150+ Tinder Conversation Starters for Guys

Are you new to Tinder? You might think of how to text your matches to grab their attention and have more interesting chats. We put down some conversation starters for guys. Look out, girls; these men are here to make you feel loved and validated like never before! Good luck!

Tinder Conversation Starters for Guys

#1 Hi. How has your day been so far?

#2 Hi. I was almost sure we would match. Thank God we did.

#3 Hi. The first time I saw your profile, I knew we would match. We have so much in common.

#4 Hi. It feels funny that we met here, no?

#5 Hi. Have you been a resident of this area for a long time or recently shifted here?

#6 Hi. Your job sounds very intriguing. Can you tell me what exactly you do at work?

#7 Hi. What is a perfect first date, according to you?

#8 Hi. Let’s make it clear first. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

#9 Hi. Just letting you know that I love your eyes.

#10 Hi. You have great pictures on your profile.

#11 Hi. What’s the best part about going to college?

#12 Hi. Are you a mountain person or a beach person?

#13 Hi. I think you are so cute. Too bad we didn’t meet earlier.

#14 Hi. You are way too beautiful to date guys from Tinder.

#15 Hi. I have just moved into this city. Can you suggest to me some good restaurants?

#16 Hi? Do you like your job?

#17 Hi. I like your fashion sense.

#18 Hi. I must admit, you’ve got some pretty dresses.

#19 Hi. What do you prefer- NFL or college football?

#20 Hi. Which is your favorite football team?

#21 Hi. What do you generally do after work?

#22 Hi. Suppose you had an extra hour of the day; what would you spend it doing?

#23 Hi. What was the song you were listening to this morning?

#24 Hi. Have you watched any good movies recently?

#25 Hi. Have you tried out any weird food?

#26 Hi. Who would you want it to be if one animal could talk to you?

#27 Hi. What do you like more- spicy or sweet food?

#28 Hi. The first thing I did this morning was text you because you are so beautiful.

#29 Hi. What brings you to Tinder?

#30 Hi. I think you are so cool and smart. I don’t know how we even matched.

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Things to Discuss with Your Tinder Date:

  • Your hometown.
  • Your favorite movies and TV shows
  • Your favorite music genre
  • Your favorite food
  • Your ambitions and passions
  • Your travel ideas
  • Your pets
  • Shared common interests
  • Current affairs
  • Jokes and memes

Good Conversation Starters Tinder

#1 Hi. Everyone has secret talents, no? What’s yours?

#2 Hi. What was the worst ‘first message’ someone sent you on Tinder?

#3 Hi. I think you are the Tindrella of my life.

#4 Hi. I have never watched Friends. Any thoughts?

#5 Hi. The first time we go out, I promise you it will be a 6-feet apart date.

#6 Hi. So glad we matched. Let’s turn this into a love story.

#7 Hi. Who do you love most in your family?

#8 Hi. Tell me the weirdest food combination that you want me to try out.

#9 Hi. I saw the photos on your profile. I like that you travel so much.

#10 Hi. Tell me one thing that you know, but most people don’t.

#11 Hi. Do you dance a lot at parties?

#12 Hi. You have a beautiful smile. What makes you smile more often?

#13 Hi. People say patience is essential, but I couldn’t wait to talk to you.

#14 Hi. Would you tell your parents that we met on Tinder?

#15  Hi. I can kill spiders for you. Would you date me?

#16 Hi. Complete the sentence: Life is incomplete without ____?

#17 Hi. How do you manage to look so pretty all the time?

#18 What is your most preferred music genre?

#19 Hi. Do you know the best remedy for the Sunday Scaries?

#20 Hi. That jacket looks so cool on you. Can I borrow it someday?

#21 Hi. What do you think about the incident that happened a few days ago?

#22 Hi. The greatest crossover nobody thought of since the Avengers is us matching on Tinder.

#23 Hi. What cartoon character would you like to be?

#24 Hi. Where would you go if you could go anywhere in this world in a blink?

#25 Hi. What is that one embarrassing thing that often keeps you awake at night?

#26 Hi. It’s almost the weekend, and I guess we could plan something.

