100+ You Are Beautiful Quotes to Share

Words are magical and have some kind of power that is not visible. In the same way, words full of praise and compliments can positively impact others. Whether a girl or a boy, everybody deserves to get some compliments.

A moment of admiration can make his/her day. The following are given some beautiful quotes which can help you to find some words to compliment your loved one: –

You Are Beautiful Quotes to Share

You Are Beautiful Quotes To Share

-Sincerity and integrity on the face of an ordinary woman make her very pretty. –Eleanor Roosevelt

-Your shining eyes, which consist of gentleness and pleasure, make you more gorgeous. –Debasish Mridha

-When you feel beautiful and have confidence in your beauty, then all the people see you as beautiful. –Anonymous

-Your confidence is the best accessory for you to look beautiful. –Anonymous

-A person’s beautiful heart, soul, and mind is the real beauty. –Anonymous

-You are terrifically gorgeous. Your eyes shine more than the stars and the moon. –Anonymous

-You don’t need to care how you look when you wake up because you are nonchalantly gorgeous. –Ella Mai

-Your flaws and imperfections don’t matter to the people who are close to you and love you wholeheartedly. It doesn’t mean they are not seeing all these but only because they know the purity of your soul. The people who adore you will accept you in every possible way. –Victoria Hugo

-People start seeing you as beautiful if you confidently make people believe in your beauty. It is eventually your strength. –Anonymous

-Words can’t justify your beauty and also can’t overthrow it. You are gorgeous in all possible manners. –Christina Aguilera

-You will eventually come to your own feet by yourself when you perceive you are incredibly gorgeous. –Byron Katie

-God has made you gorgeous. People of this world are nothing to judge beauty. You are graceful. The way you are is the best way for you and your beauty. –Rachel Hamilton 

-Yes, indeed you are gorgeous, the most gorgeous. Terrifically gorgeous. –Orson Welles

-You have an aim. God has formed you beautifully. Everyone loves you. You are the real epitome of beauty. –Anonymous

-You are the best, the prettiest, and exquisitely graceful in the way you are. –Ariana Grande  

-There is a secret I want to let you know is that there is one person somewhere who is frequently in your thoughts. Never think otherwise; just remember that you are the prettiest. –Drake

-Acknowledge that you are the prettiest heavenly soul and brighten your personality. –Lailah Gifty Akita 

-A woman’s confidence and acceptance in her beauty make her the prettiest. –Sophia Loren

-Your expressions matter more than the portrait. Your words matter more than the voice. Similarly, your personality matters more than the body structure. –Stephenie Meyer

-Only beautiful eyes can see the real beauty. –Williams Carlos Williams

-You are breath-taking beautiful. Your achievements, charm, joy, and Vivacity for life is simply marvelous. –Steve Maraboli

-You are stunning but still having many blemishes that are eternal and unavoidable. –Amy Bloom

-A lousy shape of your body can’t make you look unpleasant. You are pretty because you said it and believe it. You are gorgeous because of the way you are. You are good-looking because you are beautiful internally. –Mary Lambert

-You are gorgeous. No matter whatever you are, and from wherever you are. –Michelle Obama

-You have chosen self-love instead of negative opinions because you have preferred to be chubby instead of thin. –Steve Maraboli

-I want to say something to all the chubby girls who are not happy because they are not slim. It is an awful point-of-view of the community. You are a nymph of your own paradise. –Marilyn Monroe

-There comes the point in life for everyone when they feel they are the most unfit. But, the right thing to do is to love yourself in all the shapes, no matter what, because you are the prettiest. –Marilyn Manson

 -You are charming. You are competent for yourself. Always try to feel confident with your personality. –Meagan Tandy

-You are the most gorgeous in your own way. –Nick Vujicic

-Your pleasure makes you prettiest. –Oscar Wilde

-A woman who is in love is prettier than any other. Therefore, you are the most stunning. –Anonymous

-Always must consider that you are the most charming, brilliant, and a genius, who deserves all the regard and deep affection. –Russell T Davies

-No matter what time of the day it is. You are an eternal beauty until you have breaths in your body. –Don Bradley

-You are gorgeous if you have a charismatic soul and a kind heart of gold. –R.M Broderick

-The most lovely thing on this planet is in being your own self. –Alex Gaskarth

-The thing that nobody can steal from you is the beauty of your soul. You are not just externally pretty; you are pretty internally too. You should love your real self. –Christina Milian

-No matter what is your shape and size of the body. You are magnificent. –Demi Lovato

-You are the best and competent in your own-self. You are not actually aware of how strong you are. –Melissa Etheridge

-In life, you should have to give some love to your own self. Walk confidently as you are a queen of beauty. Men are not so good when it comes to praise because they are reserved, arrogant, and rough sometimes. But, after all this, you still don’t need to feel that you are not pretty. –Yoko Ono

-Your outer appearance doesn’t matter if you believe that you are gorgeous. Because the real beauty is in the beautiful soul. –Amy Davis

-After meeting whom all the people on this earth will fail to recall what is hatred, you are that kind of person. Not just face, in fact, your heart is gorgeous too. –Anonymous

-I want to guard your actual personality from the entire world. You are graceful, without any doubt. –Sam Robins

-I am amazed that you are not aware of your beauty. You are such a gorgeous girl, and I can be a fortunate guy. –Alan Ball

