97+ True Love Quotes for You

Love is the most heavenly feeling in this entire universe. It is so beautiful that you start loving the vulnerability that comes with it.

Although, not every person is so fortunate to get true love in his/her life. But, if you have the one that makes you feel special, trust us; you are one of the blessed souls on this earth. 

Therefore, now you have to make your partner feel blessed with your heartfelt and soulful words because true love doesn’t express with expensive things or dinner dates only. We have made it super easy for you.

The following we have given the best collection of true love quotes, which will help you to express your feelings in the right way: 

True Love Quotes for You

-You look so cute the way you sleep slowly-slowly and then suddenly, like a baby. This is what she feels about him. –John Green

-I am in love with you now; I was also in love with you the day before. My love for you is eternal. It will remain forever. –Elaine Davis

-I was falling for you, thinking that you are flawless. But, after some time, I realize you are full of flaws, and then I again fell for you, even more, this time. –Angelita Lim

true love quotes

-You are as necessary for me as heartbeats needs for a heart. –Anonymous

-You have made me a better person and taken out a better version of me from me which I even didn’t know exist in me. I am in love with you madly and deeply, not because you are perfect, in fact, I am in love with you for what I have become because of you and in your company. I am in love with you for bringing out the best from me. –Elizabeth Barrett Browning

-We always fight on the topic that who loves more? And I always try to convince you that my love for you is more because my love for you will don’t decrease if any problems and difficulties come into our lives in the future. My love for you will never fall with our silly fights. My love for you will never drop, even if we need to stay away from each other, and no matter what challenges our love has to face, my love will never decrease. –Anonymous

-It seems like a fresh start in my life since I am fell in love with her. She is so honest and, at the same time, is brave like a lioness and has a self-respect fire. I am crazy for her for these qualities of her. I don’t care if this entire universe doesn’t approve of her the way she is. I will always remain in love with her deeply and madly. –F. Scott Fitzgerald

-You are the one who let me introduce the concept of love. –Hermann Hesse

-Every single time I thought, now this is the heights of my love for you, the very next moment, I start loving you even more. –Leo Christopher

-I can’t live without you even for a day, an hour, or a minute. Therefore, I always pray to God to give me one less breathe than yours, or if he has written one hundred days of life for you, then my life should be of ninety-nine days. –A. A. Milne

-I am alive because you are with me. I love sleeping because you come into my dreams. Also, I love being awake because you remain in my thoughts at that time. –Anonymous

-I was just a man, and then you came, and I become a better man. –Melvin Udall

-Loving a woman is necessary than understanding her. –Oscar Wilde

-A lady with good listening skills can easily make any man crazy. –Brendan Francis

-When your heart starts ruling on your mind, and you become emotionally weak, then it means you are completely trapped in the trap of love. –Theodore Roethke

-A complete combination of concern, care, and worry, can found in love only. –Ovid

-It takes much more time to forget something or someone than to love someone. –Pablo Neruda

-The feeling of love might not be seen with the eyes but can be felt with the heart. It is similar to a breeze. –Nicholas Sparks

-There is a quick test to check if you are in love or not. If you like to stay awake always because real-life seems much beautiful and better than a dream, then it means you are entirely in love. –Dr. Seuss

-The way I love you is the best way to love you because this is the only best way I know. There are no challenges or selfishness in loving you. I don’t know at what time I fell for you, how I fell for you, and at what place I fell for you the first time. But, I love you madly. I am so attached to you that my sleep is fulfilled when you close your eyes, and when you lay your hand on me, I feel like it is my own hand. –Pablo Neruda

-I always want to give you the best kind of love. That love will arouse our souls and will constantly makes us desire for more. That love will create serenity in our minds but will kindle a fire in our hearts. –Noah from The Notebook

– When the magic of love creeps upon, the man automatically comes out from his own comfort zone. –Ben Hecht

-The dust seems like a golden mist with the magic of romance when you are in love. –Elinor Glyn

-I have a desire that you will get the love as much that it will touch the highest level of insanity. –André Breton

-I am not sure about the other lifetimes of mine, but I would love to make you mine in this course of life and to spend this whole remaining life with you. –J.R.R. Tolkien

