How To Ask A Guy Out: 20+ Best Ways

If you have been crushing over some guy lately and can’t wait to make the move, or don’t yet know what would be the best way to make a move, we are here to help you do just that with these tips. Hop along!

Tips On How To Ask a Guy Out

Plan a group date. If you are shy and do not know what exactly you should do when asking your special someone on a date, you can plan a group date and spend time together. This would be a perfect opportunity to ask him out as the setting is friendly and comfortable. 

Ask him out for coffee. Coffee dates are very romantic. For some reason, the easy-going and positive nature of a coffee date is the perfect way to connect with someone on a deeper level. If you two are grabbing coffee together, he will get the hint, and who knows, he might be prepared to date you too. 

Invite him to a movie/game. The “extra ticket” tactic works just great when asking someone out. It is a great way to invite someone to hang out together. Plus, you two can enjoy a great movie or a sport that you two will love. You can use this opportunity to get personal with him too.  Bonus tip: Most guys LOVE some sport.

Do things that excite you two. Together. If you two have mutual interests that excite the two of you, there is no better way to hang out together. You can ask him out in this way too. He will know that you want to experience stuff together and he will have a little more of a soft corner for you. 

Use cheesy pickup lines. Guys tend to love cheesy pick-up lines a lot. You could use a disgusting and cringy one too and the two of you can have a good laugh. This is a cute and quirky way to ask a guy out. Chances are he will play his cards using his favorite pickup lines too. 

You could buy him a drink. Buying him his favorite drink will show him that you care and see him as someone special. This is a great way to indirectly tell him that you like him a little too much. He will love it.

Resort to a common friend. A great way to ask a guy out is to not ask him all by yourself at all. Ask your friend to do the work for you. At times, it is difficult to ask someone out if you like them a lot. The work becomes a lot easier if someone you trust does it for you. This especially works if you are too much of a shy person. 

Ask him out over text. If you aren’t confident enough to ask him out directly in person or via call, you could do it over text. Many of the millennial relationships have had a similar start. Most people ask out and engage in convos mostly over text messages. 

Exchange a lot of messages. Following the above point, try and talk a lot over text. This way you will get to know him a lot better and also know if he feels the same way about you and also understands if you should ask him out in the first place. 

Ask him out in person. Guys tend to love girls who can make the first move. Most guys would love to be asked out because that is something that does not happen always. It is a great way to ask a boy out in person. They will have respect for you. 

Trust your gut feeling. Trust your gut. If you think that it’s a perfect time to go ahead and make the first move, do it. Don’t always wait for the perfect opportunity, make one for yourself. 

Send shy text messages. Guys tend to like feminine and shy girls a little more. It is somehow attractive to a guy. Send him shy and cute texts here and there to make him know that he is on your mind. 

Write a cute note for him. Something as simple as “You’re Cute” can go a long way. However tough your guy seems from the outside, he will enjoy a little cute love. He will appreciate this and chances are he will try doing something cute in return.

Send him some flowers. Guys like flowers too. This will show how much you care. It is a great way to ask your boy out. He will know that you are super interested. Guys like small gestures as much as girls do and if your guy is an emotional person, you will get bonus points. 

Send him his favorite dish. If your guy seems to be a foodie, you can send him his favorite dish. It’s as they say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Guys generally love to eat. 

Plan group activities together. Planning group activities is another great way to ask your boy out. Your guy will least expect it. And this can be the perfect opportunity to ask your boy out. It will be a pleasant surprise for him. 

Be friends with his best friend. Just the policy that many guys use to woo a girl, you could resort to this option and befriend his best friend fast to know exactly how and what you need to do to win your man’s heart. 

Ask him out on your birthday. A birthday is a great time to ask a girl out. If he is interested in you, chances are he will want to make the day special for you. What’s more special than actually getting together with your love interest on your birthday? The game gets doubled up. 

Slip a note in his bag. Guys also like a little bit of teasing and pleasing. Slipping in a note in his bag or the pocket of his shirt could take the scene from cute to playful to naughty. A note is a great way to speak out your heart in a subtle way. 

Ask to hang out in the gym. If your guy is a gym freak and so are you, you could make the most of this opportunity to hang out in the gym often. It is a great stress-busting activity and you two could get together really well. 

Do projects together.  You have seen it in the movies and it works in real life too, when you do projects together, you too will initiate a little amount of healthy dependency on each other. This will also help you two lean on each other. 

Ask him out directly. Rather than leading each other on and playing those stupid dating games, you could go on and ask him out directly. In fact, it will help in building trust and also get you two closer to each other.  

Be upfront, if you can. Rather than keeping on dropping hints here and there, be upfront with your intentions. This will also help you stay out of the dreaded friendzone. Of all things, you wouldn’t want to get friend-zoned. So, it is a great way to ask your guy out.   

You could take the direct approach. If you want to keep the weight off your shoulder fast, and are more of a straightforward person, it’s best to take the high road and directly approach the guy you like. This will show your confidence.

Get cozy with him. Boys or men are visual creatures and love physical contact. You need to play a little and also get comfortable and physically intimate with him if possible. This way they will also want more of you and thus, it’ll be easier for you to ask him out.

Make him have feelings for you. As manipulative as it sounds, you need to make the guy fall for you. No, you don’t need to play unnecessary mind games but do things to show him that you are interested and also have him interested. For example, open up to him, spend time together, do activities together, etc.

Write him a poem. A poem is also a great way to subtly let him know that you like him. If you are a romantic, this will be a great way to ask your guy out as it is very sweet and guys love things handmade for them as much as girls do. 

Give him a mixtape of his favorite songs. Small personalized or customized gifts like a mixtape will show your guy that you indeed do have some strong special feelings for him as you are making gestures to make him feel special and win his heart. This is also an indirect way of telling him that you like him. 

