81+ Tips to Understand Your Needs in a Relationship

Understanding one another is a big part of a stable and happy relationship but what is equally important is to understand your needs in a relationship and your expectations of it.

You should have a better understanding of what to expect from a relationship, and here are a few tips to help you out. 

tips to understand your needs in your relationship 

Start meditating– Meditating not only helps you connect with nature and your surroundings but also helps you connect with yourself and get to know yourself better. Once you completely know and understand yourself, you will have clarity about what you need in a relationship. 

Communicate better– Establishing better communication is the key to understand and tell them what you need from a relationship and get to know their perspective on the whole thing. Talk to them about everything, especially the things bothering you.  

Question yourself– The only person that knows what you need from a relationship is you and the only way that you can know what you want is to truly dig deep and question your heart about what it truly wants. You will have the answer in case you are true to yourself. 

Observe them-Observe them carefully and understand them more as a partner and also as a friend. Once you have established what place or what value they hold in your life, you will have less trouble knowing what you need from the relationship. 

Go on dates– Go out, go on fun and exciting dates and rediscover your interests as a couple and not just as individuals. The more you connect with them, the clearer your needs will get about the relationship. 

Never be doubtful or insecure– They are in a relationship with you only because they care about you, they respect you, and believe in you to do wonderful things in life. Do not feel insecure and doubt yourself or your worth in their life before being vocal about your needs. Talk freely with them, they deserve to know how you truly feel and all they want is for you to be happy. 

Spend more time together– Spend as much time with them as possible. Time is the only thing and maybe even the most important factor that anyone needs to build a great connection and know what they really want. 

Do fun activities together– Do things that make your heart happy and bring out the kid in you. We often overcomplicate things for no reason and just relaxing and having some fun with your partner will be a great whiff of fresh air. 

Reconnect with nature– Get into the lap of Mother Nature and all your worries, confusions and dilemmas will automatically vanish in thin air. A change in environment always helps in getting your head clear and thinking straight. 

Be physically and mentally fir– You cannot think properly and make the best possible decision about something as important as your love life and your life partner unless you are mind and body are in sync and also in the best condition possible. 

Try to be rational and realistic– Be very practical in your approach and do not be ignorant of reality when thinking about your needs and wants in a relationship. Do not forget that the person is also a human and is going through the same thing. 

Turn to Poetry– Poetry is an incredibly beautiful way to express one’s emotions. Sometimes you hide really deep emotions in these few lines and the other times, you may even find the answers that you have been looking for if you read correctly between the lines. Write if you want to express yourself, read if you feel lost and are looking for a path, will help either way. 

Talk to your friends and family– Your friends and family will prove to be the ultimate life saviors in such situations and you should not shy away from asking for their expert advice when it comes to this. Your parents are the best couple that you know and they would be delighted to tell you their story. 

Rediscover your interests– Think about what interests you to be in the relationship and push through with it. Even when things are not going according to plan, think about why you were there in there in the first place. 

Be very patients– Do not rush with things and do not be impatient about any of your decisions. Listen to your heart and also pay attention to how your partner is responding to you. Give it time. 

Have faith in the relationship– Have faith in your partner to help you solve all the problems, fulfill all your needs, and be just as loving and understanding as you need them to be. They signed up for all your expectations when they said to be with you and whatever you think is the problem, is only in your head. Trust them, trust the bond and the connection.

Enjoy the process– In search of finding out about your needs, do not forget why you got into the relationship in the first place. Enjoy your togetherness and take things as they come. Enjoy your journey without worrying about your destination. 

Be inquisitive and curious– Do not let your curiosity fade out. Keep questioning yourself and getting to know more about yourself and the relationship. It is an entire journey before you can strike a balance and know where you stand. 

Never stop experimenting– Do not allow the relationship to stagnate but keep moving towards getting better as a person and as a couple. You will never know what you need unless you keep trying new things. 

Discover new hobbies– Discover new hobbies, new activities that excite you as a person, and implement these hobbies into finding out about what you need from a relationship and what it is that makes you happy and your life exciting. 

Write letters to yourself– You understand best what you are feeling and sometimes you are the only advisor that you need. Write a letter to yourself telling you about the things that you need from your partner right now. Sometimes it is much harder to acknowledge the things that are in your head and writing this letter is the first right step. 

Try introspecting– Try getting to the base of the problem and eradicate it from the grass-roots level. The only way to do that is to introspect and find out in your head how you got yourself in that situation. All that you need, all the answers to your questions are right there in your head, all you have to do is dig deep and ask all the right questions. 

