What To Do If You Regret Breaking Up: 65+ Tips For Healing

Breaking up with someone is undeniably one of the most difficult experiences πŸ˜“we go through, no matter our age or gender. It feels as if our heart has been struck by a sudden jolt, leaving us engulfed in emotional turmoil 😡.

Regret often haunts us, making us question whether we made the right choice and if we made a mistake. But don’t lose hope 🌈, because β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή healing is possible.

In this article, we will explore more than 65 helpful tips on what to do if you regret breaking up πŸ’”, finding solace, and ultimately embracing a brighter future.

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Tips To Follow If You Regret Breaking Up. 

1. Make One Final Attempt

It is said that you are always one attempt away from achieving what you want to.

Even if you have broken up and you regret it, just make this one last attempt at getting them back and you might get lucky this time. 

2. Do Not Stop Believing In Love

No matter what happens, never stop believing in love.

Love is beautiful, love is real and you deserve to be a lover, you are more than worthy of it. Just tell yourself that it is not your time yet. 

3. Be Hopeful

Even if you regret what has already happened and feel like the world might be ending, do not forget that it is all a part of something beautiful and that you would be in a much better place pretty soon, always be hopeful about the whole thing. 

4. Ask Yourself If You Will Be Okay Without Them

Question yourself about the importance of that person in your life and whether you would be better off without them.

Being lonely might make you want to regret your decision when it might be beneficial in the long run. 

5. Go Back To All Those Precious Memories

Re-visit all those moments that you made with them and were the happiest in.

Understand that even if things have ended between you and her, those moments are going to forever live in your heart, cherish them. 

6. Listen To Your Favorite Music

Put on your favorite playlist, all those songs that take your mind away from the harsh reality and make you want to start all over again.

Make sure to groove to all your feel-good songs. 

7. Make It Up To Them

If the regret is too much for you to cope with, then you have to try and undo what you have done.

Even if you cannot rewind what has already happened, you have to try to make up for what you have done and pay your dues. 

8. Wrong Your Rights

All the mistakes that have happened in the past, all the things that have gone wrong, and all the times when you wronged her, it is the perfect moment for you to right all those wrongs and be the person that they expected one last time. 

9. Keep Trying If You Believe In Them

No matter how many rejections you have to face, even if they undermine all your efforts, you need to never give up and keep trying if you believe in what you had with them.

If it is true, it will come back. 

10. Make Them Realize That It Was Meant To Be

It could go either way, if you regret breaking up because you feel bad for the other person, make them realize that it was for the best for both of you.

If you feel terrible about it yourself, tell yourself that it was never meant to be. 

11. Believe In Soul Mates

Believe in the concept of soul mates and even more so believe in your soul mate finding you sooner than later.

The person will eventually find their way to you and take all your regrets away in the blink of an eye. 

12. Visit All The Special Places

Re-visit all the places that were your special places.

That park that you guys used to walk around in, that restaurant where you guys had your first meal as a couple, all those places with all those special memories might help you feel better. 

13. Get Them To Relive The Memories

Ask them to tag along with you while going over and doing all those things that you guys used to enjoy as a couple.

When they experience all those emotions, there is a high chance they would want to get back to you. 

14. Re-Ignite The Spark

Try to re-light that spark that made you feel as if you had a connection together.

With time, those sparks keep dimming and eventually vanish and if you manage to reignite that spark, you would have to regret nothing. 

15. Acknowledge The Breakup

The first step towards moving on from that breakup and stopping regretting is to acknowledge and accept what has already happened.

Acknowledge what has happened instead of avoiding it or ignoring it. 

16. Treat It As A Normal Phase Of Life

Couples get together, they separate, it happens every day of the week, and they know that not everyone is lucky.

Treat it as a normal phase of your life like going to college from school or getting a job, and move on when it is done. 

17. Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself to be worthy of being loved and also to love someone with all your heart.

You are going to meet a lot of wonderful things in your life and in doing so, you will finally end up with the person meant only for you, believe in it. 

18. Channelize Your Regret

Regret is a strong word and a stronger emotion. Stronger enough to make or break you.

Channelize this regret into making yourself better, achieving your goals, and reaching places instead of pitying yourself. 

19. Accept That Some Things Are Not Meant To Be

Accept that what you had with your partner, was never meant to last the test of time.

Accept that something in life does not last for the period of a lifetime but is beautiful only till they last. 

20. Focus On Yourself More

Focus on yourself more than you focus on the breakup or the regret that comes with it.

Focus on making yourself so able that you would never have to go through something as dreadful as this. 

21. Keep Yourself Occupied

Keep yourself occupied with productive things like reading, music, or maybe even a hobby that you would love to pursue.

When you have so many things going on in your life, you would have no time to regret them. 

22. Meet Them

Meet them and confront them about what has happened.

Talking to them might not make you feel better immediately but would at least make you accept what has happened and you would not have to hold on to any false expectations.

23. Have A Meaningful Conversation With Them

Engage in a meaningful conversation with them.

Get to know how they are doing since the breakup and if they are on the same page as you. At least try and be a friend to them in the tough times. 

24. Try To Be Friends Again

Just because you guys have broken does not mean you cannot be friends anymore.

Try to end things on a positive note no matter how much you regret it, continue to be a friend to them because that’s how things started initially. 

25. Go Out More

Go out more to meet new people, to socialize more, and to put yourself out there for anyone who might be interested in you, without you knowing.

You would never know what might be lurking beside you until you open your eyes. 

26. Socialize

Go back to meet your friends, your family, and all the new and old people important to you and who care about you.

