25+ Ways to Tell if A Shy Girl Likes You

Humans are the only creature that exhibits multiple characteristics in a single life. But it cannot be said that all characteristics play an advantage them. Shyness is one such characteristic that paves away more obstacles rather than solutions.

Here are ways to tell if a shy girl likes you

Shyness might be a problem, but this does not stop them from expressing their feelings towards a particular person. Especially girls who are shy but use multiple methods to indicate their affection towards the person they like. 

what to do if shy girl likes you

When she always smiles around you.

It is often believed that a smile is the best makeup that a woman could wear to impress any man. But this beautiful makeup is only reserved for a special one.

So, when a shy girl looks at you and suddenly smiles, then you might gather the impression that the girl thinks highly of you or likes your company. It may also reflect that staying close to you makes her happy and comfortable.

When you suddenly figure out that she is staring at you.

People often like to stare at things that they admire. So when someone likes you, they then tend to observe and look carefully as many times as possible.

So, when you notice or catch a girl constantly staring at you on more than several occasions, then you must understand that she might have hidden feelings for you but, due to her shyness, is not able to convey her feelings.

When you observe that she is figuring ways to touch you. 

Touch is the more personalized way to get close to the person that you like the most. It may be just the accidental brushing of the hand or just a shoulder tap while walking side by side.

At first, you might feel that these contacts are not intentional, but continuous repetition will give you the idea that she is into you, but her shyness is obstructing her to be more verbal about it. 

things-to-do when she is looking forward to touching you

When you observe that she plays a lot with her hair while talking to you.

Girls playing with their hair may have different meanings, but it is most commonly associated with nervousness. A person is always seen as nervous when they start a conversation with whom they secretly like or admire.

But in the case of shy girls, the nervousness touches extreme limits, and they find some solace in twisting their hair. So, when you find a girl playing or twisting her hair in your presence, then you should understand that she holds some feelings for you. 

When you observe that, she often runs towards you.

There might be scenarios where you stumble upon the same girl again and again. At first, it might look normal, but if you start seeing her in every place that you visit, then you must understand that she is following you.

Initially, it may freak you out, but later you should understand that it is just a simple and honest behavior from her because she is shy and found out this method to be around you. 

When you see that she has suddenly started to hang out with your friends.

This is the strategy that is mostly used by shy girls as they find difficulty in talking with their crush straight. So they find it more comforting to first build a good rapport with her crush’s close friends and then steadily climb towards them.

So when you figure out that a common girl from nowhere has joined your friend’s group, then you might get a hint that she is trying to reach you using your friends as a ladder. 

why is she hanging out with your friends

When you realize that she has started to apply makeup.

Girls and makeup are one of the universal combos that you can get in the world. They put on their best makeup to impress a special someone. Shy girls occasionally put on makeup as they try their best to avoid attention.

So when you find that a shy girl has suddenly put on makeup or, more specifically, the makeup of your preference, then you must understand that she is into you but unable to convey her feelings for her shyness. 

When you observe that she texts you frequently.

Social networking sites and messaging apps are a boon for all the shy people in the world. It is a great opportunity for them as they no longer have to deal with the problem of speaking face to face with the person they like.

The frequency of the texts often indicates the bond between the two individuals, and if the frequent texts are from the opposite gender, then you must realize a strong probability of affection from the other side. 

When you observe that she occasionally rests her head on your shoulders.

Leaning on the shoulder marks trust and bonding level between two people. But for a shy girl, it is more than these. It is very difficult for a shy girl to open up to any person.

So when you find that a shy girl is leaning on your shoulder, then you must understand that she trusts you and finds you reliable.

She also believes that you would never take advantage of her compromising position. In a nutshell, she likes you. 

When you realize that she shows a deep connection with you.

Shy people rarely talk with other people, but when they do, they try to make the conversation long and interesting. Shy girls mostly avoid any kind of conversation with anyone apart from the person they like.

They even learn the topics of interest of that person so that they can keep the conversation up and running.

So, when a shy girl attempts to talk or create a connection with you. You must understand that she sincerely likes you and is making rapid efforts to gain your attention.  

how to understand that deep connection is forming

When you figure out that her feet are pointed towards you.

The body science experts suggest a very unusual behavior of shy people. They say that a shy person while sitting at a group table may look away from their crush, but their feet are always pointed towards them.

So next time, when you find such behavior from a female shy colleague or friend, then you must understand that she might like you.

When you observe that she compliments you quite often.

An open-minded woman would flirt by revealing her intentions toward the person to whom they like, but this is not the case with shy girls. Shy girls always try their best to avoid flirting at all costs. So, compliments are their biggest weapon to grab the attention of their crush.

They just compliment you so that your day just goes happily and perfectly. So, when you hear frequent compliments from a shy girl, then you must understand that she might have some inner feelings for you. 

When you see that, suddenly she is showing some interest in your passions.

A person shows interest in the other person’s passion when they are emotionally invested in them. Showing interest in someone’s passion also indicates that the person cares about them. This is also the way a shy girl would show concern toward her crush.

So, when you observe that a girl like that is trying to show interest in your passion, then you must understand that she likes you and wants to spend more time with you. 

When you see that she is constantly asking for your help.

Helping out someone in need is probably the noblest a person can do. But continuous help towards the same person may arouse some suspicion. Shy girls often hesitate to ask for help, but they use this technique to grab some attention from their crush.

So, when you see a girl asking for help multiple times for bizarre reasons, then you must understand that she has a soft corner for you and wants to spend maximum time with you with help as an excuse. 

 what to do if she asks for frequent help

When you see that she has reacted to all your posts.

In today’s generation, reacting to posts is considered the greatest form of appreciation.

This method is majorly used by many youths of today to convey their feelings to their loved ones by clicking on one of the reaction buttons.

So, if you find a girl who is constantly reacting to each of your posts, then you should understand that she is trying to convey her feelings by reacting to those posts. 

When you observe that she has started to wear beautiful dresses.

Just like makeup, wearing fashionable clothes too indicates that a woman is trying to impress a particular person. Shy girls often wear high-end wardrobes.

So, if you find such a girl suddenly starting to wear fashionable apparel and trying to talk with you, then you must understand that she is trying to grab your attention as she has some special feelings. 

When you see her blushing in your presence. 

Blushing is a prime characteristic of a girl when they hear a compliment or find themselves in the presence of their favourite person. But this characteristic is greatly visible in shy girls as they are not very good at hiding their emotions.

So, if you notice any girl blushing in your presence, then you must understand that she might hold a crush on you. 

When you observe that, she laughs at all your jokes.

Sometimes a person can get a good laugh for his lamest jokes too. The laughter is not for the jokes but for the emotional support for the person.

Therefore a shy girl even laughs at the lamest jokes of his crush because this is one of the ways to show concern for her crush. So, if you find such a girl laughing at your lamest jokes, then you should understand that she has hidden feelings for you. 

These are some of the ways that you can find out whether a shy girl likes you or not. The points mentioned here are only intended to help readers to understand the psyche of a shy girl and take appropriate measures if they encounter such a situation in the future.

They can even refer these points to their friends or close ones if they are experiencing a similar situation and make a conclusive decision. 

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