107+ Best Thinking of You Quotes for You

There are billions and millions of people on earth but there is always that one person whom you are thinking about constantly and perhaps that person is thinking about you as well.

So, if you want to let them know about your feelings and why you think about them then, here is a compilation of some ‘thinking of you’ quotes specially crafted for you.

Best Thinking of You Quotes for You

-When I close my eyes, there is always this one person who I think about and that is you. -Anonymous

-I think about you so much that I feel like I would never stop thinking about you even after I die. -Anonymous

-Whenever I get into any trouble or worry about anything in my life, I start thinking about you and everything becomes fine. -Anonymous

-There is nobody else I can think about right now except you. -Anonymous

-No matter what I do, I will never stop thinking about you. -Anonymous

-If there is one person whom I can never stop thinking about, is you. -Anonymous

-We must be grateful to all those people and think about them more who keeps our soul happy. – Marcel Proust

-My heart keeps on dancing with joy whenever I think about you. -Debasish Mridha

-Between so many uncountable yesterdays and so many uncountable tomorrows, there will be only one today. And I will not let it pass without letting you know that I am thinking of you most of the day. -Mitch Cuento

-Whenever I am thinking of you, I think about wisdom, kindness, and love. Thanks for being what you are today and I want you to stay like this. -Sam Crow

-Some people are so important to you that to cannot stop thinking about them. – Walt Whitman

-I think about you each and every second, whether you are with my mind or with my heart. -Terri Guillemets

-There is only one good thing about not being able to see you and that is I will be able to write you letters while thinking of to at the same time. -Svetlana Alliluyeva

-Even though there are millions of people on earth but there is only special whom you cannot stop thinking about. -Anonymous

-You must promise me that you will never forget me because if you ever do so then I will make sure never to leave you. – A.A. Milne

-My mind and my heart think about you every time I am awake and also when I am not. -Anonymous

-My heart starts to beat faster when I think of you. -Anonymous

-When I am watching romantic movies, I start thinking of you and I imagine is together. -Anonymous

-I just want to know that you are the only person I think about whenever I am alone. But even when I am surrounded by other people, I never stop thinking about you. -Anonymous

-I have been thinking of you all the time since you left but I hope you come back to me soon. -Anonymous

-You must know that all this time I have been thinking of you and praying for you. I hope that you are doing good. No matter what happens always remember that you have to follow God and I will always be there by your side. -M.S.Lowndes

-Every now and then, I start thinking about you and my heart takes me back to the time when we created those beautiful memories together. -Fad Ibra

-You are the only person whom I need right now and think about every time. — Ed Sheeran

-I think of you so much that I would miss you even when you go to sleep. -Anonymous

-I want to hug so tight that you would know that all I ever think about is you. I have nothing to say more because even you know that how much I think of you. -Anonymous.

-When I feel like smiling and when I want to be happy, I know what to do then. I start thinking of you. -Anonymous

thinking of you quotes

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I thinking of you quotes

-When everything around me turns dark and when I am having a good day or have a tough time, I start thinking of you and suddenly I feel happy and strong because I know you would always be there to support me. -Anonymous

-Just thinking of you make me strong enough to fight anything that confronts me. -Anonymous

-You have been on my mind all day and that’s what had made my day so much better. -Anonymous

-You are always in my thought and this is exactly why I don’t feel lonely and sad these days. -Anonymous

-If someone ever gives me a dollar for each time you come into my thoughts, I would become soon because you never leave my thoughts. – Anonymous

-Whether we are together or not, you’re always in my thoughts. — Anonymous

-Sometimes I smile like a foolish and then I realize that I have been thinking of you all this time. -Anonymous

-If you look at me and see me smiling then you must know that I have been thinking of you. -Anonymous

-If you are unable to get someone out of your head and you think about them most of the time then you must know they are really special to you. -Anonymous

-If you cannot get someone out of your head then they are meant to be there forever. -Anonymous

-There is only one good thing about not being able to see you is that I will be able to write you letters. — Svetlana Alliluyeva

-You must know somewhere there is someone who is always thinking of you and calling you an angel. They are using their imagination to create your beautiful image so that you can also live in their mind. — Henry Rollins

-If I get a single flower each time when I am thinking of you, then I could create my own garden. — Claudia Adrienne Grandi

-One day I found myself smiling without any reason and then I realized that it was because I was thinking of only you. -Anonymous

thinking of you quotes

-Whether it is day or night, I spend most of the time thinking of you. -Anonymous

-When I am far away from you, your thought brings me closer to you because I cannot imagine my life without you. -Anonymous 

-The sky would soon be empty if a star fell from the skin each time I think of you. -Anonymous

-Last night when the entire world was sleeping, I stayed up and was thinking of you only. And I wish, that even you are thinking about me. — Selena Quintanilla Perez

-Even words cannot describe how much you mean to me and why you are so special to me. All that I can say is that I smile more whenever I think of you. -Natalie Anderson

-There were two fallen branches that made a great shape. It just made me think of you. — Stephanie Perkins

-Here I am, thinking of you most of the time and no one else. A feeling exists inside me for you which will never go away easily. – Angel Hema

-A day without thinking of you is like a cloudy day and a life that has no music. You give me sunshine and fills my heart with music. – Alfiya Shaliheen

-I smile to no one whenever I am thinking of you. -Anonymous

-I am not aware of what the spaces between each second is called but whatever it is, I think of you even in those intervals. -Anonymous

-Thinking of you is my addiction. -Anonymous

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