Be lovey-dovey around him. Guys love to be loved just like all girls do. A lot of them also like it when their partners show love for them publicly. You can be all roses and blossoms around him and he will surely like it. Make sure you don’t overdo it as he might feel suffocated. 

Show him that you care. If he is ill or something is bothering him and he opens up to you. Tell him that you are by his side by comforting him with some emotional and mental support. This will tell him that you really do care. This may also make you feel that this is a very friendly gesture, but if you have been clear with your intentions, you are good to go. After all, everyone searches for a friend in their partners. 

Know if he is interested. Before you plan to make the first move, you need to know If he is interested in you or if he is giving you mixed signals. You need to know this early as you don’t want to get yourself heartbroken later.

Get a little physical. If you are bold enough, you could take things to the next level early on. If you are at a party and think that you and your guy are having special moments, make the move and kiss him. Needless to say, this will tell him that you are interested in him.

Know that guys are visual creatures. Let’s face it, guys are visual creatures. They are easily attracted to things that excite them from the naked eye. So if you want to impress your guy, wear the dress that he likes most on you or do things for him that will explicitly show him that you are interested.  

Dance with him. When at a social event, if the need of the hour is to shake a leg, hold your guy’s hand and lead them to the dance floor. This will show him that you are not shy to be with him in front of everyone else and love having some fun with him. 

Give him an open-ended invitation. One of the best ways is to place the ball in his court. You can give him open-ended invites and see how he reacts. If he reacts positively and wants to hang out, you will know that he has a thing for you. 

Spend some quality time together. You could also ask him out by asking him to hang out with you in non-conventional ways. You could ask him to hang out in a park on a starry night or to your terrace and exchange some special moments. This will also help you two to connect emotionally and on a deeper level.

Be clear with your intentions. As stated earlier, you need to be specific with your intentions. Just caring way too much for the guy might make him feel that you are just being overly friendly. This is something that you would definitely want to avoid. 

Do not be obsessed. Try and not be obsessed with the guy by overwhelming him with gifts and a lot of special gestures. Save some after you two start dating. Doing too much too soon will make him think twice. You don’t want to make him feel that he owes you anything. Most often, guys tend to have commitment issues more than girls do. 

Tell him that you love him in person. You could set up a special date or just meet him in person to tell him how much you love him. Your guy will be least expecting it and he will want to be with you as he will see a very dominant, bold, and powerful partner in you. 

Go out for dinner. Plan a dinner date, it is simple. It does not necessarily need to be a very upscale restaurant. It could be a downtown pub or café as well. This is a great way to tell him that you want to be more than friends and like to spend time just with him and want to get close with him. 

Hold their hand. Guys like it when their partners hold their hands. Even science has shown that couples who hold hands often share a deeper level of connection with one another. Don’t be shy to make the move. If you wait for the perfect moment, you may never find one at all. You should make the move as soon as possible in subtle ways. 

Make good eye contact. When two people stare each other in the eye, chances are that their hearts grow a little fonder for each other. Try and make good eye contact with your guy, it will show that you are really interested n him and he will get the cue soon enough.

Ask him if he likes you. You could go ahead and ask him if he likes you. This may seem awkward and creepy at first but it is a great way to take things off your chest and get to a conclusion soon. If you are someone who does not love playing games, you could opt for this tip. 

Be confident. It is very sexy. Whenever around your crush, feel confident and confidently show them your interest in them. Although shy girls seem cute and all, there is just something about bold and mature women. They come across as more dependable and more of a challenge. And if your guy is someone who loves chasing challenges, he will surely get hooked on you very soon. 

Be friendly. While you are trying to make the move, do not stop being a friend to him. This will show that you really care and he will surely have a soft corner for you. Everyone likes to be with someone who they can depend on and be vulnerable with when going through a low phase. 

Be spontaneous. Don’t ever get nervous and shaky in front of your guy. This might freak him out and he will also feel awkward around you. This is why you need to spontaneous and keep challenging him. Guys by their innate nature tend to be adventurous and outgoing. They will like the mystery of the future and want to chase you. 

Don’t wait for THAT right moment. Let’s face it, being millennials, dating has become very easy and open and most people are on the lookout for relationships. Don’t be that person who waits for the right moment to make a move and in the meanwhile, some other girl comes into the picture and steals your guy. If you need to make a move, you will have to someday or the other. 

Get him his favorite superhero merchandise. Every boy loves himself a little superhero merchandise. Most guys will have a favorite superhero and it is better to get them something as cute and childish as superhero merch. This will show him that he can be open with you and show his childish nature in front of you. Get him his favorite superhero tee, or a miniature of his idol, or also, some slides with the logo of his most favorite superhero.

Ask him out with a rose. Roses are very romantic and guys love them too. You could propose them with a rose and it will mean the world for them. He will be taken off guard as this is something that guys least expect. Since you are planning to make the first move, why not do it in the best and the most different way possible.

Know that he is not the only guy in the world. You need to know that he is not the only one in the world. If you are head over heels for this guy, don’t get all your hopes stuck on this one person. Know that however special he is, many other guys in the world are just as good or maybe better for you. Take your chances and if things don’t quite work out for you, try and look somewhere else.

Take it easy. Take things easy. If you aren’t having fun while trying to make a move on the person you like, there has to be something wrong. If this is something that causes you too much of a headache or worries, take it easy and if need be, shift your focus.

Know that they are only human. If you tend t become nervous around your crush or would do anything to make things through with him, take a step back and think things over twice. Know if they are that great or you are obsessed with them. This will make things easier for you and you will win your boy’s heart before you even know it. 

Dating is a tough game, it requires reacting as needed to a given situation. The key here is to play it just right and go with the flow. Happy dating!

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