15 Methods to Understand if Your Partner is Lying Over Text

Sometimes, you may feel that your partner is lying to you and is hiding something. It can make you go crazy as no matter how much you try, your partner tries to change the subject and avoid your question.

Some lies are okay, but some lies can damage your relationship pretty badly. Thus, you should follow certain methods to know whether your partner is lying to you over text or not.

methods to understand if your partner is lying over text:

Being purposefully vague

If your partner is lying to you, then they will have trouble committing to a solid story. All their words will sound completely vague as if they have no meaning at all. It can be a sign that your partner is lying to you and is having trouble trying to hide it from you.

Your partner will mix lies with the truth and will leave out specific details which they don’t want you to know about. 

In such situations, it can be quite difficult to know whether your partner is lying or not because they are telling half-truths. Thus, it will be difficult to differentiate the lie from the truth.

Spotting a lie in text

Unlike calls where one has to reply to a question fast, there is no such need in text messages. One can take any amount of time to reply and come up with excuses. In such situations, you need to carefully spot the lie in the text messages.

Sometimes, the messages will be too obvious to be a lie and you can detect them. But in some cases, it will take more than just simple analysis as you will have to check for the length of the message, the time your partner took to reply to you, and so on.

If you carefully analyze the texts, you can easily spot a lie in the messages.

Keep changing the subject

Whenever you raise a subject and start asking questions to your partner, you will notice that your partner keeps changing the subject. They will refuse to answer your questions and will try to divert you from the main topic.

In some cases, your partner may even tell you that they are busy and will have to leave as something urgent has come up. They will find it difficult to answer your questions and will come up with excuses to get away from your questions.

Over complicating things

As per a study, when a person is lying over text, they often complicate things by adding too many details in their replies.

It is a sign that the person is lying and is trying to avoid the question. Thus, they end up further complicating the answer and end up giving a long and way too detailed response.

If your partner is also replying to you in such a manner whenever you ask a question, then it means that your partner is lying to you. They are trying to justify their actions by writing lengthy replies which do not make sense.

What to do when you catch your partner lying

Avoiding your questions

You may notice that whenever you try to ask a question to your partner about something, they will try to avoid your question and change the subject. No matter how hard you try, they will not answer your question.

They might try to explain things to you without answering your question. They may also turn the question around you to avoid your question. In some cases, they even tell you that they are busy and cannot talk right now to avoid your question.

Always trying to prove that they are being honest

People who have something to lie are the ones who always try to prove that they are honest and truthful. Such people will do everything to prove their honesty as they fear that someone might start doubting them.

If your partner is also trying to prove that they are honest and how innocent they are in recent times, then it indicates that your partner is lying and hiding something from you. People who have nothing to fear don’t feel the need to prove their honesty to others.

Their wordings are off

After talking to your partner via text for such a long time, you may have got accustomed to their writing style and communication skills. You can easily know something is wrong when your partner sounds a little bit different than usual in particular conversations.

You may notice that their wordings are off and their writing style is not normal. Even their words may have spelling mistakes which can raise suspicion.

People who are hiding something tend to get scared of being caught. Thus, they often make mistakes in a conversation like spelling mistakes, writing style different than usual, and so on.

Taking a lot of time to reply

Under normal circumstances when you talk to your partner, they will reply to you fast. But when your partner may be lying to you, you may notice that your partner is talking a lot of time to reply.

You will see that your message is seen and your partner is typing, but taking a lot of time to reply.

It can be because your partner is trying to hide something from you and is thinking of a lie to tell you. They are trying to come up with some sort of explanation that will help them avoid your questions. This is why in such cases they may take more time to reply.

Why is my partner lying to me

Trust your intuition

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to find out whether your partner is lying to you or not. At first, all you have is a hunch, and it is not much to find out the truth. But that should not stop you from uncovering the truth and the reason for your partner lying to you.

You need to trust your intuition and keep looking for the truth. After spending so much time with a person, you can easily know when a person is lying to you and hiding something. Thus, if you have a feeling that your partner is lying to you over text, then you should trust your guts.

Abruptly end the conversation

When a person lies to you on your face, they tend to have trouble making eye contact with you as they know they are guilty. The same is true for text messages where a person lying to you will have difficultly talking to you.

If your partner is lying, then they will come up with excuses and tell you that they will talk to you later. Whenever you confront your partner about a topic, they will abruptly end the conversation and will say that something important has come up.

Later, when you bring up the topic again, they will refuse to answer and will change the subject. This indicates that your partner is having trouble trying to lie to you.

They swear that they are telling the truth

When a person is honest and truthful, they don’t need to swear on anything just to show that they are telling the truth. Usually, people who are telling lies are the ones who need to prove their honesty because they fear getting caught. Due to this, they try their best to convince others that they are true and honest.

If your partner is acting the same way and is swearing a lot lately, then it means that they are hiding something and lying to you. Your partner will use words likes “I promise”, “I swear” and so on just to prove that they are being honest. It indicates that your partner is not being truthful with you and is clearly lying.

Replying with too much information

In a conversation with a person face to face, you can tell whether they are lying to you or not just by looking at their facial expressions. When asked about something, they will come up with a lengthy explanation and talk about things that you never asked.

Similarly, in a text conversation, when you confront your partner with a question, you will notice that they are replying with a lengthy message explaining various things, which are irrelevant to your question.

It is a sign that your partner has something to hide and is not telling you.

Turn the blame on you

When a person is lying, they try to come up with various explanations and excuses to cover up their lie. Sometimes, they may even succeed in making others believe their story.

But when they realize that they are on the verge of getting caught, they will try to turn the blame on others to divert the attention from themselves.

Your partner may behave in the same manner when they are lying to you. When they have no other options left, they will become frustrated and will turn the blame on you. Your partner will start counting your mistakes in an attempt to hide their lies.

How to deal with a lying partner

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