65+ Tips to Make A Memorable Dinner at Home

Going out for dinner is not a bad option for a date, but it is nowhere compared to preparing an extra special dinner for your partner at home.

When you cook something that they love and enjoy, they automatically feel special, and the moment is forever stored in their hearts. We have everything you need to make the dinner special.

tips for a memorable home dinner

Cook something that they love– When preparing to make dinner memorable, make sure to pick the right ingredients and cook the ideal dish. When they see their favorite dish on the table, they will not be able to resist. 

Bake a cake or some cookies– To take the dinner to the next step, do not forget to add a cake or maybe even a cookie at the end. Something sweet to end the meal will be the right way to make the dinner a lot more memorable. 

Bring their favorite drink– Just the food will not cut it when trying to make the meal memorable and full of memories, make sure to complement it with the right drink. A bit of alcohol does not hurt once in a while, especially on an occasion like this. 

Light some aromatic candles– Candlelight dinners are always super romantic and unforgettable no matter what the day. Even that experience can be taken to the next level if you can manage to fight some scented candles for maximum feels. 

Put up some romantic lights– To make the dinner even more romantic and memorable, create an environment that spells out romance very clearly. Putting up some romantic dim light would be the first step to get started on. Red is a great color here. 

Get them new cutlery– New cutlery makes the food taste a bit more delicious than it already is. When they see the new chinaware spread out on the table, they would want to sit down for the meal automatically. Their eyes would start sparkling immediately. 

Give them some chocolates– Some chocolates to get their appetite rolling and make them ready for a meal. Do not give them too much or you might have to finish the dinner alone. Something sweet is always great before and after a meal. 

Wear an apron when you greet your partner– Give them the complete vibe of a restaurant and act as the real chef of the house by wearing a cute little apron and greeting them with a warm and pleasant smile. 

Pick a romantic room freshener– If the room smells romantic, it will feel romantic and if it feels romantic, the dinner will naturally be memorable and one that they will want to remember for a long time. Pick the right scent and be prepared. 

Wear a perfume they love– The easiest way to take a step up the dinner. Put on a perfume that they love and would instantly win them over. The fragrance is a great aphrodisiac and if you manage to get your hands on the right one, you are good to go. 

Prepare some flowers– Greet them with a bouquet or even a single rose should be enough to get them excited and make their dinner ten times better. Plus you would have one extra object to make the dinner table look a bit more beautiful. 

Cook something they have never tasted before– Tingle their taste buds with a dish that they have never tried before. Prepare something from a cuisine that they have always wanted to try but could never get their hands on and they’ll be delighted. 

Play her favorite music– While they are enjoying the lovely dinner that you have prepared for them, make them feel even more pleasant by playing their favorite love song in the background. You could even shake a leg to step it up a notch. 

Open a bottle of her favorite wine- Crack open a bottle of her favorite wine and serve it to them in the best wine glass that you can get your hands on. Make her feel as if you were a professional even if they cannot go out. 

Dress in a way they will love– The only right way to complete a romantic dinner is to dress in a way they will love. Put on something crisp, clean, and sharp to make them lose their head even before they take the first bite. 

Throw in some rose petals on the table– The flower rose means all things romantic. If you are not the kind of person that loves to give roses, spread a few petals on the table and it would instantly make the dinner memorable with its fragrance. 

Change the table cloth– They should not be reminded of the daily boring dinner that they are used to at home. Change the table cloth, and give them a complete restraint vibe with the clean and fresh sheets. Do not be scared to try new colors. 

Get her some new chairs– Some new chairs for the dinner table will make the dining experience a whole new level. Change the old and boring ones for something more comfortable and exciting to make the dinner memorable. 

Enjoy dinner in bed– Sometimes to make dinner interesting, it does not take a lot of effort but to just lie on the bed and have a wholesome meal with the person that you love sitting right next to you. It is okay to switch things up once in a while. 

Read something to them– While their mouth is full and they are having a great time eating the food that they love, you could make their experience even more joyous by reading something romantic to them and making them feel even more loved.  

Dance with them- Do not miss any opportunity to make them feel loved and enjoy the moment. Try and dance with them before or even after the meal, whatever suits them right. An easy step to digest the food and turn the mood romantic. 

Do not forget her favorite ice cream– Some ice cream to end the meal and make them feel sweeter than they already are. Pick all the right flavors and let them choose which one they want to dive in after dinner, quite the dilemma for them. 

Prepare a menu she can order from– Just because the dinner is at home, does not mean they will be devoid of options to choose from. Prepare an entire menu for them and let them pick the most lavish meal that they want from it. 

Greet them as if they were entering a restaurant– Turn the house into an all-out restaurant and provide them with the best dinner service in town. Address them as Ma’am and Sir and do not forget to call for a table for you when they enter.

Feed them with your own hands– To make the meal taste even more delicious and bring out the real flavors in it, feed them with your own hands. Give them the royal treatment that they deserve and keep them away from any extra effort. 

Hold them when they enjoy the food– Holding their hands or even holding them in your arms will make the dinner, a once-in-a-lifetime meal that they would never be able to forget. This dinner will become unforgettable because of the love being showered on them.

Prepare a proper three-course meal– Bring out the inner chef in you, and prepare for them an entire three-course meal. Right from the entrée or the appetizers, through the main course to the dessert, prepare a meal they would die to eat the next time. 

Try a new cuisine– Try experimenting with new cuisine and introduce them to something that would make them feel like they have been missing out on a lot of good food. Unlock the doors to a new world for them through this cuisine. 

