145+ This or That Questions for Your Partner

I am a firm believer that when two people are in a relationship👩‍❤️‍👨, they make choices and have diverse perspectives on life and many other elements. This article’s set of questions❓ is about making the best decision. Just kidding, of course. 

Who cares if you make the right decision or not? All that matters is that you are brave enough to make the difficult choices. 

This game taught me more about my partner’s choices. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Relationship Preferences Questions for Your Partner

Relationship Preferences Questions For Your Partner

When you think about it, a relationship centers around so many things, such as meeting family👪, spending time together⌛, showing each other love, date evenings, and so on. 

Check out the following questions to see what kinds of preferences you and your partner have.

  • Would you rather have a calm evening🌆 at home or go out to a lavish dinner?
  • Do you prefer communicating your love through physical touch🫂 or verbal affirmations?
  • Is it more important to you to prepare for every aspect of a trip🧳 or to be spontaneous and go with the flow?
  • Do you like setting explicit relationship goals or allowing the relationship to develop naturally?
  • Do you like spectacular gestures or sincere, intimate moments to mark significant occasions?
  • Do you prefer writing notes📄 or having face-to-face interactions to communicate your emotions?
  • Would you rather prioritize regular quality time⌛ together or arrange a few costly outings?
  • Are you more at ease discussing serious, philosophical issues or lighthearted, daily issues?
  • Do you prefer to resolve issues as soon as they emerge, or do you want to give each other room and time to process them?
  • Is it more important to you to develop a clear timeline for relationship milestones or to let them emerge naturally?
  • Would you rather display affection through tiny, everyday gestures or by huge, romantic actions on occasion?
  • Do you prefer to be the one who organizes and starts date evenings, or do you prefer to be surprised by your partner?
  • Would you rather share every detail of your day with each other or keep some independence and privacy?
  • Do you prefer having a calm dialogue to settling issues or taking time to cool off first?
  • Would you rather arrange surprise vacations or surprise each other with gifts?

Communication and Understanding Questions for Your Partner

Communication And Understanding Questions For Your Partner

Good communication with your partner, in my opinion, is the most powerful and long-lasting instrument in any relationship. 

I’ve made it a habit of occasionally discussing what troubles me about our relationship with my girlfriend. Consider the following questions.

  • Do you prefer to communicate your emotions through words or actions?
  • Do you prefer deep, serious discussions or light and casual ones when discussing significant issues?
  • Would you want to have regular check-ins for relationship discussions or to deal with difficulties as they arise?
  • Would you prefer to have set apart “no-tech” time⌛ to focus on each other, or would you rather incorporate technology into your communication?
  • Do you prefer to express your feelings verbally or via your actions and behavior?
  • Do you prefer to express your appreciation and gratitude with words or with thoughtful gestures?
  • Would you rather discuss your thoughts and feelings with your partner on the spur of the moment or after thorough consideration?
  • Do you prefer to discuss significant issues in person, or do you prefer to communicate by text or email?
  • Do you prefer a regular, organized approach to communicating or allowing it to flow organically?
  • Do you prefer to sit quietly and listen during discussions, or do you want to actively participate and provide feedback?
  • Do you prefer to initiate the conversation when discussing delicate topics, or do you prefer to wait for your spouse to do so?
  • Do you prefer direct, plain communication or communication with complexity and nuance?
  • Do you like to address a conflict immediately or take some time to cool off first?

Fantasy Questions for Your Partner

Fantasy Questions For Your Partner

In my opinion, having ridiculous fantasies is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any relationship. It could be about fairy tales, superhumans, aliens👽, or even about each other. 

Check out the questions below if you want to share your fantasies and learn about your partner’s fantasies.

