80+ Teddy Day Gifts For Him

February is the month of love. With the right person, every day seems to be Valentine’s Day. A very prominent day of Valentine’s week is Teddy Day, celebrated on the 10th of February.

We understand how difficult it is to choose a gift for your man because you are the best gift he has in his life, right?

So here are a few suggestions which might help you choose a gift for him on the occasion of Teddy Day. Read along, and do not forget to add some personal touch to every gift you choose!

Teddy Day Gifts For Him

Teddy Bear: As the name of the day suggests, what can be better than gifting a teddy bear to your man on Teddy Day itself? Gift him a live-sized huggable teddy bear or a small one he can take everywhere. If your man is into superheroes and comics, gift him a batman teddy bear, or if he is into Pokémon, nothing beats the cuteness of a Pikachu or a Jigglypuff.

Action Figures: If you think gifting a teddy bear is too mainstream, upgrade your gift to action figures. If your man is a Potterhead, go with an action figure of Harry Potter or his favorite character from the franchise. Actions figures are easily available online and offer a wide variety from which you can choose your favorite.

Cushion: If your man is a sleepyhead, do not think twice before gifting him a cushion on Teddy Day. He is going to love the gift and is going to love you a little more.

Video Game: Surprise your man with his favorite video game or a video game console. The smile on his face and the happiness in his eyes is going to make your day.

Flowers: If you want to celebrate Teddy Day in a lowkey manner, send your man a bouquet. Even though there is a particular day allotted for flowers- Rose Day- we believe that gifting your loved one a bouquet should not be restricted to one particular day. Give him the bouquet yourself, or leave it at his doorstep; we assure you your man is going to love it.

Cook for Him: A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and nothing adds more personal touch than cooking for your partner. On the special cook, something your partner loves, and surprise him with your culinary skills.

Hand-Written Notes: Make a jar of small hand-written notes stating how you love your man and what he means. Trust that he will read those almost every day and feel special.

Race Cars Models: If your man is a car enthusiast, buy him models of racing cars, or if he is into vintage cars, gift him miniature models and watch him treasure them for a lifetime.

Love Letters: Writing a love letter to your man never goes out of fashion. Pour your heart out and tell him how much you love him.

Mixtapes: Make a mixtape for your man with all his favorite and special songs for both of you. Music is food for the soul, and a mixtape is worth cherishing till the end of the day. Retro romance is not dead.

Perfume: Make sure your man smells good every day. Gift him a fragrance of your choice, and we guarantee he will wear it every time he meets you. 

Cake: Bake a cake for your man, in the shape of a teddy, if possible, and present it to him. A cake makes everyone happy, and it is someone’s birthday somewhere! So enjoy.

Chocolates: Gifting a bar of chocolate to your partner is never not okay. Customize a chocolate bar or a bouquet of chocolates according to your wish and present it to your man.

Cricket Kit: A good gift for your man, if he a cricket fanatic, is a cricket kit. Watch him hit the centuries and be proud.

Key Chain: If you want to keep your man something he can keep with himself at every point in time, buy him a customized key chain.

Phone Cover: We all want the perfect cover for our phones. Nothing beats gifting your man the perfect phone cover of his choice.

Cupcake: What is sweeter than a cupcake? A lot of cupcakes! Order personalized cupcakes or bake them yourself; the choice is yours.

Watch: Watches spell out classy and elegant. Gift your man a classy black watch, and then you have our permission to drool over him.

Matching Hoodies: Get yourselves matching hoodies and flaunt them in public. 

Hug Your Man: At the end of the day, all he wants is you and your time. Hug him and tell him that you love him. You are his favorite teddy bear. 

Shoes: Who doesn’t love a pair of new shoes? Buy your man the pair of shoes that he always wanted and make his day.

Fancy Date: Plan a night out or a brunch date for your partner. Take them out for a fancy date, dress your best, and have a gala time together.

Ice Cream: Buy a tub (or more than just one) of ice cream and drop by at his place. Put on your favorite movie and catch up with each other. Netflix and chill, much? More than just one tub of ice cream is always advisable. 

Grooming Kit: When in doubt, buy a grooming kit containing all the essentials of everyday grooming like shaving foam, shaving tools, and charcoal face wash. 

Trimmer: Make sure he looks good for work every day and buy your man a trimmer.

Photo Frame: Buy a photo frame or make it yourself. Do not forget to add a picture of the two of you.

Wallet: Men love wallets. Okay, most of them do. Buy a wallet for your man and make sure he doesn’t lose his money or his cards regularly.

Moisturizer: It is still a mystery how men have such amazing skin even when they take zero care of it. Take charge and gift your man a skin moisturizer and remind him daily to apply it. Because we all know how lazy men are when it comes to their skincare routine.

