75+ Tips to Be Kind to Wife

Your wife is the most important person in your life. She has been through all the ups and downs in your life and has been nothing but kind to you. It is your turn to return the favor now and walk the extra mile by showing her the kindness she deserves. 

Tips to be kind to your wife.

Do the household chores– Help her in taking care of the dishes, cleaning, and keeping the house in order just like she does every single day. Take a little stress off her shoulders and be the true partner that she thought you to be. 

Do the household chores

Wake up early– Start her day with this little act of kindness and make her feel loved first thing in the morning. When you wake up before her and then wake her up with a morning kiss, it is the best start of her day that she could ask for. 

Talk to her– Talk to her about her problems, her worries, her dreams, and even all the things that she is going through right now. Let her know about all the important things in your life that she might be unaware of. 

Ask her about her day– Ask her how her day went by and if anything important came to be. If there is anything wrong with her, get her to talk about it and open up. You should know what is bothering her and try everything to make it better.

Take her out– Take her out on a sweet little date or maybe to her favorite park or the coffee place that she likes to visit. Give her a change of environment and help her feel better in any way possible, be kind to her on rough days. 

Buy her a gift– You do not have to wait for an occasion or need a reason to buy her a gift as a token of appreciation and pay her back for all the love and kindness that she has showered upon to date, get her something special. 

Give her a day off– Allow her to take a break from her daily course of life and help her feel more free and alive, at least for a day. Spare her of all her work and responsibilities for just a single day and let her do whatever she has been wanting to. 

Go on a vacation– Have a good long vacation and spend some much-needed quality time as a couple. Away from all the stress and unnecessary burdens, be kind enough to let her live the life she had always wanted and start traveling. 

Make her breakfast– Instead of her having to wake up before everyone else in the family and get the breakfast ready on time, turn the tables for her and make a deliberate effort towards being kind. Cook her a delicious breakfast. 

Give her a massage– Leave her a cute little message before you leave or before she leaves to go out. It could be anything from a simple I love you to just remind her to keep smiling. If it is from your heart, it will reach your heart. 

Talk to her politely– Whenever you talk to her, make sure to always be polite and respectful towards her. Even when you do not feel like yourself and are anxious or fiery, make sure to either be polite or avoid any confrontations. 

Talk to her politely

Lovingly address her– Use words like honey, darling, and love more often than not and make sure whenever you are addressing her, it is in a loving and affectionate tone. Small acts of kindness like these matter a lot. 

Leave her small notes– Leave small sticky notes on her belonging with sweet messages like take care of yourself, be careful or eat on time. Things like that show genuine care and kindness towards your partner. 

Call her during work– Call her when either you are working or she is and remind her about the fact that she is the most beautiful and genuine person in your life and that you truly cherish her being in your life. 

Prepare lunch for her– Prepare food for her and let her see the real kind side of you. Show her how much you care about her and what place she has in your heart. Prepare something healthy and filling for her. 

Sing her to sleep– When she is having trouble falling asleep or even when she is too restless to even lie down and rest. Help her calm her nerves down by singing her a sweet melody that would instantly put her at ease. 

Cuddle– Hold her in your arms and make her feel secure and protected for as long as she wants to. There should be a lot of cuddling whenever you are with your wife as no matter which day of the week it is, she will always be up for it. 


Talk about her aspirations– Talk more about what inspired her and what drives her to wake up every single day. Get to know about her ambitions and what she wants to do with her life. 

Tell her how much you love her– Be very expressive and open about your feelings towards her be it in privacy or with known people around you. Do not shy away from telling her that she is the most precious person in your life. 

Bake a cake– Bake a cake for her with a specialized message that says Thank you for always being so kind to me. Even if you can’t make one yourself, order one and it would be just as effective. Surprise her with this one. 

Buy her a dessert– By her something sweet that would make her mood go from salty to sweet in a bite. Chocolates will always be a favorite here and you have to get her an entire box if you are planning on doing it. 

Do not hang on to the past– Do not keep holding on to what has already happened in the past or the mistakes that have already been made. Let all of the past grievances go and be kind to her because she deserves all of it. 

Try to feel what she is feeling– Try to understand what she is going through and look at the world from her perspective. It is easy to get lost when you are too focused on yourself but when you put yourself in her shoes, the path gets clearer. 

Do not be rude– No matter how bad the situation gets, irrespective of how angry you are, do not ever, in the heat of the moment, say anything that you cannot take back. Have a grip over your emotions to avoid any unfavorable consequences. 

Try to compensate– Try to compensate for all the things that you have done wrong in the past. Try to make up for all the mistakes and take back all the bad words that have slipped out of your mouth unknowingly. 

Forgive and forget– Belief in the principle of forgiving and forget when it comes to the person that you hold the closest to the heart. Sometimes holding on to a tightrope does nothing but bruise your fingers, it is wiser to let go. 

Do not be vengeful– Do not seek opportunities to exact revenge from them. The tit-for-tat mentality will not only destroy your relationship but will also clear out any chances for it to come together. 

Be intimate– Be intimate with her physically and mentally. Intimacy is the key to any happy married life and the closer that she is and you are to each other, the harder it will be for you guys to not be kind to each other. 

Be intimate

Do not force your opinions on her– Keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself unless she might be doing something harmful or getting into trouble. Allow her to make her own decisions and stay away from influencing them. 

