299+ You Are Mine Messages And Quotes For Your Love

What if your dream girl or prince charming confessed his/her love to you? Do you want to jump like a baby kid who got his favorite chocolate? Right? We understand your feelings, so we present a long list of lovely ? ‘You Are Mine Messages.’ 

As fuel is required to run a vehicle, words of love ? or feelings are required to keep a relationship on the right track. Have a look over the below-stated messages.

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Best You Are Mine Messages For Your Love

you are mine quotes

-I still can’t control my joy to know you are now mine. 

-Whenever I gaze at you, it reminds me you are mine forever. 

-My all happiness and blessings are yours because you are mine. 

-I can’t hide the love I have for you anymore because you are mine. 

-Let me love you more than before because you are mine. 

-I am all yours, and you are all mine; everything is just useless. 

-People do not understand me the way you do because I’m yours by the grace of God, and you are mine. 

-I can’t believe my love, you are mine. 

-You have stolen my heart and planted a beautiful flower of love into it. Thank you for being mine. 

-No more waiting any longer to meet you. I am excited to know you are mine. 

-Even sunshine can’t replace the brightness you released in my life. Thanking God regularly for making you mine!

-Our life is becoming better and better because you have taken control. Much love to you for becoming mine. 

-Life is remarkable with your presence. Glad to know you are mine, darling!

-Darling! Let’s experience the warmness of your body by wrapping arms around you because you are mine!

You’re Mine Text Messages

mine forever quotes

-Sweetheart! You’re mine and only mine; nothing matters!

-No further research of the right partner because I have you, and you are mine. 

-You’re all I’ve ever wanted. I can’t believe I got you as my life partner. 

-I’m super delighted to know you’re now mine, baby.

-I’m astonished to see you, not only because of your beauty but because my fantasies of becoming yours have come true. You are mine, and I’m yours.

-There is no one I found better than you. I am excited to make you mine, my prince.  

-O, my sweetheart! I have fallen for you. It is one of the best decisions. Finally, I won you. 

-My angel! I’m feeling more cheerful to find you mine. 

-Thanks for guiding me through life’s storms. I am happy I became successful in getting your love and making you mine. 

-I’m glad to enjoy the blessings of getting love from the person who was once my dream man. 

-No more regrets in life because you are mine!

-Love is not a seasonal fruit; it is the kind of fruit that one wants to eat throughout the year, and I am happy to have you not for years but for life. 

-I pledge to be yours, and I trust you are mine. 

-My darling, my baby, my love, my laugh, my smile, my perfectionist, my hero, my everything…what’s left? The thing matters is YOU ARE MINE!

-In your love, I have found a treasure that surpasses all riches in the world.

-Your love is like a soothing melody that echoes in my heart, bringing peace to my soul.

-In the tapestry of life, your love is the thread that weaves everything together beautifully.

-You are the missing piece of my puzzle, completing me with your love.

-In your eyes, I see a reflection of a love so pure and true, it leaves me breathless.

-Every moment with you is a precious gift, and your love is the bow that ties it all together.

-With you by my side, I fear no storm, for your love is my shelter and strength.

-Your love is a beacon that guides me through the darkest times, leading me to a brighter tomorrow.

-In the vast ocean of emotions, your love is the anchor that keeps me grounded and secure.

-Your love is the sweetest melody in the symphony of my life, making each day more melodious.

-I am forever grateful for the love you shower upon me, making me feel cherished and adored.

-Your love is the flame that ignites my soul, filling me with warmth and passion.

-When I’m with you, time stands still, and all that matters is the love we share.

-Your love is like a blooming flower, spreading beauty and fragrance in every aspect of my life.

-In your embrace, I find solace, and in your love, I find the strength to face any challenge.

-You are the keeper of my heart, and your love is the key that unlocks its deepest desires.

-With you, I’ve learned that love is not just a feeling but a beautiful journey we embark upon together.

-Your love is like a gentle breeze, refreshing my spirit and bringing peace to my mind.

-In a world full of uncertainties, your love is the constant that brings stability and joy to my life.

-Your love is the melody that lingers in my thoughts, making my heart sing with happiness.

You Are Mine Forever Messages

you are mine forever quotes

-My heartbeat! Thank you for being my destiny! I’m glad all my rights are reserved for you. 

-If I say you are mine, that is not just a phrase, but I am telling you from my heart; I have surrendered my life to you, I have given my heart to you. Love you!

-If I say you are mine, then you are the only mine…I wouldn’t share you with anyone. 

-I am proud to declare to everyone that you are mine. 

-You possess the key of my heart. Be mine!

-What’s the issue with telling people that you are mine?

-Now you are mine. Are you happy?

-Do you feel the same joy as I’m feeling now by getting you forever, my princess?

