35+ Sweet Thinking Of You Paragraphs to Send

When we are deeply in love with someone, we want to let them know that we are thinking of them.

These are best sent suddenly and at any hour of the day. Here are some paragraphs that you can get inspiration from. 

list of Sweet Thinking Of You Paragraphs to Send

~ You may not know that you are always on my mind.  I don’t say it often but trust me, there isn’t a single day or a single hour that I don’t think of you. The very thought of you makes me smile and honestly, it’s the best stress reliever that I can have. I cannot imagine my life without you and no matter what happens or how far apart we are, I will always think of you every hour, every day! 

~ No matter if it is for 5 minutes or 5 hours, I miss you. I think of you whenever I am not around you. You might say that I’m obsessed with you, but I think it is a positive obsession. You make me happier than anyone else and even after how far we have come, I still want to be around you all the time. I wish I could hold you in my arms right now and dance to some slow music, tuck your hair behind your ears and enjoy the moment.

~ If there is one high that I enjoy, it’s the high I get when I am around you. You just have something that never fails to drive me crazy. I just want to let you know that I love you and I am thinking of you now.  How I wish you were here with me. Didn’t want things to sound cliché but I really mean it for sure. You give me a light that drives me through the darkest of times and no matter where I go or what I do, I always want you with me to make it through the best and the worst times of life.

~ There is always someone in life who is the ultimate companion that one needs. In my life, it has been only you ever since the day I met you. Starting from the first moments that I met you till today, there hasn’t been a single moment that I wanted to stay away from you. I just wanted to tell you that I’m thinking of you and I can’t wait to get together with you. Couldn’t we just let everything go and be around each other all the time?

~ Whenever I think of you, I think of love, I think of kindness, I think of wisdom. I just wanted to thank you for being you. I just want to stare into your eyes and forget all my worries and be fully in that moment the next time I see you. The only images that pass my mind most of the day, each day, are of yours and the beautiful moments that we have shared so far. If I could spot a star each time I thought of you, I think I could’ve seen the entire galaxy, maybe more. 

~ My heart is bitter with me, my mind doesn’t want to think of anything else, my soul craves just to be with you. Consider this an appreciation for making me understand what butterflies in my stomach would feel like. Of the million times I keep thinking of you, this time I just can’t tell you how much I am craving to go to you – creep up to you and kiss you. I really have nothing much to say, but to say that I love, and I am thinking of you. 

~ Every second feels so long when I am not around you. If it has to be for eternity, I think I will do whatever it takes to stop the world and stay just to see you. I want you in my times of fun, in times of pain, in times of the sun, and even when it rains. I’m in a constant battle with myself to stop thinking of you but I just can’t seem to stop.

~ At times I feel that my heart and brain don’t want to be mine anymore. Whenever I close my eyes, the only thing that my brain can show are images of you and my heart tends to love you and miss you a little too much every time. I don’t think any amount of time is enough for me to love you. This isn’t something that I’m just saying. I only wish I could tell you how much I am thinking of you now. 

~  If there is a thought that comes to my head through the day – from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep – it is of you. If you too are thinking of me, could we not get together and spend these moments together in our thoughts. All of our memories together keep my brain full and my heart satiated so that I crave you a little less.

` There is no particular moment in time that reminds me of you. You’re so special that my heart does not need a reason to be with you or think of you all the time. You are my most favorite escape route and you are someone with whom I can wholly be myself with. If there is one thing I want to do each day of my life, it would be to love you. A little more every other day

` My heart seems to have lost track. It is so hooked to you that no matter how much I want to satisfy it, it doesn’t seem to understand. At times, I love imagining just for the sake of it because I love thinking of you all the time. I now understand how intense love can grow on someone.

~ My brain is clouded with two thoughts throughout the day. The first thought that does not fail to entangle my brain is YOU. The second thought that makes me go a little weaker is the thought of being with you. I just want to let you know how much I am thinking of you and how much I want to creep up to you and tell you how much I love you.

~ Smiles are attractive, I knew. But I never imagined how addictive smiles could get. You’re like the necessary drug that keeps me going and growing. Our sweet memories never fail to bring a smile to my face. I can’t wait to relive and repaint those memories with you. I just want to tell you that no matter where I go, I want to hold your hand. That is the only confidence I need.

~ If there was a trophy for thinking of you, I would win it every day. The color of your hair, the brightness of your smile, or the love in your eyes are things that my heart wishes to choose every day. If there is one hobby that is my favorite of everything that keeps me busy the entire day, it would be to think of you. You just have something that I really can’t get enough of.

~ I have often contemplated what makes me think of you so much.  Out of all the things that cloud my brain every day, the thought of you rules out all of the other thoughts and my brain does not seem to get enough of it either. My brain just seems to freeze on your thought and refrains to think of other things.

~ If my brain needed a stimulant to stay up and running the entire day, it would be you. You are the medicine that cures everything that my mind has to go through. When I think of you, everything I do and my life as a whole feels so worth living. It is easy to find a beautiful face but very difficult to find a beautiful heart and I can proudly and confidently say that I have managed to find my treasure. And the treasure is you, my love.

~ They say time and tide wait for none. But what if we could turn things around and make sure that they do wait for lovers who don’t seem to let go of each other. Every minute goes by as I think of you. If I ever want to get lost somewhere, it would be in your thoughts. That is one place that I would love to stay forever and more. 

~ No matter what I do or where I go, I just can’t seem to stop thinking of you. Be it at work, the gym, or even before going to bed, everything seems to remind me of you. Trust me, it is a beautiful feeling, and it is therapeutic to my heart. I so want to experience every moment with you and the very thought of not being with you is dreadful. I just wanted to let you know how much I think of you. 

~ I never feel distant from you because in my head we are always close and very near each other. Distance does not always make the heart grow fonder. Maybe in our case, none of us want to be distant from each other. Maybe we could be with each other at every step and every turn of life that we take. Maybe it is the way things are meant to be for us. 

~ When I try to live in the moment, I feel like living it with you. My moments and my whole life are incomplete without you and you are always on my mind. As crazy as it may sound, I want you near me all the time. Let us do things together and with each other at our sides. The moments I spend with you can’t be expressed in words and I know that you too feel the same way. 

~ If I were a scientist, I would earnestly try and make a teleportation machine that could take me to you at any point of time that I wanted so that there would never be a moment where I am thinking of you. I wish I could head straight to you and feel you in my arms. Few people are lucky enough to get someone as special as you and I don’t want to spend a single moment without you. 

~ Whenever I am low and I need some encouragement and motivation, my brain is wired to show me images of you. The very thought of you pacifies me and I instantly feel so good. I hope this stays forever. Never in my life could I have imagined that someone could make me go as week kneed as you do. My heart doesn’t skip just one beat when it thinks of the way you smile. Thanks for making me understand what love feels like. 

~ I’m breathing but I feel lost. That’s because I can’t seem to stop thinking about you. You don’t know how much I miss you and how much I carve to see you now. I wish that there were some roads that we didn’t need to travel. My heart is stuck with you and doesn’t seem to let go of your thoughts. 

~ The only good thing about not being with you is the feeling of writing to you how much I miss you. Ever since we have met, there hasn’t been a single moment that my brain has allowed me to think of something else other than the thought of being with you. Trust me when I say this, I love you and I love you enough to spend the rest of my life with you.

~ I wish I could show you what my mind sees. I wish I could show you the things that I dream of and things I want to do with you. I think of you every day. That is the only necessary drug that keeps me motivated. I have found the only person who can brighten up my day even without being around all the time. The very thought of you is so satisfying. You’re amazing! <3   

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