71+ Tips to Understand when Dating Independent Women

An independent woman is a true example of a strong, modern woman. She does not need any man in her life to be able to survive and can take care of herself better than anyone else. To date an independent woman, you need to be a little different and a lot more open-minded to begin with. 

tips to understand when dating independent women.

Let her lead– Let her be the leader and make the important decisions when the situation demands it. Let her be the person who leads you when needed and shows you the path when she is confident about it. There is nothing weird about this. 

Do not suppress her– Do not try to suppress how she feels about the world or do not even try to undermine her opinions. She will take no prisoners if any man tries to belittle her individuality and you must stay away from ever doing that. 

Support her in all her decisions– Be her supported in all the decisions that she takes and even try and guide her if you think you are qualified enough. Instead of looking for faults in what she has to stay, try and support all her actions. 

Let her pay the bill– It is completely fine if she wants to pay the bill. This norm that has been prevalent in society that the man should always pay the bill seems illogical at this point when females are not just housewives and are more than capable of paying their own bills. 

Do not feel insecure-It is very easy to feel insecure and doubt yourself when dating a strong and independent woman, The upright image of a man in our heads is nothing but toxic masculinity which does not allow women to have an even plane and it is high time that it changes. 

She is your equal– Treat her as an equal which she rightly and justifiably she. She has worked just as hard as or even harder than you have to reach the place that she is right now despite all the gender discrimination and she deserves to be treated as an equal, in all aspects. 

She can do her own shopping– She is more than capable of doing her shopping and you do not need to take her out shopping. Of course, you have to be with her to help her choose between the blue or the pink dress but you are under no obligation to buy it for her.

Let her pick the place and the time– The image of a perfect date in her head starts with the man always assigning the place and the time and that image has overstayed its welcome and it is time for things to change. Let her pick the place and the time this time. 

Talk to her about finance– Talk to her about your personal finances because obviously, she has been taking better care of her money than you have. Talk to her about things like budgeting and expenses as she would really like it. 

Ask for her opinion– She has a strong opinion and you need to ask her about her thoughts on topics that you might be struggling with or you see fit. Getting to know her side of the story will only broaden the perspective for you. 

Give her the space that she wants– Space is very important in any relationship and especially when she has much on her mind already, you being clingy would be the last thing that she wants. Let her have her space and figure things out. 

Respect her privacy– Respect her privacy and let her have a personal life apart from you. She had a life before she met you and she wishes to enjoy that part of her life too, respect that decision, and do not interfere in matters where she does not want you to. 

She can travel alone– Understand that she is more than capable of handling herself when traveling alone. She has probably been around the world and seen places more than you have and there is no reason for you to worry about it. 

Do not keep nagging– Do not keep nagging and disturbing her like a clingy and immature boyfriend who needs nothing but attention. Understand that there is a time and a place for everything and you would be overstepping if you keep nagging her. 

Let her make the important calls– Let her make the important calls and even receive them at the house. Be it ordering food or even talking to a relative, let her be the person to question or answer the phone call when it rings. 

Learn to cook– Cooking has always been associated with a female skill and now that we are talking about change, that is step one. If she can go out and work, you have every right and reason to learn to cook and take care of the kitchen. 

Do all the things that are gender neutral– Activities that are gender-neutral and do not differentiate between man and woman should be participated in by you two. Be it yoga classes or learning to skateboard, go for it. 

Be prepared for a lecture– Be ready for a good, long lecture once in a while. Just like you have every right to give her a piece of your mind when she goes wrong, she has every right to scold you when you do something super stupid. 

Kick patriarchy out of the house– A strong and independent woman and patriarchy do not live and breathe under the same house and she is not going anywhere so you know what to do or even more so, you know about the things not to do. 

Help her with office work– Lend her a hand in her office-related work, it could be anything as clerical as printing out documents to even keeping her work bag ready, but when she sees you taking interest in her work, she’ll be delighted. 

