When Is A Relationship Serious: These 30 Signs Will Help You Understand.

If you have been spending time with your partner for a long time, you must be wondering if the relationship is getting serious eventually. This article lists the various signs that will help you understand if you are getting involved in a serious relationship and you’ll live happily ever after.

These Signs Will Help You To Understand When A Relationship Is Serious

You don’t hesitate to initiate contact with each other. There is no such thing as waiting for the other person to make the first move. When you feel like it, you just text or call them without any uneasiness. If both of you do this frequently, the relationship is serious.

You plan the future together. It can be a casual conversation about a dream home or dream car that you own together, but you often think about what your future would look like. If you are talking about such stuff more frequently, understand that you are serious about this relationship.

You like to spend time with each other. Day by day, you are coming closer to each other. Rather than spending your free time alone, you choose to be with each other. The fact that you want to spend more time in each other’s company reviews your dedication and commitment.

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Ways to Spend More Time with Your Partner:

  • Go on an adventure together.
  • Be present with each other, especially in tough times.
  • Have sex frequently.
  • Ask each other about your day.
  • Hold hands.
  • Run errands together.
  • Take a long walk.
  • Have dinner dates.
  • Have your tech-free time together.
  • Go to the gym and work out together.

Your family and friends know about your partner. If all of your family members and friends are aware of that special person‘s presence in your life, you are in a serious relationship. We don’t hesitate to introduce them to our close ones, which tells how important they are to us.

You express to each other freely. You don’t hesitate to say how you feel about the relationship. A serious relationship is on its way if you express yourself more verbally. This is one of the healthiest forms of communication you must practice and is an important part of a relationship.

You remember every little detail about each other. If you are genuinely interested in someone and the relationship is getting serious, you don’t forget even the tiniest detail. From their favorite color and cuisine to their favorite artists and books, there is nothing about them that you don’t know yet.

You respect each other, and you have your boundaries. If you always remember to respect each other and the connection you share, you are quite serious about each other. You know that each of you has your boundaries, and you never overstep your limits. You know what giving space means.

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Ways to Have Self-Boundaries:

  • Reflect on yourself.
  • Take things at a comfortable pace.
  • Set them straight.
  • Be consistent with the process.
  • Have your framework.
  • Add some extra boundaries in other aspects.
  • Stay safe from social media.
  • Communicate better.
  • Be proud of your improvement.
  • Have some fresh perspective.

You can do anything for each other. If you are ready to go beyond any limit to see your partner happy, the relationship is serious. You value each other’s wishes because you know that you deserve to be loved and understood. Helping and being with each other gives you pleasure.

You want to do everything together. From going to music concerts or vacations, you want to do everything together. The relationship is serious when you want to make more good memories together that you know that you will cherish forever. Both of you will have a strong sense of commitment.

You are mature and wise lovers. Both of you are quite mature regarding handling the relationship wisely. You respect each other’s integrity and honesty and give each other the space we all need. You share compassion, interest, and values and understand each other better. You don’t fight over trivial reasons.

You never give up on each other. When you take a relationship seriously, you never give up on each other. Of course, there will be problems and difficulties in a relationship, but rather than blaming each other or ending the connection, you will choose to find a solution to everything.

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Ways to Learn how To Never Give Up:

  • Take a pause, but don’t quit.
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Be honest with everyone around you.
  • Choose to be optimistic during tough times.
  • Surround yourself with supportive people.
  • Be more resilient.
  • Don’t get demotivated by anything or anyone.
  • Remind yourself that life has a greater cause.
  • Never stop until you have achieved what you want.
  • Remind yourself that you are not a failure/

You keep checking on each other constantly. You consider it important to take care of your partner and let each other know that you are always there to love and support them in good times and bad times. As a result, you always find each other’s support, compassion, and sympathy.

You have no secrets to keep. You are so comfortable in each other’s presence that you don’t mind sharing even the deepest secrets of your life. They know everything about you, and you know what keeps them happy and peaceful. There are no restrictions that bother you in your relationship.

You make efforts for each other. The moment you consider giving time to each other important, know that the relationship is serious. No matter how busy you are, you always have time to plan dinner outings or go on movie dates, making it clear how much you want this relationship.

You want to know and understand each other better. The more you communicate openly with each other, the better you understand the kind of people both of you are. When you consider the relationship seriously, you want to know each other deeper and be more easily comfortable with your partner.

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Ways to Understand Your Partner Better:

  • Understand yourself first.
  • Use ‘I statements’ more often.
  • Make them a priority.
  • Notice body language.
  • Ask questions.
  • Appreciate them for their success and qualities.
  • Learn how to communicate.
  • Step away and take a break.
  • Accept their mistakes.
  • Get to know the close ones in their lives better.

You pursue each other constantly. Even in a relationship, you don’t stop trying to grab each other’s love. The relationship is so serious to both of you that you try to woo each other. You always attempt to keep the spark in the relationship alive by being attentive and compassionate.

