How To Treat Your Husband Like A King: 29+ Ways

Our partners are a very important part of our lives. After marriage, we constantly look for ways to make them feel special and let them know how much we love and appreciate them. This article gives you some easy and lovely ways to make your husband feel like a king.

Be respectful.

Every husband expects respect and honor from his wife. So, although you can be very comfortable with your partner, always be respectful while communicating with him. Nothing you do or say should be offensive or hurtful. This way, he knows that you never take him for granted in this relationship.

Let him know he is important to you.

Constant validation and appreciation are very important in any relationship. Especially in a marriage, your husband must know how much you love and respect him. So, in different ways, always let him know how special he is to you. He must believe that he is a priority in your life.

Be empathetic.

Your husband will always want you to be a good listener, a constant source of strength and inspiration when he is vulnerable. So, even if your partner is wrong, try to be understanding and kind while dealing with him. Listen to his problems mindfully, and don’t be critical or judgmental.

Be genuinely interested in his life.

Nothing makes a man happier than knowing that his wife is genuinely interested in his life. Be it his work, friends, or passions, let him know that you are always here to encourage him in all his endeavors. Be nice to his friends and take good care of his family.

Don’t pinpoint minor problems.

Your partner has a very different nature. You might find it difficult to cope with some of his bad habits or preferences but remember that focusing on those things instead of the good part will be harmful to your relationship. Think of the things that make him a great husband.

Ensure that you are vocal about your feelings towards him.

Your husband will never get tired of listening to how much you love and appreciate him; loud appreciation of each other will keep your relationship alive. Tell him more frequently that you love him and are so lucky to have him in your life. This will make him feel special.

Don’t be a spoilsport; let him do what he loves.

If your husband loves watching football with his friends, let him do that freely. Don’t try to be a bossy partner who is nagging and has a problem with her husband doing things he loves. He must know that you take his interest and passions as seriously as he does.

Protect his dignity.

If someone is being rude or offensive to your husband, stand up for him. Support him publicly. This makes them realize that their wives will support, love, and motivate them even if the world is against them. When you protect a man’s dignity, he loves you with all his heart.

Be considerate even when you are confronting him.

Even if you are having a problem and arguing with each other, be understanding. Don’t say anything that hurts his ego or makes him feel bad. You can always find a solution to your problems without being disrespectful to each other. Remember that we all have feelings and get hurt.

Always keep a positive ambiance.

Since you are always living with your husband under the same roof, try keeping an ambiance of happiness and laughter all the time. Let him realize that you are the shining light of his home. A man with a happy and positive wife already thinks of himself as the king. 


Ways to maintain a positive ambiance:

  • Consider yourself your biggest priority.
  • Differentiate between facts and thoughts.
  • Never treat yourself harshly.
  • Use positive statements.
  • Smile more and wholeheartedly.
  • Practice being grateful for who you are and what you have.
  • Set goals and work hard to achieve them.
  • Appreciate people and their good attributes.
  • Compliment people around you genuinely.
  • Learn to live in the moment.

Consult with him before making important decisions.

Since you are married, you must make decisions together. For example, if you want to buy a car or shift to a new house, even if you do it with your money, always talk to your husband. This way, you let him know that his opinion is important to you.

Don’t bring up unnecessary topics while spending time together.

If you are out on a date with your husband, don’t discuss responsibilities or problems. Grab this opportunity and spend quality time together. Talk about the good and fun things in your relationship and how much he means to you. Every man wants his partner to be mature and understanding.

Focus on his positive side more.

If you keep thinking about those things about your partner that irritate or bother you, you will never find happiness or peace. Try to focus more on his good qualities, things that make him a loving and sweet partner. This will help you avoid negativity and criticism in your marriage.

Be interested in things he considers important.

If your partner is very serious about going to the gym, support him. Be interested in things that excite and motivate him, even if they don’t appeal to you. Your partner needs to realize how you are doing something just to see him happy, even though you don’t like it.

Spare some time for him.

Your partner must realize that he is a priority in your life. So, even when you are too busy with work, family, or children, spare some special time for him. For example, ensure that you have dates now and then, just the two of you. This will strengthen your bond.

Go easy on the negatives.

You must talk to your husband about any issues you are facing in this marriage. But that doesn’t mean you have to argue, fight, or shout unnecessarily at him. Be gentle and understanding because this approach solves problems more easily than being hot-headed and making rough decisions without thinking wisely.


Ways to deal with negative situations:

  • Take a pause, and don’t react instantly.
  • Try looking at things from a different perspective.
  • Get rid of unnecessary emotional baggage, especially of other people.
  • Reframe the situation with optimism.
  • Distract yourself and do something constructive.
  • See things from someone else’s point of view.
  • Learn from your experiences handling it.
  • Find out how it benefits you.
  • Talk to a trusted loved one and express your thoughts and feelings.
  • Accept that it is what it is.