Understand what she wants– Understand what she wants or she feels is lacking in her life to help her get out of the situation. When you are kind enough to solve her problems, she will have no reason not to be happy. 

Show that you care– Make little effort to show her that you deeply care about her. It could be anything from making the bed for her, tucking her in, and getting her a snack, or holding her hand when she gets nervous. 

Make her feel loved– Make her feel loved and important anytime you can and without the need for any reasons. She deserves to feel loved every second of the day and the more you do it, the better it is. The only way for you to be kind. 

Smile when you talk to her– A smile is an extremely powerful and effective way to be kind. When she sees you smiling, her day automatically gets a thousand times better and that smile will give her the courage to keep fighting in life. 

Kiss her more– A kiss is the simplest and easiest way to express love. Kiss her whenever you feel like and more importantly whenever you think, she wants it. Be kind enough to kiss her even when you don’t want to but you want to make her smile. 

Kiss her more

Hug her more often– Hold her more frequently and make her feel warm and secure as much as you can. A warm hug says a thousand things and kindness surely is in the top ten of that list. 

Be there for her– No matter which day of the week it is, no matter what hour of the day it is, no matter how busy you are and irrespective of whether you guys disagreed last night, you must always be there for her. 

Calm her down– Calm her nerves down and help her relax when she is having a bit of a breakdown and is all set to let loose. 

Be her happy place– Be the place that she looks forward to going back to. Be that escape for her which helps her stay above reality and takes care of all her problems and worries in an instant. Be her happy place. 

Be her happy place

Be loyal and sincere– Always be loyal towards her and do not let any third party or outsider harm what you guys have. A relationship is built on loyalty and faith and these founding pillars need to be strong at all times. 

Always be true to yourself– Be true to your own self before you can commit to being true to her. If you do not know and love your own self, you would never be able to be a good life partner and be kind to her. 

Make her feel comfortable– Make her feel comfortable and at home every time she is with you. Even when she is away, you can be kind enough to call or text her and make her feel comfortable even in that unknown environment. 

Make her feel comfortable

Respect her decisions and actions– Even if they are not that great, learn to respect her actions and the decisions that she takes because, from the place that she is standing, it is all justified. Do not even misunderstand her. 

Be a pillar in her life– Be the pillar that supports her and keeps her steady at all points in life. Make sure she derives strength from you and can counter her weaknesses because of you instead of giving in. 

Do things that she loves– Do more of the things that she finds joy in and happily invests her time and energy in. Be it a sport or a form of entertainment, anything that gives her pleasure and joy, you should try with her and be a partner. 

Explore new hobbies– Explore a few new and old hobbies with her. Be open to experimenting and brave enough to try out new things. Also, be kind when things don’t go exactly according to the plan and she is down. 

Be positive around her– Whenever you are with her, shower her with all the positivity in the world and drown her with optimism. You should be her shield against any negativity and keep her innocence alive at any cost. 

Live in the moment– Do not ponder over what has already happened in the past or waste your time thinking about what might happen. She is there with you right now and all you have to do is make the best out of this situation and be kind to her. 

Live in the moment

Have undying faith– Trust her with your eyes closed and have complete faith in her. She has never let you down and she never will. Your kindness will never go to waste but trust her to reciprocate every square inch of it. 

Encourage her to love herself– The easiest way to be kind to her is to motivate her to love herself more. When she finally sees and acknowledges the absolute gem of a human being that she is, she would not need anything else. 

Be very smart with your words– Be very wise when choosing your words in a conversation with her. Make sure that there are no misunderstandings and that whatever you wish to say reaches her in the kindest way possible. 

Be very smart with your words

Listen to your conscience– Listen more to the voice inside your head and it will never give you wrong advice and will always stop you from doing anything wrong, especially when it comes to the person that you truly love. 

Give her some space– Give her space and the time when she needs it to make her head and thoughts clear. All of us start to see things in a more blurry way when we are constantly surrounded by people, let her by all by herself sometimes. 

Take things slowly– Be very calm and composed in your approach. Relationships are not built in a day and you can’t make things become perfect after being kind to her for an hour or a day. It is a constant grind and the results will become evident gradually. 

Have meaningful conversations– Indulge in deep and meaningful conversations as it is only when you really connect with that person when the real kindness inside you comes out and you start speaking from your heart. 

Respect her privacy– Respect her decisions and let her have a private life if she wishes to. She loves you no doubt but that does not mean all of her focus and energy should be invested in you, be kind enough to let her have a private life and enjoy it. 

Try to return her favors– All the sacrifices, all the efforts, and all the things that she has done for you in the past, even if you cannot return or reciprocate all of it, you have to keep trying and get as close as you can. 

Make her the center of attraction– Give her the limelight in your life that she truly deserves and make her feel like the queen of your kingdom. You would not have it any other way yourself, isn’t it true? 

Do not blow your top– Do not lose your cool and go overboard with some harsh words or actions that you will regret in the future. Be level-headed and handle it like an adult. 

Be her biggest supporter and motivator– Be her biggest fan and be a constant reminder of all the great things she is capable of achieving. Motivate her on every given step to help her reach her maximum potential and to be there with her when it finally happens. 

Be her biggest supporter and motivator

Share her burdens– Share her burdens, her responsibilities, her problems, and possibly everything else. Be a true partner to her in every sense and give her the love and support that she needs from you. 

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