150+ Taken For Granted Quotes For Someone You Love

In our fast-paced and hectic modern world, it’s all too easy to overlook the small joys ? and meaningful moments that give our lives depth and purpose.

We often find ourselves taking for granted the everyday experiences ?, relationships, and blessings that surround us.

However, within the realm of spoken and written words, lies a remarkable tool that has the power to reignite our appreciation for the seemingly ordinary—the ? Taken For Granted Quotes.

Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the profound impact of these quotes, shedding light ✨ on the significance of acknowledging and cherishing life’s hidden gems ? that we often overlook.

Empowering Taken For Granted Quotes

Empowering Taken For Granted Quotes

-You do not have to be too nice to someone; you will be taken for granted anyway. -Anonymous 

-We are often taken for granted for the things that deserve our appreciation. -Anonymous

-Staying with someone who will never appreciate what you do for them is not considered to be loyal but it is actually stupidity. -Anonymous

-Even the most caring people often get tired of being taken for granted for everything. – Nishan Panwar

-Being cheated on, dumped, or taken for granted is one of the biggest reasons why most people choose to stay single. -Anonymous

-If someone doesn’t respect you or appreciate you then you surely deserve someone better. – Robert Tew

-There is nothing that can be taken for granted and you certainly do not deserve to stay with someone who does not value you. – Robert Anton Wilson

-It is really sad when you fail to realize that you are not important to someone as much as they are to you! – Nikhil Andy

-it is natural for you to hate being taken for granted anywhere in your life by anyone. It is stupid to stay with someone who has done nothing but has always taken you for granted. – Rob Lowe

-If anyone is not appreciating your presence, then it would be better if you surprise them with your absence. – Tinku Razoria

-People will stop appreciating you when you are always there for them because your favors are nothing but just an expectation for them. -Anonymous

-You should never take the feelings of a person for granted. Because they took a lot of courage just to show how much they feel for you. -Anonymous

-A woman should never be taken for granted because someday someone else will come along in their life and appreciate or value them the way you didn’t. -Anonymous

-You should not waste your time on people who only want you for fulfilling their needs and only wants to take you for granted. – Rajat Dogra

-A woman’s true love does not deserve to be taken for granted. None but only a fool would gamble with something that is so rare and precious.”

-People who are very understanding are always taken for granted just because they understand the needs of someone they love. -Anonymous

-You will be taken for granted whenever someone realizes that you are always available for them. –Anonymous

-Sometimes when you are always available for the one you love, take you for granted only because they now know that you will always stay. -Anonymous

 -All your precious days will be taken for granted which you have always wanted to spend with greatness. When you find that you are being taken for granted then you will be left with a sad, empty, and unnerved heart. -Elizabeth Bowen

-Being taken for granted is actually a compliment because it only means that you have become a trusted and comfortable element in someone else’s life. – Joyce Brothers

-Being taken for granted sounds unpleasant but it is actually an honest form of compliment. Paradoxically, when you become more reliable and complain less then you are more likely to be taken for granted. – Gretchen Rubin

-Things that you will take for granted will always get taken. -Anonymous

-You should take no one and nothing for granted. – Bob Weinstein

-Even the strongest feelings are capable of expiring when it gets ignored or taken for granted. -Anonymous

-When you call anything foolproof it will seem to take a lot for granted. – Evan Esar

-I could see how much unacknowledged you were and I know very well how that feels to be taken for granted. – Rich Fogel

-A woman who truly loves someone does not deserve to be and can’t be taken for granted. – Bob Kane

-Every time you take anyone for granted, you are doing nothing but just teaching them to survive without you. -Anonymous

-Never put those people first who have always taken you for granted. Never give all of you to them because you will not even get half of it. -Anonymous

Love Taken for Granted Quotes

Love Taken For Granted Quotes

-Most people fail to realize how much useless the situation was until you throw them out of it. – P.W. Imel

-If you want people to stay with you, then I suggest you take them for granted. -Anonymous

-Your kindness will always be taken for granted because even the most gentle people of your life have their limits of showing how much grateful they are towards you. -Anonymous

-It is very important for you to learn to appreciate every little thing that a loved one has done for you because it is the only key to stay happy in your life. -Anonymous

-The saddest truth is that most people are being taken for granted by those around them for just being kind. -Anonymous

-You need to stop being nice to someone who leaves no chance to take you for granted and when you find that they expect from you more rather than appreciate you. -Anonymous 

