68+ Unicorn Gifts Ideas for your Girly Wife

Unicorns are magical creatures, and there is nothing about your wife that is not magical. Childish as she may be, she believes in fantasies and fiction and cannot wait to feel the magic whenever she gets a chance. Make sure you make her happy with the following gifts.

Best Unicorn gifts ideas for your girly wife

Rainbow balls. Rainbow balls are something really beautiful and eye-catching. Your wife can decorate your home with them and will also love it. Rainbow balls are simple yet attractive gift ideas that your girly wife would definitely love and appreciate. 

Tie-dye print. You can gift your wife a really pretty tie-dye t-shirt or a dress, which she would love to wear in the summer. A tie-dye print will be the perfect summer outfit, or she can also wear them for picnics. Make your wife happy with a tie-dye print. 

Personalized t-shirt. Buy your wife a t-shirt personalized by some magical creatures like unicorns, princesses, or maybe with some doodles. Your wife would definitely love wearing something which would have those prints. 

Unicorn bodysuit.  You can buy a pink-colored uniform bodysuit for your lovely wife. A unicorn bodysuit would make your wife look really sweet. 

Bathrobe. Bathrobes are really fancy and will look good on your wife. Usually, bathrobes are also comfortable to wear because of the soft material. You can choose a pink or purple bathrobe for your girly wife to make her love your gift. A bathrobe would be a perfect anniversary gift idea for your wife. 

Sequin pillow cover. A sequin pillow cover would be a really pretty idea to gift your wife. She could decorate the couch or the bed with it which will look really nice and make her very happy. You can also buy a sequin cushion cover along with a pillow cover. 

Mini unicorns. If your wife loves fantasizing about unicorns, then gifting her mini unicorns will make her really happy. She could keep them on her desk and decorate them with unicorns just as she would love. 

Backpacks. If your wife loves traveling, then it would be a great idea if you choose to give her a backpack. Buy a backpack with some beautiful unicorn designs on it. 

Crossbody bags. Crossbody bags look really beautiful with western outfits. You can buy a cross-body bag or a sling bag for your wife, and choose a color that will go well with any of her dresses. Look for some attractive colors according to what she will love. 

Mugs. You can choose to buy coffee mugs of some beautiful designs or one with a beautiful message written on it. Mugs of some attractive colors will be a better idea for a gift. Make her coffee every day to make her happier. 

Coasters. Coasters are something that your wife will be able to use daily and can also use as a decorative item. Buy some beautiful coasters for her of some attractive colors and designs. Along with that, you can also buy some table mats of the same design, and it will be a complete dining table set for your beautiful wife. 

Blanket. Buy a comfortable blanket for your wife. Buy blankets containing designs of her favorite unicorns and other fictional creatures which she fantasizes about. She would definitely love your idea and will use it happily.  

Bedsheet. Women usually love keeping their rooms neat and clean. They really focus on the little things like the bedsheet or the curtains. Buy a bed sheet that will go well with the color of your room, and also have a print that your wife would love. 

Hoodie.  A printed hoodie will be a brilliant idea for gifting your wife. Doodle print is really cute, and you can go for it if you think she will like something cute; you can definitely go for some quotes. You will get some beautifully printed hoodies with quotes on them, and that would not be a bad idea.  

Shoes. Pick some really cool sneakers that she can wear and walk comfortably. You can also go for some beautiful converse shoes, and the two of you can wear them together on the same occasion. Choose a color that she would love to wear, like pink or purple. Do not mess up with the shoe size.

Make-up kit. If your wife loves doing makeup, then it would be a brilliant idea to give your wife a makeup kit. If you do not want to go for a whole makeup kit, then you can buy the products separately and make a gift box containing foundations, compacts, eye makeup products, lipsticks, and others. 

Fairy tales. You can buy your gorgeous wife some fairy tale books which she would love to read. Fictional books are fun to read; read them to your wife every night before going to sleep; that will make her feel really good and will also work as a stress reliever. 

Disneyland. Buy a ticket to Disneyland and take your wife there on vacation, that will be the most amazing vacation of her life, and the smile on her face will be worth it. Keep it a surprise by not telling her where you have planned the vacation and she will be fascinated when she finds out. 

Sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are some really cool western outfits for women. A Mickey Mouse t-shirt or a unicorn t-shirt will be an amazing idea to surprise your wife with. You can also buy matching shoes along with them. 

Movie marathon. Plan a movie marathon with your beautiful wife on the weekend. Start watching all her favorite fantasy movies from the morning till night. Order some good food according to what your wife likes and give her a day off. Make her happy by watching what she loves with her. 

Travel mug. A travel mug would be a good idea for gifting your wife. It will be of use while traveling. Buy it by keeping in mind what your wife will love to use. 

Water bottle. It is really important to keep ourselves always hydrated, but we often forget to drink water. Help your wife stay hydrated by giving her a water bottle of her choice from which she will love drinking water.  

Necklace. You can order a beautiful necklace for your beautiful wife. Go for a simple and sober necklace which she would absolutely love. Help her wear it when you show it, and ask her to wear it all the time so that she can always feel your presence. You can buy a necklace from her favorite fiction movie. 

Bracelet. Bracelets are simple yet pretty things that your wife will love if she likes wearing accessories. Keep them simple, do not go for something too loud; there are sleek bracelets available that she will be able to wear with everything and everywhere.

Wine glass. You can give your wife a set of wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Plan a dinner date with her at home, ask her to rest, and cook dinner for both of you. Surprise her with your gifts and make her happy. She will also be able to decorate her kitchen with wine glasses. 

