71+ Tips to Understand an Immature Relationship

No one gets off to a perfect relationship right from the first time that they start dating. It takes a lot of effort, going through a lot of immature ones, before you finally grow into a mature one. When in an immature relationship, understand the following. 

Tips to understand an immature relationship. 

Take it easy but not lightly Take things easy but do not make the mistake of taking things for granted as it would spiral out of your control before you realize it and you would not want that to happen under any circumstance. 

Take It Easy But Not Lightly

Do not boss the other person around– Do not be controlling and do not try to command the other person. They are more or less on an equal mental plane and taking orders from someone like that would be nothing short of disrespectful. 

Let them be childish– Allow them to be as childish as they want. You cannot change them completely and act like grown-ups within the span of a few days. Let them be themselves in front of you and they will grow up as time progresses. 

Make mutual decisions– Do not make any arbitrary decisions but consider their opinions and keep their well-being in your head before you take any important call. Also, do not be hasty with any of your calls but think it through and be patient. 

Try not to get jealous– Getting jealous is completely natural in any relationship, be it immature or a grown-up one. However, you should refrain from overdoing things but try to keep it to a minimum and not let things be too obvious. 

Do not be insecure– Do not be insecure about yourself or your relationship with that person. They are with you only because they want to, they are with you because of the kind of person that you are, and that leaves you with no opportunity to be insecure about anything. 

Don’t be insensitive– Do not be insensitive with your words or actions. Always be considerate about the feelings of the other persons and think twice before you say or do anything and if it has even the slightest possibility to affect them negatively, do not do it. 

Treat them well– Be it day one or the last day of your life, be it a good day or a bad day, irrespective of whether you are happy or in the worst state of mind possible, do not ever treat them badly or make them regret their decision of staying with you. 

Live in the moment– Live in the moment, you have the person that you love with all your heart right in front of you, do not dwell in the past or do not stress about the future, believe in love, believe in each other and everything will work out at the end of the day. 

Live In The Moment

Have lesser expectations– It is totally natural to have great expectations in an immature relationship. You expect things from the person that would never even cross their mind and you end up hurting yourself if they do not stand up to those expectations. Stay away from these. 

Spend some quality time together– Spend as much time with each other as possible. Talk about things that you would not usually talk about and let them into your heart. Talk about things that might cause trouble in the future and get them sorted right now. 

Do not expect them to be rational– Do not wish your partner to be completely rational or practical while being in an immature relationship. They are as childish and immature as the next person and they are going to make a lot of mistakes and wrong decisions, you have to deal with all of it. 

Be empathetic– Be empathetic towards them. It is very easy to lose your head when being young and careless. However, before doing or saying anything, try to understand their side of the story and where they are coming from to understand them better. 

Have fun– Despite all the problems and all the complications, the very reason why you guys decided to be together was that you guys could always have a great time together no matter what the situation was. Do not lose that as you guys move forward, enjoy yourselves. 

Have Fun

Play games with them– Play sports, video games, and even board games that they enjoy. Be as childish with them as you can when looking to spend some good time and do all those things that you and they enjoyed doing as a child. 

Watch the movies that they love– Watch the movies that they enjoy and no matter how many times they have watched it, they can always watch it just one more time. Get to know more about them, the things that they love, and just have a great time with them. 

Go on fun dates– Go on fun dates, do interesting activities. You are young and free to do whatever you wish. People that age are practically invincible and are free to do whatever they like and there is no reason for you to not have fun with your partner on some exciting dates. 

Listen to some good music– Listen to some great music and pick your favorite songs alternately. Let them in on your taste in music and get to know about the genres and artists that they enjoy grooving to. Music has no language and if you like what they listen to, you will have no problem connecting. 

Dance with the– Dance with them as much as you can and dance your heart out. Do not think about people judging you or what the other person might think about you, show them your real side, your fun side, and let them decide if they like it. 

Dance With The Dance

Do not put any restrictions on them– Do not put them under any rules or regulations. They love you, they are an important part of your life but by no means are they obliged to listen to everything that you say and are free to do what they see fit. 

Let them talk their mind– Build such a connection with them which allows them to talk their heart out and tell you whatever is going on inside their head without any filter or any fear. They should be able to share anything and everything with you. 

Protect them-Protect them from all the wrong things around them. At this age, it is easy to get influenced by the people around and lose sight of things. Do not allow people to wrap their minds but encourage them to form an opinion of their own. 

Look at the world through their eyes– Try to get their perception of things and look at the world how they see it. Looking at the world through their eyes will change your perception of the world and make you an entirely better person. 

Be their best friend first– Before being the love of their life, you need to be that friend that they can count on with their eyes closed and always rely upon without any inhibitions. At the end of the day, love is all about being the best of friends and just a little bit more. 

Be Their Best Friend First

Always be the first one to scold them– There would be a lot of people that would congratulate them and appreciate them for all they have done but you have to be the one to lecture them and give them a piece of your mind whenever you see something going wrong with them. 

Do not expect perfection– Do not expect them to be perfect in every aspect of life. Do not expect them to always do the right thing or even be the right person. However, understand that even if they are not perfect, they are perfect for you. 

