100+ You Are Mine Messages for Your Love

What if your dream girl or prince charming confessed his/her love to you? Do you want to jump like a baby kid who got his favorite chocolate? Right? We understand your feelings so we present the long lists of lovely ‘You Are Mine Messages’. 

As fuel is required to run a vehicle, words of love or feelings are required to keep a relationship on the right track. Have a look over below stated messages. Pick your favorite one and send it on his/her phone via WhatsApp, text, or social post!

Here are You Are Mine Messages for Your Love

_I still can’t control my joy to know you are now mine. 

_Whenever I gaze at you it reminds me you are mine forever. 

_My all happiness and blessings are yours because you are mine. 

_I can’t hide the love I have for you anymore because you are mine. 

_Let me love you more than before because you are mine. 

_I am all yours and you are all mine, everything is just useless. 

_People do not understand me the way you do because I’m yours by the grace of God and you are mine. 

_I can’t believe my love, you are mine. 

_You have stolen my heart and planted a beautiful flower of love into it. Thank you for being mine. 

_No more waiting any longer to meet you. I am excited to know you are mine. 

__Even, sunshine can’t replace the brightness you released in my life. Thanking God regularly for making you mine!

_Our life is becoming better and better because you have taken control. Much love to you for becoming mine. 

_Life is remarkable with your presence. Glad to know you are mine, darling!

_Darling! Let’s experience the warmness of your body by wrapping arms around you. Because you are mine!

_Sweetheart! You’re mine and only mine, nothing matters!

_No further research of the right partner because I have you and you are mine. 

_You’re all I’ve ever wanted. I can’t believe I got you as my life partner. 

__I’m super delighted to know you’re now mine, baby.

_I’m astonished to see you, not only because of your beauty but my fantasies of becoming yours has come true. You are mine and I’m yours.

_There is no one I found better than you. I am excited to make you mine my prince.  

_O my sweetheart! I have fallen for you. It is one of the best decisions. Finally, I won you. 

_My angel! I’m feeling more cheerful to find your mine. 

_Thanks for guiding me through life’s storms. I am happy I became successful to get your love and make you mine. 

_I’m glad to enjoy the blessings of getting love from the person who was once my dream man. 

_No more regrets in life, because you are mine!

_Love is not a seasonal fruit; it is that kind of fruit that one wants to eat throughout the year, and, I am happy to have you not for years but for life. 

_I pledge to be yours and I trust you are mine. 

_My darling, my baby, my love, my laugh, my smile, my perfectionist, my hero, my everything…what’s left? The thing matter is YOU ARE MINE!

_My heartbeat! Thank you for being my destiny! I’m glad my all rights are reserved for you. 

_If I say you are mine, that is not just a phrase but I am telling you from my heart; I have surrendered my life to you, I have given my heart to you. Love you!

_If I say you are mine then you are the only mine…I wouldn’t share you with anyone. 

_I am proud to declare to everyone that you are mine. 

_You possess the key of my heart. Be mine!

_What’s an issue by telling people that you are mine!

_Now you are mine. Are you happy?

_Do you feel the same joy as I’m feeling now by getting you forever my princess!

_I’m feeling like dancing, I’m feeling like chirping birds, I’m feeling like a rainbow by knowing you’re mine. 

_Let’s dance with joy! We are one. You are mine, baby, and that too for forever. 

_What you want to be mine forever?

_You can’t estimate my happiness how good it feels to know you are mine.

_If I am here to console you then I don’t want anybody to take care of you because you are mine.

_Your arms are the finest place where I experience peace. Thank you for being mine!

_People say ‘you are mine’ is a selfish sentence but it seems sweetest words if both love each other. 

_I want one promise from you to say three words every day in the morning to me ‘YOU ARE MINE’…

_Kisses and hugs are necessary for life to make a relationship strong but LOVE is the most vital need to keep a relationship alive forever. 

_Whenever a thought of staying apart from you comes to my mind, I feel scared. It is God’s mercy who blessed me with a partner like you. Love you, my sweetheart!

_I never tolerate anyone taking control of your soul and body. Your kisses, hugs, and love everything is mine. That’s my place Baby! Keep it in mind always!

_Baby or darling! It doesn’t matter how I call you. In the end, What else matters? YOU ARE MINE!

_Every night, in the middle, I want to wake up just to remind you that-YOU ARE MINE!

_No more ‘Exchange’ or ‘Returns’…If I told you ‘you are mine’ then ‘you are mine’…!

_Let’s play a game…Flip the coin, if the head comes then you are mine, If the tail comes then I’m yours.

_Every star in the sky shouts only one word, ‘You are mine’. 

_I wake up smiling every morning by knowing- ‘You are mine’.

_Just want to inform you…you are the best person I found you. Love you!

_Give me a kiss! Because You are mine.

_Do you want to know the name of the person who is my love? Please read the second word once again!

_Whenever I hug you…it simply means I want to let you know that you are mine!

_People feel butterflies in the stomach when they are in love but when I feel the full zoo by just thinking you are mine. 

_I have fallen in love with you whenever I call you mine. 

_O my king of heart! My one and only thought in the morning is YOU!

_You are the reason for my life. I’m glad that you’re mine!

_Let’s go into bed and cuddle like a kid because you’re mine!

_I was just a common girl with a common interest. But, you make me worthy by entering into my life. You are mine. And, that’s enough! Love you!

_Despite facing all the ages of the world, I would like to spend one single life by staying in your arms because you’re mine. 

_Baby! I don’t want to find the pearl in the dark folds of life because you’re mine. And, it’s all I need. 

_You always become my rainbow after the storm. Thanks for being mine!

_I selected you, You selected me. I have decided to give my heart to you. You have decided to give your heart to me. Who cares about others? Love you!

_Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, I promise you to be yours. Will you be mine?

_You taught me the meaning of true love. I’m proud to call you mine. 

_Do you want to know how much I love you, Baby? I can pause the FIFA match. Could you believe that?

_World’s loveliest girl on the earth is now mine. Does anybody hear?

_My entire soul loves you. You are all mine. 

_Marriage is not a ritual to declare that now a couple is here to serve each other but its loving agreement between two different bodies to become one soul attested by the stamp of care, respect, and affection. Love you my darling!

_Sweetheart! I know I’m not your first but I’m happy you are mine last.

_My life was like a dark forest but when you became mine, suddenly it seems like that dark forest lightened up with a thousand fireflies. Love you my snow-white!

_Every night I imagined a prince charming to come into my life by riding a horse and bringing a bouquet of his unlimited love. Suddenly, one day you came and became mine. Now, I trust imagination has power because you are mine. Love you!

_We can’t measure love but we can feel it. We can feel love only if we are in love truly. Thank you for being mine!

_I’m grateful to you because you have painted the walls of my life with the beautiful colors of paradise. I don’t want anybody because you‘re already mine. 

_Some aliveness I feel when you are on my side…I love you so much. I am proud to have you in my life!

__My heart is where you reside my love! You are late but thank god you are mine!

 You Are Mine Messages

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