. -Anonymous

-Staying with someone who will never appreciate what you do for them is not considered to be loyal but it is actually stupidity. -Anonymous

-Even the most caring people often get tired of being taken for granted for everything. – Nishan Panwar

-Being cheated on, dumped, or taken for granted is one of the biggest reasons why most people choose to stay single. -Anonymous

-If someone doesn’t respect you or appreciate you then you surely deserve someone better. – Robert Tew

-There is nothing that can be taken for granted and you certainly do not deserve to stay with someone who does not value you. – Robert Anton Wilson

-It is really sad when you fail to realize that you are not important to someone as much as they are to you! – Nikhil Andy

-it is natural for you to hate being taken for granted anywhere in your life by anyone. It is stupid to stay with someone who has done nothing but has always taken you for granted. – Rob Lowe

-If anyone is not appreciating your presence, then it would be better if you surprise them with your absence. – Tinku Razoria

-People will stop appreciating you when you are always there for them because your favors are nothing but just an expectation for them. -Anonymous

-You should never take the feelings of a person for granted. Because they took a lot of courage just to show how much they feel for you. -Anonymous

-A woman should never be taken for granted because someday someone else will come along in their life and appreciate or value them the way you didn’t. -Anonymous

-You should not waste your time on people who only want you for fulfilling their needs and only wants to take you for granted. – Rajat Dogra

-A woman’s true love does not deserve to be taken for granted. None but only a fool would gamble with something that is so rare and precious.”

-People who are very understanding are always taken for granted just because they understand the needs of someone they love. -Anonymous

-You will be taken for granted whenever someone realizes that you are always available for them. –Anonymous

-Sometimes when you are always available for the one you love, takes you for granted only because they now know that you will always stay. -Anonymous

 -All your precious days will be taken for granted which you have always wanted to spend with greatness. When you find that you are being taken for granted then you will be left with a sad, empty, and unnerved heart. -Elizabeth Bowen

-Being taken for granted is actually a compliment because it only means that you have become a trusted and comfortable element in someone else’s life. – Joyce Brothers

-Being taken for granted sounds unpleasant but it is actually an honest form of compliment. Paradoxically, when you become more reliable and complain less then you are more likely to be taken for granted. – Gretchen Rubin

-Things that you will take for granted will always get taken. -Anonymous

-You should take no one and nothing for granted. – Bob Weinstein

-Even the strongest feelings are capable of expiring when it gets ignored or taken for granted. -Anonymous

-When you call anything foolproof it will seem to take a lot for granted. – Evan Esar

-I could see how much unacknowledged you were and I know very well how that feels to be taken for granted. – Rich Fogel

-A woman who truly loves someone does not deserve to be and can’t be taken for granted. – Bob Kane

-Every time you take anyone for granted, you are doing nothing but just teaching them to survive without you. -Anonymous

-Never put those people first who have always taken you for granted. Never give all of you to them because you will not even get half of it. -Anonymous

Love Taken for Granted Quotes

-Most people fail to realize how much useless the situation was until you throw them out of it. – P.W. Imel

-If you want people to stay with you, then I suggest you take them for granted. -Anonymous

-Your kindness will always be taken for granted because even the most gentle people of your life have their limits of showing how much grateful they are towards you. -Anonymous

-It is very important for you to learn to appreciate every little thing that a loved one has done for you because it is the only key to stay happy in your life. -Anonymous

-The saddest truth is that most people are being taken for granted by those around them for just being kind. -Anonymous

-You need to stop being nice to someone who leaves no chance to take you for granted and when you find that they expect from you more rather than appreciate you. -Anonymous 

-Often women are overlooked and the worst scenario is that they are taken for granted. But they are absolutely capable of slipping through a man’s defense. – Stan Lee

-Love is a pure thing and does not deserve to be taken for granted because there are true feelings involved between the two people. – Minnie M. Lyons

-In a healthy relationship it is wrong to take someone for granted when they did everything within their limits just to show you how much they love you. – Evan Esar

-I think that I have taken my own life for granted by allowing the wrong people to enter my life. It- Minnie M. Lyons

-It is in our nature to take the person for granted who has done so much for us whenever and wherever possible. We cannot live without them but we surely take them for granted. –Peter Delbridge

-That girl used to love when he kissed her but not anymore. They are not together anymore because the girl has finally realized that she was just being taken for granted all this time. -Anonymous

-She would do anything to get his kisses, but she controls herself now. She knew that she has lost him, somewhere and now this man is just a stranger who took her for granted. – Caroline Anderson

-I wish that I could stop them from taking me for granted but I was just too weak to do anything like that. –Anonymous

-When you are being taken for granted, do not forget that there are always some people who still loves you in this world. –Anonymous

-It is time for you to stop when your heart is breaking because people you have loved is now starting to take you for granted. -Anonymous

 Taken For Granted Quotes For Someone You Love

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