  • Would you rather have a fantastic adventure in a fantasy realm or a romantic retreat in a historical setting?
  • For your shared fantasy, do you choose a sci-fi futuristic scenario or a fanciful medieval realm?
  • Would you prefer to be able to travel back in time⌛ or discover the secrets of the future?
  • In your fantasy world, would you rather have the power to communicate with animals or the ability to fly?
  • Are you more interested in meeting mythological creatures or discovering secret treasures?
  • In your shared imagination, do you envision a fairy tale romance or an epic war against dark forces?
  • Would you rather dwell in a sky-high floating city or an underground kingdom beneath the earth?
  • Do you like a world of funny, talking creatures or one of ancient gods and goddesses?
  • Do you see yourselves as explorers of a lost civilization or champions in an extraterrestrial arena?
  • Would you prefer a fantasy tale in a land where dreams come true or in a world populated by sentient, talking objects?
  • Do you see yourself as strong wizards or as experienced spies on an exciting mission?
  • Would you rather have a fantasy about solving a huge mystery or searching for a lost artifact?
  • Are you drawn to a world full of elves, dwarves, and magic or one full of sophisticated technology and robots🤖?
  • Are you more interested in a fantasy in which nature and the elements play a prominent role or one in which modern technology plays a central part?
  • Do you see yourself as a noble king or as a rebel battling against an unjust regime?
  • Do you want to be a superhero🦸 with superpowers or a pirate on a high-seas adventure?
  • In your shared fantasy, are you both more drawn to exploring outer space or the depths of the ocean?

Vulnerability Questions for Your Partner

Vulnerability Questions For Your Partner

Being vulnerable with someone you care about is the most natural emotion you will ever have. It took me time in my relationship to grasp how my spouse behaves when he is vulnerable and how to effectively support him during these moments. 

The questions I’ve provided below were quite beneficial to me. Please have a look.

  • Is it simpler for you to communicate vulnerability through spoken words or written messages🖊️?
  • Do you feel better at ease expressing vulnerable moments in private or in public?
  • Do you prefer to initiate dialogues regarding your worries and concerns, or do you prefer to wait for your spouse to do so?
  • Would you prefer to talk about vulnerable areas of your history or concentrate on your current feelings and experiences?
  • Is your vulnerability more likely to be shown through comedy and lightheartedness or through seriousness and introspection?
  • Do you feel more comfortable expressing vulnerability when alone with your partner or when surrounded by loved ones?
  • Would you prefer to share sensitive moments on the fly or set aside specific times for deep, meaningful conversations?
  • Is it more common for you to show vulnerability through movements and gestures or through direct, vocal communication?
  • Do you prefer to initiate the conversation when addressing delicate topics, or do you prefer to reply when your spouse does?
  • Would you rather show your vulnerability through touch and physical proximity or verbally?
  • When confronted with a difficult scenario, do you prefer to open up right away or to take your time processing your emotions?
  • Do you like to show your vulnerability through tears😢 and emotions or by calm, composed conversations?
  • In times of adversity, do you seek comfort and support or retreat into solitude?

Philosophies of life Questions for Your Partner

Philosophies Of Life Questions For Your Partner

Humans have differing viewpoints about things. It all depends on numerous things, such as how they were raised, their social lives, and so on. 

Pose these questions to your partner to discover more about what they believe and follow.

  • Do you prefer a philosophy that emphasizes living in the moment or one that emphasizes long-term planning and goals?
  • Do you believe in fate and destiny, or do you believe in the power of free will and human choice?
  • Would you rather prioritize individual self-improvement or teamwork to attain common goals?
  • Would you prefer to follow a set schedule or embrace spontaneity and adaptability?
  • Do you subscribe to a mindset that encourages taking risks and following your dreams or one that emphasizes caution and stability?
  • Are you more prone to believe in humanity’s inherent kindness or in the necessity for ongoing vigilance against possible harm?
  • Would you rather emphasize having experiences and making memories or gaining material stuff and wealth💸?
  • Do you identify with a philosophy that promotes detachment from material possessions or with one that values ownership and accumulation?
  • Do you prefer a philosophy that emphasizes simplicity and minimalism or one that emphasizes richness and indulgence?
  • Are you drawn to a philosophy that stresses personal success and achievement or one that emphasizes compassion and giving back to the community?

Travel and adventure Questions for Your Partner

Travel And Adventure Questions For Your Partner

Traveling together brings out the best in each other, especially while surviving together in difficult situations. 

Sounds complex, doesn’t it? No, it’s not; I was joking. So, do you truly know where your partner likes to travel🧳? If not, you should check these questions.