Bluetooth Earphones: If your man is tech-savvy, without any second thought, gift him Bluetooth earphones for wireless music on the go.

Amazon Echo: Another brilliant gift for your tech-savvy man is an Amazon Echo or a Google Nest. A smart choice for a smart man.

Card: Nothing beats the charm and nostalgia of old-school romance. Make a card for your man or buy it from the nearby shop; it is going to serve as a souvenir for a lifetime.

Customized Mug: Print your favorite picture of the two of you on a mug and gift it to your man.

Helmet: If your man is a biker, gift him a helmet because prevention is always better than cure. And enjoy seeing him care for his new gift like a child does with his new toy.

Sunglass: Choose an amazing pair of shades for your man and gift it to him on Teddy Day.

Lighter: If your man is a smoker, though we would prefer that he is not, buy him a trendy lighter. We know for a fact that he keeps losing them at every party.

Laptop Bag: Buy a super handy multi-purpose laptop bag for your man. We assure you he is going to be grateful to you for a very long time.

Books: Nothing matches the personal touch of gifting a book to your loved one. Who would know your man’s favorite genre better than you? Choose a book for him, a fiction novel or a sci-fi or a book of poems.

Personalized Water Bottle: Get your man a personalized water bottle for Teddy Day, which would serve as a gift and remind him to drink water regularly because let’s face it- men forget to drink water and are dehydrated most of the time.

Wall Clock: Gift your man a wall clock and make sure he puts it up in his room. That way, you can ensure he is always on time to meet you and, most importantly- reply to your texts.

 Online Subscription: Nothing will make your man happier than a subscription to his favorite OTT platform, be it Netflix or Amazon Prime. Subscription to these also calls for cuddle time while binge-watching your favorite shows!

Socks: Gone are the days of wearing mismatched socks, time to upgrade your man’s wardrobe. Gift some a few pairs of quirky socks because Dobby is not the only one who loves them.

Luggage Trolley: If your man has to travel a lot, gift him a trolley bag that will hold all the essentials of traveling solo.

Car Accessories: A nice car perfume or a soft seat cover is the perfect gift for your man if he loves his car as much as he loves you. A cleaning kit will also make for an amazing gift.

Daily Essentials: Make your man a bag of goodies containing all the daily essentials like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, nail cutter, body wash, and the list goes on and on. Remember the pandemic, do not forget to add hand sanitizers, floor disinfectants, and sanitary wipes. 

Customized Masks: With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, masks have become an inseparable aspect of our wardrobe. Get customized masks made for your man with cute teddy bear pictures or funny puns.

Snacks Hamper: Collect all the snacks that your man loves and convert them into a snack hamper. You can add his favorite chips, wafers, nachos, sodas, and cookies.

Casual Wear: Buy your man casual wear like t-shirts, joggers, and flip-flops. They spell out comfort and style.

Formal Wear: A classic black formal shirt never goes out of fashion. Choose a formal shirt from your man or get it tailor-made; he is going to love it. And seeing him in that outfit, you will fall for him all over again.

Movie DVDs: In this world of downloading movies from the internet, gift your man a set of DVDs of his all-time favorite movies.

 Football Kit: If your man is a football fanatic, gift him a football kit containing all the essentials for a match.

Jersey: Take your man by surprise and gift a jersey of his favorite sports team or his favorite club. Make him believe that you listen to him when he talks about his favorite team or gives you the details of the previous night’s match details.

Music Instrument: Gift your man his favorite musical instrument, be it an acoustic guitar or an electronic one, a violin, or any instrument that he is passionate about.

Bean Bag: Pamper your man and allow him to become lazier by gifting him a bean bag for a game night with his friends or a solo movie marathon day.

Shot Glasses: Shot glasses are multi-purpose. They can be used for the primary reason of having shots or as aesthetic showpieces. Gift your man a set of shot glasses and let him decide what he wants to do with them.

Bracelets: Get your man a customized bracelet with his name or a message inscribed on it.

House Plant: Teach your man the joy of caring and nurturing. Give him a pot with a house plant planted in it. We assure you he is going to take care of it and cherish it.

Fish Bowl: Get a fishbowl with two goldfish in them. They not only symbolize good luck but also act as an amazing gift. Give him the joy of being a pet parent.

Apart from all the materialistic gifts, a man wants your unconditional love and support. Be with him. Grow with him and help him grow with you.

Yes, he will forget your anniversaries and other important dates; he might not even know when Teddy Day is- do not give up on him. Be patient with him because you are all that he has. He might act strongly on the outside, but deep down, he craves your love and affection.

He will never tell you how much he loves you, and he will never put it into words, but you mean the world to him, and he will show that to you through his small acts of love. It is these little things that matter. Keep falling in love and keep growing in love.

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