#27 Hi. Have you recently been to any concerts?

#28 Hi. I wanted you to spare some time from your busy schedule so that we could Facetime.

#29 Hi. How was the lockdown experience for you?

#30 Hi. There’s only one word I have for you- stunning.

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Dating Apps to Try Out:

  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • OkCupid
  • Grindr
  • Badoo
  • Plenty Of Fish
  • Happn
  • Tinder
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Clover

Funny Conversation Starters Tinder

#1 Hi. How do you spend your alone time- reading a book or watching a film?

#2 Hi. I think I should call you WiFi because I can feel a connection.

#3 Hi. Sorry, you are so pretty that I forgot my pickup line.

#4 Hi. I would have picked you first if you were a booger.

#5 Hi. I think you are Google. Because I finally found what I had been searching for so long.

#6 Hi. Do you think swiping right on Tinder counts as an exercise?

#7 Hi. Is your dad a king? Because you are indeed a princess.

#8 Hi. Are you on Tinder often?

#9 Hi. YOu could have texted me first, but I decided to step up and take one for the team.

#10 Hi. Tinder owes me a gift because I would not have met you without them.

#11 Hi. Do you know something called love at first swipe?

#12  Hi. Your pet dog is so cute. Can you give him my number so that we can chat every day?

#13 Hi. Thank God we matched! My thumb was getting tired.

#14 Hi. Just leaving for Walmarts. Do you need anything?

#15 Hi. I keep my cheesy pickup line aside and simply say hello.

#16 Hi. I know your inbox must get flooded daily, but dam, you are cute.

#17 Hi. I hope this Tinder match leads to a great dinner soon.

#18 Hi. Let’s catch up on drinks!

#19  Hi. You are such a nice person. What are you doing on Tinder?

#20 Hi. I would like to thank you for allowing me to start this conversation.

#21  Hi. I just think you are adorable. That’s it.

#22 Hi. You must be a barista because I like you a latte.

#23 Hi. Have you had a dining experience with us? I promise you won’t regret it. Our service is good.

#24 Hi. I have no idea about pickup lines. Do you know one?

#25 Hi. I didn’t receive any messages from you. I guess they got lost in space.

#26 Hi. I think we would make a nice Gouda pair. Don’t you think so too?

#27 Hey Google, tell this girl she is the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen.

#28 Hi. You must be a country road because I want you to take me home.

#29 Hi. A quick question, what is your favorite Harry Styles song?

#30 Hi. I think your hands are too heavy. Would you want me to hold them for you?

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Reasons to Be Single:

  • You can focus on your career.
  • You will be more active in life.
  • You can achieve your goals easily.
  • You can explore your creativity.
  • You have a free schedule.
  • You will be financially stable.
  • You can live in your comfort zone.
  • You can spend more family time.
  • You can spend more time with your friends.
  • You can explore places by yourself.

Flirty Conversation Starters Tinder

#1 Hi. I don’t remember when we spoke last. We need to talk more often.

#2 Hi. I dreamt that we were on a date. So, I decided to wake up and check with you if we could make that a reality.

#3 Hi. I am cute. You are pretty. So, as a couple, we will be pretty cute.

#4 Hi. Tell me honestly. My message made you smile, right?

#5  Hi. I am here to ask you out, but I would start with a simple hello.

#6 Hi. Okay. Enough with the small talk. When is our date?

#7  Hi. Are you free this weekend? Because I am.

#8 Hi. I am watching Barbie, but even they aren’t as cute as you.

#9 Hi. You were waiting for me to text you, no?

#10 Hi. I suck at pickup lines. Would you help me out?

#11 Hi, stranger. I think it’s time that you stopped being a stranger.

#12 Hi. Chatting on Tinder is okay, but I don’t get to see your beautiful face all the time.

#13 Hi. I just went through the entire dictionary. No word can describe exactly how beautiful you are.

#14 Hi. I am not a science student, but I understand that we will have good chemistry.

#15 Hi. I always thought angels were real. Thank you for confirming it.

#16 Hi. I don’t need alcohol anymore because you keep me intoxicated.

#17 Hi. Thank God I’ve met you. I don’t need Tinder anymore.

