Why Did She Block Me: 6 Reasons

You often speak to a lovely woman via social networking sites, and she suddenly blocks you. There may be several reasons for this; therefore, in this article, we discuss those reasons to ensure that you are alert while communicating. Here are some reasons why a girl me block you online:

Reasons for Why Did She Block Me:

You seem to be a fraud person to her.

This is one of the most common reasons why guys get blocked by girls on social media. If you do not have enough mutual friends with the girl and you start a too eager conversation, they will likely think you are a catfisher, boat, or troll.

A catfisher- A catfisher is a person who creates fake online profiles to communicate with people to extract some benefit from them or to harass them. So, if something in your profile doesn’t add up correctly, girls may think you are a scammer trying to blackmail, take money, or simply harass them. 

A bot- A bot is an imaginary person on the Internet, sending you automated messages that may appear to be real ones. Interactions with a bot can often be so realistic that girls get confused. Therefore, try to have a genuine profile with regularly updated information and profile pictures.

A troll-We know the concept of trolling and how many people use their online profiles and their screen anonymity to bully other people, knowing very well that they would never have to meet them in person. Therefore, if a woman considers you a troll, she will block you from their profile.

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Ways to Spot a Catfisher:

  • The pictures on their profiles are too perfect.
  • They never agree to a video call.
  • They are suddenly available at odd hours.
  • They are invisible on online platforms.
  • Everything about their lives is unfortunate.
  • Their stories have plenty of potholes.
  • They ask you for financial aid.
  • They still manage to travel a lot.
  • They act suspiciously.
  • They try to take things very fast.

You show delusional behavior. 

This is another possibility that is common in boys.  If you are likely to take things very seriously, there are chances that you consider your relationship with the girl important, even if she is not in the same phase. You start arguing with them unnecessarily; you show jealousy and overconcern.

You act creepy or uncomfortably.

Your behavior turns out to be creepy and unexpected to the girl, so she decides to block you from her social media profile. See if your perspective matches that of the woman you speak with, speak clearly about the relationship you share with them, and act on your feelings. 

You have shown unwanted jealousy.

If you have never gone on a date with a woman and you are acting with extra care and jealousy, it is more likely that she will not be comfortable speaking to you anymore, and she will block you. 

How to know if you’ve been delusional:

To check if you are being delusional about your relationship, ask yourself questions like :

  • If she considered you to be their close friend.
  • If they have ever asked you for advice or help.
  • If you have hung out with this person ever.
  •  If you know their friends and family well.

These questions will help you understand the level of intimacy and comfort you shared with the person and if their blocking you was appropriate or not. You must first understand why she was reluctant to keep in touch with you anymore. Indeed, you cannot establish contact with that person anymore. 

How to handle this situation:

You can evaluate your behavior after such incidents to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen when you communicate with other women. You need to address these issues of delusional affection and stay strong, knowing that the person who blocked you has no interest in reciprocating your feelings toward them. 

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Ways to Know Someone Is a Best Friend:

  • They are never judgmental.
  • They keep your secrets.
  • They are honest with you.
  • You have an understanding.
  • There are no awkward silences.
  • They never talk about you behind your back.
  • They know how to make you laugh.
  • You can discuss anything with them comfortably.
  • They help you with everything.
  • You have your private jokes that only you understand.

She is not interested in you. 

It is often very difficult to accept the harsh truth that somebody you have been talking to for a long time blocks you on social media because they have lost interest in you. Accept the truth the way it is instead of complaining or breaking our hearts for no reason.

She has insecurities about the relationship.

The reason may be that you did nothing to freak her out, but she has her insecurities about your relationship. Therefore, she chooses to end the relationship without telling you anything. Being blocked by a loved one online can be very hurtful, but we must always be strong and positive. 

How to handle the situation

There are no ways to fix this problem, and you probably should not even try to fix it. If you were blocked by someone only because they are not into you, you have to accept the truth and move on in life. Trying too hard may make you look pushy.