Help her get ready– Help her to get ready whenever she is about to head out. Prepare her bag, keep her clothes ready to even keep her shoes nice and clean. There is nothing wrong with helping your partner get ready for work. 

Share the household work equally– Just like everything is shared between partners equally, why taking care of the household should be an exception. You guys can split all the chores and have fun doing it or you could just get a house help, your call. 

She is the hero– Do not try and be the hero of her story but understand that in her story, she is the hero herself and all that she needs from you is to be a great sidekick who does not always keep trying to outshine her but supports her. 

Do not feel jealous– Do not get jealous when other guys are around her. They could be her colleagues, clients, or other work-related people that she has to face every day. You getting jealous of them will only increase her burdens. 

Be accepting– Be accepting of the kind of person that she is. She might get stressed out under pressure or might be struggling to handle the workload. You just have to accept the fact that that’s how she is and she loves you. 

Be willing to change– Be willing to change and make compromises just like she is and she has been for as long as you know her. Patriarchy and male dominance are so deeply instilled in our blood that change seems scary but things must change. 

Do not expect any compromises– Do not expect her to make any compromises or adjust when it comes to her career. Her position is what gives her identity and when it comes to her work life, she will make no exceptions. 

Go partying with her– Go out partying with her, with her friends, and even with her colleagues to know what kind of people she is usually around. Don’t just go out to warn her or to keep an eye but genuinely have fun with her. 

Enjoy a few drinks– Enjoy a few drinks with her once in a while and let her relax. When the alcohol gets inside the system, it makes sharing super easy and all her stress and anxiety will vanish the moment she starts talking. 

Be ambitious– She is ambitious and always wants to reach higher and that is exactly how she wants her partner to be. She will only respect you more if you focus on your career and be more ambitious about life just like she does. 

Focus on your career and goals– Focus on your career and the goals that you have always dreamed about achieving. When you start to rise in life, she will be your biggest supporter as she personally knows how hard it is to move up. 

Be direct and firm– Do not waste your and her time beating around the bush. She probably has a million different things to take care of besides your nonsense and if you really need her to pay attention, you have to be straightforward and direct with her. 

Be confronting– Do not run away from confrontations as you can be sure that you will not. She is not going to back down from a fight and is surely not going to let things go unless you find a solution or come to a conclusion, talk it out head-on. 

Be independent yourself– Let’s be real, it is most likely that you have to be an independent person to date an independent woman because there is no way she is going to have the same amount of respect for you if you are not independent yourself. 

Do not pull her down– Do not pull her down or try to demotivate her just because she might be doing better things with her life than you are. She is with you because she thinks you are her partner and the day that you do this, you’ll turn into an enemy or even worse, a stranger. 

Maintain professional behavior when working– If she happens to be working in your office, always maintain professional behavior in the workspace. She would appreciate it more than anything and besides, you will have lots of time at home. 

Watch the movies that she likes– Watch the movies that she enjoys the most, the movies that have inspired her to work hard and achieve so much in a man’s world and be the wonderful person that she is today. 

Enjoy great music– Enjoy some great music with her and do not make the mistake of judging her for her taste. If she enjoys metal or k-pop, it really should not matter as long as the music is great and it helps her relax and get her head off from things. 

Appreciate her taste– Appreciate her taste, be it in clothes, music, movies, or even sports or games. Instead of dissing her for liking things like that despite being a girl, appreciate the big and small that she likes and enjoys. 

Acknowledge her achievements– Acknowledge what she has made of herself. Let her know that all her efforts and all her sweat and tears that she has put in, in so many years did not go in vain but that she has finally arrived and it is only forward from here. 

Be woke– Be aware of all the important things going on in the world from climate change, the economy to most importantly feminism. Do not miss out on anything important which she would expect you to know in the slightest form. 

