94+ Tips to Keep a New Girl Interested in You

As a charismatic man, it may be easy for you to get hold of a young and pretty girl. But how challenging can it be to hold her back with you with the art of persuasion?

It becomes essential for the girl to like you before she loves you. Here are 100 tips to keep your new girl interested in you.

Tips To Keep A New Girl Interested In You

Keep The Mystery

Keep the mystery in your relationship. You don’t need to be an open book in front of your girl. It’s good if she gets to know you slowly and finds you mysteriously unpredictable.

Make your personal life interesting. You need to have a valuable life to bring in another person. Your skills in handling your life will lead to a sorted life.

Have an interesting hobby but don’t fake impressing someone. Your specific interest will be noticed by your girl but you don’t need to wear somebody else’s skin.

Maintain your hygiene and girls will flock to you. It’s mandatory to smell good and stay clean. 

Work on your Sense Of Humour and make your girl laugh hysterically when you are around. Girls love to laugh and they get to know your confidence.

You need to be friends before you decide to date. It’s good to be casual and speak out like friends to get your girl interested.

You Need To Be Friends

Trust her before she trusts you. You can share your little secrets with her and by doing so she will get to know her role in your life.

 Be a good listener and try to understand what she wants to share with you. Keep your phone aside and just give importance to her conversation.

Respect her with a genuine approach. All relationships are built on a solid foundation of mutual respect. 

Try to know her area of interest if that’s a movie, music, sports, or any other activity, and gain some information to have a healthy and interesting conversation.

Make eye contact as that is the correct body language posture. It shows your confidence and leaves a positive impact.

Make Eye Contact

Speak about your common interests as two people can come together only with common likes in specific areas. If both of you like watching football, then you can have a good time together when the match is on.

Update your wardrobe and wear clothes that’s fun and suit you well. Know her choice as well and fit yourself with good fashion.

Always be a source of help when she is looking for one. Be the good guy who comes as a rescue to set her out of all the troubles.

Be a good friend with whom she can laugh and cry and ease out all that she wants to share.

Give her maximum significance when you have her with you. Keep hour phone aside and other appointments aside. Have her presence as special even when are with your friends.

Have the motive of impressing her. You can get her flowers, chocolates, books or other stuff. Make sure she likes what you gift.

Have The Motive

Decide things together and don’t try to be bossy or let her boss over you. Independence is the beauty of every relationship.

Control your jealousy and don’t get her suffocated in it. You may be insecure and possessive but that’s good only with certain limits.

Don’t ignore your girl even if you are having a great time with your friends. You may be busy watching sports but it’s good to give her priority and not ignore her.

Give her a good surprise by arranging a dinner date or a get-together. You can plan for a long drive but as long as it comes as a surprise, your woman will love it and rejoice in it.

Give importance to her set of opinions and you can always take suggestions.

Give Importance

Show curiosity in things that involve her. Talk to her about her childhood, her best food, funny instances, her family if she wants to talk. You will get to know her better.

Be focused on your goals as women love men who are ambitious and goal-oriented. It builds up her confidence towards you.

Be chivalric like opening doors for your lady or pulling her chair. Be a gentleman and treat her with good etiquette. This may not be the contemporary way but it never gets outdated.

Pamper her by giving a good neck or foot massage. Do her chores and let her relax. 

Women love compliments so no matter what stage of the relationship you have reached it gets mandatory for you to compliment your girl at every opportunity you get.

Women Love Compliments

Speak good about her parents. She would be proud and happy for the respect you show towards them and your kind words would do wonder.

Don’t be temperamental which means you need to anger under control when she is with you. Don’t sulk over petty matters and have a cool way to deal with matters.

Your apologies should be sincere and true. Don’t just blatantly say sorry without meaning it.

Sharing is caring so when you share stuff with your girl then the bond gets stronger. Even if you share a short with your girl, it brings you closer to her.

Give her gifts and please her. This doesn’t mean you try to win her over in a materialistic way. It doesn’t matter how cheap it expensive a gift you buy but your intention should be to make her happy.

Give Her Gifts

Defend even when she is not present. Don’t allow a third party to speak any ill against her. You stand with her and defend her to display your loyalty.

Thank her for being with you and thank her for all the help that she provides. Be grateful and acknowledge the effort that she makes to keep your relationship beautiful.

Make plans with her about the future. She will think of having a lasting relationship when you speak of having a future with her.

Support your girl in her goals. You should be the fallback support system that stands through thick and thin. Be the pillar where she can rest and a shoulder where she can lean on.

Be a promise keeper so you need to keep your word. Your girl will trust you when you do what you say. Don’t give false assurances and promise fulfilling things.

Be A Promise Keeper

Compromise is the key to a healthy relationship. Make sure you sacrifice and compromise together. Avoid doing things that she dislikes and try to make changes to fit into your relationship.

You should express your views on how lucky you feel to be with her. She should be valued and few things need to be expressed in words.

Try to be friends with her companions. His set of friends will make you understand her better and your comfort with them will be an added advantage.

Don’t be insensitive when she is emotional. Don’t divert the topic because you can’t console her. Listen to her and provide her with a show with older to very on.

Cook for her or cook together. Even if you are not a great cook, try and make an effort to make something for her. It can be a simple plate of omelet, but that will make her feel good for sure.

Cook For Her

Keep clarity in your relationship. Do not give her false hopes if you have no mind to have a lasting relationship. If your affair is casual, let her know about it. She can decide if she expects more or is ready with what you decide 

Tease her to know her better. You can have fun conversations and end them with fun and banter. 