-Often women are overlooked and the worst scenario is that they are taken for granted. But they are absolutely capable of slipping through a man’s defense. – Stan Lee

-Love is a pure thing and does not deserve to be taken for granted because there are true feelings involved between the two people. – Minnie M. Lyons

-In a healthy relationship it is wrong to take someone for granted when they did everything within their limits just to show you how much they love you. – Evan Esar

-I think that I have taken my own life for granted by allowing the wrong people to enter my life. It- Minnie M. Lyons

-It is in our nature to take the person for granted who has done so much for us whenever and wherever possible. We cannot live without them but we surely take them for granted. –Peter Delbridge

-That girl used to love when he kissed her but not anymore. They are not together anymore because the girl has finally realized that she was just being taken for granted all this time. -Anonymous

-She would do anything to get his kisses, but she controls herself now. She knew that she has lost him, somewhere and now this man is just a stranger who took her for granted. – Caroline Anderson

-I wish that I could stop them from taking me for granted but I was just too weak to do anything like that. –Anonymous

-When you are being taken for granted, do not forget that there are always some people who still love you in this world. –Anonymous

-It is time for you to stop when your heart is breaking because people you have loved are now starting to take you for granted. -Anonymous

Taken for granted quotes 

Taken For Granted Quotes

-Never take someone’s feelings for granted. You never know what that person means to you. –Anonymous 

 -If you take someone’s feelings for granted, you will face the same one day. –Anonymous

-Never take anyone’s feelings for granted if you want to have somebody special in your life. –Anonymous

-Taking others’ feelings for granted shows your ungratefulness towards others. –Anonymous

-Never take yourself for granted and always learn to prioritize yourself. –Anonymous

-Don’t look back at the people who take you for granted as it simply justifies their self-worth. –Anonymous

-Always know your worth and where your efforts are acknowledged, not taken for granted. –Anonymous

-Love a person who appreciates your efforts and never takes you for granted. –Anonymous

-Always love the people who take you as you are and who never take your words for granted. –Anonymous

-Make friends with those who will never take your love and friendship for granted. –Anonymous

-Nobody likes to be taken for granted. It means a loss of hope, love, and loyalty in a relationship. –Anonymous

-Even an innocent pet’s loyalty toward its owner shall not be taken for granted. –Anonymous

-If somebody loves you and cares about you wholeheartedly, that person will never take you for granted. –Anonymous

-Raise your voice in front of those who think taking you for granted will be an easy escape for them. –Anonymous

-Taking anybody for granted breaks bonds and relationships, it does not aid them. –Anonymous

-Always try to appreciate people’s presence around you, and their love for you, before they become your past. –Anonymous

-The people who never take you for granted are the real ones who will love you endlessly. –Anonymous

-Never give extra value or importance than required to a person easily as he might take you and your efforts for granted. –Anonymous

-When you become available for someone, then eventually they start taking it for granted without taking into mind how much effort you put into making them smile. –Anonymous

-It is very important to understand your worth and put a limit on your efforts when you are not getting the same vibes from the opposite end. –Anonymous

-Love truly can make you blind sometimes, and then you need to keep an open mind and stop whenever you feel that you are being wronged. –Anonymous

-Never make the mistake of taking your parent’s efforts for granted, as they are the building blocks of your life. –Anonymous

-You lose in life if you start taking everyone’s effort around you for granted. –Anonymous

-Never take your partner’s efforts for granted, as that person is the one you will want to go back to before you go to sleep. –Anonymous

-Every person has their respective boundaries, and no one should ever cross them at any cost; that is where respect lies. –Anonymous

-When you know how to stop yourself from giving your all, that is the moment when you realize that you have matured and understood your responsibilities. –Anonymous

-It indeed breaks your heart as well as disturbs your mental peace when you get to know that you are being treated like nothing by someone for whom you care a lot. –Anonymous

-Every time you let yourself out to s person, never let them budge your boundaries. That is when real problems arise. –Anonymous

-It is never too late to stop yourself from getting damaged, thereby it is very important to understand where you are going wrong. –Anonymous

-Never let sympathy and empathy take a toll on you because this is a cruel world, and everyone just wants to make use of it. –Anonymous

-It can sometimes become very hard to realize that someone special in your life is taking you for granted, and that is when you start giving in all the more. –Anonymous

-Taken for granted always does not come with cold behavior sometimes; it is about giving importance when they want any work to be done by you. –Anonymous