-I’m feeling like dancing, I’m feeling like chirping birds, I’m feeling like a rainbow by knowing you’re mine. 

-Let’s dance with joy! We are one. You are mine, baby, and that too for forever. 

-What do you want to be mine forever?

-You can’t estimate my happiness and how good it feels to know you are mine.

-If I am here to console you, then I don’t want anybody to take care of you because you are mine.

-Your arms are the finest place where I experience peace. Thank you for being mine!

-People say ‘you are mine’ is a selfish sentence, but it seems the sweetest words if both love each other. 

-I want one promise from you to say three words every day in the morning to me ‘YOU ARE MINE’…

-Kisses and hugs are necessary for life to make a relationship strong, but LOVE is the most vital need to keep a relationship alive forever. 

-Whenever the thought of staying apart from you comes to my mind, I feel scared. It is God’s mercy that blessed me with a partner like you. Love you, my sweetheart!

-I never tolerate anyone taking control of your soul and body. Your kisses, hugs, and love are mine. That’s my place, Baby! Keep it in mind always!

-Baby or darling! It doesn’t matter what I call you. In the end, What else matters? YOU ARE MINE!

-Every night, in the middle, I want to wake up just to remind you that YOU ARE MINE!

-No more ‘Exchange’ or ‘Returns’…If I told you ‘you are mine’, then ‘you are mine’…!

-Let’s play a game…Flip the coin, if the head comes, then you are mine, If the tail comes, then I’m yours.

You Are Mine Forever Love Messages

-Every star in the sky shouts only one word, ‘You are mine. 

-I wake up smiling every morning knowing- ‘You are mine.

-I just want to inform you…you are the best person I have found. Love you!

-Give me a kiss! Because You are mine.

-Do you want to know the name of the person who is my love? Please read the second word once again!

-Whenever I hug you…it simply means I want to let you know that you are mine!

-People feel butterflies in the stomach when they are in love, but I feel the full zoo by just thinking you are mine. 

-I have fallen in love with you whenever I call you mine. 

-O, my king of heart! My one and only thought in the morning is YOU!

-You are the reason for my life. I’m glad that you’re mine!

-Let’s go into bed and cuddle like a kid because you’re mine!

-I was just a common girl with a common interest. But, you make me worthy by entering into my life. You are mine. And that’s enough! Love you!

-Despite facing all the ages of the world, I would like to spend one single life staying in your arms because you’re mine. 

-Baby! I don’t want to find the pearl in the dark folds of life because you’re mine. And it’s all I need. 

-You always become my rainbow after the storm. Thanks for being mine!

-I selected you; you selected me. I have decided to give my heart to you. You have decided to give your heart to me. Who cares about others? Love you!

-Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, I promise you to be yours. Will you be mine?

-You taught me the meaning of true love. I’m proud to call you mine. 

-Do you want to know how much I love you, Baby? I can pause the FIFA match. Could you believe that?

-The world’s loveliest girl on earth is now mine. Does anybody hear?

-My entire soul loves you. You are all mine. 

-Marriage is not a ritual to declare that a couple is here to serve each other but it’s a loving agreement between two different bodies to become one soul attested by the stamp of care, respect, and affection. Love you, my darling!

-Sweetheart! I know I’m not your first, but I’m happy you are mine last.

-My life was like a dark forest, but when you became mine, suddenly it seemed like that dark forest lightened up with a thousand fireflies. Love you, my snow-white!

-Every night I imagined a prince charming coming into my life by riding a horse and bringing a bouquet of his unlimited love. Suddenly, one day you came and became mine. Now, I trust imagination has power because you are mine. Love you!

-We can’t measure love but we can feel it. We can feel love only if we are truly in love. Thank you for being mine!

-I’m grateful to you because you have painted the walls of my life with the beautiful colors of paradise. I don’t want anybody because you‘re already mine. 

-Some aliveness I feel when you are on my side…I love you so much. I am proud to have you in my life!

-My heart is where you reside, my love! You are late but thank god you are mine!

Be Mine Quotes

-I am totally fond of being completely your thing and it gives me immense happiness whenever I get to think that you are absolutely mine -Anonymous

-Can I ask you something, would you mind if I take the initiative to change your surname to mine? -Anonymous 

-I am that kind of boy who can easily give up everything just to get your love and affection you and go to any kind of feat to make you mine -Anonymous

-Let us just forget everything of our past and be happy together and dedicate our lives to each other forever -Anonymous

-I can even break the stars and the moon and get it to your footsteps if you promise to be mine forever -Anonymous

-Dear, I promise you that I will never break your heart and will never leave you alone what may come if you choose to be mine forever -Anonymous

-I feel that I am the luckiest one because out of millions of people I have found the pious soul yours which has complementary skills similar to my soul -Anonymous 