-You have a charm, skills, and passion for life. You are becoming more pretty with each passing day. –Arthur Schnitzler

-Sweetheart, I want to tell you something. Do you know how gorgeous you look whenever you become grumpy? –Willie Gilbert

-Have you seen my mother? She is so gorgeous. I wish I could match the beauty of my mom. –Dick Wolf

-Not everybody can have everything. Like, you have beauty, and I have the good fortune to have you. –Morrie Ryskind

you are beautiful quotes

We Always Need a Person in Our Life Who Will Give Every Possible Effort to Make Us Feel Beautiful. Here Are Some Quotes About You Make Me Feel Beautiful

Believe You Are Beautiful Quotes

Believe You Are Beautiful Quotes

-The people with beauty are hardly known whom to believe. If you are not pretty, but someone loves you wholeheartedly, then you must understand that they are in love with your real self. –James Gunn

-Your beautiful heart is the reason that you always remember everything and everyone from your heart. –Kevin Neece

-You will be the sweetest on this earth because of your charisma. Forget about all your doubts and fears. Beauty can become light with time, but the charm remains the same. –Grant Cathro

-There is no doubt that you are the prettiest. But, there will be a time when you will meet someone more stunning than you. –Grant Cathro

-You are gracious, gorgeous, and wise too. I wonder how a single girl has all these qualities. –King Vidor

-Indeed, you are gorgeous. But, I am amazed how someone can be so charming without any charm. –Erik Orsenna

-I believe that with your beauty, you can change everything. –Gil Lasky

-Your trust is vital and gorgeous, just like you. But, the tenderness will become the synopsis of charm sometimes. –Richard Boone

-The fascinating thing is your capability to see the charm in others. It is said that you realize your charm when you see any other charming things. –Michael Stasko

-The soul of beauty can’t be defined in words. It is like the beautiful sunset and flowing clear water. Beauty is far away from understanding and consciousness. –Dorothy Clarke Wilson

-The love of him makes you feel gorgeous. A depiction of his affection and a shadow of his warmth. –Bob Merrill

-You are pretty, cherished, precious, and the most important is, you care for him. You are meant for something greater than what you already have. –Barry E Graul

-You must know that you are gorgeous because you indeed are. You can’t be concealed from the light that is within you. –Donyell Boynton

-There is nothing to be anxious about anything, not to be concerned about anything, and just be yourself. –Em Joy

-Your value can’t be valued based on money because you are precious. You must know about the charm that you have. Being yourself is the best you can be, and I am very well aware that you can sacrifice anything for the sake of fitness. –Chris Lindsey

-With every dawn, a new day starts, and everybody wakes up. Every day, I usually straight up my head towards the sky and announce that you are the most gorgeous at the top of my lungs. –Phillip David Wickham

-You should know how gorgeous you are because you actually are. Your internal thoughts can create your reality, and you can get whatever you want to. –Nicola Corrine Hitchcock

-You are so attractive, gorgeous, and captivating. You make me feel unbeatable. –LaDonna Adrian Gaines

-You are not just pretty; you are mysterious. My heart and soul feel so full. You are the kind of love that anybody wants to have in life. –LaDonna Adrian Gaines

-It could have happened that what you feel is beautiful, not beautiful in others’ perception. Also, what other people could find attractive, might not be beautiful in your perception. –Etan Boritzer

-Any woman can look pretty without makeup too. She deserves to go outside without it. –Kat James

-The self-improvement is awakened with beauty because assuredness and intelligence are shown in it. Our choice to evolve these qualities is called respect for yourself and your sageness. –Kat James

-The deceptive and valuable choice of beauty is liveliness. –Kat James

-To be confident without makeup and feel pretty is raw and original beauty. –Katherina Sheehan

Most prosperous persons like doctors, engineers, and working executives don’t like to do makeup. It is perfect not to do makeup than to do it in the worst way. Please don’t get influenced by the media. –Phyllis Mindell

-Beauty is an internal quality. Everybody knows that it consists of thoughts and mind. –Michael F. Roizen

-External beauty is just the sign of your good health. In the true sense, external beauty is not conventional beauty. –Michael F. Roizen

-I don’t want anything from you except yourself and your disgust because you look more gorgeous when you answer me in the rage. You don’t know the real beauty of yours. Give me all of you and your charm because it will be everything to me. –Charles Dickens

-You must feel pleased and appreciable because the entire life of yours reflects on your face. –Lauren Bacall

-If you are satisfied and content with however you look, then it will automatically create magic. You don’t need to do anything to develop more demonstrations on your face. –Beauty for Every Woman

-Developing your internal charm is a continuous procedure of discovering that lasts for a lifetime. This is called a profound and complete charm. –Tobias Hurter

-Being apart and extraordinarily gorgeous from others is the reason why everybody is unique from each other. –Devin Brown

-Being charming is actually not the charm that is defined as an authentic charm. Always feel beautiful because it is the only way to be unique from others. –Christopher Monbelly

-Beauty is what we capture in the photographs and share it with everyone around us. It is like collecting copies of memories. –Elaine Scarry

-Beauty is in the genes. There is a chance that you don’t feel that you have beauty in you, and it is because no one has made you feel beautiful till the date. –Tonya Zavasta

-Just envision how heavenly could be a feeling of being beautiful because a simple sight of beauty can make you feel excited and arouse positive vibes in you. –Tonya Zavasta

You Are Beautiful Quotes

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