Rethink your future– Imagine your life a few years down the line and picture your love life in that period. Where do you wish to stand with your partner in that picture and then ask yourself what do you need to get there?

Make a plan– Make a well-structured and thought after plan, and maybe even a few backup plans to try out the things that you need from her and the relationship without hurting or offending your partner in any way possible. You can never be too careful. 

Make a bucket list– Make a bucket list of all the things that you want from the relationship and also the things that you need from life. If any item or items on the two lists coincide, you will have one less thing to worry about and one more thing to look forward to. 

Start reading more– Reading books, stories, novels or just reading in general, develops your personality and guides you towards maturity. Once you reach that stage, you would know what you need from a relationship within the blink of an eye. 

Write your thoughts down– Writing your thoughts down keeps it open for interpretation and criticism later on. Whenever you think about something that you want from a relationship, write it down on a piece of paper and read it when you are in a different state of mind. If it still makes sense, it is viable.

Try looking for alternate options– Try looking for alternate options if you think what you need is too much or is not right. Try looking for other ways to minimize complications or confusion. Try and keep everything as simple as possible. Do not feel afraid to ask your partner for some time off to figure things out, it is alright to do so. 

Listen to good music– Some good music always helps you clear your head and think straight. Put on your favorite playlist and keep asking yourself the question at the back of your head and you will have your answer when it hits the right note. 

Go shopping– Go shopping with your partner, observe what they buy and what you want to buy. Notice their preferences and decision-making. It will make your job a lot easier as you would know the difference between what you need and what is right for the relationship. 

Visit historic places– Get connected with history not only between the two of you but the place that you are from. Take a deep breath and look at those monuments and then ask yourself whether what you are doing is right when your head is clear. 

Be in touch with their peers– Be in close contact with the people that she likes to spend their time with and try to understand what they are going through at the same time. Their friends and peers probably care about them as much as you do and talking to them would help you ensure that whatever you need from the relationship does not negatively affect her but is best for the both of you. 

Think of your idols or inspirations– Think of people that you look up to and derive inspiration from their romantic choices. What did they need in a relationship, what did they want from it and if you admire the right people, you would have your answer in no time. 

Attend group discussions– Attend as many group discussions about love and relationships as possible. There are quite a few available online and when you get the perspective of people going through the same thing, you’ll understand your needs better. 

Visit a psychiatrist– Visit a consultant or even a psychiatrist, someone that you can freely talk to and discuss the problems that you are facing in the relationship. They will most likely provide you with the best advice, given the situation. 

Go for counseling sessions– Relationship counseling sessions are very common these days and at most times, very healthy and wholesome for the couple. It would be a great couple bonding exercise and would help you understand your needs better. 

Make fun and loving memories– Do not miss out on any opportunity to create fun and loving memories as you go on with your life and with the relationship. These memories are all you need to keep going with the relationship and be happy with what you have. All you really need is your partner and a few smiles, nothing too complicated. 

Get a makeover– Get a makeover for yourself. If you look different, you would feel different from how you would normally feel and would be able to look at the current situation from a fresh perspective, something that you could really use right now. 

Start traveling more– Start traveling to places that you have always wanted to visit. Discover new places, meet new people and get to know about other cultures. Grow as a person and your life will get much easier. 

Make a wish list– Make a wish list of the things that you want right now or in the immediate future. From your needs and wants in that list, you would know what you want from your partner and would be able to communicate better. 

Disclose how you have been feeling lately– Let them know how you have been feeling lately and acknowledge the problems that are forcing you to think about your needs and wants. Address the entire situation and they will surely try and find the best possible solution for you. It is the only right thing to do when you are not sure of what you need. 

Set high personal goals– Set personal goals that force you out of your comfort zone and push you to greater limits, whether it be in your career or your hobbies. You’ll have a clear mindset and greater focus when you are trying to achieve those goals. 

Derive inspiration from other couples– Look at other happy and successful couples and talk to them. Ask them about their fights and struggles that they had to endure to reach that equilibrium. It is always a learning process and the more help you can get, the better. 

Try yoga– Yoga not only makes your body fit and flexible but also cleanses your soul and mind of all the negativity and illusions. The results might not be immediate but you will eventually find the clarity that you had been searching for. 

Maintain a fixed routine– Form a firm daily routine. Having a routine like that inculcates discipline in your life and stops you from making any illogical decisions in your life and just helps you get your life in order. Once your life is in order and you are in better shape, everything automatically gets a lot easier. This is also one of the needs that you should be focused on. 