-You are that kind of dangerous and risky game for me that I would love to play for my whole life even if I lose my life in it -Anonymous

-I hope you will never get me wrong, and fight with me with the same right as you do with me now if I put an effort to make you my life partner forever -Anonymous

-I would like to share all my joys, sorrows, and good news with you for the rest of my life and would be more than happy if you become my better half -Anonymous

-All these years I have been your friend and have never understood how much I love you and now I have decided to make you mine for the rest of my life -Anonymous

-There are very few people on this earth whom I can trust blindly and you are one of them, Would you mind if ask you to be my support system forever -Anonymous

You Are Mine Quotes For Him

-Would like to have the post of taking care of mine forever and making my bed tea for the rest of my life? -Anonymous

-I would like to confess to you that I would be more than elated to share my last piece of pizza, only cup of hot chocolate, and my caramel popcorn with you for the rest of my life -Anonymous

-It would be the most pleasant thing for me to hear my babies calling you mom -Anonymous

-Last night your thoughts did not let me sleep a bit and I have decided that I want to make you my partner in crime for the rest of my life as soon as possible -Anonymous

-I have suffered a lot in my life and you are among those few people who have held my hands tight and did not let me fall again, can you please hold my hand forever? -Anonymous

-If I am a strawberry pastry, would you like to be the cherry topping on me to make me complete for the rest of my life? -Anonymous

-Can you be the lullaby of my insomnia, my mayonnaise to my French fries, my chili flakes to my pizza, and the ointment to all my heartburns, can you be my life partner? -Anonymous

-If I am ever dying and I get to make the last wish of my life, I would wish to die lying in your arms peacefully because I want to dedicate my whole life to your footsteps -Anonymous

be mine quotes

You Are Mine Quotes For Her

When you grab me tight and amidst your arms, there’s an unmatched warmth. Where would I get love like yours? I want to hold on to you always. –Anonymous

I don’t know how and why, but I have fallen for you, and this is something I can never deny. Will you take my hand in love and be with me for the rest of my life? –Anonymous

You have energy like no one else. I would wife you if I had the chance, but I don’t think you feel the same for me, do you? Will you be mine, sweetheart? –Anonymous

If you need a place to reside, you can live rent-free in my heart. It won’t be a prison for you, but I swear, it’s going to be a kingdom where you can rule according to your will. –Anonymous

As long as I have you by my side, there’s a sense of satisfaction and calm inside me. That doesn’t linger for long as soon as you leave. I need you to be mine so badly. –Anonymous

Seeing you every time gives me only one feeling. The feeling of embracing you, holding you tightly, and kissing you as you’ve never been before. –Anonymous

-Without you by my side, I’m absolutely nothing. With you, I’m something, and I wanna be that something as long as I live. I desire to love you and make you mine. –Anonymous

The world seems a better place all of a sudden. This is all because I have you next to me. Time seems to come to a halt, and I want to pause time for the rest of my life. –Anonymous

You are the sole shining star of my life. Thank you for brightening my day every day. I hope to never lose you and have you next to me as long as I’m alive. –Anonymous

I wish there was a way to open my heart so that you could see how fast it beats when I see you. I haven’t been this bad in love before for anyone else. –Anonymous

I don’t have perfect words to describe how much you mean to me, but trust me, darling, we could be perfect for each other. Our imperfections make us the one for each other. –Anonymous

We will traverse long distances together. Trust me; I’ll never leave you alone. Come close to me; let me love you the way you’ve always wanted to be loved. –Anonymous

And I want to make sure you don’t belong to anyone else, and that is why I want you to be mine right now. –K. Langston

And every time I say that you’re mine, I am not just saying, but reminding you that no matter what happens, our paths won’t ever differ from each other. –Anonymous

Because darling, it wasn’t my ears

Just Be Mine Quotes

-If I ever get a chance to make three wishes to the genie, then the first wish would be to spend a beautiful evening with you the second one would be to make you mine and the third one would be to give me the ability to make you happy forever -Anonymous

-Would you give me the responsibility to take care of you and your dreams for the rest of your life because I assure you that I am going to make your dreams mine -Anonymous

-If you choose to lend your hand to me for your whole life, I promise you to eat your burnt pizza without any complaints for the rest of my life -Anonymous

-Many of people have come into my life and many have left but I have never felt such type of connection to anybody before you, you are the one for me -Anonymous

-I take an oath today that I will never let any of the tears drop from your eyes and will try to make you smile all the while if you are mine -Anonymous

-Today, let me open my heart and arms to you and bow down on my knees just to convey to you how much I love you and all I want is to make you mine forever -Anonymous

-I actually have fallen for the time I am getting to spend with you the whole day, I am loving the way I am learning to love myself, and I have started loving you more -Anonymous

