29+ Things for Couples to Do This Weekend

You must have gone through a tedious week at work. You had no time for your partner, and you are thinking of making up for your absence by doing something romantic for them on the weekend. Here are some unique, romantic ideas for you to try out with your partner.

Go to the market.

If your partner generally handles shopping for house needs throughout the week, do it together this way. Go to a farm and pick up fresh fruits and vegetables together. Or, buy things to level up your house decor. This will help you spend more time together and also share responsibilities.

Go hiking.

Step out from the chaos of city life once in a while and spend a weekend together in the wilderness. Go hiking and spend some quality time out on a field full of wildflowers and lakes. Let nature heal your stress and anxiety and help you reconnect with each other.

Create a photo album.

The habit of making a scrapbook or photo album is long gone in the new age of technology. This weekend, try some vintage fun and take our coupes of your photos. Make a nice photo album with your partner so that you can relive your good memories whenever you want.

Listen to a collab playlist.

Make a playlist with both of your favorite songs put together. While you are having a nice, quiet lunch on a Sunday afternoon, listen to that playlist together. We all know the magical power of music in building good connections and relieving us of the stress of the entire week.

Make a bucket list.

There must be things you have always wanted to do with your partner as a couple. Make a list of those things and plan how you can fulfill them. For example, if you are thinking of going on a vacation, sit together and discuss how you can make it happen. 

Dance to some soulful music.

You don’t always need to make plenty of effort to have a romantic weekend. Sometimes, you can work wonders by just keeping it minimal. For example, stay at home on weekend evenings, put on some romantic music, and dance to its beats with your partner. This can build intimacy easily.


Reasons why music is very important for kids:

  • It promotes better communication.
  • It boosts their imagination power.
  • It boosts their IQ and EQ.
  • It helps them learn the value of patience.
  • It is helpful for their sensory development.
  • It makes them feel good in their heart.
  • It improves their literacy.
  • It helps them learn to coordinate better.
  • It helps them become better listeners.
  • It helps to fix their mood instantly.

Take a couples’ bubble bath.

We know how soothing bubble baths can be. But the icing on the cake is a bubble bath with your partner on a weekend afternoon. Create a romantic atmosphere by lighting some scented candles, drawing a bath with bath salts, and having some wine while you listen to some music.

Give each other massages.

If you’ve been busy throughout the week, you must reconnect with your partner on weekends, both physically and emotionally. A great way to do this is to massage each other. You let go of all that stress and exhaustion of the entire week and also get intimate with your partner.

Read poetry together.

This works well if you and your partner are interested in literature. Cuddle up in bed with your favorite poetry book and read to each other. Discover new poets with your partner and share your favorites. This relaxes your mind and also helps you get to know each other better.


Best romantic poems for couples to read together:

  • How Do I Love Thee (Elizabeth Browning)
  • When You Are Old (William Yeats)
  • Sonnet 116 (Shakespeare)
  • Undefined ( E. E. Cummings)
  • Love Sonnet 9 (Pablo Neruda)
  • When I Too Long Have Looked Upon Your Face (Edna Millay)
  • Valentine (Carol Duffy)
  • Unending love (Rabindranath Tagore)
  • Romantics (Lisel Mueller)
  • Good Bones (Maggie Smith)

Communicate with love notes.

Let your partner wake up to adorable love notes in different parts of the house this weekend. Create a map to let them reach you for a special breakfast in the garden or somewhere else. This keeps the childishness in your relationship alive and also lets you express your love.

Light up a fire and cuddle.

On winter weekends, you can always light up a fire in your fireplace and cuddle with your partner while listening to some soulful music or watching a romantic film together. Also, to make things even better, get some hot chocolate and get cozy with your partner. So romantic, isn’t it?

Watch the sunset.

If you are a fan of beautiful skies and lovely sunsets, spend your weekend sitting with your partner on the terrace, sipping some hot coffee, and watching a beautiful sunset. Spend some quality time in silence, absorbing the beauty of nature and feeling grateful for everything you have in life.

Make breakfast in bed.

Your partner has had a very rough week, and you want to do something very romantic and special to make them feel better. All you need to do is make them some breakfast in bed and wake them up with a peck on the cheek. Prepare their favorite food items.

Go on a quick vacation.

You can always take out some time on your weekend and go on a short vacation to someplace nearby. Go to a nice hotel that provides a bed and breakfast and spend some quality time together. This keeps your mind off work stress and makes you focus on each other more.

Stargaze at your partner.

You can spend a quiet evening lying down on a mattress in the garden with your partner and gazing up at the moon and stars. You have a naturally romantic atmosphere, and this time is great to talk your heart out to each other and build physical and emotional intimacy.

