How A Real Man Treats A Woman: 15+ Ways

It is the dream of every woman to have a real man in her life who cares for her, loves her, and always makes her happy. Unlike any man, a real man is a man of commitment and honor who treats his partner with love and care.

A real man has a mature mind which allows him to make good decisions, respect their partner, and be a true gentleman in all ways. A real man treats his partner very differently in a relationship as compared to any ordinary frat boy type.

Who is a real man?

A real man doesn’t chase after every woman down the street in an attempt to impress them. He does not wear fancy clothes and apparel just to get the attention of women. A real man is very different from other men in so many ways.

A real man has dignity and pride and doesn’t chase every woman he sees. Just like women, a real man believes in true love and is faithful when it comes to relationships. Such men have nothing to hide and express their feelings and emotions with their loved ones without any second thought.

Has weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Just like every human, a real man also has weaknesses and vulnerabilities. But instead of hiding them, such a man cherishes them and never shies away from them. A real man respects women and does not see them just as an object to satisfy their lust.

A real man sees a woman as his equal and never thinks of her as someone inferior to him. Such men are very rare nowadays and are very hard to find. Those who have a real man in their life are lucky enough to have them.

Is respectful, polite, and honest

 Such men are polite, respectful, and are attentive to a woman’s needs. They don’t force their views on others and hope them to follow. Instead, they will listen to your opinion first before making any decision. A real man is direct who doesn’t think twice to express his feelings to his partner.

Women find it easy to rely on real men and share their thoughts and emotions with them. A real man understands the needs of a woman and does everything in his power to make his partner feel comfortable and safe around him.

Has integrity

A real man has integrity which makes it easier for others to rely on him knowing that he will always be there in times of need. Such a man does not cheat, lie or be rude to anyone. Instead, they talk to everyone confidently and are honest about themselves.

A real man has a certain aura around them that makes everyone around him feel safe. They have a positive attitude who are disciplined and hard-working. A man with such positivity is pure in heart and tends to lead a happy life as compared to others.

Qualities and traits of a real man

A real man is very much different from others in a lot of ways. A real man has a lot of qualities that every woman seeks in their partner. Here are some of the qualities and traits that real man possess:

Manners: A real man is a true gentleman who truly understands the meaning of manners. Such men will never talk rudely to anyone and will treat everyone with respect. A man with manners is very difficult to find as such men are rare nowadays. It is one of the top qualities of a real man that is sought by every woman. Such a man will treat his partner with respect and will never humiliate her.

Dependability: In a relationship, the couple should trust each other and become a dependable person for their partner. A real man will make his partner comfortable and can depend on him for everything. It will also encourage her to open up and share her feelings with her. There is no guarantee that a relationship will last forever. However, being able to depend on each other can truly make it easier to make it possible.

Understanding: There are times when women want someone who understands them without the need to explain everything to them. A real man has a very good understanding and understands what his partner needs. In some cases, he can also understand his partner’s feelings without the need to talk. This is very important for a healthy relationship as it makes it possible to live together for years without any problem.

Honesty: Honesty is something that every real man possesses. Such man never hides anything and are always honest with their partners. No matter how worse a situation gets, a real man will always stay honest. He will never lie to his partner and will share everything with her.

Determination: Strong will and determination are one of the most important traits of a real man. Such men never stop until they reach their goals and achieve their dreams. A real man has a strong determination and will work hard every day to fulfill his dreams. Such men always keep their partners happy as they have pure hearts.

How a Real Man Treats a Woman in A Relationship?

A relationship is very delicate and can break in an instant if not careful. Both partners must stay true to each other if they want their relationship to continue. A real man will do everything in his power to keep his partner happy.

Here are some ways in which a real man treats their partner in a relationship:

A real man respects and loves his woman for who she is

A real man doesn’t care about how his partner looks like. For him, it’s more than just her body, beauty, status, or possessions. A real man understands that physical beauty fades away over time and there is no stopping it. He knows that inner beauty is more important than physical appearance. 