-Life is a wonderful ride to be on, and you should never waste it on people who make you feel like extra or not enough. –Anonymous

-Whenever you see someone taking you for granted, that is the exact moment when you know that you need to stay within your limits and start putting boundaries while talking with them. –Anonymous

-You can never let go of the way someone treats you because this is something that remains etched in your heart and has an effect on your confidence. –Anonymous

-Never let someone dictate your life because that is when all the chaos comes in and destroys it. –Anonymous

-You are good enough to be treated with respect and love and never let someone think otherwise; that is when you will be able to get over it. –Anonymous

-If somebody takes the time that you have invested in them for granted, realize your mistake and never go back to them. –Anonymous

-Never trust a person who takes you for granted. It shows their disloyalty towards you. –Anonymous

-Never trust a person who does not appreciate your presence and takes the effort that you put in to meet that person for granted. –Anonymous

-It is never necessary to put your guard down when you are with a person whom you love the most; it is important to take care of oneself on their own. –Anonymous

-Life is full of surprises and changes; similarly, you never know when a person can change and thereby affect your whole mood; it is necessary to put a guard around yourself. –Anonymous

-Being taken for granted sometimes does not come with how you treat others but in the way you are being treated by others. –Anonymous

When you try to take me for granted even for once, I’ll make sure to make your life a living hell for you. -Ashima Maharana

-What happens when people take you for granted easily? The world becomes all the more harsh and terrifying for you to live in. –Anonymous

Stop taking people for granted. They may be silent, but they are not weak. You can’t hear their silence, you must feel it. –Anonymous

The more you take someone’s feelings for granted, the less you realize the courage it took them to be able to showcase those feelings. –Anonymous

It’s always wise to walk alone and in peace than be in someone’s company who takes you for granted. –Anonymous

The only person deserving a special position in your life is the one who never took you for granted, and knew how to respect your feelings and opinions. –Anonymous

The one who doesn’t make you feel that you’re nothing but an option in their life, deserves a place, rather a special place, in your life. -Shannon L. Alder

-When people take you for granted, you will notice your life drifting towards the path you’ve never imagined you would have to traverse. –Anonymous

There’s no harm in being unapologetically rude to the people that take your kindness and humbleness for granted. –Anonymous

The more you take someone else for granted, the more you pave the way for others to take you and your presence in their life for granted. –Anonymous

People are known for taking things for granted, most of the time. The very things that they are supposed to be grateful for. –Anonymous

There’s a fine line between being loyal and being stupid. Staying with someone who doesn’t appreciate your presence is the latter. –Anonymous

At times, even the ones who care the most, get fed up with being taken for granted. -Nishan Panwar

-Love doesn’t demand to get love back, but this never means one can take it for granted. –Anonymous

Love is something that’ll give you butterflies, but will also break your heart apart. If it doesn’t, it isn’t love. –Anonymous

Don’t love just for the sake of having it back. Love because that’s something your heart already craves for. –Anonymous

When someone isn’t ready to go the extra mile for you, you must know where to draw the line. –Anonymous

If someone breaks your heart more than once, it’s your fault. Be wise before you return to someone who already broke you before. –Anonymous

True love doesn’t come with confusion, drama, and chaos. It’s what time brings with it. –Anonymous

One of the devil’s favorite distractions is heartbreak. There’s rarely something more devilish than this. –Anonymous

Even if you have got a good heart, at times it’s really difficult to catch a break. -Ryan Adams

-It’s not the good times that sustain relationships. It’s the hard times dealing with love and care that do so. -Anmol Andore

-Why does it take two people for a relationship? That’s because it is necessary to maintain a balance. -Criss Jami

-Even when two people build upon a relationship, with effort, patience, and love, it just takes one promiscuous person to end it. –Anonymous

Two people can make a relationship worthwhile. Not more, nor loss. Both are harmful to any relationship out there. –Anonymous

Why make someone your priority when all you are is an option to that very person? -Maya Angelou

-Be with someone who shows you how it feels to be prioritized, not someone who chooses you according to their needs. –Anonymous

Never allow your heart to beat for someone when all you are is a mere option to them. -Mark Twain

-The ones creating chaos and shifting responsibilities are the toxic people. They are the ones avoiding blame and pointing fingers. -Dr. Anne Brown

-Stop handling toxic people and suffering for their mishaps. Let their toxicity swallow them and make a victim of it. -P.S. Jagadish Kumar

