32 Common Reasons Why Marriages Fail And How To Save Them

Within the intricate fabric of human relationships, marriages occupy a unique and profound place, symbolizing the merging of two souls.

However, not every marital union manages to weather the storms of life. It is a disheartening reality that countless marriages collapse, leaving behind shattered dreams and hearts filled with anguish.

In this enlightening exploration, we delve into over Reasons Why Marriages Fail. Together, we will unravel the secrets to preserving and revitalizing love, discovering strategies to salvage even the most fragile relationships.

Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock How To Save A Failing Marriage and rekindle the flames of affection.

Surprising Reasons Why Marriages Fail

Here, we will discuss why marriages fail and provide some insights into how they can be prevented or saved from reaching such a situation. Any relationship can be easily identified with certain signs, and marriage is no different.

You can easily understand that your marriage is falling apart through these signs. These signs help you to indicate your present marital condition most conveniently. 

You Are Regularly Criticizing Each Other

You Are Regularly Criticizing Each Other

Constructive criticism is very important for the overall functioning of a relationship. But always complaining can lead to adverse effects. If you observe that every day you are criticizing your partner or your partner criticizing you even on the slightest topic.

Then you should be careful because it is one of the most common signs that marriage is falling apart.

how to avoid criticizing each other

Continuous Argument On The Same Thing

Arguments are very common in a relationship. People believe that arguments make a relationship strong, but it is also true that repeated arguments or quarrels on the same topic break the relationship to the core.

If you find that both you and your partner are arguing over the same thing repeatedly, you will understand that your marriage is on the brink of failure.

You Don’t Enjoy Each Other’s Company Anymore

Partnerships in relation are very important because it helps to provide the required strength and trust. But when your relationship is in jeopardy, then nothing suits you well.

You discover that you no longer like each other’s company even while doing the simplest of activities. This is the first indication many get when their relationship is not strong. 

how do we enjoy each others company

When You Start Thinking Affairs

Post Marital affairs mainly happen when a person is unsatisfied with what they want from their partner. They start to look for other options that are more attractive and have a great personality from their partner.

They look for people who could fill in the void created by their partner. If this feeling kicks in, then you would understand that things are not good in the relationship. 

You Don’t Enjoy Sex Anymore

You Don’t Enjoy Sex Anymore

Physical attachment is one of the pre-requisite in a relationship. It is not everything, but it is a very strong determining factor in a relationship.

When your physical attachment starts taking a hit, you must realize that things are not moving smoothly and indicating severe problems. 

No Arguments At All

In the above point, there is a mention that in a rough relationship, there are problems and people argue over the same things again and again. But there also comes a time when a couple realizes they do not feel to argue anymore.

Because at this point, they already know that it is useless to present their point of view to the other person. So they stop arguing and even communicating with each other. 

how do you not suspect your partner

You Start To Keep Secrets From Each Other

A person tends to keep secrets when they do not trust someone. But in a relationship keeping secrets can be fatal and prove to be a complete deal-breaker.

The secrets can be anything, starting from buying expensive products to having dinner with an attractive coworker. Keeping deliberate secrets from each other is a pure indication that things are not well in the relationship. 

why should you not hide any secrets from your partner

They Do Not Call You In Need

They Do Not Call You In Need

In a healthy relationship, we often see that their partners are their go-to person for emergency needs.

But when you find yourself amidst a disturbing relationship, then you can expect to be the last person to be called when your partner finds themselves in a crisis. 

Most Common Causes Of Marriage Failure

Marriage is said to be an eternal bond, but it is not immune to failure. Several major reasons for a failed marriage will be discussed below. 

When You Stop Giving Time To Each Other

When You Stop Giving Time To Each Other

During the initial phases, everything looks fine between couples. But slowly and steadily, things change, and both of them get busy with their work.

After a few years, they become proud parents of a child, and their busy schedule gets busier. It is good to be busy with their ambition and children but spending some alone time is also important.

When the couple is not able to get the required time, their relationship crumbles and ultimately fails. 

 why should you give time to each other

High Expectations

It is always said that high expectations always lead to greater disappointments. This is mainly because people get easily influenced by outer appearances.

It can be anything starting from money, look, and even personality. But once they move in with them, all the glaze and glitter start to fade away, and they start looking at their original form.

Learning the truth, they slowly try to move away from them and fail their marriage. 

No Intimacy Or Physical Contact

Intimacy and physical contact are always seen during the premarital or initial stages of marriage. But with time, that feeling of love and affection also fades away.

There is no room for romance anymore, and everything looks bleak and unsteady. Life becomes boring, and then you feel like getting trapped forever.

This feeling also kills their sexual desires and reduces their intent for intimacy. So less physical contact finally leads to frustration and, from there, to a broken marriage.  

Financial Situation

Financial Situation

A person’s financial situation is like an ECG scanner’s heartbeat. One time up and the other time down.

But a very limited number of people could hold their wealth in a stable condition. But the financial crisis is one of the major reasons for many broken marriages because everything in the world is related to money.

You need love, care, and affection in your relationship, but everything goes away when there is no penny to meet the daily expenses. 

