How To Not Fall In Love With Someone: 67+ Tips

You can often get desperate sometimes when you still are not able to find your true love. This feeling can even make you fall for every random guy that you meet just to get love.

You should have to control your feelings and prevent yourself from getting hurt by giving your precious heart to just some random guy. Instead, be sure first and then get serious. 

tips to avoid falling for every other guy

Talk to them. You might have loved the time that you have spent with him. But that does not mean that you are falling in love. It can make you desperate to be in a relationship with time. So, to avoid falling for it speak up about your feelings to him. 

Convince your mind. Never let go of your feelings and fall for a guy with whom you have been on a date a few times or once. You should have control of your mind to be sure before you get into something serious. 

Self-respect. You might forget sometimes that you have to maintain self-respect when you think that you are falling for a guy. If you are not able to be to maintain then step back and take your time. 

Know the difference. There’s a big difference between liking a guy and falling in love with them. If you love to spend time with him that does not mean that you are in love with him. Don’t get mixed up.  

Ignore the attention. He might try to give all of his attention to you to win your heart and make you fall for him. So, you should not allow yourself to fall into these tricks. Because it is not really loving.  

Create distance. If you think that he is trying to get close to you very quickly and that is making you a little bit uncomfortable then maintain distance with him and help yourself not to fall for him. 

Change your focus. Your focus might get stuck on the new guy with whom you have met recently, and it might also make you think that you have to start to love but it’s not true. Divert your focus on other things. 

Stop getting physical. Physical connections make you fall for him very fast and if you want not to fall for him very soon without being sure that he is the right one. Do not engage in physical contact. 

Look for their bad aspects. It is very good of you to look for the positive aspect of every person but if you want yourself not to fall for him then start to think about his qualities that are not good. 

Do not be friendly. Guys take it to be that you like them you start to get too friendly with them. You might also fall for the same. So, to avoid that limit your friendship with that person.  

Do not try to please others. If you are a girl who tries to please others, then stop it immediately because you will be the first one to get desperate and fall for every other guy you meet. 

Stop stalking. The more you get interested in that person’s private life the more you are likely to fall for him and it will make you think that you are in love which is an illusion. Do not stalk that person. 

Get distracted. Is he always in your mind after you have spent a beautiful time with him? Then stop it from meddling your thoughts by distracting yourself from other things and especially your career.  

Have control over yourself. You might have lost control of yourself when you have observed that there is a good connection between you and that person. Do not fall for these little things to get back in control. 

Stop worrying that you’ll lose them. The more you think that you will lose the guy that has made you think that you have fallen for him. In no time it will become true. So, stop worrying and get back to your life.  

Get close to your family. A beautiful way to help yourself not to fall for the guy that has been in your mind for a long time is to spend time with your family and enjoy those beautiful moments. 

Have different hobbies. People with the same hobbies are most likely to get close and fall for each other. If this is the same in your case, then you should try to pick up a different hobby and get lost in it. 

Stay independent. You might start to depend on a person with whom you see that you have a lot of similarities and it can make you fall for him. Do not forget that you are an independent one and reman that. 

Make them independent. If you see that he is getting too dependent on you then you should make him understand too not to be so. This will also help you not to fall for every other guy who does this. 

Consider before you fall. It’s better to be sure and confident about the person with whom you are falling in love. So, take your time and think about it to avoid yourself from getting hurt afterward. 

Check your contact on social media. You might find this person to be interesting and you might start to talk to him on social media a lot and that will make you fall for him. Be checked on how much you talk to them. 

Build boundaries. Sometimes building boundaries to help yourself not to fall for the wrong person is the best choice. Because this is a very serious and important step of your life. 

Hang with your friends. Friends are the people who can get you out of every bad situation. So, why not take help from them to avoid falling for every other guy. They will surely come up with great ideas. 

Have control over your emotions. It’s very hard to control your emotions when you are with a person who is understanding them very well. This can create a problem. So, hold your emotions tightly and wait for the right person.  

Share it with your close one. Keeping it with yourself tightly will not help you get out of it. Sometimes sharing can be the right option. Share it with your close ones and ask for their advice. 

Differentiate between waiting and initiating. It is obvious for some to get mixed up with these two terms. If you are waiting that means that you are falling for him. So, do not wait, if it is pure, he will automatically prove it to you.  

Focus on how he has hurt you. There might have been a time when he has hurt you by doing something. You can use that to help yourself from falling in love with him. It does the work. 

Just say no. If you are feeling that he is not the right one but by seeing his efforts, you can lose yourself. So, to avoid that situation you should clearly say no and make him understand that there can be nothing between you too. 

Make your schedule busy. These kinds of thoughts meddle with your mind when you have no work or in the free time. Keep your schedule such busy that you have no time to waste on it. 