-Familiar and acceptable are quite different from each other. Don’t let toxic people fool you and mislead you. -Steve Maraboli 

-Every time you walk out of a toxic, one-sided, and relationship where you are taken for granted, know that you’ve won. -Lalah Deila

-Relationships are pivotal for success in life. Make sure you are a part of a healthy relationship wherein you’re listened to, and understood. –Anonymous

Every relationship must go through hell, but only the real ones will get through it. –Anonymous

Every time you try taking me for granted, I’ll make sure to make your life a living hell. -Ashima Maharana

-It is always wiser to walk alone, than walk with people that do nothing apart from taking you for granted. –Anonymous

Always be unapologetically rude to the ones who take your innocence and kindness for granted. –Anonymous

-Even if you are taken for granted for once, never let that decide the fate of your future. –Anonymous

Never take a man for granted, because one day a better woman will arrive and do what you were supposed to do to keep the relationship intact. –Anonymous

It can be very depressing to understand that the one you prioritize the most, hardly gives a damn about you. -Nikhil Andy

-I hate being taken for granted anywhere and everywhere in this world. I hate when my vote gets taken for granted. -Rob Lowe

-Never be available every time to someone. They start to recognize your efforts as expectations, rather than favors anymore. –Anonymous

A good man’s love is only taken for granted by a fool of a woman. Something so rare and precious like this isn’t to be taken for granted. –Anonymous

The ones who are the most understanding, are usually the ones that get taken for granted the most. –Anonymous

Once you become a trusted and comfortable element in someone’s life, you start getting treated with carelessness and taken for granted. -Joyce Brothers

-You should never take something or someone for granted ever. -Bob Weinstein

-I realize how unappreciated I was, and how I should have never been a part of that phase in my life. –Anonymous

What seems to take a lot for granted is calling anything foolproof. -Evan Esar

-You never realize how futile everything was/is, or the gravity of a situation, until you are out of it. -P.W. Imel

-Even the nicest of people have their limits. You should never take their kindness for granted. –Anonymous

One must learn how to appreciate everything someone does for them. It is the key to sustaining every relationship. –Anonymous

People are often overlooked and taken for granted. They can easily slip through the defense of one another. -Stan Lee

-When someone loves you to their heart’s content, they will traverse lengths to make you feel at peace with yourself. –Anonymous

You have always been the stars, the moon, and heaven for me. You were my paradise but you decided to take that for granted. –Anonymous

When someone takes you for granted, you start feeling unimportant, and most importantly, unloved. –Anonymous

There’s no choice you have when it comes to being taken for granted or not. You’ll feel helpless, and unsure about what to do. –Anonymous

Unappreciated And Taken For Granted Quotes

Unappreciated And Taken For Granted Quotes

-Sometimes, it takes being taken for granted to truly appreciate your own worth.

-Being unappreciated doesn’t diminish your value; it reveals the blindness of those who fail to see it.

-In a world where appreciation is rare, don’t let the lack of recognition dampen your spirit.

-When you are taken for granted, it’s a sign that you have become an essential part of someone’s life.

-Being unappreciated is a painful reminder that not everyone understands the depth of your contribution.

-The beauty of being taken for granted is that it teaches you the power of self-validation.

-Don’t let the actions of those who take you for granted define your worth; define it for yourself.

-Being unappreciated is a sign of strength; it means you have the ability to give without expecting anything in return.

-When you’re taken for granted, remember that the sun still shines even when it’s ignored.

-Being unappreciated is a catalyst for self-discovery and a reminder to surround yourself with people who value you.

Taken For Granted Quotes For Relationship

Taken For Granted Quotes For Relationship

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our loved ones.- Martin Luther King Jr.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. – Aristotle

Sometimes we take love for granted, until we realize it’s the only thing that truly matters. – Unknown

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, your attention, and your love – Unknown

Love is not about how much you say ‘I love you,’ but how much you prove that it’s true. – Unknown

We often take for granted the very things that deserve our gratitude the most.- Cynthia Ozick

The best relationship is the one in which both partners appreciate and value each other every day. – Unknown

Don’t wait for a special occasion to show your love. Every moment together is a gift worth cherishing

Love is a constant effort, not a destination. Never take it for granted. – Unknown

Relationships are like gardens. They require attention, care, and nurturing to thrive. – Unknown

The real magic in relationships lies in the small, everyday gestures of love and appreciation. – Unknown

 Taken For Granted Quotes For Someone You Love

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