  • Do you prefer a destination recognized for its wildlife and natural wonders or for its architectural wonders and urban landscapes?
  • Would you rather visit a city with a vibrant arts and culture scene or one with amazing natural beauty?
  • Do you prefer a peaceful ride along scenic canals or an exciting trip into the wilderness?
  • Do you prefer to explore a location through planned tours and activities, or do you prefer to forge your own path of discovery?
  • Would you prefer to spend your holiday exploring a crowded city or relaxing on a calm beach?
  • Do you prefer a car trip through beautiful scenery or a cruise🚢 to interesting locations?
  • Is it more important to you to prepare every aspect of a trip or to be spontaneous and go with the flow?
  • Do you like to visit historical buildings and museums or engage in outdoor activities such as hiking🚶 and camping?
  • Do you wish to visit a tropical paradise or embark on an adventure expedition to a difficult terrain?
  • Would you rather visit a destination recognized for its natural beauty or one known for its rich cultural heritage?
  • Do you prefer an itinerary jam-packed with activities and excursions, or do you prefer a more calm, leisurely pace?
  • Do you prefer a winter wonderland with snow and skiing or a summer paradise with sun and beaches?
  • Do you want to visit a city with a lively nightlife and entertainment scene or one with peaceful, serene surroundings?

Hobbies and activities Questions for Your Partner

Hobbies And Activities Questions For Your Partner

It’s fine if you and your partner have different interests. All that matters is how much you value each other’s liking. If you are fresh to the relationship, the questions I have provided can be beneficial.

  • Would you rather go on a long stroll in the woods or take a cookery lesson together?
  • Do you prefer spending a relaxing Sunday reading books📚 or going on a bike ride?
  • Would you prefer to paint🖌️ or work on a home improvement project on your own?
  • For a date night, would you prefer to take a dance class💃 or see a theater production?
  • Do you want to go on a scenic photography tour or a pottery-making workshop?
  • Are you more likely to try a new restaurant and try new cuisines or to make a meal together at home?
  • Do you enjoy gardening and cultivating your own plants🌱, or do you prefer outdoor sports such as tennis or golf?
  • Do you prefer doing yoga together🧘 or heading to the gym for a high-energy workout?
  • Would you rather go to a wine-tasting event or visit a new craft beer brewery?
  • Would you rather explore a new city on foot or by renting bicycles🚴?
  • Do you prefer playing board games or competing in video games🎮?
  • Do you prefer going to live concerts or remaining in to listen to music🎶 and dance💃 together?

Goals and aspirations Questions for Your Partner

Goals And Aspirations Questions For Your Partner

I am an extremely ambitious person who believes she has a long way to go and a lot to accomplish. 

My travel companion is just as ambitious as I am, and it’s fantastic to travel with someone who shares my goals. Ask each other these questions to learn more about your relationship.

  • Do you want a life full of travel🧳 and experience or one focused on creating a secure home?
  • Would you rather prioritize professional success and achievements or personal growth and self-improvement?
  • Is it more important to you to build a family👪 and raise children or to devote your time to personal activities and passions?
  • Do you want external validation and acclaim, or do you find fulfillment in internal satisfaction and achievement?
  • Do you want to build a calm haven for relaxation or a vibrant, buzzing hub of social activity?
  • Would you rather devote your attention to spiritual and philosophical pursuits or to practical, day-to-day concerns?
  • Would you rather be creative and innovative in your chosen industry or find comfort and fulfillment in a typical job?
  • Do you prefer a life of self-sufficiency and self-reliance or one of community and social bonds?
  • Do you prefer to preserve a sense of stability and routine while embracing change and adapting to new circumstances?
  • Do you picture a life centered on common interests and passions or one that allows for individual pursuits and endeavors?
  • Do you want to own a quiet country home🏠 or a sleek, bustling city apartment🏙️?
  • Do you prefer to spend your time volunteering and giving back to the community, or do you prefer to pursue personal hobbies and interests?


The questions posed in this article can be of great assistance if you are fresh to a relationship and will help you learn more about your spouse so you can do a better job with your next surprise trip🧳, date evenings, and even gifts🎁. 

I enjoyed dividing questions for this article since it is something I have attempted in my own relationship, so I can assure you that you would not settle for anything. 

Let me know how comparable your preferences were with your partners in the comments.

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