Develop healthy eating habits– Eat well, sleep well and have lots of water. If your stomach feels great, your body will be without any problems and if your health is great, you will naturally feel better and know what you need. 

Make effective decisions– Think of the bigger picture and make decisions that will fetch you positive results in the long run. Be very understanding and humble in your approach towards the relationship and make them understand that what you need is necessary for the relationship. 

Demand things from your partner– Even if you know what you need from the relationship, you must be able to transfer your message clearly to your partner and be able to ask for it freely. Do not forget to encourage them to do the same. 

Look at your photo albums– Look back at all those beautiful memories together and all the moments that made you feel like the happiest person in the world. Should help you understand what you are missing the most or what you need right now. 

Do not be delusional– Do not fall into the rabbit hole of them being perfect or you guys being a match made in heaven. Do not follow the chain of thought that escalated your needs and turns them into ultimatums that would strangle the relationship. Instead, be compromising and promising and everything will fall in its place.

Watch inspiring and romantic movies– Watch movies that made you want to fall in love, that made you want to experience love, and inspired you to walk the extra mile. Start with the basics and everything else will seem much simpler. 

Discover your romantic side more– Dive deeper into your romantic side and listen more to what your heart says and wants. Find out about the things that arouse you romantically and pull the strings in your heart. You surely need more of these from the relationship. 

Be empathetic– Do not be so selfish with your needs. Rather think about how they would react to your needs and also about what do they need from you and the relationship. Try and find the correct balance between the two of you. 

Express your feelings better– Learn to be more expressive, more vocal about your needs, demands, and expectations from a relationship. You can’t ask for a mountain on the very first day, start with a pebble and build your way up. 

Make the foundation of your relationship stronger– Focus more on what brought you guys together in the first place. Emphasize more on the needs that initially got made you guys feel attracted towards each other. Focus on the good things rather than removing the bad ones. 

Rekindle the spark between you and your partner– The only reason that you are thinking about your needs right now is that you feel something is missing. Try and get that spark back up and all your needs will be fulfilled afterward. 

Start doing more household chores– Help them out with their daily work, be it household chores, their official work, or even the smallest of things. It would help you understand what they want from you and you can understand your needs better from there. 

Look back at your past encounters or relationships– Look back at your past experiences in your love life, and ask yourself what were the things that led to their failure or the break-off. If you know what you don’t need, all that you would be left with are the things that you need. 

Talk to your expartners– Have a little chat with your previous partner or partners so that you can understand better the reason why it did not work out and what would it need for it to work out. They’ll know the most about it as they were on the receiving end of things. 

Stay away from social media– Social media is filled with fake filters and pretense. Do not run after finding the ideal match or the perfect person out there for you. Work with your partner to turn your relationship into an ideal one rather than looking for a perfectly compatible person. Social media is a big no when you are already confused. 

Try to avoid any unnecessary confrontations– There is a huge difference between a healthy discussion or a debate and an outright confrontation. Be very numb and subtle in your approach when you talk about your needs, to avoid any more complications or to avoid things from heating up. 

Stay away from fantasizing– Stay at least a mile away from falling into all those romantic fantasies that we grow up with thanks to movies, music, and love stories that we hear from here and there. Understand that your life is not fiction and there are no retakes here. Be careful and act responsibly in whatever you decide to do. 

Do not get irritated or anxious– Always be calm and mature about your needs. They are something that you inevitably need for the relationship to work out and be smooth. There is nothing to feel anxious about and there is nothing that should make you feel confused. You are doing the right thing. Take your time but be as sure as ever. 

Give them certain hints– If you do not wish to have a full-blown conversation about what you need right now or what is lacking, try and give them some very obvious hints that they will face no problem picking up. They understand you enough to know if something is not right and it would make things easier if they take the first step. 

Learn a new language– Learning a new language will help you understand a new culture, some new people and their way of doing things and all in all, will help you get a new and fresh outlook about everything. You can even hope to find a new perception towards your relationship and that might just be the solution to all your problems. 

Trust them and have belief in them– They are your partner no matter what you choose to do and irrespective of what your decision is. They will happily and willingly listen to all your needs and will 

try to fulfill them without a second thought. You have made the right choice but now just be brave enough to talk about yourself and what you need with them. 

Be hopeful and optimistic– Never be drowned in negativity when thinking about your love life. Love is supposed to make you happy and keep you away from any sort of sadness. Be optimistic about the decisions and hopeful in your thoughts. Surround yourself with positivity. 

Do not overthink or over brood– Sometimes thinking too much harms the relationship more than finding an actual solution. Do not go overboard with your thoughts but try and keep everything as simple and normal and possible. 

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