60+ Valentine’s Day Gifts for Man

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you know exactly what you have to do to make this day extra special for your man.

Shower him with all the love in the world and surprise him with gifts that would blow his mind. It is your turn to show him what he truly means to you, and we are here to help you in this process. 

here are valentine’s day gifts for the man

Docking station- Helping him get his work desk organized is never an easy task. Nevertheless, you need to keep trying and gifting him a docking station is the right way to start. Will help him get his workstation in order. 

Wireless earphones- To help him ease off and relax when he needs to and zone out once in a while when things get too tough. Make sure to pick one that comes with the noise cancellation technology and one that helps him enjoy his music to the core. 

Beard trimmer- For those days when he neither has the energy nor the time for a proper shave. Just trim it up and let it go. Will make him look clean and fresh with almost no time and effort. Pick one that lasts long and has good battery life. 

Golf kit- If he happens to not only be a golf fan and an enthusiastic supporter but also somewhat of a player himself, gifting him a golf kit would be the right gift. He would feel like a baby with his new toy and would not be able to control his excitement. He would be eagerly waiting to swing his new clubs. 

Shaving set- A handy shaving set to help him looking clean and fresh anywhere and anytime. A man looks his best when he is clean shaved and what better gift to give your man on the most romantic day than a proper and complete shaving set. The razor, the foam, the brush, and even the moisturizer and aftershave, don’t forget any of it which will make him look and feel a hundred times better. 

Fitness kit- A fitness kit is all he needs right to get back to his former shape. He might not have been able to keep up his fitness goals with all that has been going on but it is never too late to start again and start afresh this time with all the equipment in the fitness kit right from the comfort of your house. 

Sauce kit- Maybe some sauce is all he needs to make his food taste and feel as flavorful as he likes. No more boring food, gift him a ton of flavor and taste. 

Flask- A flask would help him stay hydrated and focused throughout the day. On top of that, whenever he would look at the flask, it would remind him of you and make him feel better. Perfect for any trip or outing plus if you can customize it personally for him, there is nothing like it. Electronic flasks are also a great option. 

A tie- A tie completes any formal outfit and one can never have enough ties. There are just so many designs, so many colors to choose from plus the way that you tie it adds another flavor to it. Make sure he has enough ties for all his outfits and gift him a bunch this valentine’s day. 

Sandwich maker- This one is for the days when you are not around or maybe he just wants to prepare a small meal for himself without bothering you. The sandwich maker will not only make his life easy in a number of ways but also relieve your burden in the kitchen. 

Ice cream scoop- Ice creams are always a great option to make anyone’s day better. Could valentine get any better with you, your partner, and buckets of ice cream, all the flavors that you guys like coming together? Tingle his taste buds with this one. 

Cufflinks- To help him look sharp and clean as ever. These not only keep the cuffs of the shirt looking clean but also look very attractive if done right. Beware of him losing them very often as they are small and hard to find. 

Espresso machine-You already know how big of a coffee lover he is and he would love to keep him caffeinated at all times. This espresso machine will keep his coffee ready on the go and he would never have to worry about the flavor. Let him start experimenting with his beverage. 

Foosball table- A foosball table is just perfect for the drawing-room. For not only those crazy parties but also to play a game here and there when you guys are at home. Plus it makes the room look really amazing and lively. 

Customized graphic tee- His favorite character, a quote from his favorite book, his favorite movie, or even a band that he likes, all are welcome when customizing a t-shirt for him. Keep it different and make sure it stands out. You could try looking for a signed t-shirt from a celebrity he really admires. And, if you would really like to go overboard, get a photo of you guys printed on it for him to brag about. 

Pair of sunglasses- A pair of sunglasses to not only protect his eyes from the sun but also to make him look slick and suave and ever. Wayfarers, aviators, or any other frame that complement the structure of his face well will do the trick. There are many amazing brands out there to choose from. 

A suit- A well-fitted suit makes a man stand out and look his best. A man in a suit is liked by all and even if he has plenty of suits already, he can always have more and never had enough. Get him color or a pattern that he does not have in his wardrobe. You are well aware of his measurements by now so make sure the surprise is nice and snug. 

Greeting card- Probably the simplest way to show your love for him on this Valentine’s Day. Write him a greeting card and gift it to him first thing in the morning to make his day extra special. Write a sweet little message for him and let him know how much he means to you and how close you hold him to your heart. 

Duffel bag- A duffle bag to help him carry all his everyday belongings easily from place to place and to help him get organized. Leather is always a great option but you can experiment with more types of fabrics and patterns, whatever you think he would like to carry around. Get something written on it personally if you can. 

Beanie- Beanie’s look incredibly cute on a man if done right and on top of that they are super functional. You could try knitting one yourself but there is also no harm in buying him one, he would love them equally. Pick a color that he would love to wear in his head and maybe a cute pattern to go with it. 

