30+ Valentines Day Paragraphs for Your Love Partner

The day of love- Valentine’s Day. Is it not the perfect day to say out loud your love? Here are a few excellent Valentine’s Day Paragraphs for Him and Her that you can share. 

Valentines Day Paragraphs for Her

  • It is the most romantic time of the year, the most affectionate date of the calendar, and a time when love is in the year and you see couples all around. Everyone is either in search of a valentine or looking to make their valentine feel as special as possible.

    It is your time to make the love of your life feel like a queen and make her believe that she made the right choice by saying yes. Prove to her why you deserve to be with her and make sure she has the best Valentine’s Day ever.
  • To the love of my life, to the most beautiful girl in the entire world, to the kindest and most caring person that I know, to the mother of future kids, and to the only valentine that I ever want; I say with a heavy and happy heart that I not only love you but I love you to the fullest and I love you with all I have.

    You are Juliet to my Romeo and the Rose to my Jack, you make me complete and you make me want to write the best love story ever. A very happy Valentine’s Day to the person that deserves the best.
  • You are my ideal valentine, you are my perfect valentine and you are the valentine that I need and want. You make me want to believe in fate, destiny, fairy tales, love stories, eternal love, and whatnot. You turn me into a mushy cupcake from coconut and I cannot love you enough for it.

    You melt my heart and make my brain go to places. You make me feel what love really is and I can’t wait to spend this and a million Valentine’s Days with you. I love you from the absolute core of my heart.
  • You bring harmony to the music of my life. You play all the right chords and you are the meaning behind all of my lyrics. Whenever I see it, I hear the most romantic song playing in the background and you automatically make me want to dance.

    You make me feel like a person who wants to live life fully, who wants to live his life with you, a long, happy loving life. You are what love means in my life and this meaning is not going anywhere. You are the only valentine of my life and I love you.
  • You bring out the poet in me, you make me want to write. You make me want to write about you. I want to write about how naturally beautiful you are, I want to write about how incredibly wonderful you are, you make me want to write every little detail about you; how you smile at the most obnoxious of things, how you get angry at the silliest of things and how you cry like a baby when you wake up.

    There are things about you that I could spend hours writing and still not be able to do justice to. You are so simple and yet so mysterious, I am just glad that I get to call you mine every day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Your hair blowing all over the place, your eyes looking down, carefully tiptoeing over every little pebble in the way, your smile always bright and beautiful, your nose with a perpetual temper, and your little feet trying their best to keep up and this is just a small part of my observation when I walk with you.

    You look beautiful no matter what you wear and you make me fall in love no matter what you do. You are not a person to me anymore, you are emotion, you are love to me, and you are my valentine. 
  • I could really write you a song you know. I could write about how you are beautiful in every sense. I would love to write about how you make my heart pound and I would love to start by writing about how you manage to do everything so gracefully and elegantly.

    I would also love to mention the little things that I find the most adorable and cute about you. You might be in your worst state, looking like a homeless person and I would still be equally in love with you. I am pretty sure this song would write itself instead of me writing, you are a melody in yourself and I can’t for this valentine.
  • Even if you are the most unromantic girl on the entire planet. Even if you fail to show even a slither of emotion. Even if you never say a word and even if you always try to keep everything boxed in, I know who you are and what you are from the inside.

    I know how much you love me even if you fail to show it and I know about everything that you have done to be with me. I would never complain because I know that I have with myself the most loving woman on the planet and I would love for you to be my valentine.
  • I would never let a single drop of tear roll down your eyes. I would never let the smile on your face be dim. I would always try to keep up the glow in your eyes and I will never let the spark between us flicker out.

    You are the most incredible woman I have ever seen, and you make me fall in love with you every day. Love is all I have for you along with a million promises to keep you happy. I hope that you’ll always be my valentine, I love you.
  • My heart beats faster when I am with you, my brain almost stops working when you are around, my pulse starts racing when you hold my hand, my entire body feels a shockwave when you hug me, times seems to pass by in the blink of an eye with you and all the dopamine in my body starts shooting when you say that you love me.

    You are love for me, this is what I know love for me and I am not letting it go for anything in the world. I love you and I hope you have the best Valentine’s Day of all time.

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Valentine’s Day Paragraphs for Him

  • Girls go crazy during valentine’s week. It is that time of the year when they want all the love, care, affection, and attention in the world, and they make sure that they give the same to their man.

    They plan to make their man feel extra special on this day and ensure that everything is perfect. Tell your man how much you love him this valentine and make sure to let him know that he is the best that there is. We have a few suggestions to help you get on a good start.
  • It is now how much time I have spent that defines how much I love you but it is all those memories, all our moments, all the sacrifices, and all the efforts that I have put into this relationship that prove how much I love you and what you mean to me.

    You have taught me what a real man is and what it really means to be in love and to love someone. It is not just a lifelong promise but it is the only way of life once you have found that special someone. I love you and I am lucky to have you with me on this Valentine’s Day.
  • You are the strongest, the most wonderful man that I have ever met in my life. You are so perfect and right that you make me wonder if you are real. I have always imagined you to be my valentine and now that it is finally happening in reality I don’t think I am ready for it.

    This is all too good to be true but if it is really a dream, it is a dream I don’t want to wake up from. I love you the way you are and I don’t see anyone else in my life who could be my valentine except you. I love you, always.
  • I don’t think I can ever stop loving you. I am crazy about you and the love that I have for you is unprecedented. The feelings that I have for you are so strong that even when you are not with me, I feel like you are with me. I think about you so much that I can’t ever get to get you off my head.

    My day starts with your thought and my ends with your message. I go to sleep feeling happy for I know that I would be seeing you in my dreams. I have always wanted you to be my only valentine, love you loads.
  • I am a fan of how calm you stay in every situation. I am a fan of how caring and understanding you are. I never quite understand how you are always so sure about everything. I have stopped trying to figure out where all that confidence comes from.

    I am also a fan of how polite and well-behaved you are and how you manage to handle every situation without losing your head. I don’t know what one has to do to get into a mental state like yours but I am just happy that I have you as my valentine and that you love me.
  • Be it Valentine’s Day or any other day of the week, you always manage to bring a smile to my face and love me all the same. Be it the fourteenth of February or any other date of the calendar, you never let me feel low or get lost, and you are always my guiding light, my protecting angel.

    You have always been that one person in my life that I can trust with my eyes closed and rely on, without worrying about anything. You are an immovable pillar in my life and the only valentine that I ever need and I love you for it.
  • I really have to tell you that since we got together, you are all I can think about. I see you wherever I go and I just can’t seem to get you out of my head. I see you in the class, at work, at home, in my dreams, and probably every single place that I go to.

    You are slowly taking over my life and to be honest, I don’t even mind it at this point, I am just so much in love with you. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and I can’t wait to be with you.
  • Not only do I have the most loving and caring man in the world but I also have all the time in the world with him. Could I ask for anything more? I have wanted this for so long and so badly that it finally happening feels so surreal to me.

    You make my valentine feel like a dream sequence, a scene straight out of a romantic movie, one that I never want to end. I don’t want this Valentine’s Day to end but I could happily spend my life at this moment, love you with my life.
  • You are the light of my day, the moon of my night, the rhythm to my music, the words to my poetry, and the symphony that I would love to play on loop. You feel like the first few drops of rain to me, you smell like a new book and you are soothing for my eyes.

    You are all that I have ever wanted and finally having you with me is not the end of this story but it is the beginning of a really happy story. You are the only hero in my movie and if I ever have to choose a valentine, it will always, always be only you.
 Valentine’s Day Paragraphs For Your Love Partner

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