185+ Amazing Waiting For Love Quotes

Love is not as easy as it seems, but still, it is the most essential and desired by everyone. No one doesn’t want true love in his/her life.

However, not every soul is lucky to find the perfect true soulmate.

Here we have given some waiting for the true love quotes, which will help you in understanding your feeling and will give you strength to wait until you get your true love in your life: –

True love is hard to find. People put a lot of effort into finding the right partner. But when they face failure in relationships or hurtful breakup, their life becomes like hell.

We advise you not to waste your beautiful energy for someone but wait till the perfect partner would come into your life. Let true love finds you! 

If your love has already knocked at your door, but still some misunderstanding appears, then the below quotes helps you to realize your partner how much you care about them:  

here are Best Waiting for Love Quotes to Share

_Dear love, I am ready to wait for the day when we will be together once again like before. I love you! -Anonymous

_Babe, Let’s wait for the time when our relationship will be acceptable by all, and we are not taken as wrong by people. – Anonymous

_Sweety! You are the reason I am still single because it is better to wait rather than falling for someone else. – Anonymous

_My sunshine! We might not be closed to each other, but I am here waiting for you to hold my hand forever. 

_If you have trust in me, then wait for our perfect time to come to be on track; I love you. – Anonymous

_Hey, cutie pie! I always dream about going back to the time when we were used to seeing others daily. – Anonymous

 _I always want to be the perfect one for my pumpkin, which will get true love and respect from you. – Anonymous

_My Barbie girl, if I am waiting for your love, then It means I have trust in you, I have faith In our love that it exists, yes, my emotions are real. You mean so much to me! – Anonymous

_I adore you every moment. You are precious, my honey. I want to let you understand the perfect time has not arrived yet so, please wait for it, and one day we will reveal it to everyone. – Anonymous

_My precious honey! If you cannot wait, that means you do not love me as much as I do. Have patience! – Anonymous

_Waiting can be challenging, but it is worth it if it is for good. So, do you agree to wait for my Pookie! – Anonymous

_Waiting is the real relationship test. Do not forget you mean a lot to me! – Anonymous

_May this world know how long I wait to get a partner like you, my boy. We are the perfect pair! – Anonymous

_ I don’t know when the time will come when you would open up about your feelings. One thing I wrote in my heart, ‘I AM ALL YOURS.’ – Anonymous

_I can wait because I need you, I love you, more than anything because I trust you also love me truly. – Anonymous

_Dear baby, I wish you would understand how much time I have wasted on your wait. I declare today you are my heartbeat. I hope you will be back again soon!- Anonymous

_I am single. I am waiting for your ‘yes.’ – Anonymous.

_It is good to wait for months or years to regret it later. Say yes only if you are ready for the love. – Anonymous

_I am excited for the day to come when you become the queen of my life. – Anonymous

_It’s fine to wait for you because I know I will never get the person who can make my every moment special and memorable. – Anonymous

_Darling! How many times have you told me that you love me and willing to wait for me? – Anonymous

_If I say ‘love you’ cutie, that means the love remains the same after years, even till the last breath of mine. – Anonymous

_Oh! I am intoxicated by you. How much time I have to wait to hear your reply to my proposal? – Anonymous

_Dear sweetheart! I think I should not wait for your love because your response always made me sad. I felt hurt. Can’t you see in my words? – Anonymous

_Baby! I face many difficulties through all the sufferings and hurt. Now please come soon. The wait is hard to bear. Love you and thinking of you all the time! – Anonymous

_sometimes, it’s a crazy feeling! It seems as it was you, then I found it as someone else. So, I am waiting! Come soon! – Anonymous

_One day, you will realize how eagerly I was waiting for you to come back in my life—missing like hell! – Anonymous

_I know we are meant to be each other; that’s why I am still waiting. – Anonymous

_Had I told you to wait for me? I believe you would never find a partner who loves you as much as I did. – Anonymous

_My honey bunny, I have learned that do not to make a hurry in a relationship. True love makes its way to sort out sooner or later, but only if you have faith. –Anonymous

