55+ Ways to Be Around Your Sister

Your sister needs you as a guide and mentor, and a pillar of support often. You, as a sibling, might always want to be there for your sister and leave no stones unturned to make her feel warm and in the best of spirits at all times. Here are some tips to help you out!

Here are Ways to be around your sister

Scale up your time management skills. If you want to be there for your sister at all times, not only when she needs you, you really need to scale up on your time management skills. Without being able to manage your time properly, you may not get to take out the time that you need to be there for your sister.

time management skills

Be friendly with her friends. When you are friendly with your sister’s friends, she will feel that you are actually participating in her life just as any good friend would. And it also expresses to her that you are there for your sister at all times. Not only will she love you more for this, but she will also be more drawn toward you.

Keep your schedule flexible. If your schedule is rigid, you may not be able to fit in with your sister in between till a certain errand is completed, and that may be too late. So always keep a flexible schedule to ensure that you can fit in some time for your sister whenever she asks for it or needs it.

Ask your friends to take care of the matter. Do this, especially when you cannot give the time. And only those friends of yours were not only close to you but with whom your sister is also pretty comfortable. Your friends will definitely be able to take care of your sister and the matter that she is in, especially when you are not directly present at the time.

Texts if you are busy. Whenever you are busy and cannot take your sister’s calls, at least text her. By texting her, you at least make her feel that you are always there for her. And she will also know that you are always there to attend to her and reply back whenever she calls or texts you. 

Prefer calling her. Rather than texting her, make it a point to call her. This will give her a free link that you are there for her, and that you want a one-on-one interaction with her. She will also give you the same importance whenever you need her to. 

Be quick in your actions. Give her the priority that she deserves. This will not only show her that you are always there for her, but it will also ensure that she can count on you to take prompt action whenever the situation calls for it. This is a great way to deepen your bonds also.

Gift her something that symbolizes your love. When you give her something to symbolize your love for her, she will not only feel more drawn to you, and she will also feel more deeply for you. It is also a great way to show her that you are always there for your sister, and she will cherish this lovely gift that you’ve given her.

gift that symbolize your love for your sister

Tell her to call you in an emergency. Let her be relieved to know that she can call you in an emergency. When you explicitly tell your sister to call you in any kind of emergency that she might have, not only are you giving her hope that you will be there for her but will also actually express to her that you are always there to take care of the situation whenever it arises.

Ask her to keep sharing her location with you. Whenever she is out, make sure that she shares her location with you as regularly as possible. This is not only a great way to keep a tab on her and her whereabouts but will also ensure that she stays within her bounds and does not take undue advantage of the freedom that you have given her. It will also make her realize that you are always there.

Keep her near yourself. The closer you keep your sister, the fewer tensions and worries you will have to have for her. And it will also let you understand her needs almost immediately. In this way, your sister will be around you constantly while also showing her that you are always there for her.

Leave something for her. This is a great way to let her know that you think of her as one of the most important people in your life while also giving her the absolute attention and priority that she needs. When you leave something for her, your sister will also feel special, wanted, and loved. It also explicitly seems to me that you are always there for her and feel a lot for her.

Be of some use. Rather than be absolutely empathetic of your sister’s existence, at least try to do some little for her and try to be of some use to her in some way or the other. After all, she is your sister. You will be surprised to see how grateful she is for your deed while also trying to reciprocate the same to you. She will be prepared at all times to return you the favor.

Learn martial arts. Try to make your sister learn martial arts too. This will not only ensure that the two of you can take care of yourselves but can also ensure that you two learn martial arts together. And a great part of martial arts is to meditate, something that the two of you can do together. 

Be more conscious. This will enable you to be there for her and take care of her and her needs as and when the situation arises. Your sister will love you for this while also trying to do the same for you.

Look for opportunities to help. It is a great gesture to keep yourself ready and prepared at all times to help your sister whenever the situation arises. To do that, you have to keep looking for opportunities to help her. It’s a great way to tell her that you are always there for her. She will be pleasantly surprised to see you ready, unable to help her.

Keep offering her help. Whether your sister expressly asks for help or not, always be there, ready and willing to help her, and offer her your help. This will keep your sister free and away from all worries and tensions, especially when she knows that you are ready to help her.

Make her believe in you. When she believes in you, she will trust you more and have faith in all that you do. And it will also tell her that you are always there for her. She will be able to depend a lot more on you. 

