78+ Tips to Help Partner Fight A Trauma

There is no denying the fact that mental health is crucial. While physical health can be treated easily with medicines, mental health is a bit more complicated.

You need to show the person that you understand what she is through and be empathetic towards them.

If your partner happens to be going through past trauma, you should always be there for her and show her all the love and care that she needs to cope with it. Try the tips below to help her better. 

Tips to Help Partner Fight A Trauma

Express your feelings- Be very expressive of your feelings and let her know that you will always be there for her. Let her know that she can count on you to take care of her when the worst comes to be. Do not hold back from expressing your emotions. 

Tell them you can do anything to lift them up. Give them the liberty to do anything that they want. Do not stop them from doing what their heart says. Take them to places that they want to visit, bring them gifts, treat them to their favorite food frequently and encourage them to be more open and live their life more freely. 

Understand comfort from your partner’s perspective- What might be comforting for you might not be comforting for your partner. Traumas keep coming back and stop you from living in the moment. Ask your partner what she finds to be comforting and help her find her own peaceful place. It might take some time, but you’ll get there eventually. 

Fulfill your partner’s needs- Give them all they need and always prioritize their needs and wants over yours. They need extra love and care because of what they are going through and being unsatisfied at a time like this would only worsen the situation. Do what you can.

Be the person who is always ready to support them- Be their support system and give them the courage to fight their trauma. Encourage her to face her demons and always be on the lookout to be the shoulder that she needs. You are all she has in the world, don’t forget that. Be the support that she needs at this hour.

Make your partner express their feelings- Encourage them to speak their heart out and be more expressive of their thoughts. Try to get inside her head and believe in her to slowly make progress. Do not lose patience, and keep trying to help her come out of this. 

Do not let her make important decisions during this period- Try to help her calm down and return to her normal mental state before you make any important calls. Decisions taken in the heat of the moment may prove to be harmful in the long run. Abstain from making any such decisions and help her understand the situation better. 

Make your partner take rest until they get better- Resting well is the only way she can recover and feel better. Help them rest well, hold her when she needs to rest, and help her feel better about herself. Tell her that you love her. That might help a lot. 

Make them meditate every morning- Meditation helps the brain remain calm and composed in the most stressful of situations. Meditating will help her fight trauma to a great extent, and the morning is the best time for her to meditate. 

Help them to confront their trauma- Be there with them when the trauma hits and help them calm themselves. Staying calm and realizing that it is an attack is the best way to face it and you need to make her acknowledge it.

Do not let them consume alcohol to cope up with their trauma- Any kind of alcohol or drugs can only help her momentarily. These are just cheap thrills that she needs to stay away from. It might feel like an easy escape, but it is best to stay away from them. Help her get stronger and abstain from any such things. 

Call their family to spend a weekend with him or her- A get-together or a weekend with the family always helps in lifting their spirits and make them feel better. Call her family and maybe even yours and have a good time, no time for trauma when the family is around.

Try to keep them busy with some kind of activity- Keep their mind busy with maybe their favorite hobby or a sport they are interested in. Keep them away from thinking about trauma in the first place, and she will have lesser attacks. 

Do not allow them to take too much stress-Stress is one of the major factors that cause one to be traumatized. Take all her stress away, and the trauma will eventually go away. 

Plan a surprise party for them- Who does not like surprises? Planning a good surprise for her will make her happy and forget about her trauma and help her feel how much you love and care about her. She’ll feel better immediately and you’d be one step closer to fighting her trauma. 

Make them attend social events- These events help them lighten up and get their head off from all that is going on in their heads. They make new friends and meet a lot of people, all of which make them forget about their trauma. 

Travel with them to new places- People facing trauma are unable to go out, let alone travel to other places. Help her break the barrier and take her to places she has never been. Once she starts making new memories, those traumatic experiences will not be able to haunt her.