Try to be on the same page– Try and always be on the same side of things. Obviously, that won’t be the same case always, but you need to try and take a step towards each other to make things balanced and keep things smooth and stable, talk it out. 

Be excited-Be excited, exhibit the right kind of energy whenever they are around and let them know that you are extremely happy to be around them and appreciate them being with you at that moment. Send the right kind of vibes. 

Be Excited

Talk, a lot– Talk about everything that is going inside your head and everything else that is going on inside your head. Discuss all your problems, all your worries and they will be right there to not only make you feel better but to also try and look for a solution. 

Do not be shy– Do not feel shy around them or even shy away from the things that you are scared of bringing up. They want to and they rightly deserve to know everything about you and it is your responsibility to keep them informed. 

Show them the right kind of love– Show them what love truly is. Change their perception about love that they might have formed due to their past encounters. Be the person that shows them and makes them feel what it really means to be loved by someone. 

Help them grow– Help them grow in their career, in their state of mind, and simply just grow as a person. Tell them how important it is to be calm, humble, and open-minded about things and develop their personality overall as you move forward with each other. 

Make extra efforts– Make just a bit of extra effort, just walk that extra mile for them which would make them feel extra special. When someone does not completely understand what love is, you need to keep making conscious efforts to help them realize it. 

Make them understand what the right thing to do is– The worst part about being immature is that you never know what the right and wrong is, and end up getting in trouble. Teach them how to differentiate. 

Do not be rude– Do not be unnecessarily rude to them. They will not think about your intention behind those words but would just feel hurt or get angry solely because of the words. Put things more innocently and simply for them to understand and realize. 

Be simple– Love is not as complicated as people make it. Be simple, when you are in front of them, and the relationship that you guys have will be simple. Love is simple, it is us who tend to overcomplicate things and you need to keep things simple if you want this relationship to succeed. 

Be Simple

Do not worry about the future– Instead of wasting the current beautiful moment by worrying about what the future holds in store for you, enjoy what you have in your hands right now. The future is not under your control but if you do not want it to be full of regrets, make complete use of what you have now. 

Be each other’s support system– Support each other like it is no big deal and that it is the only thing that you guys know about. Be the support system that people would kill for. Motivate them when they aim higher and hold them when they are down. 

Do not let go– No matter how intense the fight was, no matter how heated the argument gets and no matter how blurry the road seems, do not let go of each other. You would regret making such important decisions in the heat of the moment and would lose something precious.

Everything is momentary– Understand that everything in this phase is momentary and that everything is going to change a few years down the line. However, try to grow and change with each other before you guys finally decide to settle down. 

Have faith and belief– Have faith in each other to never let go and keep loving each other like you always and have and have belief in the relationship to sustain for the rest of your life. Do not ever doubt each other or what you guys have built with so much time and effort. 

Focus towards better communication– Focus more on building strong communication to minimize any miscommunication and to allow the other person to understand you even when they do not say anything and are having a moment of their own. 

Focus Towards Better Communication

Make the foundations strong– Make the building blocks of the relationship unshakable. Make it so sound that nothing external could ever affect what you guys have and that you can continue to be the wonderful couple that you guys are. 

Do not hide anything– Do not hide anything from them as it creates unnecessary confusion and complicates things for no reason. Let them know about everything in your head and all that that has been going on so that they can help and support you. 

Let them in– Let them inside the deepest places in your heart. Share stories and incidents with them which you would not even confront yourself with. Make them feel like the most important person in your life which they rightly are. 

Be real and be true– Always be the best version of yourself when you are with them and speak nothing but the truth to them. More than the lie or the pretense, they are going to feel hurt because they would never expect you to do something like that. 

Give it time– Give the relationship time to mature, give them time to grow up, and most importantly give yourself time to grasp the gravity of the situation. A relationship like that is no joke and you have a big responsibility in your head. 

They love you– Have this in your head at all times. Even if they mouth slip and say a few rude things, understand that they do not completely mean it. They are just in the right state of mind and as soon as they are back to being themselves, they will love you like they always have. 

They Love You

Share your stories– Share all the stories, all the interesting incidents that you have been a part of in your life. Tell them about the stupidest things that you did growing up and even all those funny and scary incidents that you have recently known. 

Talk about each other’s families– Talk about your families rightly because you guys are family yourselves now. Be it a problem that they might be facing or a recent celebration that made them feel really happy, they should know about your family and you should know about theirs. 

Share clothes– As overrated and cliché as it might sound but sharing your clothes with them is a really sweet thing to do when you are in this stage of your relationship. Who does not like to show up to an occasion while twinning or even just chill in identical pajamas? 

Always be together, everywhere– Be the couple that everyone talks about, be there with each other all the time, and have a great time whenever you guys are together. Just be you and you guys will become the heart of the party naturally. 

Post a lot of pictures Post a lot of pictures to cement all those sweet memories in a secure place for the rest of your life. Set a new set of couple goals for others to follow, and moreover, who does not like some validation on social media. 

Hold their hand– Always hold their hand when with them to let them know that you are there with them and would hold them through the darkest night and always be the person that they can rely on. 

Hold Their Hand

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