Which Is Better Tinder Or Bumble?

Two of the most popular dating apps across the globe are Tinder and Bumble. Many people use them both but are not fully aware of their features and privileges. This article discusses the differences in their qualities to decide which one is best for you. 

Note: Tinder is the most popular dating app in the US, but when it comes to conversations and choices, Bumble appeals more to many users.

Here You Will Know About Which Is Better Tinder or Bumble?:

Tinder is more hookup-based.

It is no longer a secret that Tinder is more prone to be a hookup app. Since guys message first, they can say anything they want, and they mostly intend to get you into bed. There are exceptions, and many people also use it for serious dating.

Bumble is more serious relationship-based.

This may not always be the case, but most people using Bumble consider it as a dating app only. You can always find something to talk to and chill with, which may lead to something nice. But again, there are exceptions to this, too, so we must be careful.

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Possible Effects Of A Hookup:

  • You end up having regrets.
  • You might take it positively.
  • You start questioning sex altogether.
  • You don’t know how to act on it.
  • You start questioning your choices.
  • You are left confused and irritated.
  • You can learn from these bad experiences.
  • You might refrain from communicating further.
  • Your emotional stability is hampered.
  • You might think of it as a normal incident in your life. 

Tinder has more men than women.

Tinder claims itself as an app not intended for hookups only. But surprisingly, the app has double the number of men as there are women. Thus, having more men creates a difference in this aspect. Women have an advantage because they have unlimited options to check on before deciding something.

Bumble has an almost equal number of men and women.

Bumble maintains a 50/50 girl-boy ratio, which is considered the ideal dating app system. Therefore, both genders have equal opportunities to find their prospective partners on the app. But again, this lowers the overall available options. This app’s number of users is much less than that compared to Tinder.

Tinder provides more varieties.

Since there are innumerable choices on Tinder, you get to see a wide variety of prospective partners. You come across people of varied looks, professions, and qualities, allowing you to choose only what’s best for you. Also, having plenty of choices on dating apps can be confusing for some people.

Bumble has better-looking guys.

You see only the best of the lot when you go to Bumble. It appears as if only the most attractive and sharpest men have been filtered for the app. So, if you are looking for someone with great looks, you can always have better choices on the Bumble app.

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Types of Guys You’ll Come Across on Dating Apps:

  • The X-rated guy.
  • The gym enthusiast.
  • The adventure lover.
  • The beer lover.
  • The emotionally unavailable one.
  • The adorable one.
  • The one with plenty of mysteries.
  • The one with whom you have to try hard.
  • The creepy guy.
  • The genuine one.

Sexually explicit things are acceptable on Tinder.

Girls have to face the problem of frequently getting sexually explicit texts on Tinder. Tinder is more open in this aspect, and men often think it’s hilarious to say something offensive. Even if a woman is using the app for hookup purposes, no one should make a direct, explicit comment.

Girls make the first move on Bumble.

On Bumble, women get to make the first move. So, they talk to those people who they want to. Girls can decide if they are comfortable speaking to him, and men don’t worry about saying something out of line. No matter what, everyone should have mutual respect towards each other.

The conversation flow is smooth on Tinder.

Since guys are more proactive on Tinder, women will receive more date proposals. They are very eager to speak to you, get your phone number, or take you out on a date. So, if you are expecting things to happen faster with your prospective partner, Tinder must be your choice.

The conversation fizzles out on Bumble.

Mostly, conversations end abruptly on Bumble. Since girls have more authority in every matter, it is more likely that a guy will wait for them to ask them out. Even if you are bonding well with a person, things may not go further due to a lack of proper communication.

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Ways to Revive a Conversation on Dating Apps:

  • Say something funny or interesting.
  • Ask an open question.
  • Discuss a common interest.
  • Complement them sincerely.
  • Talk about your pets.
  • Send memes and gifs.
  • Share pictures.
  • Flirt with them.
  • Don’t make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Don’t scare them away.

There is a wide range of different people on Tinder.

The range of men and women on Tinder is extensive. From career-oriented people to the ones working hard for their passions, you will find people with multivarious traits. This app provides a mixed bag. You may have to search a lot here, but you will find your perfect choice eventually.

One person is the total package on Bumble.

Every person on Bumble seems to be stacked with good jobs, good looks, and amazing personalities. So, every person you come along with seems to be the total package. This is a great feature of this app, but if you are a picky person, this can be intimidating for you.

You will find some bad profile pictures on Tinder.

You will often come across profiles with inappropriate pictures. Shirtless selfies and weird poses may make the person a big no-no for you. Guys posing with weird stuff or choosing a picture that has nothing to do with them makes it difficult to find someone you can talk to freely.

You will find guys with dogs on Bumble.

As we know, girls love guys who love dogs. On Bumble, you will come across plenty of profiles where guys are posing with a dog. This increases the attractiveness of the profile, and it becomes easier to start a conversation because you can share your love for animals via text.

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Reasons to Have a Pet:

  • They help you have better relationships.
  • They keep you healthy.
  • They fix your mood.
  • They give you company.
  • They give you endless love and affection.
  • They help you relieve stress.
  • They are social magnets.
  • They teach you to be responsible.
  • They entertain you.
  • They keep you safe.

You cannot group hangout on Tinder anymore.

Tinder had a social feature allowing its users to meet up with a bunch of other people and do cool stuff together. You could even plan a meeting in person. It was a fun feature, but they had it removed recently. The app is just for dating/hookup purposes only.

You can avail of the BFF option on Bumble.

The best thing about Bumble is that it is not just a dating app. You can use the BFF option to swipe and meet people you want to be friends with. You can have a fun conversation and do things together without having to think of going into a relationship.

You will find weird bios on Tinder.

A Tinder bio is a reflection of the person you are viewing. Therefore, it is an important part of a Tinder profile. But often, people write bios that do not speak of their personality. Instead, they confuse us a lot, so be careful of weird bios while browsing through profiles.

You will find over-sellers on Bumble.

Bumble bios will tell you interesting things about the person you are talking to. But you will often feel that they are trying to oversell themselves. This comes in the way of you getting to know them while conversing with them. A good bio should just have a few facts.

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Types of Bios on Dating Apps:

  • A joke or a meme.
  • A movie or song you love.
  • A funny story about yourself.
  • Two truths and a lie.
  • Pros and cons of dating you.
  • Ask a question.
  • A quote that you follow in life.
  • Your values.
  • A fear you have.
  • A ‘pro’ list that describes you.

Tinder for instant gratification.

Tinder is all about ‘living in the moment.’ Here, you can swipe all day and talk with many people. If you want to feel good about yourself, Tinder is best for you. With endless dating opportunities and easy matches, you will find yourself very much settled in the dating game.

Bumble for meaningful conversations and quality matches

On Bumble, you will have fewer matches, but the conversations you will have will be the best. Super attractive people who might be interested in you are easier to find on this app, so it’s your perfect choice. If you think deeply, this is better than instant gratification on Tinder.


We hope these points are helpful to you. Both apps have their advantages and disadvantages. With a delayed idea of the services they provide, you will make a wiser choice when it comes to dating apps. You will find your partner if everything goes well, and good things await you.

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Reasons to Use a Dating App:

  • To get over a past relationship.
  • To keep yourself entertained.
  • To know more about the dating game.
  • To find love.
  • To hook up.
  • To meet new people.
  • To know about the guys around you.
  • To look at pictures of good-looking people.
  • To gain experience in dating.
  • To use your pickup lines and jokes.

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