Photo album- A large photo album to bring all your precious memories in one place. One place that you could look back on whenever you would like to walk down the memory lane and relive all those beautiful moments. One photo album might not be enough. 

Customized pillow- A pillow is all you need this time around on Valentine’s Day. Get the softest, most cozy-looking pillow for him and buy a pillow cover that he would never get enough of. Customizing the cover to his liking would be a great idea to help him sleep better.

Beard care kit- You are well aware of how much he loves his beard and taking good care of it is something he can never compromise with. Get him all the beard oils, beard wax, and everything that he needs to keep his beard in top shape. The manliest gift that you can give him on this day, he would be at a loss of words for this one. 

Couple blanket- A blanket that would bring you guys closer as a couple and make your cuddling sessions a bit more comfortable and a lot cozier. Designed especially for couples, this blanket would change your sleeping experience forever. 

Cutting board- He might not enjoy cooking as much as you would like him too but when it comes to chopping, he is almost a professional. Fuel this kitchen habit of his by gifting him a cutting board that would make the whole process easier for him and in return you get to enjoy some time off from the kitchen. 

Shoe bag- He carries his shoes whenever he travels no matter how hefty it makes the luggage but one problem that he constantly faces is getting his shoes dirtied and cramped while traveling. These shoe bags will help him keep his shoes in top shape and cramp-free at all times. He could even store his shoes in these bags even at home to protect them from dirt.

Journal- Help him write all his thoughts down. It will not only make him feel better and light but also take some part of his stress away. Writing is always a great habit to have and a journal always comes in handy. 

Flannel shirt- A flannel shirt has something really cool about it and whenever he puts it on, you just want to keep hugging him and stay close to him. No matter how many of them he already has, you will never run out of colors and patterns to choose from when looking for a shirt to gift. 

Perfume- Some perfume to keep him smelling fresh and romantic at all times in the day and to never want to stay away from him. Pick a manly fragrance and something that will make him feel better about himself all the time. If he smells good, he feels good. 

Scrapbook- A scrapbook containing all your photos, all your messages, and all your memories would have him in tears as soon as starts flipping through those pages. Might take a lot of effort to compile one yourself but it is worth all the effort in the world. 

Clipboard- A clipboard to not only get all his documents in order but also to keep his to-do list up would be a perfect idea. Don’t go for the classic wooden one but pick something modern to twist things a bit. 

Joggers- Some comfortable and athletic joggers not only help him relax but also help him get something to work out comfortably in. Joggers are an amazing piece of bottom wear and there are a lot of colors to choose from. 

Ashtray- A classic and fancy-looking ashtray to take care of all the ash and smoke and help the place looking clean of soot and ash. Animal-shaped ashtrays always look super cool and silver might be the way to go for this one. 

Customized bracelet- You can buy matching bracelets for the two of you. You can inscribe your names on it and wear them. Customized bracelets would be really romantic and would make him really happy especially because they would remind you guys of each other. 

Wallet- A leather wallet is always a great gift for any man and to take it to the next level, try customizing it by getting his initials written on it. Make sure it has space to keep some photos in, he would not like to stay away from you, you know. 

Cardholder- To help him get all his cards in order and get his credentials organized in just a single place. Be it his identification cards, his credit cards, or any other passes that he needs to carry around, this cardholder will help him with all of it. 

Record print- Records are not only a collectible item but they are very prestigious for people who take an interest in them. Record prints are an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. 

Gift card- In spite of spending a lot of time and energy thinking about gifts for her, just gift him a gift card and let him pick a gift for himself. A little less thoughtful than an actual gift but a lot more thoughtful than just giving plain cash. 

Wireless charger- Nobody in the history of mankind has been a big fan of wires and relieving him of those wires on this Valentine’s Day would be a lifesaver. 

Personalized art- A piece of art specifically made for him. Could be a hand-drawn portrait, could be some wall art, or maybe a center table piece. Anything that would feel very personal to him would be a great Valentine’s Day gift idea, it is the day of love after all. 

Slippers- Treat his feet with this one. Gift him the coziest and fluffiest, the most comfortable slippers he has ever put on. Just a pair of slippers for him to relax in and lie around when he just wants to take a breath of relief. 

Blanket- A cozy little blanket to remind of you when you are not around would be the perfect gift for him this Valentine’s Day. Make him comfortable when he misses you the most and gifting him the right blanket would be the right way to go. 

Sports shoes- While working out, his feet will endure a lot, and even when he is out running, he needs to feel comfortable with every step. Gifting him a pair of super comfortable sports shoes with the right padding would make him feel really special. There are a lot of good brands out there but trusted brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike are always on top of the game. 

Watch box- Gifting him a watch box to not only add to his wardrobe but every man loves watches and helping him stay organized with them, would make him really happy. 

Cocktail maker- A device to help him take care of and to stir up his love for cocktails would make him immensely happy. A cocktail maker would prove to be a magical device for him and would make his chilling time a lot easier. 

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