Break-ups can be tough and you might want to cut yourself off from the world and stay boxed in, but do not do that, go out, socialize, and get back to who you were. 

27. Discover Your Passion

Discover what pushes you to wake up and go out every single day, find out what motivates you to keep trying even after a big breakup, and try to stick to it until you feel like yourself again or until the regret leaves the room. 

28. Start Dating Again

You cannot stay single for the rest of your life and would have to start dating eventually so why not just start now?

It is going to be difficult but the sooner you start, the better it will be. 

29. Check Out A Few Dating Apps

Sign up for a few dating apps to just see and figure out what is going on in the dating scene and what it means to be dating online.

Check out a few profiles and see if you like someone else. 

30. Ask Yourself What Went Wrong

Question yourself about what really caused the breakup. Was it your mistake, was it them or was it just the situation?

Find answers to all those questions and act accordingly to keep the regret at bay. 

31. Be Mature About It

Be very understanding and mature about it, instead of being too hard on yourself and drowning yourself in sorrow, understand that there is a compatibility issue and that you will find someone better. 

32. Find Out New Hobbies

Find out a few new hobbies and keep yourself occupied and do not look towards the direction of the break up for some time, for as long as you can keep your head away from it.

Have fun while you have the time. 

33. Talk To Their Friends

Talk to their friends if they are alright and if they are going through the same things or have completely moved on.

You would know what to do and what is best for you according to the situation that arises. 

34. Observe Them

Observe them closely and look for any signs. See if they are going through the same things that you are and if they show any signs of wanting to get back together.

If yes, try and go for it; if no, you know what you must do. 

35. Give Them Certain Hints

Give them certain hints about how you have been feeling lately and what you are going through because of this breakup.

In best case scenario, you guys get back together and live happily ever after. Worst case, they still stay as friends. Win-Win for you. 

36. Be Completely Normal Around Them

Do not lose your temper or freak out when they are around you. Be your normal self when they are around and act if nothing has happened.

Handle the break up like an adult and be grown-up about it. 

37. Move On

Move on if you have no other option. Move on when all hope seems lost.

Move on if you see them being happier now than when they were with you. Move on and be the person that you once were, happy and satisfied. 

38. Attend Break-Up Discussion Classes

Attend a few discussions or classes that allow you to handle break-ups better.

People who are going through the same things and feel what you are feeling right, telling you their stories would make you feel a lot better. 

39. Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself and do all those things that you have ever wanted to do.

Go out shopping, visit your favorite restaurant, order lots of desserts, and do everything that would make you feel better even for a second. 

40. Confront Them One Last Time

Confront them for one last time and get things in order.

If some part of your heart feels that they still love you and want to come back to you, give it one last shot and hope for the best. 

41. Visit A Therapist

Do not waste any time but visit the therapist if the regret from the break up is taking a huge toll on your mental and physical health.

A therapist might not give you the right advice but would surely listen to all that you have to say and make you feel lighter. 

42. Take It Easy On Yourself

Do not be too harsh on yourself and blame yourself for what has already happened.

You and they are in this together and they have made the same mistakes as you have. There is no reason for you to regret anything. 

43. Start Appreciating Little Things In Life

Start looking at life differently and appreciate the things that you used to overlook earlier.

A breakup shows how fast things can take a turn for the worst and that you should appreciate what you have right now in the given moment. 

44. Delete Their Photos

Delete all their photos from your phone.  There is no reason for you to regret opening your gallery every time you are going through your phone.

You would have to do it someday or the other so why not start now? 

45. Remove Them From Your Contacts

Remove them from your contacts list.

Try and remove them from your life as soon as you can as they are only going to bring more regret in your life and keep you away from feeling happy all by yourself. 

46. End It On A Good Note

Try to end things on a good and positive note to keep the regret to a minimum but remember that once you have broken off, do not keep holding on to the past and hurting yourself every single day.

Leave the past where it belongs. 

47. Return All Their Belongings

Return all their stuff, all their belongings and gifts that might be cluttering your room, and even more importantly, stopping you from moving on and feeling happy.

Getting rid of your regret starts with getting rid of all that crap. 

48. Give Them A Goodbye Gift

Give them a memorable goodbye present and if they still have some feelings for you, they would not be able to accept it.

However, if they do it without any hesitations, understand that it is the end of the line for you guys. 

49. Thank Them For Their Honesty

Thank them for being completely honest with you and instead of stretching the relationship just for the sake of it, they decided to be blunt and tell you the truth.

It was very intelligent and grown-up of them to do so. 

50. Try To Be In Touch

Try to be in touch and know what is going on in their life.

No matter how harsh the breakup, understand that you guys were the best of friends once and no matter what happens, you should not let that friendship get lost. 

51. Do Not Build Up Your Expectations

Do not have false expectations about them coming back and you guys returning to being the happy couple that you once were.

That happens in fairy tales only and you unfortunately are not a part of one. 

52. Know That There Is Always Someone Better Out There

No matter what you have done in the past or what you have been going through, there is always that special someone who will walk into your life and change everything for the better, love you for who you are. 

53. Stop Pitying Yourself

Stop drowning yourself in a pool of self-pity. Do not refuse to move on and be the person that you once were.

Heartbreaks are experienced by people all over the world and you are no exception, move on with your life. 

54. Get A Grip Over Your Life

Get a hold of what is going on in your life.

Say no to your emotions and this breakup be in the driving seat of your life and drive it down the hill. Be the master of your life and take the necessary decisions. 

55. They Do Not Complete You

Understand that you do need them to make you feel complete. You were complete before they walked into your life and you are whole now that they have moved out from it.

You are the same amazing and wonderful human being that you once were, you just refuse to see it. 

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