You are never ashamed of each other. Even when you are fully aware of each other’s weaknesses, you are not ashamed to be together because you truly love the person for who they are. Since you respect them wholeheartedly, their shortcomings don’t matter to you as much as they should.

You are always present with each other. All your attention and time is for each other when you are together. You are mindful of what the other person says to you, and you just don’t get lost in your thoughts while talking. Being constantly present makes this relationship more serious.

You are attentive to each other. Be it a haircut, a new shirt, or a problem with a close friend, you always pay attention to each other’s interests and problems. You support them as much as you rejoice with them. This constant presence and loving attention make your relationship serious.

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Ways to Be a More Attentive Partner:

  • Get off your phone.
  • Be a good friend on social media.
  • Learn to listen more keenly.
  • Ask them questions.
  • Stay up-to-date with their lives.
  • Do more things together.
  • Have your little routines.
  • Know what interests them.
  • Buy them gifts they would love.
  • Pay attention to their physical features.

You always manage to make time for each other. No matter how busy your work schedule is, you never fail to make time for each other. Even if you are busy, you apologize for not being available. This sense of obligation and dedication gives you a serious and healthy relationship.

You compromise for each other. Since you are two different people in a relationship, there will be differences of opinion, but you compromise to make each other feel better. When you consider the welfare of your partner more important than yours, you are getting into a serious relationship with them.

You are not just attracted to each other sexually. If you consider emotional bonding and understanding in a relationship more important than physical intercourse, you are getting into a serious relationship. Both of you understand and respect that nurturing intimacy is more of an emotional concept than a physical one.

 You feel comfortable and safe with each other. Being with your partner is the safest place on earth for you when you are in a serious relationship. What gives you satisfaction during this time is knowing that you can just be yourself and that there is no fear of judgment.

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Ways to Be More Comfortable with Yourself:

  • Know what makes you happy or sad.
  • Avoid negative self-talk.
  • Focus on what makes you strong or weak.
  • Avoid living in the past.
  • Don’t care about others.
  • Be flexible to change.
  • Be vulnerable.
  • Express yourself more openly.
  • Step outside your comfort zone.
  • Be with people who protect you emotionally.

 There is no ‘I’ for you in the relationship; it’s always ‘us.’ So be it from silly movie plans to buying something together; you consider ‘us’ to be everything. You do something good for both of you. You respect each other’s individuality, but it gives you greater happiness when together.

 You show up for each other. You never disappoint each other while celebrating a special moment of your life.  Whether winning a prize or a friend’s party, you are always together, helping each other realize that you are always there to provide each other with unconditional love and support.

 You don’t see yourself as two people casually hooking up. Even if that is how you started the relationship, you respect each other as a person, not just sexual elements. Therefore you can just hang out to have fun without being physically intimate and still have a good time together.

 You fulfill each other’s expectations. You know that your partner loves breakfast in bed, and you do so to make them happy. You never let each other think that expectations are wrong because you are always there to do what makes them happy, and you are in a serious relationship.

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Ways to Overcome Expectations:

  • Prioritize appreciation.
  • Express your compassion.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be considerate.
  • Devote time.
  • Never question your relationship.
  • Avoid repeating the same mistake.
  • Don’t threaten your relationships.
  • Don’t stagnate your connection.
  • Don’t make unnecessary comparisons.

You only have each other. You are not romantically interested in anyone else in your life. The constant presence of your partner is so sufficient that you don’t want to keep other options open or experiment with other people. Honesty and commitment towards your partner matter to you the most.

You respect each other’s families and friends. If you are in a serious relationship, their parents mean to you as much as they do to them. So, you take care of them or spend time with them important, and you do so willingly, knowing that this will make your partner happy. 

You make sacrifices. If you know that not going on a date and watching the football game at home instead would make your partner happy, you do so willingly. You are ready to make sacrifices for the person you love, which means you are definitely in a very serious relationship.

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Tips to Balance Sacrifice and Self-Love in A Relationship:

  • Never sacrifice too much.
  • Excessive sacrifice can make you resentful.
  • It may not be helpful all the time.
  • To give, take care of yourself first.
  • Make attempts to create a balance.
  • Don’t create excessive drama.
  • Consider expressing your needs important.
  • Don’t justify your sacrifice.
  • Sacrifice willingly.
  • Don’t have expectations.


If you have understood by now that you are in a serious relationship, acknowledge that and make efforts to have a healthy and loving relationship. It’s lucky to find someone with whom you can be yourself without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. Tell them how lucky you are to have them.

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Advantages of Having a Relationship:

  • It gives you happiness.
  • It makes you feel supported and confident.
  • You don’t get stressed easily.
  • You have someone to guide you.
  • You discover yourself better.
  • You learn to be patient and understanding.
  • You learn to be humble.
  • You become more optimistic and open-minded.
  • You are healthy, physically and emotionally.
  • You have someone to take care of you and support you.

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