Different Interests

A relationship indeed works like a team, but to function as a team, you must have common interests. You may start your relationships on common ground, but things may change in the following days, months, or even years.

Getting involved in different interests means that you no longer can work together, and this cripples the relationship slowly. This dent over time results in a failed marriage. 

Inability To Solve Problems

Problems in marriage or any other relationship are very common. But the special thing about many relationships is that there is always an individual who is a master in solving those issues.

These people look forward to solutions rather than problems. So their relationship sticks no matter how greater the waves are.

But if none of them has this clear perception of solving things, then it can ultimately lead to a failed marriage or relationship. 

Lack Of Soft-Touch

When we talk about “touch”, we mostly think about intercourse. Sex is all good but cannot match the intimacy of a morning kiss on the forehead or just a simple goodbye before going to the workplace.

Surprise hugs from behind are also a good way to restore the element of a soft touch in the relationship.

But when these elements start missing out on a relationship, it is understood that the marriage will experience downhill and only result in heartbreaking failure. 

Unfulfilled Expectations

Unfulfilled Expectations

This is another major reason why most marriages fail. This is mainly because a person gets attached to another for some benefit.

There is no shame in admitting that because everything is related to personal happiness. But when those benefits are not met as per expectations, then it is sure the relationship will meet a devastating end. 

No Planning Or Vision

The primary aim of any relationship is to achieve joint success. But the real problem begins when one of the partners after the marriage has lost their will to achieve anything greater in his life.

The other one starts to understand that they are stuck with an unambitious person and will not achieve in their lives. So breaking the marriage becomes the final option to get some relief. 

 why is planning needed after marriage


Overdependence kills a marriage. It is good that your partner asks for help now and then, but things get really hard when the other partner starts to be dependent on even the slightest things.

These types of people bring the overall relationship down and ultimately fail it to the core. 

why should you not be overdependent on your partner

Lack Of Identity

A relationship thrives when both members have an individual identity. Lack of identity in any one of them becomes a burden for the other.

They do not have their taste in anything and only prefer the things their partners choose. Such a kind of personality brings greater disappointment and ultimately leaves the marriage shackled.

How To Save A Failing Marriage? Practical Tips

When there is darkness, there is hope. Never think that everything is over unless you give your everything. These are some of how you can save your marriage from disasters.

Listen To Your Partner More.

Listen To Your Partner More

Communication is valuable in any relationship, but listening to your partner’s thoughts and overview is also important.

There are scenarios in which both partners are only interested in presenting their views rather than looking at things from the other’s perspective. This leads to several other complications in a relationship and ends with a heated argument.

Sometimes to save the relationship, you must take a back seat and listen to your partner’s views too.

 why should you listen to your partner more

Be The First One To Make A Move.

You should be the first one to make a move. Sometimes whenever there is a problem, almost half of the time is spent overthinking who should make the first move. But during that, the small problem takes the shape of a huge one.

The untimely solution to any problem often leads to devastating ends. So to eliminate that possibility, you should be the first one to make a move. 

Observe And Stop The Negative Aspects

Negativity in a relationship destroys it from the core. So it is highly important to observe the parameters which are bringing out the negativity in the relationship.

Once detected, analyze the ways that it could be strictly eliminated so that your relationship could be restored to its original form. 

Try To Be Patient

Try To Be Patient

Patience is the biggest thing that is required to get the desired results. If your marriage is slipping away with time, you must find a way to return it.

To do that, you might try several methods. But not all methods are going to give you the best results. You will enter into a loop of hits and misses as you do multiple permutations and combinations to fix your marriage.

But the biggest thing you should do is keep patient, believe in your methods, and leave the rest to the Almighty.

Check Your Tone

Speaking with the correct tone is a prerequisite, especially when you are in the middle of a disturbing relationship.

The tone is an important factor in human speech which generally reflects true human emotion. So it is highly advisable to speak in a polite tone with your partner so that you can save your marriage from the clutches of failure. 

Be Kind To Your Partner

Be Kind To Your Partner

Kindness is very important in a disturbed relationship. Mistakes are bound to happen when two are equally distanced from each other. So rather than not being angry, you must show kindness to your partner so that it can restore the lost faith in the relationship and also provide hope for a new future. 

Here, all the major causes of failed marriages are showcased. Apart from this, signs and proper solutions to safeguard your marriage are also provided to help the readers understand the gravity of such a situation and act accordingly if such scenarios occur. 


How does financial stress impact marriages?

Financial strain can lead to arguments about money, power struggles, and overall dissatisfaction within the relationship.

How does a lack of intimacy affect marriages?

A lack of physical and emotional intimacy can lead to feelings of neglect, resentment, and overall dissatisfaction in the relationship.

How does excessive or unhealthy dependency impact marriages?

Dependency can lead to an unhealthy power dynamic, stifling personal growth, and limiting the individual’s sense of self-worth.

How does a lack of commitment contribute to marriage failures?

Without a strong commitment to the relationship, partners may be less willing to work through challenges and invest in their marriage’s growth.

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