She is interested in you, but there are obstacles. 

If a girl already has a partner and has been chatting with you, which led her to develop feelings for you, she may regret it at some point and cut off contact with you to keep everything perfect. This can be confusing for you, but you must consider this reason.

How to handle the situation

In that case, you have no way to know the truth, but if you already knew that she had a boyfriend, you have to respect her decision and move on. Problems like this are not usually fixable, and you have to consider this a product of bad timing.

Something you said or did make her feel uncomfortable.

If your conversations brought back terrible memories or if you just said something hurtful, she will likely move away from you and block you from restricting any other communication. When girls are unsure of the boy’s intention to approach them, they stop the communication and block that person from staying safe. 

You asked for some personal information.

Suppose you ask for photos or personal information about a girl you recently started chatting with. In that case, the possibilities are that they will consider you to be a creep and, therefore, block you from all their social profiles. 

How to handle this situation

Issues like these are not fixable, but you can always take a lesson. Learn to respect the boundaries of the person you speak with and only talk or do something when you are sure they will be comfortable with it. Know your limits, and don’t overdo your affection or comfortability with that person.

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Signs to Say You Are Too Comfortable with Someone:

  • You always put things off for them.
  • You don’t think about the things that make you happy.
  • You take them for granted.
  • You are often snarky.
  • You don’t care about your manners.
  • You do not care for good conversations.
  • You don’t take care of yourself.
  • You never appreciate others.
  • You are unaware of personal boundaries.
  • You think you know them too well.

The person who blocked you is a family member, friend, or ex-girlfriend.

Getting blocked on online social networking profiles hits different when it is any of your acquaintances, especially your family or friend. You need to understand that they are not blocking you randomly, and you must have done/said something terrible to upset them. They blocked you to avoid uncomfortable situations.

They don’t want to communicate with you.

If someone from your family or friends has blocked you online, it is most likely that you probably got into a fight with her sometime, and you didn’t bother to cool off after the argument. Your behavior has been annoying or arrogant, so they want to block all communication with you. 

They don’t want things between you to get rough.

With an ex-girlfriend, we all know she has blocked you to ensure no contact between you, making it easier for you to move on in life. Therefore, rather than trying to reach out to them, focus on yourself, accept their attitude towards you, and try to move on in life. 

They are not good at confrontations.

People cannot handle difficult situations alone and don’t know how to solve a problem; they block the other person to avoid further complexities. In that case, you have nothing to do but accept their behavior and leave the matter to them, constantly reminding yourself to accept them warmly if they want to come back to you and discuss their problems. 

What to do when someone very important to you blocks you on social media?

If a girl you’ve been speaking to for some time and whom you like or love blocks you on social media, the only option you have is to back off, knowing that she is never coming back. If the same problem happens with someone you are well acquainted with, you always have the option of solving it personally by speaking to them directly.

Learn to let go.

Knowing to let go and accept the situation just the way it is is very important to ensure that the other person’s reluctance or behavior doesn’t affect us mentally. You must realize that if someone is blocking, they may have the right reasons, which may not always be your fault. 

Be honest.

If you know that your behavior or approach to them has been hurtful or irritating in some way, do not fear to accept your mistakes and apologize for them if required. Suppose you think you are a person who is not good at dealing with interpersonal communication. 

Speak to a professional.

You can always talk to a counselor or your close friends to understand your problem and derive the solution so that this never stands in the way of you having a normal and healthy conversation with someone online, be it a random stranger or a person you know very well.


We hope this article helps you understand why a girl could block you from social media accounts. These common things happen to almost everyone. Whatever the situation is, our goal is to be polite and honest. The baggage of someone blocking us on social media should not bring us down.

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Reasons to Be a Kinder Person:

  • You will give everyone hope.
  • You will uplift others.
  • You are selfless.
  • You never look for validation.
  • You care about your loved ones.
  • You are productive.
  • You are not a taker.
  • You never judge others.
  • You become role models for others.
  • You teach others to be kind.

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