-I desired to make you a friend of mine, and my fantasy was to make you sweetheart of mine. –Valerie Lombardo

-It doesn’t matter who is preventing, loving everyone who is around you is a must. It is the motive of humanity and human life. –Kurt Vonnegut

-Love does not love if it has arrogance, enviousness, or self-admiration. Because love is pure, heavenly, cool as a cucumber, and kind, love cannot be rough and self-centered, and there is no place for anger and revenge in love. Love feels pleasure in the happiness of others and never celebrates other’s failure. Love is the other name of forgiveness, to believe, aspire, and ready to go through what life will offer. –Anonymous

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-Love has that enormous power that can make you feel liberated from all the sufferings and agony of life. –Sophocles

-I will always remember you if you motivate me. I will always curse you if you intentionally pay no attention to me. I will always dislike you if you talk bad about me. I will always distrust you if you do buttering with me. The most important thing is that I will firmly fall in love with you if you give me a sign of love. –William Arthur Ward

-The best and absolute phase of love comes when your partner’s pleasure becomes more important to you than your own. –Robert A. Heinlein

-A real love cannot be pretended or intentionally done. Real love is made unintentionally. It happens in a flashing moment or in a time a heart takes for a beat. –Sarah Dessen

-Love is eternal and endless. And, who doesn’t love like this is not a lover. –Euripides

-Love is another name for getting burnt in the fire. –Jane Austen

-Love is not less than conflict and warfare. It is an ever-growing process. Its beginning and ending would always be out of the level of our thinking power. –James Baldwin

-The same level of pleasure you can feel in letting go, which you feel in love. And, this realization will come in the ending. –Jack Kornfield

-Love is a feeling which gives you happiness for some time, but the pain it gives will last forever. –Bette Davis

-Love is close to wild energy. You can’t control it, and if you try to do so, it will demolish you. You can’t put it under lock and key, and if you try to do so, it will make you a slave. You can’t comprehend what it is, and if you try to do so, it will make you feel more puzzled and disoriented. –Paulo Coelho

-The love that we feel we deserve, we only choose to accept that kind of love. –Stephen Chbosky

-The best and real wisdom in this universe is, having a heart that knows how to love. –Charles Dickens

-It is said that something is better than nothing. Similarly, it is much better to be in love and get destroyed than to never experienced the feeling of love. –St. Augustine

-Love abundantly and limitlessly without anticipating anything back is the most courageous form of love. –Madonna

-Gripping each other’s hand in this life-time is an excellent thing to grip onto. –Audrey Hepburn

-The love can bring out your best version from you, and your soul comes out slowly which was afraid to come outside. –Zora Neale Hurston

-It doesn’t matter who you are, at what place you are, and from where you are, there is an equal possibility for everyone to get love and to love. –Oprah Winfrey

-Some things exist that cannot be neglected and justified in this life-time. And, I believe love is that one thing. –Cate Blanchett

-Being a part of his pleasure doesn’t matter. What matters the most is the joy in the life of that particular person. This is a feeling of true love. –Cate Blanchett

-We are all such tiny beings on this vast universe. For us, the only way to touch the massiveness on this earth is love. –Carl Sagan

-There is no barrier of age to be in love. But, love can indeed become a barrier to let you get aged. –Jeanne Moreau

-Every person wants a soulmate. They believe the soulmate is the one who is similar to you and ideally gets fits in your life. But, in a true sense, the real meaning of soulmate is the one who acts as a mirror to you. The one who brings out the best from you, which even you didn’t know exist in you. The one who shows you the real world and changes your perspective towards life positively. –Elizabeth Gilbert

-Many people have experienced the feeling of love, but there are only very few people who actually enjoy this feeling. –George Jean Nathan

-Love is not a mere word. It is an action to perform. It is beyond the emotions. Love is, taking care of each other, sharing every moment of life while helping each other, and making sacrifices if needed for each other. –William Arthur Ward

-Love is not just a feeling. It is a possible course of action in which you have to make different choices at different life phases. –Barbara De Angelis

-The person who is in love can think differently. It is not necessary to think alike if you are in love. –Francis David

-There is no better teacher than a love that brings out the best version from us and teaches us the essential and unforgettable life lessons. –Moliere

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