Be adapting and sincere– Be sincere enough to tell her that you might need some time to adjust and adapt to you guys being together. Be willing to adapt to her lifestyle and her way of working even if she insists that there is no need whatsoever. 

Be opinionated– Have strong opinions and your own takes about every important topic. Be well-read and accurately informed. Have your facts right, have them double checked and do not believe anything until you see or experience it yourself. 

She can take care of you– It is completely fine if she wants to take care of you and relieve some of the burdens from your shoulders. In doing so, she is not trying to hurt your ego or prove a point. It is what any loving and responsible partner would try to do. 

She is not your mom– Even if she is responsible and understanding, know that she is not your mother. She might be able to tolerate you for some time but if you try to take advantage of it and test her patience, god saves you. 

Hear her voice– She has a voice, a loud and clear voice and she is going to make sure that those around her listen to it, whether you like it or not. Do not force her to put in extra effort but be willing to listen to what she has to say without any hesitations. 

Try to look at the world through her eyes– Look at the world how she has been looking at it all her life. All the problems, all the struggles that she had to go through which a man would not even imagine facing, be more humble with her. 

Empathize with her struggles– Be more empathetic about what she had to go through to be independent, how extra she had to struggle, and how much more she had to face just because of being a female, do not make her feel any worse. 

Tell her that you love her– Do not ever miss any opportunity to tell her how much you love and respect her for the kind of person that she is and that you would never let her regret any decision that she has made about you. 

Enjoy your intimacy– Be intimate with her as much as she wants or you like. Even if she has achieved everything in her career, she would be unhappy if her life lacks physical and emotional intimacy and you need to give her that. 

Build better communication– Try and build a connection with her where you not only understand completely what she means to say from the word coming out of her mouth but also when she does not talk much, understand her silences too. 

Be chivalrous– Just because she is independent and can take care of herself better than any other man, does not mean you will forget about your manners. Do not let chivalry die for the sake of mankind and open the door for her whenever you can. 

Avoid any mind games– With all the pressure from work and managing ten different things at any given point of time, the last thing that she needs is for her partner to be talking in subtle hints or playing mind games, to grow up as she has. 

Do not get intimidated– Do not get intimidated by her achievements or her personality. Do not demean yourself by trying to show that you are the man of the house or that you are more important. Also do not feel bad if she is more popular than you. 

It is okay if she is better off– You have to accept and not even accept but be happy about the fact that she is better off in life than you are. She has worked hard and she has worked harder than any other man in her position to get there and she deserves all of it. 

Treat her as a normal human being– just because she is different from most of the girls that you have met in your life, does not mean she wants to be treated like a celebrity. End of the day, she wants to be treated just like any other human being. 

Draw inspiration from her– In place of getting jealous of her achievements, try and get inspired because even after being a female in a male-driven society, if she has managed to reach far, what is stopping you from achieving your dreams. 

Motivate her to aim higher– She has already reached a good place but that should not allow her to stagnate or stop herself from aiming higher. Make sure to keep pushing her to aim higher and work harder and never settle with what she has. 

Do not be clingy– Do not be clingy or be an attention seeker in her life. She needs space, she loves her privacy and she is the kind of woman who believes in a grown-up and mature relationship and if you are clingy, it is not going to work out. 

Understand that she wants you– Even if she is not being able to give you enough time, even if she does not have energy left at the end of the day, understand that she works so hard only to be a better person and because she loves you from the bottom of her heart. 

Help her when she needs it– Always be ready to help her even if she does not ask for it. Help her relax when she needs it, help her fall asleep if she is having trouble sleeping, and help her in work if the workload is too high. 

Be a friend first– Before being a partner and a lover, be the friend that understands and relates to all her troubles and all her struggles. Be the friend that she can rely on with her eyes closed and can trust with her life on the line. 

Be true to her– Be true to her in all aspects of life. If you see any changes in her, let her know. If you feel something is wrong or missing, make sure she knows about it. If you feel that she is going wrong, be the first one to tell her. 

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