#18 Hi. I’ll just cut to the chase. Give me your number so that I can text you.

#19 Hi. When are we getting a drink?

#20 Hi. I texted you first. Now, you have to kiss me first.

#21 Hi. I promise you that talking to me will fix your mood.

#22 Hi. We are going to have so much fun.

#23 Hi. What would you do if I said you were the cutest person ever?

#24 Hi. I saw on your profile that you love coffee. I do too. How about a coffee date?

#25 Hi. I got you some flowers (flower emojis). But, of course, you get the real ones when you meet me.

#26 Hi. I can’t see you right now. But I can imagine how pretty you look.

#27 Hi. I don’t remember the last time I was so happy. Oh, wait, I do. It was when we matched.

#28 Hi. If you reply to this message, you will get a date with me.

#29 Hi. Just telling you that I was in the shower.

#30 Hi. I have nothing to do these days except think about you.

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Ways to Say ‘i Love You without Saying It:

  • Make her breakfast before she leaves for work.
  • Listen to her problems and try to be as supportive as you can.
  • Hug her when she is upset.
  • Take her out on a surprise date.
  • Gift her a book she loves.
  • Give her flowers and chocolates.
  • Cuddle while you sleep.
  • Wait for her so that you can have dinner together.
  • Give equal importance to her family and friends.
  • Don’t go to sleep without resolving a fight. 
  • Make her laugh now and then.

Smooth Tinder Conversation Starter

#1 Hi. All my work is getting delayed because I can’t focus on anything except you.

#2 Hi. Will you be the Jane to my Tarzan?

#3 Hi. It has always been my dream to text you.

#4 Hi. I know you have a name, but I’ll call you mine.

#5 Roses are red; violets are blue, all I want to say is ‘Hi, pretty you!”

#6 Hi. I think you are a camera because I can’t stop smiling whenever I look at you.

#7 Hi. I am so happy to wear the smile you gave me!

#8 Hi. What’s your favorite place in town? Maybe that’s where we can go on our first date.

#9 Hi. Sorry, but you can’t go to the movies with me because snacks are not allowed inside as far as I know.

#10 Hi. Who knew Tinder was where I was going to meet my soulmate?

#11 Hi. So many years of searching for the perfect partner ended when I matched with you.

#12 Hi. Did you swipe right on me? I feel so honored.

#13 Hi. I texted you. Okay, what are your other two wishes?

#14 Hi. We are not just a Tinder match. We are a match made in heaven.

#15 Hi. I hope you know CPR because your beauty takes my breath away.

#16 Hi, If I were looking for kindness and love, I would just look into your eyes.

#17 Hi. I have always been told to follow my dreams. Can I follow you on Instagram?

#18 Hi. All I want to be is a cat so that I can spend nine lives with you.

#19 Hi. I don’t pray much, but God still sent you for me.

#20 Hi. Are you free tonight? Because I am.

#21 Hi. I just got back from my trip. Would you like to hear about it?

#22 Hi. Do you want to hear a funny joke?

#23 Hi. What can I say that will make you burst into laughter?

#24 Hi. What would you do if you had a lot of money?

#25 Hi. What is that one remarkable year of your life?

#26 Hi. Do you have a rough day at work? I am here to make you feel better.

#27 Hi. Let’s plan a road trip together.

#28 Hi. I love cooking. Would you like to try one of my dishes someday?

#29 Hi. My last weekend was so dull. But with you, I hope this one’s great.

#30 Hi. I love your bookshelf. Who is your favorite author?

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Things to Say to Make Your Partner Feel Good:

  • You mean the world to me.
  • You make me so happy.
  • I can never get enough of you.
  • I can’t spend a day without seeing you.
  • You have made my life so much better.
  • You complete me in every way.
  • I am happy I found you in my life.
  • You bless my life like nothing else.
  • There’s nothing more I want than to spend time with you.
  • No one could be a better person than you.


Dating can be fun when you know how to converse smartly with the people you match. We hope these text ideas are helpful and you find a partner with whom you can think of having a nice relationship. Try to be genuine and sensitive. Speak from your heart.

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