-It is you who have given me a proper identity by loving me more than enough, and it must be me who wants to make an effort to share my surname with you -Anonymous

-Today, I feel like all the stars and the moon and conspired to make our day, “the day”, Today is the night when I want to open my soul out to you and ask you if would you be mine. -Anonymous

-I have recently realized that there is no moment when I am not missing you, and I need you for the rest of my life, can you please tolerate me as your partner forever? -Anonymous

Be mine quotes

-Darling, will you let me love you for the rest of my life? Can I be yours only forever? We will make all our dreams come true together for sure. –Anonymous

It’s been months since I’ve waited to tell you this, and considering how impatient I am, this is an achievement nonetheless. I love you and want you to be mine. –Anonymous

-Is there anything else I need to do to help you realize how much I want you? You are on my mind all day long, and now I want you to be a permanent part of my life. –Anonymous

-You never fail to put a smile on my face. I’m longing to meet you and tell you how much I want you. Can you please be mine for the rest of our lives? –Anonymous

-I have a desire, rather a strong desire. I want to present in all your thoughts throughout the day, just like you are in all my thoughts. Is this possible? –Anonymous

-Darling, I want to shower all my love upon you. I want to make you feel how valuable you are to me, and I would love to cherish you for the rest of my life. –Anonymous

Having you as my best friend is something I would want to enjoy for the rest of my life, but don’t you think we should take it up a notch? Can’t we date and I make you mine?-Anonymous

-You are the clone of my heartbeat. You are the one in sole possession of the key to my heart. Why don’t you unlock it and make your way inside? I wanna have you with me for the rest of my life. –Anonymous

You are nothing short of a blessing to me. I have counted upon you so many times, and here I am today, counting for a yes from you. Will you be mine? –Anonymous

You feel like my dream has come true. Having you with me for the rest of my life would be something I could have only imagined. I am craving to make you mine. –Anonymous

All these months, and yet you don’t realize how much I want you in my life. What more should I do to make you understand this, sweetheart? –Anonymous

You feel like the most precious jewel of my life. It’s been days, and I now want to have you with me. I have fallen for you, and I don’t know the extent of my love for you. –Anonymous

Sweetheart, trust me, I won’t let you down. I promise I’ll make you mine someday, and from there, I’ll make you feel loved the way you have never felt before. –Anonymous

Yes, forever might seem like an eternity, but trust me, with you by my side, I’ll never regret having to stick around you forever. I wanna make you mine so bad! –Anonymous

Having you as my best friend makes me realize if I ever date someone, it has to be someone like you, so why not you? What do you think about being mine? –Anonymous

You seem like the sunshine on the darkest of days. You seem like the compass in the trickiest of ways. I would want to make you mine, baby. –Anonymous

If you had the power to look at me through my eyes, you would have realized just how important you are to me. You would surely want to be mine then. –Anonymous

Hey, love. I might be a bit dramatic now, but I want to call you my love for the rest of our lives. Will you agree to take my hands and never leave them? –Anonymous

Mere words don’t have the power to elucidate how much you mean to me. It is always going to be my actions toward you. What do you think about us dating? –Anonymous

You bring out the best version of me. What would I even do in this life without you? I fear losing you, and so here I am, wishing you would be mine soon. –Anonymous

It’s been a long time since we have been friends, maybe the best of friends. It’s time now to take it up a notch and find another relationship between us. A relationship of love and permanent companionship. –Anonymous

I used to dream of you quite often, and now that I have found you and gotten to know you, I would never want to lose you. Please be mine, baby, forever. –Anonymous

Life is decent enough, but with you, everything feels so soothing and warm. How can I lose such a treasure like you? Why don’t you be mine forever? –Anonymous

The day you set foot into my life, I understood what true love looks and feels like. My destiny changed forever, and now I’m looking to love you for as long as I’m alive. –Anonymous

-You don’t realize it, but you’ve become my heartbeat now; I feel guilty breathing without you in this life of mine. Please, sweetheart, be mine always. –Anonymous

All the times I hold you close to my heart, amidst my arms, there’s a sense of comfort that mere words can’t explain. I need you to be mine for the rest of my life. –Anonymous

I have given my heart to you, and now it’s time I share everything I have with you, my love. I need you to be mine, and there’s nothing else I have on my mind right now. –Anonymous

If you hand over your heart to me, I promise I’ll keep it safe and never break it. I see my future with you, and there’s nothing else I need in this life of mine. –Anonymous

If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would realize the importance I give you, and I swear I would never shatter your heart as long as I’m alive. –Anonymous

I am sincerely in love with you. Don’t let anything else fool you, and I want you very badly in my life. You have become a very important part of me, and I can’t imagine a life without you. –Anonymous

 You Are Mine Messages

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