84+ Cute Thinking of You Messages for Her And Him

Thinking about the special one is the best job a lover can do brilliantly. His/her thought gives you so immense pleasure that your heart flutters with joy at that moment.

And, what will be better than sharing these emotions with your special one, to make him/her feel loved and joyous too. Following messages will help you in expressing your emotions whenever you think about him/her- 

Thinking of You Messages for Her

-I just now find out that you are ruling out my entire existence. Whether it is my mind, heart, and soul, you are ruling on everything. My thoughts automatically divert towards you on strange occasions. 

-The memories of the fantastic time we spent with each other automatically curled-up my lips into a smile. You rule on me, my queen.

-Thinking of you is my getaway path, which helps me to go on. Whenever you are not with me, each remarkable memory and time of our togetherness is my source of living in those moments.

-I saw you in my fantasy today. But still, after waking up, I cannot stop my mind from thinking about you. This is a simple fact that what you did to me.

-You just simply mean a lot to me, personally my own world. My soul is connected to yours, and this connection will remain forever until my soul left my body.

-I discover myself considering you each day and at every moment. Actually, it has become a regular pattern of my life. I love life more because you are in it now.

-I adore you as I have never done this with anyone before. You are an angel without wings, who are consistently flying in my mind. I can’t even describe what you mean to me in words and what is your place in my life.

-Hey love, I have a complaint with you. What have you done to me? I cannot let you stop coming into my mind while sleeping, eating, working, or even when I’m strolling.

-I even can’t believe in myself that how mad and die-hard lover I have become. It seems close to impossible not to adore you. I don’t know what kind of magic you have that you made a sensible guy mad for you.

-It seems like the world has turned upside down when the person you adore doesn’t adore you back. But, I am so fortunate in that matter because I know you love me and always thinking about me more than I do.

-The first time I realized how a heart skips a beat when the first time I saw you. It is my luck that you chose me for you. I will not stop loving you and thinking about you for the rest of my life.

-With all my mind, heart, and soul, I choose you as my partner for life. You are my precious one, whom I adore so much. Having you in my thoughts, and my mind is my good fortune.

-You are inseparable from me; I will never ever let you go away. Your things are my most favorite to think about consistently. Actually, the reality is it is impossible to forget about you, even for a nano-second.

-I adore you, therefore it is quite tough to lie to you. Yes, at the present moment, I am still thinking about you. Your tantrums, talk, expressions, and everything about you is not easy to let out of mind.

-Loving you is not my need. It is my necessity for living. And, thinking about you is not my habit. It is my daily ritual.

-I feel like the joyous queen of our kingdom because my handsome king loves me with all his heart and soul. You amaze me every time how I fall deeply for you more.

-This planet might be chaotic, but my life with you is beyond perfect. People outside might be mad, but you are the sensible one for me. 

-The joy, laughter, and surprises you bring in my life, nobody can do this. I always feel amazed whenever I see you, that what good deeds I had done, that you are mine.

-Since the time I woke up in the morning, I could not control my mind to stop diverting in your direction consistently.

-My eyes are pleading to see you. My lips are waiting to curled-up into a smile, and the butterflies in my stomach are waiting to flutter. So, tell me when you will fulfill my requests?

-I have millions of reasons to be grateful to God, and you are the first one. There is so much in you that I have never seen anybody. No wonder this is the reason you remain consistent in my thoughts.

-Just mere a touch from you gives me chills. A stare from you makes me nervous. And, a kiss from you makes my heart beat fast like it’s running in the marathon.

-The very first moment I saw you, my gaze remained fixed on your smile. I can say with full confidence that your smile can melt a glacier.

-Your internal kindness, purity, and immenseness reflect through your smile. It dazzles everything around.

-We are inseparable, but still, if any uncertainty makes us apart, then remember that my soul would be gone with you because life has no meaning for me without you being in it.

-All my waiting, prayers, and search is fulfilled in the form of you. You are the most precious prize of living to me. Therefore, life is worth consistently thinking about you and you are only.

-I don’t know if you know or not that what place you have in my life. A fairytale has become a reality with you. This planet has become a paradise for me.

-They ask, Have you ever seen a happy place? I said I see it every day. Yes, I see it in you, my love. Your endless support makes me strong, and your thought makes me smile consistently.