Make an appointment with a health professional- The professionals know better than anyone how to deal with such cases, and one should get an appointment with them as soon as possible when the symptoms are identified. 

Make them take off from their work- A day off from work would help them cool off and just relax from all that they are going through. Pamper her well on her day off.

Bring gifts for them- Get them gifts that they would love as frequently as possible. This not only makes them happy but shows how much you love them and care about them. 

Cook dishes that they like to eat- Prepare the dishes that she loves to eat. You can even try cooking together and spend some quality time in the kitchen. Not only will she be helping you, but it is a great team-building and communication exercise. 

Support groups will be very helpful- Support groups are a great example of how one should cope with one trauma. These group exercises encourage people to talk about their problems and learn more about people suffering from the same thing.

Do not let them get isolated-Don’t ever allow them to feel lonely or be alone. Try to keep them company at all times and do not let those thoughts cloud her head. 

Help them get back to their normal routine- Act as if nothing major has happened and treat it as a part of life. Help her get back to her daily life and feel like herself again. 

Celebrate your partner’s life with them- She is a wonderful person and has accomplished a lot in her life. She might even have done a lot of beautiful things for you. Remind her of all the wonderful things that she has done and celebrate her. Show her that she is a beautiful person even when the trauma has taken a toll on her mental health. 

Make them follow their passion- Encourage them to do what their heart says and what they have been wanting to do for a long time. If they are not happy with what they are doing in life, they will never be happy, no matter how much they try. Ask them what they really want to do and help them get started with it. 

Take them to parties- Partying is a great stress buster and will help her feel lighter. It does not even need to be a crowded place or something fancy. It could be just you and her having a blast. Make sure she forgets about all her problems when she is partying. 

Invite their close friend over dinner- Organize a small get-together or a dinner with close friends to help her catch up with all the gossip and talk of the town. When a few friends are around, you don’t need to worry about anything in the world. 

Let them spend a sleepover at their friend’s house- Do not forget to give them the space that they need once in a while. She has a life outside of you and needs to spend some time with herself to feel better. Going for a sleepover with her friends or inviting a few of her friends for a sleepover might be a great idea for it. 

Plan a hill station trip with them- Going on trips, going to the heart of nature and away from all the pollution and the rat race from the city might help them feel better and recover better and faster. Sometimes a whiff of fresh air is all you need to feel better. 

Take them for a long drive- Going for long drives, just cruising through without a fixed destination, experiencing the road change its scenery, and moving with the sun, all that might help her reconnect with herself and let go of her traumatic memories from the past. 

Make your partner laugh more often- Encourage them to keep smiling and laugh as much as they can. Laughing is indeed the best medicine, and the best part about it is that it has no side effects. Make them laugh as much as possible and keep them happy. 

Take them to a standup comedy show- A few laughs at a comedy show would help her feel better. Make sure the comic that you pick is clean and does not crack any dark jokes which might remind her of her past experiences, be careful but make her feel carefree. 

Watch happy and romantic movies together- Nothing can beat the warmth and coziness of watching a classic romantic movie while tucked in and eating all your favorite snacks. 

Get crazy sometimes to bring a smile to their face- Do things with her that you normally would not do. Go all-out crazy and stop worrying about what others might think or the norms that you are supposed to follow. It is okay to get crazy once in a while. 

Ask them to pray daily- Prayer helps them to feel emotionally stronger and gives them the hope that they need. God is the driving force behind all of us, and praying to him will make her feel stronger and get better faster. Pray with her for extra support and wish for her well-being daily.  It is all temporary, and he knows that it will pass. Keep her in your prayers. 

Assure them that you are there for them always- This is the least that you can do for her, and this might as well be the most important thing that you can do. Tell her you will always be there for her no matter the situation, especially when she is going through a tough time herself. 

Pick her up from her workplace and go for a date- Pick her up when she is off from work. Surprise dates are the best kind of dates, and when you show up at her workplace, she will be delighted. Make sure she has a great time with you and that no bad thoughts come into her head on the date. 