No matter how his woman looks like, he will always love her and respect her for who she is. A real man treats his woman with respect and dignity and will never humiliate her or see her as someone inferior to him. He will treat her as his equal and will never disrespect her in any way.

He will always be there for her to support her

In the life of a woman, there are so many things going on which can weaken her physically as well as mentally. Even though she can take care of herself, she needs someone to share her pain with and a shoulder to cry on. A real man will always be there for his partner and will protect her physically as well as emotionally. 

If someone harasses his woman, he won’t think twice before throwing a good punch to defend his partner. A real man is persistent and will never let his woman suffer alone no matter how worse things get.

Willfully commit to the relationship

A real man will never cheat on his partner and will always stay loyal to her. He knows that a healthy and strong relationship needs commitment and hard work. He will never shy away from committing himself to his partner. Honesty is something that is seen only in the real man who will never hide anything from their partner. 

A woman can fully trust a real man as he will stay faithful and loyal, no matter how things turn out. They are not the type who stay in a relationship just for fun which only lasts a couple of months. A real man is ready to commit himself and will not shy away from asking his partner’s hand for marriage.

A real man will never back down from making tough decisions

In a relationship, certain tough decisions are needed to be taken. A real man understands this and will always be ready to take the decisions without any doubt. While taking the decisions, he will also seek his partner’s view and then only will come to a decision. 

A real man doesn’t seek control or power over anything. Instead, he will respect his partner’s opinion and will make the best decisions that will keep their relationship healthy.

He will take full responsibility for his actions and decisions

A real man will never blame his partner for anything and try to hide his mistakes. Instead, he will take full responsibility for his actions. If he makes a mistake, he will accept it and will seek an apology rather than trying to justify his actions. 

This is one of the best qualities which every woman seeks in their partner. No matter how much damage his actions cause, he will always be ready to accept his mistake without thinking of the punishment or consequences. A real man will never shy away from saying sorry to his partner and dares to face any situation with confidence.

He will never force his decisions on his partner

Many men tend to have an impression that they are superior in their relationship and their partner will follow them wherever they go. Unfortunately, this is not true and both men and women are equally responsible for a healthy relationship. 

A man can never force his opinion or decisions on his partner and expect her to follow. A real man understands this and will always consult his partner first before making any decisions. A real man sees his partner as his equal and likes to take important decisions together after having a mutual agreement.

He will not be afraid to share his weaknesses with you

Every man has some weakness that makes them vulnerable. They may be emotionally weak, maybe afraid of something, or may not know how to express themselves. Most of the man hide these things from their partners which shows that they do not their partners. 

But a real man will not be afraid to share his weakness and vulnerabilities with his partner. He won’t be afraid of sharing his secrets with his secrets. It shows that a real man trusts his woman and doesn’t hide anything from her. When around his woman, he will speak his heart out without any fear.

A real man will trust you

Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship that can build or destroy a relationship in a second. A real man will always believe in his partner and have immense trust in her. He will always listen to her and will never doubt her no matter whatever hurdles they face. A real man is a man of his word and will never betray his woman under any circumstances. 

No one can influence him to start doubting his partner. A real man trusts his partner and there is nothing in this world that can compel him to stay away. This is why women who are in a relationship with a real man are always happy and enjoy a healthy relationship.

He respects his partner’s space

Even though a couple stays together for most of the time, they need to have some personal space sometimes. Many women want to spend some time alone to figure things out in her life. A real man understands this and always respects his partner’s personal space. 

He will never force her to do things that she doesn’t like. A real man also has other things in his life that he likes to do. He will give his woman her space and also expects her to do the same for him.

He will never give up on his partner

In a relationship, there will be a lot of ups and down over time. A real man will never leave his partner alone in these times of crisis and will always be there for her. 

When a woman feels emotionally stressed, his man will always be there to cheer her up and support her. No matter how worse a situation gets, a real man will never leave his partner behind.

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