100+ You Are Just Amazing Affirmations to Send to Your Partner

Want to express to your partner how amazing she is? Want to be more self loved? Who doesn’t want to get praised for their beauty? Everybody right, here are some simple and easy affirmations you can tell your partner, or anyone to make them feel special. 

list of You Are Just Amazing Affirmations

Your beauty is beyond any statement. 

Outside beauty is something that gets dull with age and time, but your inner beauty, your inner peace makes you more beautiful. 

To be beautiful you need to feel pleased and decent about yourself.

The basic law to enhance your beauty is never to talk about your unfavorable short-comings. Favorable talk helps you to manifest your thoughts into things.

Your real beauty glows from inside out.

The more positive you are, the more beautiful you evolve.

Your outer beauty excites me towards you but your inner beauty fascinates me.

Your true beauty lies inside your heart.

Even the bluest fish of the intense gloomy sea cannot match the color of your eyes.

You should be thankful for your white and healthy teeth.

Your skin is bright, healthy, and glorious and that makes you beautiful.

Beauty is just not in the skin, it’s a glow in a soul.

Occasionally we celebrate festivals, in the same way, inner beauty needs to be occasionally praised.

My eyes were awestruck after seeing your natural beauty.

The way you feel inside it reflects in your eyes and that makes you even more beautiful.

Beauty doesn’t only count physical beauty but also counts a pleasant mind, a pleasant face, and an adorable soul.

Everyone is beautiful in some way or the other, it depends on us how we carry our beauty.

Starting a day seeing your beautiful smile is what makes my day.

Sometimes self-confidence is all you need to carry to look beautiful.

Your happy soul attracts me like a magnet towards you even more.

You need your beauty sleep, for the skin to shine and eyes to sparkle.

Positive feelings can pull up your game and make you admit how beautiful you are.

A balanced diet is equally important as other things to make you beautiful.

Beauty is just not about fashion, it’s about a good attitude.

The belief of being wonderful exists entirely in the senses of the beheld.

Rather than being like someone, be yourself and that’s the best representation of beauty.

Your beautiful soul sparkles a light on me and whoever enters your life.

Be unafraid of being yourself and that will be the best expression of beauty.

If someone loves you truly, they will notice your beauty inside out.

If someone is true and honest then the beauty will be seen across the face.

Beauty comes at the moment when you appreciate and love yourself.

Beauty doesn’t comprise any skin color, it’s all about being comfortable in your skin.

Beauty is just not about physical appearance, it is more seen in the way you present yourself.

Your beautiful soul is imperfectly perfect for me.

The way you notice positive things in others makes you even more beautiful.

You don’t want any cosmetic stuff for elegance like happiness.

Being classy and fabulous makes you even more gorgeous.

Everything on this earth is beautiful, it’s just that not everyone notices it.

Your eyes are windows of the soul, so never forget to shine from inside.

Elegance gets the spotlight but your personality gets the heart.

Beauty doesn’t start from your mirror it starts in your head.

Don’t be a gaze confection, be soul food.

Happy ones are the prettiest.

You should be much thankful for your beautiful and radiant skin.

You have a great sense of taste which is very relevant from the way you carry and present yourself.

A beautiful soul discovers elegance in everything.

Regardless of your body shape, always remember everyone is beautiful in some way or the other.

You should be blessed for your natural beauty.

The emotion is so wonderful when I open my eyes in the morning and the first thing I see is you who is a beautiful soul.

I feel it’s beautiful the way you shine when you discuss the stuff you love.

You always see through your eyes, try to see yourself through my eyes, you will always find yourself beautiful.

Learn to believe you are beautiful.

Do remember you are beautiful, capable, valuable, different, unique, amazing, talented, and irreplaceable.

Sometimes your flaws are your beauty.

Don’t be like a cactus that cannot bloom, be like a rose that is loved by everyone.

Looking beautiful is not that important as feeling important.

Don’t be beautiful for others, be for yourself so that when you walk down in the darkroom through the stairs the hall lights up because of your beauty.

Feeling beautiful inside is the key to looking generous.

The person who keeps the ability to see beauty never gets old.

Alluring doesn’t come from your structure of the physique, but the spark in the soul.

You are lovely without cosmetics, but with the right makeup, you can be pretty powerful.

You are beautiful the way you thought.

As the moon gives peace to thousands of people just by seeing it, you do the same thing for me.

You should be obsessed with becoming a woman pleased in her skin.

Feeling beautiful is a choice, make it.

Start imagining decent and delighted thoughts, imagine good stuff emerging to others then people will start liking you and you will appear beautiful to them.

I truly love all of you.

I observe the real elegance in you.

You should love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

I deserve to listen to how beautiful I am.

Self-confidence and kindness are a part that makes me beautiful and attractive.

I had observed you, you are a beautiful and lovely person.

You are as beautiful as a flower is.

I know you are super adorable.

You are so good-looking.

I know you are very attractive.

Being sassy and classy at the same time.

You don’t need any appreciation, you have a mirror.

You always slay in whatever you wear.

You can complement all kinds of outfits.

The opposite gender finds you attractive.

You do not settle for anything low.

I know what you look like so I don’t need other’s opinions.

No time for negative comments on looks.

You and your beautiful soul work like a miracle for me.

With growing age, your level of beauty is also increasing.

You glow differently when you are loved by the right person.

I am proud of who you are.

You are beautiful and strong.

Being beautiful is all about self-love.

Beauty isn’t about how we look, it is about we present ourselves.

If you think you are beautiful then life will be even more beautiful.

The first time when we met I still remember my heart skipped a little more by seeing your beautiful smile.

Even if you gain weight, your beauty is something beyond any measure.

Men find it easy to approach me.

I enjoy the fascinating opposite sex.

My body is gorgeous.

I am happy and it makes me more beautiful.

I choose to laugh and it truly makes me beautiful.

If you are ugly inside, then what’s the whole point of being externally beautiful.

No matter how old you get, you will never lose your real beauty that lies inside your heart.

Do all the good you can and you will be praised more and more for your inner beauty.

In the end, what we all remember is a beautiful heart that made everyone feel special.

When I look in the mirror I see a beautiful and strong woman staring back.

My primary glories shine onwards.

I am naturally strong.

I attract elegance in my life and release negativity.

I am free of negative thoughts.

I like the person I am evolving.

With each passing day, my heart is replenished with love, grace, and beauty.

Others will notice my outer beauty but when I look in the mirror I see the inner beauty too.

I am strong enough to deal with the situation whatever life throws at me.

I am worthy of being loved.

I am beautiful no matter how I look.

Every sole cell in my body is fascinating and that charm is radiated outwards.

I walk gracefully.

The more I love myself, the more beautiful I become.

I am flawlessly beautiful.

I have beautiful eyes that shine and make people fall for me.

I was, I am, and will be beautiful forever.

You are beautiful because your soul is pure. 

I am beautiful because I am well familiar with all my flaws.

You Are Just Amazing Affirmations To Send To Your Partner

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