Overnight bag. Overnight bags are cute and useful gift items that you can choose for your wife, perfect for one-day trips. Buy her favorite color overnight bag to give her, and plan a surprise before you show it to her. She will really appreciate your efforts. 

Sleepwear. Buy cute unicorn sleepwear for your wife. You can go for pajamas or jumpsuits. You can buy matching jumpsuits for both of you; your wife would love that. It will be the best for your cuddle nights; those are really cozy and fun. 

A small unicorn garden. You can build a small unicorn garden on your own. In fact, you can build one along with your wife. You could almost set up a small garden in any corner of your house. This will add to the overall aesthetic of your home.   

Watch. Watch is a useful gift that you can think of presenting to your wife. Buying unicorn watches will satisfy both; she will love your idea and enjoy wearing it. You can also buy a wall clock, according to her choice, and she will absolutely love it. 

Rainbow sprinkles. Rainbow sprinkles taste like chocolates. So if your wife loves chocolates, you can definitely think of gifting her rainbow sprinkles. Your wife will enjoy having them because they also look really attractive. 

Breakfast cereal. Unicorn-shaped breakfast cereals are really fun, and your wife will definitely enjoy having them. Unicorn-shaped breakfast cereals are something that is healthy and also according to what your wife loves.

Popsicles. Popsicles are milk-based frozen snacks with a stick. They have a lower calorie count than ice cream, so it will be healthier for your wife, and she will also love it if she loves sweets. There are also flavored pink popsicles. 

Tea set. You can give your wife a beautiful unicorn tea set. A tea set will contain dishes and teaspoons of your wife’s choice. Your wife will love the idea also. If she is a tea lover, she will also be able to serve the guests in the tea set. 

Painting. Paintings of unicorns and horses will be a great idea for gifting your lovely wife. She will love putting them on the walls for decoration. They will look really nice, buy the paintings according to the color of your walls and she will appreciate your efforts. 

Piggybank. If you want your wife to save money but don’t know how to ask her to do it because she will feel bad, you can buy her a piggy bank or a unicorn bank and ask her to save it. She will love your gift and will also start saving money. 

A tutu dress. A tutu dress for your wife will be a really pretty gift for your wife. She will happily wear that to parties and feel awesome. She will love you for buying her one because women look really pretty in them. 

Ribbons. Buy some really pretty ribbons for your wife for stylishly tying her hair. She could also tie the ribbons on her waist while wearing a frock. You can help to tie your wife’s hair with the ribbons, and she will feel really happy and like a princess. 

Cookie cutters. If your wife loves baking, you can buy cookie cutters of some beautiful shapes. You will get cookie cutters in the shape of unicorns, rabbits, and other magical creatures. Your wife will definitely love using them while baking cookies.  

Mittens. Mittens are hand wears that cover the entire hand without a separate opening for fingers. They protect the hands from the cold. Mittens are the perfect Christmas gifts for your girly wife. She will love wearing them while going out in the winter.  

Beanie. Beanies are really cute, and surely your wife will also look cute in them in winter, along with jackets and mittens. You can buy a cute beanie for your gorgeous wife to make her happy and protect her from the cold during winter. 

Tiara. Make her feel like a princess by gifting her a tiara. Along with a beautiful white gown, buy her a white tiara; you can also buy white gloves and shoes to completely make her look like a princess. Give her a chance to live in a fairytale land and feel good. 

Crown. Your wife is definitely a queen as she handles everything magically, but now it is time that you make her feel like one. Buy a crown and a sash and give her the best wife award, and she will be overjoyed. Make her feel like the queen of your heart for real in her way. 

Unicorn toy. It is not the age for your wife to play with unicorn toys, but she will love to decorate her room with them. Buy her some pretty unicorn toys to make her really happy. She will love to decorate her room with beautiful unicorn toys gifted by her husband. Give her the attention which she deserves by being a small part of her happiness. 

Rainbow lights. You can beautifully decorate your home with rainbow lights and make it look like a palace for your queen. Buy some beautiful rainbow lights to surprise your wife and decorate the entire house with them while she is not home. She will be delighted after coming back. 

Unicorn soft toy. Your wife will enjoy cuddling with a soft unicorn toy when she is stressed. Fill her room with unicorns so that she never misses her real home. Make her feel like she is at home. 

Headphones. Gift your wife some really pretty pink color headphones so that she can enjoy listening to music whenever she wants to. It will also help her relax whenever she feels stressed. Music helps to relax.  

Hairband. You might think that hair bands are for children but give your wife a chance to relive her childhood by doing things that she could not do while she was a kid. Buy her some beautiful hairbands so that she can dress up like a princess and treat her like one.

Stocking. You can buy her some really beautiful stockings which she can wear with her frocks. Stockings look really pretty with short skirts and one-piece. You can buy some colorful stockings or white stockings. White stockings will be a safe option as she will be able to wear them with anything. 

Unicorn lights. Unicorn lights are really pretty decorative items. Your wife will be really happy to receive one as a gift. Give your wife a chance to decorate her room the way she wants to, and she will not feel like she is in someone else’s house but her own. 

Jewelry. You can buy your wife some really pretty pieces of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments, rings, and others. Notice what she loves wearing the most. 

Curtains. Women love decorating their houses with beautiful bed covers with matching curtains. Buy some beautiful curtains for your wife and help her decorate her house the way she would love to. 

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