_Do not rush for love. True feelings are useful to show themselves, today or tomorrow, but it is sure. – Jayden Hayes

_Do not run behind a relationship that never runs good, but I trust in your promises, so waiting for you to come. -Anonymous 

_If we decide to wait for the perfect time to express our emotions and feelings, we will never get that perfect time. – Terry Mark

_People call us ‘Love birds.’ Everyone sees what I carry in my heart through my eyes. What are you waiting for? –Anonymous

_People call as waiting is the hardest part of the lot, but I am used to the situation because I know, deep in my heart, you are with me, even not in real, not on my side, but that invisible bond is enough. – Paulo Coelho

_True love never runs on a smooth track. -William Shakespeare

_The most painful sufferings of love are-Waiting and forgetting. But, which one is the worst that is difficult to judge. – Paulo Coelho

_My baby doll, it’s because of you I know the right relationship unusually comes to you if you are ready to wait in love. – Anonymous

_True love would find you if you suffered a lot to deserve her. -Juvenal Lopez

_No need to fear more, because If I loved you for several years, then I am happy to love you thousand more years. I am waiting for you daily, and that’s like a living death. – Christina Perri

_The most challenging part is waiting in some situations, especially like love. – Luanne Rice

_It is good to wait till my last breath. – Oscar Wilde

_You will surely come one day if I am coming into your dreams. – Paulo Coelho

_I know we never ask or force someone to care, but we can wait until everything settles down, and one day they will notice which diamond they have lost. I am devoted to you, my love. – Anonymous

_My sweet princess, waiting is the bitter medicine. Make it sweet by adding your sweetness to it. – Anonymous

_Hey, my girl! Let’s don’t waste our life in waiting but in loving each other. –Anonymous

_Baby! Do you know love patiently resides in our hearts, waiting for the perfect time to multiply? – Anonymous

_God has sent me to care for you, wait for you, and hold you forever. – Robert Browning

_If we are not ready to avoid our loved one’s imperfections, then we will never get a perfect soul mate, which we always dream about. And, one day, we grow old and die. End of the story!- Michael Bassey Johnson

_Never rush for love. You will get the right partner when you least expect it. – Franzie Gubatina

_I have full faith in the almighty God who will surely let our ways open at the right time and bring us together once again. –Sophieya

_Waiting is similar to the fight in the soul. – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

_The self-harming task of life is to search out true love. Let love find you when the right time will arrive. – A.J. Darkholme

_My heart is waiting hard for you to come, sweetheart! – Anonymous

_Darling! All things will come to us in love, including peace, respect, care, and positivity. If we ready to receive it with a grateful heart! – Anonymous

_Babe! Our right time will come because true love always waits and worthy. – Anonymous

_I never believe in the person who speaks the right things, but I always have a vision for the have to wait for the love till you get the partner who does the things in the right manner. –Anonymous

_I am waiting for my dear love whenever the sun appears in the sky, whenever the sunset happens, and whenever the sun rises. I love you! –Anonymous

_I want to share my whole life with you for that thing I have waited so long so come to me dear love because I will love you forever. –Anonymous

__I know the time will come in my life when I could stay with you all the time and I could be your sunshine and tell you the real meaning of love. – Anonymous

-There is no place of hurry in the love because it is never-ending. Stay calm and wait until the love itself knocks on your door. The waiting period will teach you the difference between real and fake love, and when love actually hits, you will automatically feel it’s real or not. –Anonymous

-A relationship needs patience, not hurry. Real love will disclose by itself eventually. –Jayden Hayes

-If you will keep on waiting for the perfect timing to confess your love, then, believe me, you will never find it anytime. –Terry Mark

-It’s not so easy to live when someone leaves you because it’s pretty tough to live like the one who keeps on waiting. –Audrey Niffenegger

-The waiting seems to be the most challenging thing in this life. This feeling has become so familiar to me that you are not around me, but still, I feel you are with me. –Paulo Coelho

