How To Nicely Friendzone A Guy Over Text: 35+ Gentle Tips

If you love that one friend, but wait, not in THAT way but you don’t want to lose them either, it could be a really difficult situation.

Friendship gives heartbreaks too. When you really love someone as a friend, it affects you when you have to lose them.

Here are some of the ways that you can Nicely Friendzone A Guy?

35 Tips To Nicely Friendzone A Guy Over Text

When friend-zoning a guy, you need to be careful about how you do it. Most guys will soon become desperate and chase you more if you don’t take the right steps.

Give Subtle.

Give Subtle

Obvious Hints. Rather than being aggressive or too blatant, play it clean and give subtle hints that are sure to tell him that he is no more than a friend.

This way, he can understand, and the two of you can still be friends.

Suggest Hanging Out In Groups.

When hanging out, hang out in groups rather than spending time one on one.

This will make him understand that you aren’t really too comfortable being solely around each other. 

Don’t Lead Him On.

While you might like the attention, do not lead him on. This will only make him think that you like him.

Firstly, you will be playing around with someone’s feelings which is morally incorrect and secondly, the more time goes by the harder it will be for him to heal and recover. 

Maintain A Distance.

Maintain A Distance

When friend-zoning a guy, it’s best to give him less importance and maintain a distance.

This will show him that you are not interested in him and he too will try to withdraw himself from this situation.

Be Clear Cut.

You could take the high road while friend-zoning a guy. Just be straightforward and tell them that you don’t like them.

Also, make them know that you might have to stop being friends to avoid complications.

Know If You Truly Want To Friendzone Him.

Know If You Truly Want To Friendzone Him

You too need to know if you like this guy or not. You could also give it a chance and see if it works out fine for you.

Many girls often are in a dilemma that makes them like a guy and not like him at the same time. Reassure yourself whether you truly want to friendzone him. You can try to focus on the positives and it might just work out for the two of you.

Don’t Give Him Hope.

When friend-zoning a guy, don’t try to be too nice to him. Being compassionate will only give him false hope that you have feelings for them and you care.

Rather than him misinterpreting the situation, you can take a step back and not let him, harbor false hopes. 

Don’t Dress Up Especially When Around Him.

Don’t Dress Up Especially When Around Him

When around him, try and be in your comfort clothes. This will tell him that you aren’t really interested in him and you see him as a brother.

Although he might feel hurt, he will soon get over it. 

Talk About Other Guys.

The best way to tell him that you aren’t into him is to talk about your other guy friends.

You can also talk about how attractive you find a particular guy. He will feel bad at first but will give up eventually.

Treat Him As A Friend.

Friendship is beautiful. Tell him that you want to keep what you have and not jinx it. He will gradually understand the value of friendship.

Talk to him as you would with your other girlfriends. 

Don’t Take Unnecessary Favours.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Favours

Taking favors will only show him that you need him and he can be the hero of the hour.

This will also make him harbor false hopes in his head and he will soon make more efforts. So when going to the grocery or doing some projects, don’t unnecessarily ask him to pile on. 

Draw A Line.

Give him a piece of your mind. Unless you set some boundaries, chances are that he will constantly nag you.

This is why you need to maintain some clear rules with him. Guys tend to become needy and desperate and once that happens, they might become aggressive. Just avoid complicating the situation.

Talk To Other Guys In Front Of Him.

Talk To Other Guys In Front Of Him

When in front of him, talk to other guys. This will get him jealous but he will get over it soon.

Also, you don’t need to feel bad as you need to know that you are not liable to like them back and have your own life too.

Don’t Be Touchy.

Try and touch him less. If he tries to touch you, resist it and you can tell him straight.

Just don’t be rude. Touching will intensify the feelings for him. Guys are as sensitive to touches as girls are.

Talk To Them About Being Friends.

Talk To Them About Being Friends

Tell them why being friends with each other is great. You may change the way he sees you and you two can even become the best of friends.

Friendship stays for a lifetime, relationships are not sure to last so long. Also, tell him how much you want him as a friend. 

Say That “You Are Like A Brother.

This is an indirect way to tell him that you don’t see him that way.

This might sound rude but this sure to work. He will withdraw his feelings soon and you can be free.

Don’t Be Possessive.

Don’t Be Possessive

When being friends with someone, a lot of situations may occur when you might just like him a little and get possessive if he gives attention to someone else.

This will simply be manipulative and you won’t be doing the right thing.

Don’t Show Jealousy.

In continuation with the above point, if you show jealousy, you are giving him hope that you might just fall for him.

Believe it or not, it will be very difficult for him to withdraw his feelings later, and won’t be able to cope with the injustice.  

Set Him Up With Other Women.

You could be his wing girl and set him up with other girls. This will show him that you aren’t really interested in him and he will respect you for how much of a good friend you are.

You will actually be able to compensate for his love void. 

Change The Subject.

Whenever a situation crops up where you two are talking about the situation, change the subject immediately.

This might get him frustrated but in the long run, evading the topic will be beneficial to both of you. You’d rather be friends than be nothing at all.

Show Him Your Negatives.

You could show him your bad habits – if you smoke, smoke in front of him; show him how high maintenance you are or similar things.

This might be a huge turn-off for him and subsequently, lower his attraction towards you. 

Be More Like His Guy Friends.

Be More Like His Guy Friends

Behave more like his guy friends. Go to a game together or just knuckle bump him when you meet him.

Don’t be too feminine in front of him and he will soon lose his feelings for you.

Be Honest.

You need to be honest with him. The truth might hurt him but eventually, you will have to tell him someday or the other.

He will have respect for him even though his heart may be broken. At least you won’t be the girl who keeps such a guy just for the sake of getting attention. 

Take A Step Back.

If you are getting too involved in the situation and you are losing focus, take a deep breath and think things through.

Figure out how you can tell him and also be ready to lose the friendship if need be. This will mutually benefit the two of you. 

Don’t Give Unnecessary Indulgence.

Do not indulge in him touching you or crossing the line. Be firm when around him. He might overdo things without even knowing, you need to give him a reality check.

How To Friendzone Someone: 10 Quick Tips

  • 1 Honesty: Be clear but gentle about wanting to stay friends.
  • 2 Gratitude: Express appreciation for their friendship.
  • 3 Compatibility: Highlight differences that prevent romance.
  • 4 Boundaries: Set clear boundaries for a comfortable friendship.
  • 5 Support: Offer reassurance and space to process.
  • 6 Consistency: Maintain consistent actions and behavior.
  • 7 Patience: Give them time to adjust to the new dynamic.

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