 Give him time to unwind.

If your partner has just come home from work, don’t try to make up for the time you have not been together right away. Give him some time, and let him come to you when he feels like it. Being needy for love and attention will just irritate him more.

Don’t let family members disrespect him.

Don’t allow anyone to disrespect him, no matter if it’s your family or his. When you protect his honor before his family and yours, he knows how special and important he is to you and how invested you are in this relationship. Don’t hesitate to defend him if he’s right.

Compliment him.

Nobody can make your husband feel as special as you can, just with a genuine compliment. If you are headed out to a party, tell him he’s handsome, and you are proud to be his wife. See how he feels over the moon with one compliment you give him wholeheartedly.

Put some creativity in your expression of love for him.

Be creative when you tell your husband how much you adore him. Plan a sudden date night or leave notes for him, and do sweet things that will make him giddy with joy. Little things and little efforts matter a lot and make partners appreciate and love each other more.

Set goals you want to achieve together.

You are an independent and capable woman. But when you are married to someone, try setting goals to achieve together as a team. For example, plan to buy a car by a particular time of the year. This strengthens your bond and makes you more focused and determined in life.

Skip over-commitment.

Putting effort into a marriage is important, but it’s not the only thing to work on. Being extra-committed to your husband means you don’t leave any space for yourself and him. This might make him feel congested. Do things separately; give time to yourself and let him do so too.


Signs you are over-committed to something/someone:

  • You forget your other responsibilities, and tasks remain unfinished.
  • You are making errors because you are unmindful.
  • You are lazy because you keep brooding on the same thing.
  • You neglect your physical and emotional health.
  • You put in a lot of effort and time but with zero output.
  • Anything except that fails to receive your undivided attention.
  • You don’t sleep regularly.
  • You don’t evaluate your capabilities well.
  • You are always distracted.
  • You don’t value the time and energy you have been blessed with.

Learn to forgive.

We all make mistakes, no? So, if your husband messes up, don’t try to make him feel bad. Avoid being judgmental and let him know it’s okay. Every man loves an understanding and forgiving partner who doesn’t make them regret their bad decisions or feel bad for what they’ve done.

Let him know you need him.

Your husband will truly feel like a king when he knows you want him. Let him know that you need him in your bad times, and he’ll support and help you with all his heart. This dependency is not harmful and shouldn’t make you feel low to ask for help.

Let him spend some time alone.

Being married doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. Allow your husband to spend some time alone- going on a solo trip or with his friends, watching a movie by himself, etc. This makes your relationship better because when you reconnect, you do so easily and with more love.

Apologize when you are wrong.

You must be comfortable with your partner to apologize to him when you have messed up. Remember, accepting your mistakes is not wrong or insulting; it just makes your partner respect and love you more. Also, you can easily avoid disputes in your marriage. If he loves you, he’ll understand.

Defend when someone bad mouths them behind their back.

If you ever come across someone b who is talking badly about your husband behind their back, defend him. Eventually, when he comes to know about it, he will feel special. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing your partner has your back forever. Love means mutual respect and support.

Respect his effort.

It’s not necessary that your partner will be successful in all his endeavors. Make him realize that his passion and efforts towards the goal matter the most. Let him know that you support him unconditionally, even when he doesn’t achieve what he desires. This validation is very important for anyone.

Make him feel comfortable.

Little things matter a lot, right? If your partner comes home after a long, hard day, make him feel comfortable. Bring him a cup of coffee, and give him a quick massage or foot rub. These little efforts are enough to let your husband know how much you love him.

Talk to each other.

A heart-to-heart conversation can also make your husband feel special because he realizes that you are always eager to talk to him. After you are home from work, sit together with a cup of coffee and talk about your day. This improves communication and lets you spend quality time together.


If you want your husband to feel like a king, you have to be genuine with your feelings and the efforts you put in. These ways will only work if you do them from your heart. Your husband must be able to feel your love and respect through these efforts.


Reasons to appreciate your partner more often:

  • They know how to make you laugh, even in your rough times.
  • They introduce you to new things and ideas.
  • You can be yourself when you are with them.
  • They appreciate and validate you genuinely and wholeheartedly.
  • They help you overcome negative thoughts and perceptions.
  • They always help you when you have doubts or dilemmas.
  • They listen to and know you very well.
  • They never hurt you intentionally.
  • They know your worth and are grateful to have you in their life.
  • They can create an ambiance of joy and laughter.

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