Cook the food right in front of them– Cooking the food right in front of them will make them feel lucky to see you putting in so much effort just for them and this feeling would make the dinner hold a special place in their heart. They could even lend a hand if they wish to. 

Get their favorite movie or TV show on– Enjoying their favorite television show, movie, or web series with amazing food is bound to make them feel great and would take the dinner to a great place. Netflix and chill never go out of style. 

Readjust the dining table– Bring the dining table to a new location so that the dinner feels a little different from the daily dinner that they are used to and can enjoy it with a new vibe. Do not forget to change the table cloth. 

Gift them something before starting the meal– Just when they sit down at the table and are about to take their first bite, you can surprise them with a cute little gift to make the coming dinner extra special for them. 

Order in if you cannot cook– Even if you cannot cook the food and make the dinner special all by yourself, there is no harm in ordering in from their favorite place and preparing a surprise feast for them. It is the thought that counts, not the execution. 

Bring out the best cutlery in the house– When trying to prepare a meal for the ages, do not shy away from using the fanciest cutlery at hand and make them feel like royalty. Bring out all the shiny spoons and plates that have been lying idle. 

Decorate the house– Decorate the house in a romantic way that would sweep them off their feet and have them feeling lovely as soon as they step inside the house. They would never see it coming. 

Do not overdo things– It is great if you are willing to make such an effort and walk the extra mile to make the dinner so memorable. However, do not go overboard with things and do not overdo things as it would spoil the entire plan. 

Maintain a romantic tone and vibe– Right from the moment that they step inside the house to the moment that they sit down for the meal, maintain a calm and romantic vibe to really catch them off guard and complete the surprise. 

Gift them a cookbook and ask them to choose a recipe– Instead of picking what to eat for dinner yourself and limiting their options, gift them an entire cookbook and give them the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pick a recipe from it. 

Click a lot of pictures– Do not let this romantic moment go to waste but make sure to catch every tiny, beautiful second of it so that you can look b back at it with happiness in the future. Make your camera do all the work while you have the time of your life. 

End the meal with a kiss– The first rule of any memorable dinner is to always end it with a kiss and there is no reason for you to not follow this rule. All your efforts should be awarded well and would you dare ask for any other prize?

Sing them a song– While they are munching down on their favorite food, do not let the precious moment go to waste but grab the opportunity and win their heart over completely with a love song that they are crazy about. 

Make them laugh their heart out– The only way that you can make the meal more wholesome and hearty is to make them laugh their heart out while they are at it. Make them let go of all their worries and take all their stress away.

Talk about your day and ask them about theirs– A memorable dinner does not necessarily need a huge amount of effort. Sometimes it could just be two people talking about their day and expressing themselves truly without any inhibitions while enjoying a great meal. Sounds like a great plan. 

Serve them their favorite dessert– No dinner is complete without dessert and when it comes to dessert, you can serve only what they love and they will not settle for anything less. Do not serve them a cookie when they want a cake and you’ll be alright. 

Clean the table after they are done eating– Do not let them move a muscle and make any unnecessary efforts on their special day and be the person in charge all the time. Clean the table like a responsible partner and treat them right. 

Do the cleaning and washing – It is their special day and you have to try and make every possible effort to make it memorable for them. Do all the cleaning and the dishes yourself and they would not come down from the seventh cloud that you are putting them on. 

Do not forget to ask them for a kiss as a tip– You prepared the dinner, you did the serving, you treated them to the most professional dinner experience ever. All that effort has to earn you a good tip and a kiss sounds like the only great option when it comes to tips. 

Engage in a meaningful conversation– Talk about life, their ambitions, and anything else that excites them. Being able to engage in a meaningful conversation with a partner proves that the communication is great. 

Tell them stories about your childhood– Tell them all the fun incidents and stories from your childhood and draw them further into your life and make them feel as if they are an indivisible part of your life and that you can share anything with them. 

Record the dinner– You could even try and record the entire dinner so that they can look back at it when they are missing you or when they need something special to cheer them up. Things like that don’t happen every day so it only makes sense to do so. 

Match your clothes with them– Wearing matching clothes is the ultimate proof of being a couple and wearing something fancy for a dinner at home only makes it fun and memorable. Copt their outfit from head to toe. 

Let them know how special they are to you– When they sit down for the dinner, flood them with all your emotions and love that has been building inside your heart. Express how you truly feel about them from the bottom of your heart and they will never forget it. 

Try new cooking techniques- Instead of using the same and boring cooking techniques, mix things up a little bit. You could try some barbeque, using firewood or maybe even coal to give it the nice charred flavor. 

Go grocery shopping together- To get all the ingredients that you need to cook the dinner, take them grocery shopping and spend some quality time with them. They would never forget the dinner when they see all the ingredients that you both bought come together. 

Eat from the same plate- It is said that eating from the same plate not only enhances the taste of the food but also increases the love between the people sharing the plate. You would never know it is true until you try it yourself. 

Go camping- Set up a cozy little campfire by the house and enjoy a meal cooked at home but in camping style. No more of the same boring dinner. Do not forget to take your camping gear along. 

Roll out a red carpet- Spread a red carpet for them and let them feel like a celebrity before enjoying the five-star meal from the love of their life. They deserve all the pampering in the world and it is just the first step. 

Play a game- Playing games at the dinner table were a big No growing up. However, now that you are free to do anything you like, do engage in some fun and exciting while enjoying your food to make the dinner last long and feel more fun. 

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