Avoid them. The more you ran into that guy the more you will start to think about him, and you will fall for him in no time. To avoid such a situation, you should try to avoid him or do not meet with him.  

Do not accept gifts. Those can romantic and beautiful gifts can easily lure your heart and make you fall in love with the wrong person. Accept gifts from people who are close to you and pleasantly reject the rest. 

Become a good friend. The best way to help yourself not get into this situation is to think about them as a good friend and nothing more than that. Tell him that you can be a good friend to him and that’s all. 

Do not label it too quickly. You might have a habit to label it as a relationship by just going out for a date once to twice. Slow yourself down and think about it before you label it as the so-called relationship. 

Don’t compromise. There is a chance that you have liked the guy a lot and you are eager to be with him even if you have to compromise. This is where you make a mistake. Do not lower your standards just like that. 

Learn from the past. Every relationship makes you learn something and to make sure that you do not repeat the same mistakes you should look back to your past and learn from it and do it correctly this time. 

Consult a therapist. It can be difficult for you to get that feeling away from yourself all by yourself. There’s no harm to go to a therapist and come out with the help of therapy to better yourself. 

Take a break. This can also come from the dating game that you have been playing for a long time and you are not still able to meet the right one. Try to take a break from this dating scene and spend time with yourself.  

Be aware of yourself. You should always be aware of the things that you do and for whom. People often fall in love when they ignore their actions. You should not let this happen to yourself so be aware. 

Love addiction. This feeling for the guy can also arise if you are a person who is addicted to love. And this can put you into a problem. Get out of it as soon as you can because it can force you to go out with the wrong people. 

Know your love expectations. If you do not know about the things that you expect from your love, then it can make you fall for every other guy you meet. You should find out about your expectations that you will have. 

Take it slow. Jumping into a relationship directly can hurt time and again. You should give yourself time to think about it before going into a relationship because if you not then it can make your life worse. 

Bring yourself back. It can happen that you have got connected with a guy so beautifully that you miss it when you are not together. This is where you start to fall for him. Try to be with yourself and make yourself more worth even without him.  

Do not be available always. This is the most common mistake that one can make when they meet a guy who they find out to be an interesting one. Prevent yourself from falling for him by not being available always. 

Look for their real selves. Do not ignore their flaws just because you are desperate for love and he is providing you that. Pull yourself back from it by searching for the reality and then move forward. 

Do not negotiate. You are not in flee market where you will negotiate for your love. If you have to do that for a guy, then you should help yourself not to fall for him because your wants are important too. 

Ask yourself. Many of you fall for guys who are very alluring just like that. You should not get caught in those cheesy lines and fake feelings. Before you do not anything take a moment and just ask yourself if it is right. 

Mind the consequences. You should always be aware of the consequences that will arise after you take any action. If you see that it’s serious then get yourself out of it and do not put yourself in a problem for no reason. 

Tell them the truth. The best way to avoid such feelings and not to make him keep his hopes high is better you tell the truth that you do not have the same feelings for him as he does peacefully. 

Make yourself better. You will not fall for this kind of feeling if you get yourself involved in the process of getting better and being successful in your career and in your life too and to better yourself for good.  

Know them first. You should almost know or find out everything about him before falling in love. If you are satisfied after it then goes out with him. This will prevent you from falling for random guys. 

Spend time with them. Do not give away your heart in your very first meet because it might hurt you afterward. Be with him and spend time as a friend first then move forward if you want. 

Get surety. A surety is a thing that any girl wants from a guy, and if you are not looking for that then you will fall for every other guy. So, you should get surety from yourself first then him to not get hurt. 

Ask for commitment. Most boys are afraid of commitments and this a way to know whether or not he truly loves you or not. It will also help you from giving away your heart to every guy you meet. 

Stop feeling special. This feeling should not be forced on because if it is then he is just trying to get you. Do not take any important steps before you are sure that this special feeling comes from inside of you. 

Do not open up. Being a person who is just like an open book can make it easy for others to woo your heart away. You should be selective about the information you share about yourself with every guy. 

Arrange a meet. Friends who are close to you know who can be the right one for you and can help you from taking any major decision for a guy who is not right for you. Make him meet with your close ones and ask about their opinions. 

Meet with his friends. Meeting with the people he hangs around with will give make you sure about the things that he has told about himself to you. This will avoid you from falling for every other guy. 

You are important. Become a good friend with him first and find out whether you have any importance in life or is it just for show. This will help you from getting yourself hurt by giving your heart away to a guy who does not deserve it. 

Be hard to get. Guys do not give value to the girls who fall in love with them very easily. They just play with them and treat them like a doormat. So, be a girl who is hard to get, and the right person will come to you. 

Get angry. In the initial stage of your relationship get angry with him for a valid reason and see if he comes backs to convince you. If he does not come to convince you then leave him, at least it will prevent you from getting hurt. 

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