Your deal shouldn’t be sealed after you get her. Don’t stop loving her because she decided to be with you. Your goal continues to keep her happy even after you have her by your side.

She should feel secured with you. Hold her hands and make her feel that she is safe with you. 

She Should Feel Secured

Be forgiving in your relationship. It’s good to let things go and give her a chance to explain and forgive her.

You need to realize your own mistakes as well. Admit your faults and try not to repeat those.

Work on changing bad behavior. If she keeps pointing on the specific behavior of yours that is not likable then make an effort to change.

A new relationship should be free from all sorts of comparisons. Don’t try to compare her behavior with another person or never compare your relationship with others. 

Speak good about her in front of others. If she’s good in academics, brag about it. If she’s good in fashion, cooking, music, sports, or dance, let others know of her skills. 

You have to master the art of being playful while making love. It is important to make her happy and satisfied.

You Have To Master

Capture your precious moment with a camera. Take pics with her as women love it.

Give her cute names of your own. Do be specific about calling her by her name or nickname. Recreate her, a name with a different nickname.

Don’t make her cry for any reason. Help her out to be strong and never be the reason for her tears.

Appreciate her for her personality rather than looks. She will be more confident if she is admired for the way she carries herself.

It’s good to be affectionate in public at times to show how proud you feel about your relationship. 

Its Good To Be Affectionate In Public

Be true when you give her suggestions on important matters. Don’t try to please her every time and lose out on your credibility.

Keep your temper under control when you are with your girl. She will be turned off if she sees you furious and agitated.

Send a random text to express how much you have been missing her. Send her sweet notes and chat with her. She will be delighted to realize that she crosses your mind every time.

Take her for a movie that she has been longing to watch for a long time. It may not interest you but that will give you time with her.

Admit your love and keep saying that you love her. Those three magical words will grip her with your love.

Admit Your Love

Plan a typical date that is romantic and private. Speak to her and choose a cozy ambiance where you can speak to her wholeheartedly. 

Don’t be an agreeable man to show your love. Your dignity vanished when you start saying ‘Yes’ for everything. Have your own set of beliefs and without hurting her feelings, you can have your stand.

Make her part of your hobbies. Choose an interesting way to involve her in your interests.

Treat other women with the same amount of respect. Your elder or younger women should have the same amount of respect that you show towards your woman.

Don’t go on digging her past or speaking about yours. It’s good for both of you to stick in the present to have a healthy relationship.

Give her a tight hug that indicated love and warmth. Never meet and depart without this hug full of warmth. It will bring her closer to you.

Give Her A Tight Hug

Don’t try to win her over with gifts and compensate all arguments with gifts to win her over. If she’s not a gold digger then she would look for greater things in you.

Have good communication and converse on important topics. You don’t have to be with each other and speak only about romance, discuss serious issues to have common interests and healthy arguments.

Don’t forget to capture your moments on a camera. She would love to take pics with you.

Don’t be too predictable as you start getting boring then. There should be anticipation rather than knowing all the answers beforehand.

Health is Wealth so you got to stay healthy. She will admire you for the effort you make to stay fit.

Health Is Wealth

Stay positive and inspire her to do better things. You can be an example of how life can be fun with optimism.

Don’t use words that disturb her or puts her down. Always give your relationship a priority and be careful about hurting her emotions.

Motivate each other and work as a team that inspires and encourages greater success.

You can put the fitness regime together. Join a gym or a yoga class together to keep each other inspired.

Don’t ignore the serious things and make sure you discuss important matters with each other.

Enquire about the people who are significant in her life. Gain information about them and make sure you treat them well when you meet.

Always make eye contact when you speak to her as it shows your confidence.

Always Make Eye Contact

Be compassionate and treat others with respect. Women tend to get attracted to men who have a stern personality. 

Take a new year’s resolution together and decide on something interesting. 

Kick one bad habit to make her happy. Do it with motivation and positivity.

Express love in social media if both of you are not so private. It’s good to see people appreciating your couple goals.

Be spontaneous and try different methods of dating and keeping her happy. She should feel delighted to have you around.

Respect each other’s space and don’t try to intervene. There may some cases where both of you don’t want to share or may have your commitments. 

Don’t sleep in an angry mood, but try to sort out all the differences before you go to sleep.

Dont Sleep In An Angry

Praise her for her sense of fashion, her good behavior, her integrity, or whatever you see good in her.

Choose the best activity which is common for both of you. Get involved in that activity and participate with enthusiasm.

Tell the truth if you want to have a good relationship. She might not like to find out your truth for somebody else. So be the one to speak to her first.

Be a mood changer who can do a magical sweep of mood change from bad to good. 

Be a trusted person on whom she can rely. Don’t spill out her secrets with others.

Don’t make fun of her in front of others. Always have your back on her and if you want to teach her something that she doesn’t know, then do that with gratitude and love.

Always leave her with a smile. She should be thrilled and overwhelmed thinking about you.

Always Leave Her With A Smile

Don’t give false expectations of you are looking for a short term relationship. 

Meet her family and introduce her to your family as well. It increases the bond that you share.

Be passionate in your relationship. Show her your side that’s full of zeal and passion.

Don’t make a sexist remark as girls these days are well are of feminism and issues that relate to degrading womanhood. Be a general observer who gives an impartial verdict.

Be a good judge who quickly purviews her thoughts and feelings.

Share your meal and feed each other to expand the bond of love that you share. Wait for her to have your food together.

Tips To Keep A New Girl Interested In You

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