Put a tracker on her. Put a tracker on your sister, especially when you know that she might slip or try to break away. It would be better if you could tell her that you put a tracker on her so that she knows about it and also appreciates the concern you have for her. A tracker can not only tell you where she is but can also let you know for how long she has been at a particular place. 

Always be confident. When you are confident, your countenance changes, and you become far brighter than ever before. And this can go a long way with your sister, especially when she knows that you are always there for her. The confidence that you exuberate can also make your sister more confident.

Do not get nervous. Nervousness not only creates a kind of fear within you but also makes your sister nervous as well. And she may lose all hope in you or that you can be there for her at all times. Naturally, this will make her look for other avenues to add people that can keep her safer. 

Appoint someone to look after her in your absence. Try to make sure that the person you appoint look after your sister in your absence is someone with whom your sister can relate well and someone whom your sister also trusts a lot. Having someone present in your absence will tell your sister how much you try to be there for her at all times.

Give her a special number to contact you.  Make sure that she treats this number as a special one and one that she can use only in times of emergency. This will assure her that in case of any kind of emergency, she can always count on you and your contacts to take immediate and prompt action.

Develop the sincere urge to help. The urge to help your sister must come from the inside. Unless you have deep-rooted feelings for her and seriously want to take care of your sister, you just will not have the urge to help her. Whatever reason the two of you drift apart, it is high time that you develop an urge to help her, a sincere urge. After all, she is your sister, and you need to tell her that you will be there for her always.

Understand her. The more you understand your sister, the better you will get to know her and be there for her whenever she may need you, without even her letting you know about it. It is this clear and transparent understanding of your sister that can also ensure her to be absolutely dependent on you and to count on you whenever she needs you.

Know what she needs and wants. To be able to know what she needs and wants will help you understand your sister better while also extending her the help of the thing that she needs at a particular time. Not only will it be a pleasant surprise to her, but it will also make her realize that you are one person who will always be there for her, come what may.

Bring her things. Try to make sure that the things that you bring her are things that she really needs, wants, or desires. These will not only be a pleasant surprise for her but will also make her realize how important she is to you and how much you wish to be there for her at all times. 

Consider the emotions hidden in her words. Don’t take your sister’s words for literal meanings. She may want to see something from her heart, but that may come out differently in her words. So always try to consider the emotions hidden in whatever your sister is saying. This does not only ensure that you avoid any confusion or misunderstanding at all but will also enable you to understand her better.

Provide her with emotional support. Whenever your sister needs it to make sure you are there to provide her with the emotional support that she needs or requires at a particular time. Such emotional support can be a great way for her, and for you to be with her, to overcome her situation. It also expresses that you wish to be there for your sister at all times.

ways to provide your sister emotional support

Prioritize her problems over yours. The earlier you take your sister’s problems into consideration and help to resolve them as soon as possible, the earlier you get the chance to focus on your problems and then resolve them as well. By giving your sister’s problems more priority over yours, is it weird to tell your sister that you will always be there for her? 

Search for solutions. Whether or not she is in a problem, always keep a lookout for solutions to your sister’s situation at any given time. This will not only help her come out of the situation or overcome it but will also help or save a lot of time which she can then devote to more productive and constructive channels. 

Teach her. Make sure that your sister’s learning process is a continuous one. The more you teach her, the stronger her situation will be, and the more educated she will become. This is not only helpful to become more mature and responsible but will also enable her to take care of and offer her life far better than she usually does.

Live in her memories. Be such a sibling to your sister that whether or not you are physically present in front of her, she can always just close her eyes and think you were around her, and then analyze exactly how you would have tackled the situation. This is one big way to keep your sister empowered while also ensuring that your sister feels you are always there for her.

Be clear in your life. When trying to help someone out in their life, it is extremely important that we ourselves are fixed and not Broken or perplexed with our own lives. A little bit of introspection always helps when trying to help someone out by standing in their shoes.

Skip plans to stay with her. This is a great gesture that will show your sister that you are always there for her. When you skip all your other plans just to stay back with your sister, it will mean the whole world to her. She will simply cherish this gesture of yours for as long as she lives, and she loves you ever so much more to have been so thoughtful.

Be kind and do not get into conflicts. The more conflicts you avoid with your sister, the better the relationship with your sister will be. And the more kindness you show her, the less aggressive or vengeful she should be. Gradually she will recognize that you are always there for her and let you always be there to take care of her and her feelings. 

Maintain healthy relations. This will ensure that your sister too respects and loves you for the way you come across to her. Be respectful, kind, loving, understanding, resilient, and upright. This will inculcate within your sister the ability to become a good human being like yourself. 

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