-You have created a reality for me, which is actually more impressive than the fantasy I have seen. And, I want to create memories with you that will never be lost.

-You are the best thought that consistently remains in my mind. Thinking of you is my daily ritual. I promise to write the best story for you. Please always remains mine.

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Thinking of You Messages for Him

-If thinking about you helps me earn money, then I would be the wealthiest person on this earth. You are my consistent and best thought ever.

-Just like human beings can’t survive without food, water, and air. I can’t survive without your thoughts. 

-Do you like manifesting? I personally really like it, and my favorite is imagining you with me.

-Whenever your heart flutter and your curves of lips reach ear to ear, then understand that it is me thinking about you from the core of my heart.

-People think that I am going mad because I consistently smile in my own thinking about you.

-Whenever I think about you, everything becomes blurred and seems non-existed. My main focus consistently remains on you.

-My body feels numb with your touch, and I remain speechless. This world seems so colorful and pleasant, and my heart flutters with joy.

-When we are not together, your thoughts help to make me feel your closeness. Even a nano-second without your thought seems like years to me.

-You are my soulful queen and my lady luck. Thinking of you is the best activity for me, to feel you close to me every time. You are the first lady in my thoughts, and I assure you that you will be the last too.

-I am always pleased to be aware of what profound extent your emotions have obtained within my mind. And, my heart is already your slave.

-No matter how tired I am, your thought makes me feel fresh and joyous. Thinking about you is the best time for me to relax and cherish our togetherness.

-Whether it is day or night, I always find thinking about you is right. I adore you, endlessly and immensely.

-Whenever I count the things I grateful for, I always count you the foremost. You are one of those boons, which I considered the precious one.

-I adore you as I had never adored anyone in my life. Therefore, I let you rule on my heart. A glimpse of you makes my heart skips a beat. Moreover, There is no doubt that I want to embrace you in my arms forever and don’t want to let you escape.

-I want to ask for you, from you forever. You are the soulmate, a friend, a lover, and a partner that I need. The most precious in my heart is ‘You.’ I really wish you will realize the depth of my emotions and adorableness for you one day.

-Just like nobody could neglect the fact that he/she can’t survive without oxygen. Similarly, I can’t live without your thoughts. You are God’s precious prize to me for my good deeds. I adore you as I had never adored anyone in my life.

-Your value in my life is increasing every day. You are an epitome of kindness and simplicity, yet you let me feel like a winner always. You are my source of joy and good fortune.

-I want you to feel special in yourself because you have so many individuals in your life who are always prepared to do anything at your command. Therefore, no matter how challenging the situation becomes, you don’t need to quit.

-Your arms are my refuge in all my tough times. Your embrace is enough to let me hide from this world. You were, you are, and you will always be my most secure place.

– Before meeting you, I didn’t know that I have a heart that can beat someone in this way. I wonder how you achieve this place in my heart in such a short time.

-I feel no pain would be higher in the comparison of not being able to see you, not to meet you, not to be able to hold you in the embrace, and to not laugh with you. Overall, you are inseparable from me.

-You made me realize why it is essential to dream big and to think big. How beautiful it is to laugh out loud with you and do love without limits. I am looking forward to more laughs and seeing more dreams with you.

-I feel like I am the most fortunate girl who has a man like you, who is an example of how a gentleman should be. I want to spend my yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever with you.

-You must know that you are my first and last true love. You are always at the top of my preference list. After making many unsuccessful attempts, I still cannot stop my mind from diverting towards you.

-If the thinking level could be measured like blood pressure, then I would successfully destroy all the machines.

-If love and thoughts could be wrapped in anything to deliver to your special one, then you will not receive that parcel from me. Because my love is so immense, that can’t be wrapped in any box.

-I adore you immensely and not be able to divert my mind from you and your thoughts. Can you please come to me to help me with this, if you can?

-The best thing in my daily routine is thinking about you. It becomes my ritual now.

-I don’t know what is wrong with me that I can’t stop thinking about you, even then when you are sitting next to me. Each love-filled moment that we have shared makes me feel shy.

-You know what, these days I start doing something weird. I suddenly start laughing anywhere and anytime when any funny memory of us comes into my mind.

Thinking Of You Messages For Your Love Partner

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