-The term ‘waiting for a while’ might look simple, but the wait in it is hard to measure, especially for the one who is waiting. –Haruki Murakami

-The love which is real is always going through the most challenging path. –William Shakespeare

-It hurts to wait. It hurts to forget. But, nobody knows which hurts the most. –Paulo Coelho

-Love deserves waiting. If you need to fight for love, then go ahead and fight because it deserves it. Love gives you strength; therefore, it deserves everything from you. –Erica Jong

-Your karma causes-Your suffering, and when you are done with the suffering you deserve, then true love enters your life. –Juvenal Lopez

-When you become ready to give up your planned life, then the life that is waiting for you will come. –Joseph Campbell

-In the comparison of everything, waiting is the most challenging thing in life. –Luanne Rice

-In the waiting of you, I am dying a bit every day. But, please don’t get scared, my love. Because I have millions of other reasons to love you, for millions of years. –Christina Perri

-No matter how much time you take to come back, but I will be waiting for you here for a lifetime. –Oscar Wilde

-Nothing will happen with waiting; your perfect one will enter your life at the perfect timing. –Anonymous

-I know you will be back in my life soon if I come in your dreams as you come in mine. –Paulo Coelho

-The one who waits gets good, but the one who tries receives the better. –Nishan Panwar

-Love and care is the thing which you can’t take forcefully from others. Just sit peacefully and wait until the person realizes your value and feels what he missed. –Nishan Panwar

-Waiting seems easy when you wait patiently for your perfect partner. –Anonymous

-Waiting is the thing that wastes the significant portion of the life of human beings. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

-In reality, the two essential things on which this life is based are purpose and the outcomes. But, the irony is that the purposes value less than the outcomes. Therefore, Every wait starts with a purpose and makes it a prison for the one who is waiting. –Dr. Robert Anthony

-The one who is waiting is always treated as a blame-worthy by the others. –Anonymous

-The actual rust in this life for the human soul is ‘waiting.’ –Carlos Ruiz Zafon

-You will get nothing except growing old in the process of waiting. –Anonymous

-The importance of the thing for which we are waiting showed by the enthusiasm of our wait. –Charles Stanley

-Endurance waiting always leads to an excellent outcome. –J. G. Holland

-The one who waits with patience will definitely get everything, on the condition that the thing must be clear in his mind for which he is waiting. –Woodrow Wilson

-I came on this earth for you, to wait for you, and make you mine for the lifetime. –Robert Browning

-You should learn not to see the flaws in anyone. If you don’t understand this and still look for the faults in others, you will certainly not meet your dreamy perfect soulmate soon. –Michael Bassey Johnson

-To get you and the completion of all my desires, I have unlimited patience to wait. –Lailah Gifty Akita

-Having the companionship of a perfect partner is not true love. In fact, true love is in understanding that an imperfect partner can also make your life perfect. –Anonymous

-I heard people say, you can get love at every corner. I think I am wandering in the circle. –Anonymous

-The moment when you stop searching for your want, you will get what you actually require. –Anonymous

-Instead of waiting for your dream partner, you should emphasize your aims and create your dream life. The one who is meant for you will surely come to you someday. –Anonymous

-Until you don’t allow the wrong person to go out of your life, you will don’t get the chance to welcome the right person to enter your life. –Anonymous

-True love is not with the one with whom you can live. But, the true love is with the one without whom you even can’t imagine this life. –Anonymous

-When I saw you for the first time, my inner voice shouts, oh, here you are, I was waiting for you for so long. –Anonymous

-When real love will enter your life, you will only understand why you didn’t feel the same with anyone else. –Anonymous

-As the flower don’t desire for the bee. The bees automatically come to It when it blossoms. In the same way, don’t wait to get the perfect partner, be the one. –Anonymous

-No matter how far away they are, if two pure souls are meant to be together forever, then no power in the world can stop them from the meeting. –Anonymous

-I look forward to that day, when I will turn my side in the morning, my love will be sleeping next to me, and I will kiss on his forehead. –Anonymous