Do not force them to do things- Let them do what they want to do, and do not force them to do anything that they do not wish to do willingly. Unless it is for their benefit, do not force on them any task. 

Try to fulfill their fantasies at the period of time- Ask them about all their whims and fantasies. Ask her about all her dreams that she wishes to see come to reality. Playing out their fantasies in real life might help her get out of her head and feel better. 

Start asking for their opinion in everything you do- Ask them about their take on various things in day-to-day life and let them feel important in your life. Make her feel wanted. 

Delegate them some part of your work- Help her be a more significant part of your life. Entrust her with important tasks and make her believe that she is more than capable of handling responsibilities well. Make her realize her worth not only in your life but overall.

Start doing things that they like- Do not miss out on any chance to make them feel happy and bring a smile to their face. Do what they would like to see you do and be the person that they need you to be, especially at this hour. 

Pick up topics that they would like to discuss- Engage in a healthy conversation as often as possible. It not only helps them speak about what they are going through but knowing about their past experiences will help you understand them and their condition better.

Make them understand the value of time- Help them realize that you guys will not always be together, and the time in your hands is short and valuable. Make her know how precious time is and instead of wasting it, they should be making beautiful memories. 

Ask them to dance with you- Dancing with your partner lightens up their mood and helps them feel happy and joyful when it is so difficult for them to have a light moment. Play their favorite track and dance till you drop.

Make them listen to some good music- Music is the language of the universe, and it will help her calm down and relax in the tensest moments. 

Do things that they expect you to do- Stand up to her expectations and do not ever give her a chance to feel dejected or demotivated. Keep trying, and she will get better eventually. 

Take them to shop for buying new clothes- Shopping is for her what sports are for you. It helps them get their mind off of things and indulge in a lot of pampering. It might take the whole day, so plan ahead. 

Start renovating the place you and your partner live; it will keep them busy- It is all about keeping their head off of stressful things and keeping them preoccupied. Renovate your house together and have fun while doing it. 

Make them feel special- Do all the little things that might help her feel special and forget about the things that she has been through. These little things prove to be more fruitful in the long run. 

Tell them that you believe in them- Belief is the most important factor when it comes to recovering or fighting her traumatic memories. Let her know that you believe in her to get out of this situation and come out on top. Believe in being happy together. 

Make them attend motivational programs- These programs motivate people to not only accept themselves as a person but help them find out more about their aspirations and goals. If she can find what drives her and focuses on it, she’ll be better in no time. 

You can bring home a pet for them- Pets are an excellent tool for therapy. They are lively and playful and change the entire vibe of the room. They become family in no time, and she’ll never feel alone after you have got one. Ask her if she is a cat or dog person. 

Make them volunteer at any social events- Asking them to agree to volunteer at a social event might be a herculean task to undertake, but when she agrees and sees the benefits, they will thank you. The more she socializes, the better. 

Suggest them to do gardening- Gardening is relaxing, and it helps one get their head off of things that might be bothering them. It brings in the fresh air, and taking care of the plants will always be on her head, so much so that she’ll forget about her trauma. 

Make them remember past moments that are happy- Taking a stroll down memory lane to relive all those happy moments, to look back at all those delightful moments will definitely make her feel better. She would want to make things go back to how they were.

Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind- Surround her in a blanket of positivity and keep her away from any negativity. Only happy thoughts should be allowed inside the house and make sure she is always feeling warm and cozy. 

Do not disclose any bad news when they are down- Try to keep any bad news away from her and let her know only what will make her happy. This might not feel like the right thing to do, but it is the best thing that you can do, given the situation. 

Keep them busy in planning their future- Instead of dwelling and suffering in the present, make them think about the future. Tell her about all your plans and ask her about the things that she wishes to do once this has passed. Will take some steam off for sure.  

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