How to Leave an Unhealthy Relationship: 55+ Ways

Relationships these days are complicated and tricky. You might love the same person in the present moment and detest them in the very next.

If you have started feeling unhappy in your relationship for a long time and want to stay out of it at all costs, we have an article prepared just for you.

How to Leave an Unhealthy Relationship

Make A Commitment

Make a commitment. Commit to yourself that you will end the relationship between you and your partner.

Make your schedule busy. If you make your schedule busy then you will not get time to be with your partner and if it continues, your relationship will break. 

Take help. If it is difficult for you to get out of an unhealthy relationship, you can take help from your friends or your family. 

Leave things unclear. Leaving things unclear between you and your partner may arise conflicts and you might be able to get away from the relationship. 

Staying friends after breaking up will be a fault. Being friends after the breakup should be your last option otherwise, it may even pull you back. 

Stop thinking that your partner needs help. If you constantly think that your partner needs help, you’ll end up helping her unnecessarily and get sucked back into that relationship.

Find a problem. Find a genuine problem and then slip it into the conversation. This can help you get away from the relationship. 

Find A Problem

Cannot see the future. You can tell your partner that you think this relationship is not going well and you and your partner have no future together.

Control your feelings. If you can control your feelings and get over your partner then you can get out of the unhealthy relationship in which you are now.

Start to care for yourself. The best way to stay out of an unhealthy relationship is to start taking care of yourself and do things that you like. 

Know him/her perfectly before you go into a relationship. You should know the person before getting into a relationship because that will let you know the status of your relationship. 

Focus on the things that you are fond of. Get involved in various kinds of activities with your friends or siblings. 

Build Boundaries. Start to build boundaries between you and your partner. It will make them feel that you are no more interested in them. 

Build Boundaries

Try to forget about your past with your partner. You have to forget your partner that only you can stay out of the relationship. 

Get relief from the fever of love. If you are still stuck in an unhealthy relationship then try to get over the fever of love that you have for your partner. 

Instead of getting angry, learn to forgive.

Start a new story in your life, step into a new chapter. You should start a new chapter of your life that will be interesting and can keep you away from the relationship you had in your past. 

Take the help of a therapist. Taking help from a therapist wouldn’t be bad, it helps.

Take The Help Of A Therapist

More often go out with your friends and family. Going out with your family and friends more often will keep you busy and pre-occupied plus you get to meet wonderful people.

You want to improve yourself. You can tell your partner that you need to work on yourself and for that, you need some time, some me or alone time. 

Believe that you have not taken a wrong decision. Think you have the right decision and if a second thought comes do not let it change your decision. 

Don’t let yourself fall for it again. Be smart and never make the same mistake again.

Take a break from everything. Tell your partner that you want a break from everything including the relationship. 

Find a reason to stay, if you get nothing then leave.  Sit and find out the reasons which can make you stay and if you find none then you can leave the relationship. 

Meditation would be great for your mental stability. Do meditation it will help you to clear your mind. 

Meditation Would Be  Great For Your Mental Stability

Leave the relationship only if you are ready for it.

Think about the positive things that can happen to you in the future. Decide what you want to have in the future and start working for it.  

Take up some responsibilities that would keep you dedicated. If you take more responsibilities at work and home it will keep you dedicated and it will keep you away from any such unhealthy relationship. 

Meet and get involved with new people. You can meet new people and go out for dinner and lunch with them. 

Don’t stay with your partner for the sake of staying. If the relationship that you have between you and your partner is unhealthy then leave it. Do not stay with them for the sake of staying. 

Say no. your partner will obviously try to convince you to stay back but say no and stay away from it.  

Say No

Tell your partner that you have fallen in love with somebody else. To stay out of an unhealthy relationship, you can tell your partner that you are seeing someone else. 

Tell your partner that you still have not got over your ex. You can tell your partner that getting over your ex is very difficult for you and you can still get over him or her. 

Personal problems. You can tell your partner that you are facing a lot of problems in your work life and at home. So, it is difficult for you to give them time. 

Tell your partner that you love to hang out with your friends. You can tell your partner that you will choose hanging out with your friends over hanging out with them. It might start a lot of conflicts and give you an easy way out.

 The right person. You can tell your partner that you think they are not the right person to be in a relationship with.  

Being friends is better. The relationship that you and your partner have will be a lot better if it was friendship instead of a love relationship. 

Being Friends Is Better

Decreased passion. The passion between you and your partner that was before is dying now and this is not healthy for the relationship. 

Too serious. You can tell that the relationship between you and them is getting way too serious which was not expected by you and you are not ready for that. 

Make your partner feel that you have cheated on them. If you can make your partner feel or believe that you are cheating on them and you are not even sorry for it, they would eventually stay away from you. 

 Tips To Stay Out Of An Unhealthy Relationship

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