51+ Mind-Blowing Things to Do with Your Spouse to Reconnect

In the midst of our busy lives, it’s often effortless for couples to overlook the significance of spending quality time together.

Whether you’ve been in a long-standing relationship or are embarking on a new journey as a couple, nurturing a strong connection is essential.

This article aims to provide an inspirational compilation of over 51 Things to Do with Your Spouse to Reconnect. From simple gestures to thrilling adventures, these suggestions serve as opportunities to rediscover common interests, deepen your connection, and forge enduring memories.

Brace yourself to rekindle the flame and prioritize your relationship with these invigorating ideas.

1. Practice constant salutations.

With each other good morning and goodnight every day. Say hello, when you see them, even if you were together just two hours ago.

Never leave for work without saying goodbye to your partner and giving them a quick peck. These little ways will help you reconnect with your partner.

2. Always be open to communication.

Always Be Open To Communication

This emotional distance might be because you weren’t available when they needed you the most.

So, always let them know you are open to communication, and they should always come to you with any of their problems. Doing so will create reliability and strength in your marriage.

3. Show interest in their lives.

It’s important to validate your partner first if you want to reconnect with them. So, try to be interested in every aspect of their life, even if you dislike it.

This will express that you are willing to be involved in their life because you are committed to this relationship.

4. Remember important things.

Remember Important Things

It can be your partner’s birthday, your anniversary, or even an incident that triggers trust issues or anxiety.

Remember every little detail, or at least try. Make your partner feel that you are equally invested in this relationship and that you are constantly making efforts to be a good partner.

5. Express your emotions honestly.

If you want to reconnect with your spouse, you must first fill in the gaps. They probably don’t understand how you feel about certain things because you are not quite expressive.

But you must tell them about your feelings, and most importantly, you have to be honest about it.

6. Take a break.

Take A Break

It’s important to disconnect from other things in your life to reconnect with your partner and restore balance.

So, occasionally, take a break from your routine, take a sudden vacation, and spend quality time together. Try to catch up with their lives and emotions.

7. Appreciate your partner.

Your partner might have been feeling a bit left out in this marriage because you don’t validate and appreciate them enough.

Make them feel special by appreciating them for things they don’t expect you to. Complement them and say openly how grateful you are to have them in your life.

8. Maintain eye contact.

Another effective way to reconnect with your partner is to sit quietly for a while and have a nice, long chat while maintaining eye contact.

When you look into their eyes while speaking, it expresses that you are confident and compassionate. So, whenever you are talking or listening, be involved.

9. Be an active listener.

Be An Active Listener

When your partner is discussing something very important, don’t just listen to them because you have to.

Try to be seriously engaged in these conversations and participate as much as possible. To reconnect with your partner, you must be a good listener and make sure they have your undivided attention.

10. Tell them that their feelings and opinions are validated.

It’s important to let your partner know that you listen to them and seriously validate all their opinions and thoughts.

You will never connect with them if you disregard their feelings or be critical of their decisions. So, always affirm that you listen to them if you disagree.

11. Accept their feedback positively.

Suppose your spouse is telling you their opinion about why you have lost connection in this marriage. Don’t get defensive or deny their statements right away.

Accept their feedback positively and consider whether making those changes would improve your relationship. Going into denial won’t help you reconnect with them.

12. Be open to experiments.

Be Open To Experiments

It’s important to be flexible and unpredictable, So always be willing to try out new things with your partner.

An experiment in the bedroom, try out new hobbies you are probably afraid of- enjoy life together as the adventure it is. This can be a nice way to reconnect with them.

13. Prioritize physical intimacy.

There can be no better way to reconnect with your spouse than to improve physical intimacy.

Have lots of sex, cuddle with each other whenever you get a chance, and don’t miss out on any opportunity to spend quality time together. With good physical bonding, emotional intimacy comes very easily.

14. Get in touch more often.

Don’t wait for a specific time to call or text your spouse. Surprise them by reaching out in unexpected moments.

Text your partner once in a while when you are at work; this makes you a committed partner and lets your partner know that they are always on your mind

15. Explore common interests together.

Explore Common Interests Together

Your spouse is very fond of card games. So, spend your date night playing card games instead of going out for dinner.

Show how much you prioritize their likes and dislikes and how willing you are to reconnect with them. Spending more quality time together will easily bring you closer.

16. Don’t forget about childishness.

It’s important to get silly with your partner once in a while. This way, you connect with your partner and get in touch with your precious childhood.

So, on weekends, go to the amusement park and get on fun rides. Have water balloon fights in the afternoon. 

17. Go for a tech detox.

You can never truly reconnect with your partner or even yourself if you spend enough time on your phone or laptop.