Cook a romantic dinner together.

If both of you are passionate about cooking, you can spend quality time on weekends by cooking a nice meal together. Choose a recipe that you haven’t tried out before and make it together. Since cooking takes some time, it can be a fun way to have good moments together.

Do a romantic movie marathon.

Do you have a list of films you have been planning to watch ever but couldn’t because you were busy at work? Well then, use your weekend to have a movie marathon. Get some pizza, cuddle up in bed with your partner, and watch all your favorite movies back-to-back.

Get food delivered.

If you are too stressed to cook and want to spend more quality time with your partner, you can just order your favorite dishes and enjoy them. The pressure of not having to cook leaves you with more free time that you can spend with your partner doing other things.

Go to a local carnival.

If there’s a fair or carnival happening in your area, go together and have fun. Ride on a Ferris wheel, grab some popcorn and candy, and relive the child in you. Having a fun-filled day with your partner will help you overcome the stress and exhaustion of the entire week.

Go on a long drive.

You can leave early in the morning with your partner on Sundays and go on a long drive to somewhere beautiful nearby. Long drives are so romantic and leave you with plenty of time to talk to each other, listen to some soulful songs, and enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

Recreate your first date.

It’s important to relive the initial days of your relationship because it reminds you why you fell in love with each other. This weekend, you can recreate your first date or first kiss. Have brunch at the same restaurant you first met or watch the movie you first saw together.

Go on a picnic.

If you know a nice spot nearby, pack yourself some lunch on weekends and have a small picnic with your partner. Just go to a park, spread a blanket, and eat some sandwiches while listening to music or reading a book. Connect with each other through nature and embrace solitude.


Tips to be the best picnic host:

  • Choose the perfect spot that suits everyone.
  • Pack the right food in appropriate containers.
  • Tale things you can use to make a makeshift lunch table,
  • Pick the best blankets with perfect cushioning.
  • Choose a place with piper shade.
  • Pack throw pillows.
  • Carry food in Mason jars.
  • Carry a cutting board, knives, forks, and spoons.
  • If you are planning to cook, be creative with this recipe.
  • Always take desserts in jars.

Go to a museum.

If you or your partner are art aficionados, you can spend your weekend in a museum or art gallery. This helps you stay connected to your cultural passion, and you can take your mind off other responsibilities. Walking together hand-in-hand through the halls of an art gallery is so romantic.

Be a tourist in your city.

It often happens that we know so little about the city we live in. Utilize your weekend to explore the streets and hotspots of your city with your partner. Find out obscure restaurants or walk through beautiful streets- enjoy a day out while you also learn or see something new.

Have drinks at a bar.

If you and your partner are party people and don’t get a chance to hit the pub together on weekdays, you can do it on weekends. Go to your favorite pub, catch up with your best friends, and have a few drinks. Spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Get yourself a couples’ massage.

If you want a professional massage, choose a couples massage so that you can both relax and enjoy at the same time. You deserve to get some rest and comfort after spending a tedious week at work. This can also be a great way to reconnect with your partner easily.

Go for wine tasting.

If you know a vineyard, you can go on a long drive and book yourself a wine-tasting session. This is a perfect weekend getaway that lets you have some great wine and spend some quality time with your partner. Use all of your free time to relax completely and chill.

Take a class together.

On weekends, you can take a cooking or painting class with your partner. You get to explore your creative side and spend time with your partner. Our work life often leaves us no time to cultivate our passions. So, weekends can be a great way to revive the lost touch.

Go salsa dancing.

Salsa dancing is special because it is very intimate and passionate. So, on Sunday evenings, you can take salsa classes and dance your heart out with your partner. It works even better if doing this is making you step out of your comfort zone. You get to do something new.

Go to a concert.

Is your favorite band performing nearby this weekend? Well, what more do you want to have a great time? Take your partner to a concert and enjoy yourselves throughout the evening. Watching your favorite musicians perform and that too with your partner is a very romantic thing you can do.


Having a great time with your partner on weekends is not a difficult thing to do. All you need to do is be creative while planning, know your partner’s preferences and choose activities enjoyable for both of you. We hope you have the best time of your life this weekend!


Watts to spend quality time with your kid this weekend:

  • Invite their friends for a fun-filled evening.
  • Bake cookies with them.
  • Let them have a movie night with their friends.
  • Help them build a blanket fort to play in.
  • Have a karaoke night with them/
  • Dress them up in costumes or theme clothes.
  • Go to a museum together.
  • Go to the zoo or planetarium.
  • Go for a quick picnic at a nearby hotspot.
  • Make a treasure hunt for them.

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