-The one who says the real things can’t be your true partner. The one who does the real things can become your ideal partner. –Anonymous

-One day, when you will take a pause and look behind, only then will you realize all these waits were worth waiting for. –Anonymous

-No one can neglect the fact that your stars and fate play an essential role in finding true love. Therefore, it is said that not you; in fact, love finds you. –Anonymous

-Only if you have the ability to understand your true-self, then can you draw the real person in your life. –Amy Poehler 

-Stop chasing and waiting for true love. The who deserves you and your love will eventually find you and will remain in your forever. You should focus on your things, work harder on yourself and be a perfect one. –Anonymous

-My much-awaited love gives me nothing but sadness only. Therefore, I feel regretful about my decision to wait. But, I am still craving for the true love that never came in my share. –Anonymous

-I have seen many ups and downs, have suffered every kind of pain and griefs, have never ever given up the waiting for true love. But, still, I didn’t get my share of love. –Anonymous

-How crazy I was that you were beside me, but I was still looking for my Mr. perfect. In this same way, I think people lose the diamond in the search for gold. –Anonymous

-I treated you as Mr.perfect, but I am just a thing to play for you. You have ruined all my wait and patience. –Anonymous

-No matter if you are a girl or a boy, both have to wait for the true love to enjoy the phase of their love life truly. –Anonymous

-When you will find your true love, then you will realize why waiting is so necessary rather than meeting and spending the whole life with the wrong person. –Anonymous

-Soon, when your true love will enter your life, you will feel that your decision to wait for real love was one of your best decisions. –Anonymous

-When you will stucks somewhere in life, then always remember, waiting will be the best option for you. –Anonymous

-Your relationship does not end if you had trusted him if you had waited for him. –Anonymous

-Waiting is another form of trusting your lover that he/she will enter your life. –Anonymous

-It does not matter when and where, but if she is meant for you, she will definitely enter your life and confess her love for you. –Anonymous

-Now, I realized if I would have waited for the right person to enter my life, so I don’t go wrong today. –Anonymous

-The wait in love is probably one of the best ways to express love but remember that it is not the only way. –Anonymous

-She doesn’t tell me to wait for her, but I am still waiting for her because I hope that she’ll be back soon in my life. –Anonymous

-He promised to wait for me, but he couldn’t wait for me this much. This proves that his love was not real, and he’s not the one who is meant for me. –Anonymous

-Love can’t be measure with anything except with time. If he is ready to wait for you for s long, then it means he loves you wholeheartedly, and nobody can love you like him. –Anonymous

-I wish I could have proved to myself that you love me, but you could not even wait for me. –Anonymous

-I was eagerly waiting for you, but unfortunately, you already had another one with you when you came into my life. –Anonymous

-Sometimes, it feels so unfair that one is having fun, and another one is waiting. –Anonymous

-If I had known that love hurts so much, So I don’t wait for love so eagerly. –Anonymous

-If you care for me and love me from the depth of your heart, then I am ready to wait for you till the end of this planet. –Anonymous

-Despite everything, whatever wrong you have done, whatever pain and suffering I had to tolerate because of you, still, I am here waiting for you and will ready to wait till eternity because I know you are meant for me only. –Anonymous

-One person must have to take a pause and confess the feeling of love with another. Otherwise, it will be too late; you will remain to do waiting and reading love quotes only for the rest of your life. –Anonymous

-Waiting is a never-ending process, which only can be understood by the one who left behind to wait. The most challenging phase in this comes when your wait proves worthless, and you have to move on. –Anonymous

-If you love someone from the depth of your heart, and wants him desperately in your life, then you have to wait until things go right for you and your Mr Right. –Anonymous

-It seems not less than forever when you have to wait for another person’s reply for your confession and a statement of commitment. This situation is uncertain because you never know what will be the answer. –Anonymous

-If your partner is honest, loyal, and loves you wholeheartedly, then waiting for some time is not bad for fulfilling all your dreams and enjoying your love life. –Anonymous

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