So, occasionally, go for tech detox and disconnect from your electronic devices. Spend more time with each other and talk about things you don’t usually do.

18. Hold hands.

Hold Hands

For example, you are taking a walk in the park. Always hold hands while doing so. Holding hands is the purest and easiest way to develop physical intimacy and validate your relationship in public.

We don’t realize how efficiently this little gesture connects us to our partner, physically and emotionally.

19. Relive your favorite memories together.

Do you remember your first date? If you truly want to reconnect with your partner and make them feel special, go the extra mile and recreate that special day in your life.

Go to the same restaurant, order the same dishes, and see how it magically strengthens your emotional connection.

20. Flirt with each other.

Nobody says you can’t flirt with your spouse because you are married. The length of your relationship doesn’t decide what you can do to keep the spark of romance alive.

So, flirting will let them know that you are still equally interested in knowing and making them feel extra special.

21. Always treat them with empathy.

Always Treat Them With Empathy

Nothing can help you reconnect with your spouse easier than being empathetic. Always look at things from their perspective and validate their emotions.

They know that you are constantly trying to feel what they are going through. This emotional support is all we need from our partners, especially in marriage.

22. Try to understand their love language.

What kind of love language appeals most to your spouse? It’s important to understand that before you try reconnecting with them.

Understanding their emotional needs and expectations from this marriage makes you a supportive and kind partner. So, what you deliver is not as important as how you deliver it.

23. Never avoid arguments.

Disagreements with your spouse can actually help you reconnect with them.

If you feel disconnected, one of the most probable persons could be that you always avoid conflict and leave your problems unsolved. Conflict handled well will improve your emotional connection with your partner.

24. Don’t invade their alone time.

Dont Invade Their Alone Time

Reconnecting with your spouse doesn’t mean you have to be constantly around them.

If you try to invade their privacy and never give them any alone time, they will start feeling claustrophobic in this marriage.

So, have your alone time. It’s important to spend some time apart from each other.

25. Give your spouse the benefit of the doubt.

Before you jump to conclusions and start an argument, always let your partner explain their point of view to you.

Making rash decisions will eventually disconnect you from them. So, always try to look at the brighter side of everything instead of cornering your spouse and making them feel guilty.

26. Be their biggest fan.

We want our partners to be our biggest pillar of strength and support.

So, let your spouse know that no matter what, you will always want them to achieve great things in life and that you will help them out. Never make them feel alone and work as a team. 

27. Show your love.

Show Your Love

It’s no use having a heart full of love for your spouse if you can’t express it openly and they can’t feel it. So, a clear expression of your love is important to reconnect with them.

Through your words and actions, establish that you love, validate, and appreciate them wholeheartedly.

28. Make a plan together.

If you think your partner is feeling a bit left out, try to make them feel more involved in Thai marriage. Make a plan together and ask for their opinion.

Let them know that their perspective matters equally. For example, you have to make an important work decision. Consult them.

29. Make a mental note of their good qualities.

You will want to reconnect with your partner when you have several reasons to love and appreciate them.

So, always keep in mind why you feel in love with them or how they make your life easier in this marriage. Acknowledging their good qualities will keep you committed to them.

30. Go for marriage counseling.

Go For Marriage Counseling

You don’t need to go for marriage counseling only when you are having problems.

Even when things are alright between you, try going for monthly or half-yearly sessions with a marriage therapist who can guide you through the path to reconnecting with each other and improving understanding in your relationship.

Why Reconnecting With Your Spouse Is Vital

Key Takeaways

  • Communication and emotional connection are vital in maintaining a strong relationship. Constantly greet your partner, be open to communication, show interest in their life, and express your emotions honestly.
  • Remember important dates, events, and incidents that are significant to your partner. This shows that you are invested in the relationship and making efforts to be a good partner.
  • Prioritize quality time together and engage in activities that foster connection. Explore common interests, engage in new experiences, and relive favorite memories to deepen your bond.
  • Foster physical intimacy and affection by prioritizing it in your relationship. Maintain physical contact, have regular sex, and cuddle with each other to strengthen emotional intimacy.
  • Practice empathy, understanding, and validation. Treat your partner with empathy, understand their love language, and be open to resolving conflicts. Give them the benefit of the doubt, be their biggest supporter, and express your love openly.
How Do You Reconnect With Your Spouse


What can we do to add excitement to our relationship?

Plan surprise dates or outings, explore new places together, try adventurous activities like hiking or zip-lining, or introduce playful games or challenges.

How important is quality time for reconnecting?

Quality time is crucial for strengthening your bond. Prioritize spending uninterrupted, dedicated time together without distractions.

How can we reignite the romance in our relationship?

Plan romantic date nights, write love letters to each other, create a cozy atmosphere at home, or surprise your spouse with thoughtful gestures or gifts.

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